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Psych Out

Complete all Time Trial missions at the Psychotic difficulty level   

From the main menu, select 'Time Trials'. To unlock all Time Trials, you must beat the Campaign mode. Make sure the difficulty is set to Psychotic, and complete them all in any amount of time. It helps to have maxed out your Firearms, Explosives, and Strength, and definitely helps to do it with a friend.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by m1chea1
Monday, April 25, 2011 @ 04:25:38 AM

In addition to someone playing all missions in CO-OP I'm maxed out so I think I could attempt this at the same time. Let me know if your interested. Gamertag: m1chea1

Comment #2 by m1chea1
Monday, April 25, 2011 @ 12:47:53 PM

Since last post I have earned this achievement solo. the only tips I can give are:
1)Make use of the Watson HE99-X "Firefly".
2)Make use of the VS1 "Cloaking Device".
3)Remember you don't have to kill everyone just the current "boss" character.
4)If in doubt go at it kamikaze style.(you might get lucky, if not chances are that the enemies in that area won't have respawned before you make your way back.
5)There is always a "back door" to most strongholds which will cut half the battle or take you right to the "boss".

Comment #3 by ReaptheChaos
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 @ 08:38:42 PM

This is very doable by yourself, the only one who will give you trouble is Wang. Getting up that tower is really tough, but doable. It took me about 4 hours of trying to get through it by myself. Your first time up, you will need to kill everyone in your path, after that if you die, you can run past most of them, but there are certain points that you will need to fight through. The few pointers I will give you are these: At load out, get the Hothead grenade launcher, it’s the one they all use so you will always have ammo for it, remember to save at least 6-8 for Wang himself.

Go slow, find cover and wait until the markers turn white, this gives you a precious few seconds advantage.
Destroy the alarm boxes you see on the walls. This keeps respawning down.
Dying is actually good

Comment #4 by ReaptheChaos
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 @ 08:40:50 PM

...Dying is actually good sometimes, it allows you to resupply, remember to run past as many as you can on your way back up to conserve ammo.
Finally when you get to the top, don’t go up the last stairs onto the roof, stay at the bottom and jump up, get a lock on Wang then jump, hit him with a rocket/grenade launcher, then repeat. If you go up the stairs about 20 guards will spawn all over the place.
If all else fails, get a co-op partner to help.

Comment #5 by XZ War Bunny XZ
Tuesday, November 01, 2011 @ 12:35:25 PM

You can skip lots of the tower in the last one by climbing up a building to the left of the tower then jump on the tower and climb up until you come to a door. You can go a bit higher but there is no way to get in. When you're in the tower the best thing to do is run past the guards because most have rocket launchers.

Comment #6 by Kin3tiks
Sunday, February 03, 2013 @ 11:24:46 PM

Looking to knock this old one out, restarting the game from scratch. If you're interested GT kin3tiks.

Comment #7 by The Hyper Sloth
Thursday, March 28, 2013 @ 02:25:47 AM

I'm looking for someone to team up with and tackle this achivo. Message me if your interested! GT: The Hyper Sloth

Comment #8 by Portense
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 @ 06:39:57 PM

Looking for someone to get this achievement with and any other crackdown achievements, gamertag - Portense

Comment #9 by DecadentBeaver
Saturday, August 03, 2013 @ 10:55:36 AM

Started this today, and have managed 15/21 of them by myself. With good stats you can fly through some of these and just leg it right to the boss and if you have a rocket launcher, and some grenades, you can just spam them at him. Shai Gen are the tough ones obviously, but not that hard if you pace your self.

Comment #10 by gochath
Monday, August 05, 2013 @ 07:02:09 AM

Hey im looking for somebody to complete all time trials 1 by 1 at psychotic
Im maxed and i completed campagin 3 times so it will be fast
Message " Sweethomealbama "
NOT alabama - only albama

Comment #11 by Badger Swag 66
Wednesday, August 07, 2013 @ 06:55:50 PM

im down for finishing this too, i only need to kill Wang. GT is Badger Swag 66

Comment #12 by benGRIFF93
Thursday, August 15, 2013 @ 05:57:15 AM

Looking to tackle all of these ASAP. Messaage me: benGRIFF93.

Comment #13 by samwood18
Sunday, September 01, 2013 @ 05:24:26 AM

Need Co op Achievements, add me: JigXsaw

Comment #14 by mitchello92
Friday, September 06, 2013 @ 04:27:24 PM

need help with all the missions add me GT : mitchello92

Comment #15 by hunter226037
Sunday, September 22, 2013 @ 06:48:01 PM

need help with shaigen missions


Comment #16 by hunter226037
Sunday, September 22, 2013 @ 10:07:04 PM

but i will help anyone with the missoins they need all my skills are at 4 star

Comment #17 by FreJac80
Friday, December 27, 2013 @ 08:14:22 AM

Need help with all missions. GT: FreJac80

Comment #18 by Lucky Otter
Tuesday, February 04, 2014 @ 02:23:09 AM

This was a pain but helps a lot if you have a partner.

Comment #19 by Falckner
Saturday, March 22, 2014 @ 06:51:58 AM

Already have this but I'm willing to help anyone with this one so I can get 'Tag Teamer'. MSG me if your interested.
GT: BlueFireFalcon

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