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Crazy Machines Elements Achievement Guide

Guide By: T0b3
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 8+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A
-Glitched achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to Crazy Machines Elements, the latest addition to the Crazy Machines series. This neat puzzle game reminds me of the The Incredible Machine and requires you to think a lot. Follow the steps below in order to attain the full 200 for this game.

Step 1: Puzzles
The puzzle mode consists of 100 levels divided into 9 chapters, which get progressively harder. Complete the very first puzzle to grab Apprentice. Progress further and after you've successfully completed the 50th puzzle, you will not only unlock challenge mode, but you will also unlock Collector. Continue to play through the whole thing to attain Puzzlemaniac. If you collected every golden nut while doing so you will unlock Perfect Puzzler as well. If you get stuck on any level, watch the videos here - this is a playlist of all 100 single player levels available which makes the whole game a breeze.

Step 2: Challenges
After you're done with the puzzle mode it's time to get started with the challenge mode. There are 4 chapters with 5 levels each. Most of those challenges aren't too hard, but there are two maps (Timing, Power Plant) which will require a lot of patience. Check the guide below on how to solve them. Right after you've finished your 20th challenge, Challenger will unlock. Note that you only have to complete those challenges in any way. Luckily you don't need to beat certain times or level goals.

Step 3: Editor
After you're done with the lion's share of the game, start up that editor to achieve the last few remaining miscellaneous achievements. The very first thing you want to do is to create a level to get Builder. You might as well change the settings in that level as well in order to attain Creator. Refer to the guide below to see how to gain the remaining achievements.

If you're not watching YouTube when playing this game is very hard and shouldn't be considered a walk in the park. It gets extremely easy, yet a bit dull, when using YouTube but at least you'll save a lot of time on your way to completion.

[x360a would like to thank T0b3 for this roadmap]


It was a nice night.   (1) 

Open up the editor, pick a free slot, and do the following:

Push and choose "properties". Change the wind strength to +1 or -1, it doesn't matter. Leave this menu by tapping . Now pick "visuals". Change the following settings:

- Season: winter
- Weather: rainy
- Time of the day: night (It's the one on the very left, not the right)

Now leave all the menus and start the machine.

You solved your first puzzle!   (3) 

Easy. Just solve the very first puzzle.

All parts were unlocked!   (1) 

This will pop up once you've finished your 50th puzzle in puzzle mode.

All puzzles were solved!   

See Perfect Puzzler

All challenges were solved!   

There are 20 challenges in total, most of them not requiring much effort to solve. The two exceptions are Timing and Power Plant. Check this video to see a way to solve both:

An own level was built!   (1) 

Just load up the editor, choose a free slot, place one object, and save. You can also combine this with Creator.

Candles lit up the level for 30 seconds!   (1) 

Open up your editor and rebuild what you see in this video:

Twin Shot10
Two cannonballs were shot with a cannon at once!   (2) 

Open up your editor and rebuild what you see in this video:

Three different clouds were created in one simulation using one cloud machine!   (1) 

Open up your editor and rebuild what you see in this video:

Note that the weather machine must not be set to rain, since creating that type of cloud takes way too long. Set it to tornado before starting the machine.

Fireworks were launched for 20 seconds!   (1) 

Open up your editor and rebuild what you see in this video:

Fastest Counter15
A counter chip counted to 200 within ten seconds!   (1) 

Make sure to place the objects exactly like seen in the video since it will make the difference between counting 10 and 20 impulses per second.

Perfect Puzzler15
All base puzzles were solved as perfect!   

This one requires you not only to solve all 100 puzzles in puzzle mode, but also to collect all golden nuts on the way. The puzzles start out pretty easy but get hard very quickly. If you get stuck at any point, check out this YouTube channel. He has a complete playlist of all 100 puzzle levels, showing a way to solve them while always collecting all of the golden nuts. You should be able to breeze through using these.   

Game Info
FAKT Software


US August 24, 2011

HDD Space Required : 327.89 mb
No videos available
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