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Crazy Taxi Achievements

Crazy Driver

You have cleared Special 1 through Special Stage of Crazy Box.  

The Crazy Box Stages are 16 stages that will test your skills, you need to be good at boosting and drifting to complete all 16 of them. By pressing start while highlighting a stage will pop up a window with some good info and a short explanation of what to do. There's no need to reach the top spot in any of the stages, you just need to finish the stage within the time or score limit. 

Amacteur has found some helpful YouTube video's in this post

To beat them all you need to have patience, none of them are difficult if you know how to perform the crazy dash, the crazy drift and the crazy stop. Remember that your car doesn't have to be completely in the green pick up/drop off box, one small inch is enough to pick up or drop off costumers. 

The Crazy Bowling is probably the only stage that will cause some problems for a few. Don't go head on towards the bowling pins, always try to hit the outer row of pins while performing a crazy dash. Hopefully this way you'll hit all the pins and it's easier to get back on track again. 

Another tip:

Originally Posted by FoxGuy3001  
For Crazy Bowling try using a crazy drift into each frame. Once you get the timing to turn down you always get a strike.

Good skills to know:

Crazy Dash

Control Set Up A:
Let go of 
Press  (to go into reverse)
Press  (to go back into drive again) and press  a fraction later

Control Set Up B (recommended)
Let go of 
Press  (to go into reverse)
Press  (to go back into drive again) and press  a fraction later

This move can be done while driving to give you a 2-3 seconds boost, best to use this all the time while driving and after picking up/dropping off costumers. 

Crazy Stop

Go into reverse and press the brake button to come to a quick stop. It's helpful to pick up and drop of costumers quickly. 

Crazy Drift

With the brake
Press and hold the brake button
Go into reverse
Quickly go back into drive while steering left or right

Without the brake
Go into reverse
Quickly go back into drive while steering left or right
It's harder to recover after a crazy drift like this but it's easier to pull off. 

Great for quick corners without losing too much speed, a must to master if you want to complete the later crazy box stages.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by ObviousUncle78
Friday, September 02, 2011 @ 01:27:39 PM

Take your time and get ready to restart A-LOT! I'm sure someone did this first time with no trouble.

Comment #2 by JohnnyQ2004
Sunday, October 28, 2012 @ 12:46:09 PM

2s is proving difficult

Comment #3 by JohnnyQ2004
Tuesday, October 30, 2012 @ 03:04:38 PM

SS hurts my hand. I can't keep start dashing for 4-5 minutes. any advice?

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