Crimson Dragon: Side Story

Crimson Dragon: Side Story Achievements

White Reaver Unleashed!

Release the White Reaver's latent power by awakening all skills.  

These achievements require that you awaken all 171 skills. To awaken a skill, you must first unlock it. Then you must spend the required amount of Draco jewels to awaken it. The requirement can be seen after you click the button to awaken the skill. Skills which have already been awakened have the dragon icon in them illuminated in white, as opposed to a dim, clear dragon. You will need 3294 total jewels to awaken every skill (thanks Zebrasqual). The only ways to get jewels is are:

  1. Completing Levels for the First Time: You will get a few jewels (around 5 or 10) when you beat each mission for the first time. Subsequent playthrough will earn you no jewels for completion.
  2. Random Drops: Jewels randomly drop from some enemies, but the frequency of this is very rare. It only happens every tenth mission or so. There are a few skills that increases item drop and rare item drop chance, so I would suggest equipping these if you attempt this grind for jewels. There has not been a "best" method suggested for this yet.
  3. GPS Jewels: Basically you earn a jewel for every 30km you travel. To earn the required amount of jewels, you need to travel 96,000km. This is two complete trips around the planet. If you are a frequent world traveler, you may be able to earn the jewels this way. See the "GPS Specialist" achievement for information on how to earn jewels via the GPS feature.
  4. Microsoft Points: The game also allows you to purchase jewels within the game for MSP. 1000 jewels costs 800 MSP or $10. 3,200 jewels will run you more than $30. This method is the quickest to get the jewels, but does anyone really want to drop that much cash on this game?
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US September 12, 2012

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