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Fly Distance Master

Finish a "Fly Distance" race with Rank A.   

I recommend trying to do this with the following settings:

  • Race: Lv. 1 – Triple Cascades
  • Character: My Avatar, Glopee or Pestor
  • Board: Rare Board – High Top
  • "A" Rank reference score: 1404 points

This is possibly the easiest “A” rank to get. All you need to do is stay in the air as long as possible. To help achieve this always hold both arms out to glide as long as possible and as soon as you land, jump again. On the Lv.1 race you have 3 large drops where you can get a ton of distance from. You can jump 3 to 4 times before the first big jump. These small gains will get you over 60 yards before the first big jump and if you keep doing the small jumps throughout the entire event they really add up. Jump and glide on the first large drop for a total around 300+ yards. Keep doing mini jumps all the way to the second large drop and you will be close to or past 600 yards. Now keep jumping to keep your score rising all the way to the third large drop. You can get a huge 300+ yards off this one jump if you nail it just right. You will be around 1200 yards at this point. Finally, keep doing the mini jumps until the finish line.


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