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Crysis 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Nozza x360a
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 35 (700)
- Online: 15 (300)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10 - 20 hours (Campaign) & 35+ hours (Online) + 6 Months Later
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Recommend 2)
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: Tooled Up & Start Spreading the News (Please see Roadmap and Guide below for more info)
- Unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: No

Welcome to the Crysis 2 Road Map. Crysis 2 takes place in the near future and you play as Alcatraz, a once former Marine but has now been given the Nanosuit 2.0 and told to protect New York City. During the game you'll be given powers like Stealth and Armor to help you fight a losing battle against the CELL [Humans] and the CEPH [Alien].

Overall this game shouldn't prove to difficult to get the full 1000 but may take a little while due to the multiplayer achievements. Story mode is fairly easy as it has a Game+ feature. The multiplayer is fun and something new but will take up most of your time.

Here's how the Road Map will be laid out:

  1. Story
  2. Misc Story
  3. Collectables
  4. Multiplayer
  5. Glitches

I've stated in the overview that the game can be completed in one playthrough and this is still true, but it may be recommended to do 2 to save you the trouble. The game has a Game+ feature meaning if you play through on Easy or Normal to start and complete it, you can then head over onto Supersolier with all your last game upgrades and complete it faster and with no trouble. If you want to get the achievements out the way fast, then head straight onto Supersolier as its unlocked right at the beginning.

All the difficulty achievements stack, so completing the game on Supersolier will also net you any Veteran and other difficulty achievements as you play through to the end. You'll also come across many story related achievements that cannot be missed and will just be gained as you progress through the campaign at certain spots!

Here's a list full list of the Story related achievements:

  • Can it run Crysis?
  • Foreign Contaminant
  • More than Human
  • False Prophet
  • Internal Affairs
  • Into the Abyss
  • Once a Marine, Always a Marine
  • Hung Out to Dry
  • Fire Walker
  • Dark Night of the Soul
  • Crossroads of the World
  • Theseus at Last
  • Home Stretch

Here's a full list of the Difficulty achievements:

  • Start Spreading the News
  • City That Never Sleeps
  • Evolution
  • Heart of Darkness
  • Medal of Honor
  • Men of Destiny
  • Supersoldier

For more information on each achievement, please see the achievement guide below.

Misc Story:
During the campaign there will be certain things you'll need to do or look out for to gain those extra achievements. A few of them can be gained quite early on, but some can't until a little later on in the game. These achievements simply consists of killing X amount of enemies a certain way to not getting caught on a certain part of the story.

Don't worry if you miss some of them as you can go back anytime via the level select menu and make your way back to the spot and gain the achievements.

Here's a full list of the Misc Story achievements:

  • Close Encounters
  • Fastball
  • Death Grip
  • Popcorn
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One
  • Blast Radius
  • Food for thought
  • Headhunter
  • Hole in One
  • Band of Brothers
  • Literary Agent
  • Stealth Assassin
  • Speeding Ticket

For more information on each achievement, please see the achievement guide below.

There are multiple types of collectables in the whole campaign but only one of them is tied to an achievement and that is the Souvenirs, which you'll have to collect 18 in total. Also feel free to look out for the Dog Tags, Car Keys and E-Mails, which will only unlock bonus content in the Extras menu.

Here's the only achievement linked to the collectables:

  • The Tourist

For the multiplayer you'll have a few achievements to gain and some of them will take up the bulk of your time. Most are simple but a few cause you to play to the top ranks and one even to play the game 6 months later!

Some of the achievements can be boosted, but none can be gained via the clock change cheat or a Private Match.

Here's a full list of the Multiplayer achievements:

  • Crysis, What Crysis?
  • League of Your Own
  • Dressed to Kill
  • Tooled Up
  • The Cleaner
  • Cry Spy
  • Jack of all Trades
  • Dedication
  • Modern Art
  • Try Me
  • The Collector
  • Maximum Module
  • Team Player
  • Nomad
  • I Am Not A Number

For more information on each achievement, please see the guide below.

There seems to be glitchy achievements at the moment - "Tooled Up" and "Start Spreading the News". For more information on "Tooled Up" please see the achievement guide below. The issue with "Start Spreading the News" is that for some reason if you play on Supersoldier as your first playthrough, you'll unlock everything difficulty wise bar this achievement. The only way to fix this is to select the first mission again once you've completed the game and play through quickly on Easy. It shouldn't take you more that 2-3 hours if you stealth/skip past everything when possible!

I recommend you follow the Supersoldier tips I've given below to make it go extremely fast. I personally completed Supersoldier as a 2nd playthrough in about 2 1/2 hours, so on easy it should be a lot less!

Overall the game is fairly simple and shouldn't cause you any heart ache in achieving the full 100%. The only things that may take time are some of the multiplayer achievement but if you keep on top of it all, you should be good to go!

x360a would like to thank Nozza x360a for this Road Map.

Can it run Crysis?10
Complete In at the Deep End    (46) 

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Foreign Contaminant10
Escape the Battery Park evacuation center    (1) 

This is story related and cannot be missed.


More than Human15
Assimilate alien tissue at the crash site    

This is story related and cannot be missed.


False Prophet15
Find Nathan Gould    

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Internal Affairs15
Infiltrate the CELL facility at Wall Street    (5) 

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Into the Abyss20
Infiltrate the alien hive    

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Once a Marine, Always a Marine20
Assist the Marines in Madison Square    (1) 

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Hung Out to Dry20
Reach the Hargreave-Rasch building    

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Fire Walker25
Assist the evacuation at Bryant Park    

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Dark Night of the Soul25
Defend Central Station    (3) 

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Crossroads of the World25
Complete the evacuation at Times Square    

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Theseus at Last25
Locate Jacob Hargreave    

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Home Stretch25
Reach Central Park    

This is story related and cannot be missed.


Start Spreading the News35
Finish the single player campaign on any difficulty       (9) 

You'll unlock this achievement once you've completed the game on either Easy or Normal difficulty. The game is pretty much a walk in the park but is still a delight to play.

Please refer to 'Supersoldier' for more details.


City That Never Sleeps25
Complete 6 levels on Veteran difficulty      (14) 

Please refer to 'Men of Destiny' or 'Supersoldier' for more details.


Complete 12 levels on Veteran difficulty      (4) 

Please refer to 'Men of Destiny' or ' 'Supersoldier' for more details.


Heart of Darkness25
Complete 6 levels on Supersoldier difficulty     (2) 

Please refer to 'Supersoldier' for more details.


Medal of Honor25
Complete 12 levels on Supersoldier difficulty     (13) 

Please refer to 'Supersoldier' for more details.


Men of Destiny45
Complete the single player campaign on Veteran difficulty      (3) 

You'll unlock this achievement once you've completed the game on Veteran difficulty. This is kind of like the hard mode of games. Its not easy but its not hard. Overall, if you're an experienced FPS gamer you shouldn't have to much trouble on this.

Please refer to 'Supersolider' for more details.


Complete the single player campaign on Supersoldier     (113) 

You'll unlock this achievement once you've completed the game on Supersolier difficulty. This difficulty is open to your right at the start, though it won't be as easy as the others. Its a little harder because your powers are all at 0, where as if you play through on a lower difficulty first, you can then use Game+ to carry them all over, making this a easier ride. Once all the levels are completed on Super Solider, all the difficulty achievements above will unlock including the set level ones.

Here are a few tactics to use while playing on Supersolider:

  • Maximum Stealth - You'll mainly want to use the Stealth as its a great way to simple vanish from the enemies line of site or even bypass whole areas without being caught. Use it to your advantage to get Stealth Kills as these will help stop unwanted gun fights. 
  • Maximum Armor – Again another great power when in tough situations. If you have bullets flying everywhere and hitting you, put this on. It'll add that extra bit of protection while you find cover and is a life saver. 
  • Skip – If you're in an area which you can simply skip and Stealth past everyone, why not do it. Again it'll save you from spending time fighting and will get the job done a lot quicker. Only do this though if you've played the game already as doing this on your first playthrough will ruin the experience. 
  • Energy – Keep an eye on this. If you're on your first playthrough, don't think you can make it to the other end of the map in one go as you probably won't. If possible get up high and look at your surroundings. Plan a route and where you'll take cover, so you make it in one piece.
  • Visor – Use this when ever coming into a new area. Simply using this, you can locate and tag important things, mainly the enemies. By doing this you can easily keep track on each one and their movements.
  • Common Sense – Don't go in guns blazing as it'll probably only end in tears and broken controllers.

The most important things are your Nanosuit Upgrades. There are certain ones you're going to want to use when you play through on your 2nd run or buy on your 1st run though. Remember to have the upgrade highlighted for it to have any effect. You can only have one at a time equiped!

  •  : Proximity Alarm - This will help you hear those sneaky enemies that may get close when you take cover or just don't have the time to tag.
  •  : Nano Recharge - This one will help you pass those areas a lot quicker when you have to recharge your Energy and your Health. But its also best to use/buy the other 2 when is certain situations.
  •  : Mobility Enhance - Simple really. Get past areas a lot quicker and use less Energy, meaning less stops and getting closer to your objective without getting caught.
  •  : Stealth Enhance - Same as Mobility Enhance. These 2 combined you can pass fields without having to stop. And when you do, Nano Recharge will kick in and you'll be away again with seconds!

When I started on Supersoldier, I got past 12 levels within 2 hours max. In parts of the game where I wasn't forced to fight people (like the pier helicopter part, etc) I must of killed a maximum of 10 enemies. With the tips and modules above, you truly can blast through the game faster than if you started on Supersoldier on your first playthrough.



Close Encounters15
Single Player: Stealth kill 25 enemies   (20) 

You'll be taught about Stealth Kill during the 2nd level. All you need to do is go into Maximum Stealth with  and come up behind any enemy without them knowing you're there. Once you're close enough, wait for the prompt to pop up and press in  to Stealth Kill your victim.

You'll easily get this early on if you concentrate on it and through the game you should mainly be going Stealth and getting these kills!

The Tourist15
Find all New York Souvenirs    (16) 

There are a total of 18 Souveniers in Crysis 2 and its campaign. Most are in plan site as you make your way through each area and certain shops but there are a fair few in sneaky little places.

For a full written guide on all the collectables please go HERE. Also below is a full video guide of the locations of each Souvenir.

Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them   (22) 

This again is a pretty straight forward achievement. To pick an object up, walk up to it and hold . Then get close to your target and press  to throw it at them. Now a normal throw probably won't be powerful enough to kill a standard human with one hit, so your best bet it to power charge it up by holding down  until all your energy is used. This makes the throw a lot more powerful and will have a greater chance at killing your target a lot faster.

If trying to kill the CELL/CEPH is proving difficult, your best bet is to wait a little later on when you come across the Swarm CEPH. These little creatures can't harm you and take one hit to kill with semi powerful throw of most objects.

Death Grip15
Kill 10 enemies with grab and throw   (3) 

Another simple and easy achievement that you can get out of the way pretty soon in the game. To grab your target, walk up to them and hold . Once you've grabbed the target they will die straight away, so don't panic. Simple grab a CELL or CEPH unit and throw them anywhere for it to count.

Do this another 9 times and the achievement will unlock.

Single Player: Kill 20 enemies with the Microwave cannon   (14) 

You'll come across this gun [X-43 MIKE] multiple times during the campaign. Here's what it looks like:

Here are a few spots where you can find the gun:

  • When working your way through the subway, it'll be on the ground in the middle of loads of ammo. This is just before you blow the rubble up to make a new path and with a fair few Swarm CEPH running about.
  • When you finally meet Hargreaves and he reveals himself, walk into his room and look in the machine next to him on his right. The gun will be there.
  • Later on after meeting Hargreave's, you'll finally make it onto the bridge after going up 2 lifts. Walk past the destroyed truck on your left, over the small barrier and it'll be on the floor next to the ammo crate.
  • After the collapsed bridge scene and you finally make it to land again. The gun will be on the floor to your left just behind the APC.
  • When making your way to Central Park you'll get split up from the gang when your vehicle gets destroyed. Work your way past the initial group of CEPH and head into the building. Get in the lift which will take you to the next floor. When you leave the lift, look to your left and the gun will be on the ground next to the fallen vending machine.
  • Later on, continuing from the point above, you'll need to descend the building you're in. Once you jump out of it you'll be on a rooftop and across on the other building below, you'll see 2 small greenhouses. In front of the one on the right hand side is a stair case leading up into a bigger destroyed greenhouse. In here, next to the ammo crate on the bottom floor, is the gun.
  • During the Central Park mission, you'll come to a part early on when the whole area will be covered with CEPH. Once you've passed them, you'll go up some rounded marble like stairs which has a dome in the middle. Kill 2 CEPH at the top and head toward your objective. You'll see 2 trailers on the edge of the cliff to your right. The sliver one is slightly open and has a barrel inside. Shoot the barrel to blow it open and inside will be the gun. This is in the same area as the last Souvenir.

You should have no trouble getting 20 kills with this gun. Just use it until the ammo runs out and then pick it up later on and finish off the remaining kills. Your best bet is to use single fire shots at the normal CEPH. It should take about 3 to 4 hits to kill with just 4 bullets (unless you get a headshot). Don't waste the ammo on the Tank CEPH though, as they still take a lot to kill, so its a waste of ammo.

Two Heads Are Better Than One15
Single Player: Kill two enemies with a single bullet   (18) 

This can be gained in the 2nd level, Second Chance. You'll obviously need to go into Maximum Stealth, so that the enemies don't notice you and are not moving around. Any gun is fine to use but make sure you only shoot one bullet, so the pistol or a single shot assault rifle will be the best idea.

Line up 2 guys and aim at their heads. Shoot a single bullet to kill both of them with one hit!


Blast Radius15
Single Player: Kill at least 3 enemies with a single grenade   (16) 

Your best chance to get this is a little later on in the 2nd level, Second Chance. First off make sure you have some grenades, so use you Visor to locate some ammo crates and see if they're holding any. Once you've obtained some, head down into the subway.

Work your way through it and you'll come to a gate you need to lift. First pre-load your grenades (double tap ) and then open the gate. A CELL unit will run out of the corner followed by some Swarm CEPH. Throw the grenade at his feet and let it kill all in front of you for the achievement to unlock!

Single Player: Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots   (13) 

This is best done on the human (CELL) enemies as its a little easier to get a clean headshot. Again go into Maximum Stealth, get close and line up a headshot on your target. Take a shot and you'll get an instant kill.

If you get caught, go into Stealth mode again and hide until you're safe to come out and get another clean shot!


Death Slide15
Single Player: Kill 5 enemies while sliding   (15) 

This can be done fairly early on and pretty much in the same area as the 'Blast Radius' achievement. Once you've thrown the grenade, walk around the corner and you'll see more Swarm CELL and there should be more than enough of them to kill.

To slide you need to first sprint by pressing and holding in  then while sprinting hold down  to slide for a period of time. What gun you use doesn't matter, though some on certain targets are better, like the shotgun. I simply just kept sliding in this corridor with my assault rifle and killed all the Swarm CELL and the achievement unlocked!

Food for thought10
Kill a CELL operator with a giant donut in Lower Manhattan   (23) 

You can only gain this during the 2nd level, Second Chance. Shortly after learning about the Maximum Armor power you'll enter out of a building and onto a rooftop. If you look to the left corner you'll see the donut. Go into your Visor and tag all the CELL units about. After a short conversation between them all, they will split up from around the fire.

Now head over to the donut and wait for one of the guys to get close and just below the donut. To make it fall you can either shoot it or by holding , but I recommend holding  if you don't want to get caught. Once he's close, trigger the donut to fall and it should kill the guy and the achievement will pop up a little after the guys have rushed over to him.

Hole in One10
Throw an alien down the sinkhole in Dark Heart   (8) 

First make sure you're on the mission 'Dark Heart'. During this mission you'll be given the objective of sabotaging some CEPH equipment. Once you start heading to the 3rd one, you'll come to a little area with the objective on your left and the sinkhole to the right, down below.

All you need to do is grab (hold  at target) and throw (press ) them down the hole.

Band of Brothers15
Keep all marines alive during the rescue in Semper Fi or Die   (35) 

At the start of the level, 'Semper Fi or Die', you'll meet up with the Marines. As soon as you have control the CEPH will start to attack you and your team. Make your way down the hill and under the broken train track to where the main attack will happen.

Once there, hordes of CEPH will pop up around the battle area and attack you. Your main goal is to help defend the area and not let any of your teammates die. Its a pretty simple fight but keep an eye out, as sometimes some CEPH get behind you without you knowing it and can pick off your guys!

Stay in the sight of the CEPH to draw any fire away from them and don't go into Stealth otherwise the attacks will be focused on your guys! Once all are dead, you'll be heading toward a building killing off the last few. Once you've made it inside and to the objective the achievement will unlock!

Literary Agent10
Scan all of Richard Morgan's books in the NY public library   (11) 

On the level 'Train to Catch', you'll need to head into the burning library after defending it. Upon entering and after you've made your way through the burning entrance with your 'Maximum Armor', look to the right to see the book shelf.

Bring up your Visor () and you'll see a yellow target on the top shelf. Walk up to it and press to tag it and the achievement will unlock.

Stealth Assassin15
Re-route the power in Eye of the Storm without being detected   (15) 

In the level 'Eye of the Storm' you'll be on a prison island. To unlock this achievement you'll need to make it to your objective without being detected, so that the bar does not go into the red. You should have by now, upgraded your Nanosuit and its Stealth powers. Meaning you can stay hidden for longer and your Energy will recharge faster!

Use the right angled walls as cover and work your way through the complex. Before you start on your little trek, it may be worth using your Visor and tag as many guys as you can see. This way you can see their movements and routes and plan your path before hand.

Crysis, What Crysis?35
Multiplayer: Reach Rank 50   (164) 

One of the long haul achievements. Play any gametype you enjoy and just work your way up to level 50. It'll take around 1.4 million worth of XP to reach the top.

For a good boosting method, please go HERE. Please be warned Crytek now know the game is being abused like this are in the process of fixing it and dealing with people that maybe using it. So boost at your own risk!


League of Your Own25
Multiplayer: Finish top of the Scoreboard   (23) 

This can be gained in any gametype. You'll need to come out on top of the scoreboard, points wise. Use your powers wisely and mix them up depending on the situation. Maximum Stealth is the best to use for sneaky and surprise attacks. If you get caught up in the moment, use Maximum Armor to protect you against those extra bullets.

The achievement will unlock once the game ends and the scoreboard is shown. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.


Dressed to Kill30
Multiplayer: Fully level the Nanosuit   (24) 

The Nanosuit is made up of 3 sections: Stealth, Armor and Power. You'll need to level all 3 of these to the top to unlock the achievement. To level each one, you'll need to use the powers while playing a multiplayer game to add EXP to their bars.

Getting Stealth kills, using Armor to protect yourself and take damage etc will all add to it. The Power bar will level over time as its a mix of everything that you do during a game. The max level for each power is 12.


Tooled Up30
Multiplayer: Unlock all the weapons    (47) 

This achievement has been known to be a bit gltchy, although I had no trouble with it.

As you level up in the multiplayer you'll unlock Gun Tags which mean you can purchase a new gun. Use these to buy all the primary/secondary guns and the explosives and the achievement will unlock.

You'll unlock the last Gun Tag at around level 45 and here's a list of what you need to purchase for the achievement to unlock:

  • Feline [Sub-Machine Gun]
  • K-Volt [Sub-Machine Gun]
  • Grendel [Assault Rifle]
  • Scarab [Assault Rifle]
  • DSG-1 [Sniper Rifle]
  • M20 14 Gauss [Sniper Rifle]
  • Jackal [Shotgun]
  • Marshall [Shotgun]
  • MK.60 Mod 0 [Heavy]
  • L-Tag [Heavy]
  • X-43 MIKE [Heavy]
  • Hammer [Secondary]
  • AY69 [Secondary]
  • Majestic [Secondary]
  • Hammer [Secondary]
  • M34 Flash Bang [Concussion Grenade]
  • JAW [Explosive]
  • C4 [Explosive]

Perks do not count toward this achievement. If by any chance you've brought everything listed above and the achievement hasn't unlocked, you may need to either play a few more games for it to register or get to level 50 and prestige. But before you prestige make sure you have brought everything. The last alternative that may fix it is to equip everything from each gun, its attachments.

Above are just ideas I'm throwing about to save you from really doing the leveling up grind all over again. If none of these methods work, then you have 2 choices. Level up to rank 45 again and buy everything again or wait for a possible patch from Crytek.


The Cleaner25
Get 1 of each Skill Kill   (439) 

Skill Kills are unique kills preformed while playing multiplayer. There's a total of 23 you'll need to perform to make the achievement unlock.

To find out which ones you've performed and those that you still need to get, go to Operative Status>Service Record>General Tab and then scroll down to the bottom. You'll get most of them without realizing it as you play but some like 'Psycho' are hard to get and may need to be boosted. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

Here's a full list of each Skill Kill you'll need to preform:

  • First Strike: Get the first kill of the game.
  • Blind Fury: Kill someone while you're blinded by a flash bang.
  • Dead Air: Kill someone while they're in mid air.
  • Specter: Preform a stealth assassination.
  • Headshot: Kill someone by means of a Headshot.
  • Triple Kill: Get 3 kills within quick succession.
  • Psych: Get 5 kills within quick succession.
  • Vengeance: Kill the person that last killed you.
  • Puncture: Kill someone by means of bullet penetration.
  • Blinding: Kill someone who is blinded by a flash bang.
  • Combined Fire: Deal damage to someone with your primary weapon and then kill them with your secondary weapon.
  • Road Rage: Kill someone by kicking a car into them.
  • Denied: Kill someone which ends their killstreak.
  • Busted: Kill someone who is cloaked.
  • Defiant: Kill someone while you have a bloody screen (damaged).
  • Smackdown: Kill someone with an melee attack.
  • Double Kill: Get 2 kills within quick succession.
  • Relentless: Get 4 kills within quick succession.
  • Resurgence: Kill someone to end your death-streak.
  • Wingman: Kill someone from behind who is shooting at your teammate who is holding an objective.
  • Guardian: Kill someone that is shooting a teammate.
  • Flushed: Damage someone with grenade and then kill them with your primary weapon.
  • Intervention: Kill someone while they aim down sight at your teammate but have yet to fire a shot.


Cry Spy25
Multiplayer: Get 30 Spot Assists   (14) 

Spot Assists are easy but they mean you'll may need to take a back seat while playing. They can only be gained via team type games though, so not in a FFA. This is pretty much the same as the campaign, so go into your Visor () and scout the map for the other team players. Once you've spotted one, hover over them and they'll be tagged.

Now that they're tagged, they will pop up on your teammates HUD. Now all you need to do is hopefully wait for them to kill the guy you tagged for you to get Spot Assist EXP. Preform 29 more and the achievement will unlock. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.


Jack of all Trades25
Multiplayer: Win a match of every game mode   (60) 

Here's a list of the gametypes you'll need play and win on:

  • Instant Action
  • Team Instant Action
  • Capture the Relay
  • Crash Site
  • Extraction
  • Assault

Some of these gametypes don't unlock until a little bit later in the levels, so keep playing until they do. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.


Play online 6 months after your first time   (228) 

This will be the last achievement you should receive. Now at this present time there is no indication on how Crytek has sorted out their in game calendar for this. So when the 6 months comes from when you first put the game in, there will be a possibility of 3 days you can try.

The first is the 1st of the month. The game may just be remembering the month you started and not the day. The second is the same date. So you start on the 22nd March you put the game in on the 22nd September. The 3rd maybe the same day & week as you started. So again you start on Tuesday 22nd March which is the 4th week of that month. So come 6 months later you put the game in on the Tuesday the 20th of September.

This way with all 3 options you're covering your back. If one doesn't work, wait for the next. You'll need to put the game in and select multiplayer. Whether or not you need to play a game is unknown but that isn't much of a deal. You also can't use the console clock trick, seeing as you have to sign in to get into the multiplayer menus, the consoles clock will reset!


Modern Art5
Unlock 150 Dog Tag displays   (13) 

Dog Tags are similar to CoD: MW2/BO playercards. You can find your Dog Tags Displays under the Operative Status menu. The DTDs are split up into 4 sections:

  • General
  • Mystery
  • Medals
  • Awards

At the start all of the General ones are unlocked, so you're already be 64 ahead. To unlock the Mystery set you need to collect in match Dog Tags from your downed opponents. Once you've collected some, the figure will be shown in the bottom right corner of the Mystery tab. When you have some to unlock some Displays, simple hover over a tile and press to reveal and unlock it.

The Medal Displays are unlocked for doing certain/special things within a game or match. So like ripping of a mounted gun to swimming in Pier 17. Finally the Awards. These are the ones you'll be getting a lot of and are unlocked again by certain combat requirements during a match. Stuff like having the highest K/D at the end of the game to getting the winning kill. Some must be gained on other gametypes though. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

For an overview on how to obtain each Dog Tag, please go HERE.


Try Me10
Complete 3 Xbox LIVE matches   (9) 

Start any gametype and playthrough until the end. Do this 2 more times and the achievement will unlock. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.


The Collector15
Collect 20 Dog Tags   (10) 

To collect a Dog Tag you need to kill the opposite team. When one is downed by you they'll drop their Dog Tags, which is shown by a vertical light from the floor. Kill 20 enemies and collect their Tags to unlock this achievement. These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.

Please refer to 'Modern Art' if you need some more information on the Dog Tags.


Maximum Module20
Multiplayer: Fully level a Suit Module   (10) 

Suit Modules can be accessed via the Operative Status>Skill Assignments menu and are like the perks of the game. The Modules are either anything under the Armor, Stealth or Power sections and the general challenges do not count. Each one has a certain target that you need reach to unlock more stuff for them and help them upgrade. You'll first need to buy and unlock one of the perks to see what requirements you need to reach before you can start obtaining them.

Some of the easy ones are:

  • Proximity Alarm [Armor Module]
  • Armor Enhance [Armor Module]
  • Armor Melee [Armor Module]
  • Kill Armor [Armor Module]
  • Stealth Enhance [Stealth Module]
  • Covert Ops [Stealth Module]
  • Stealth Assassination [Stealth Module]
  • Side Pack [Power Module]
  • Aim Enhance [Power Module]
  • Weapon Pro [Power Module]


Team Player10
Be in a squad of at least 3 people and play a full game   (145) 

A squad is made up of 4 of you in one group. Start up a party and invite 3 other people into it to make it a squad. Now head into any Quick Match and play the full game and at the end the achievement will unlock.

Its doesn't matter who the party leader is, whoever is in the squad at the end of the game, they will all receive the achievement. This cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.


Multiplayer: Play a full game on every map   (27) 

You'll need to play a full game on each map for this to unlock. You'll have a total of 12 maps to play on:

  • City Hall
  • Downed Bird
  • Evac Zone
  • Impact
  • Liberty Island
  • Lighthouse
  • Parking Deck
  • Pier 17
  • Sanctuary
  • Skyline
  • Statue
  • Terminal
  • Wallstreet

Some maps are not available in certain gametypes like CTR, so you'll have to move onto a different one for it to pop up. You also don't have to play a full game for it to unlock, you just need to be in it when it ends. As long as the map loads and you're there, then it counts.

I got put into a game of Assault right at the end. I was on the respawn screen for 2:00 minutes and the game ended and the achievement unlocked! These cannot be gained by playing in a Private Match.


I Am Not A Number10
Create your first custom class    (7) 

When you load up the multiplayer menu you'll notice the Custom Class section. Simply head into it and set up your Gun/Perk class and any extras, then once you exit the achievement will unlock!


Secret Achievements
Speeding Ticket10
Break the speed limit in front of 10 speed cameras    (39) 

There are a total of 10 speed cameras throughout the game. They're not all visible and sometimes in a part of the level where you don't need to go. To spot a speed camera, they're a big white box attached to lamp posts. Most are on the roads but some are sideways on broken rubble etc.

To trigger the camera and make it give you a Speeding Ticket, line yourself up with it and simply sprint up/past it. The camera will flash and hand you a ticket, plus the game also saves. You can't repeat this on the same camera, so each run has to be done on a different one, but for a strange bit of fun you can also run past them in Maximum Stealth and it'll still catch you!

Game Info
Electronic Arts


US March 22, 2011
Europe March 25, 2011

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