Crysis Achievement Guide

Guide By: 41inuyasha
There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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+Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
+Offline: 40 (1000)
+Online: 0 (0)
+Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15+ hours
+Minimum number of playthrough's needed: 1 (recommened 2)
+Number of missable achievements: None (mission select)
+Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
+Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (Delta Difficulty)
+Glitchy achievements? Tank Buster, No Fly Zone, Catch This! and Empty Platform
+Unobtainable achievements? None
+Extra equipment needed? No

Crysis is the first of a Science fiction first person shooter trilogy. Yes, I said trilogy because Crytek has confirmed this. This game is very different from the second one, there is no upgrading or new game plus for those who are wondering. You get weapon attachments such as silencer, grenade launcher, and scopes. You are looking at around 7 hours or so on your first playthrough, going for miscellaneous achievements, such as picking up turtles and throwing chickens at people till they die. 

This game integrates partial free roam. Main objectives will be in green while secondary will appear in yellow, which you can choose to complete or leave. You can also choose your path to your objectives. Follow the road, climb the mountain, or go through the forest. For your Delta playthrough, it will take 6-12 hours. Depending how familiar you are with this game and FPS's. That's why I insist you play on the easiest settings first. Knowing shortcuts and being familiar with the island can make all the difference. Other then that have fun and enjoy the story!

Step 1: Easy Playthrough
Start your game and play it on the easiest setting. While your playing go for your extra achievements. Follow my guide for better locations and information for each specific achievements. Start throwing people, pick up an animal, chuck items at enemies etc. Make sure you kill someone with every new weapon you find. 

Attachments transfer to all weapons once you find it once. Make sure you do EVERY secondary mission when asked and pay attention to your radar for when they pop up. Once they do, press back button occasionally to check your objectives list. Other than that it's fairy simple. Don't fight when outnumbered by more than 4 or 5 enemies from close range, they will tear you up. So try and find alternate paths with less people. You should complete this in around 7 hours with 820G once you've completed it.

Step 2: Delta Playthrough
Now to start on Delta difficulty. You should have a pretty good idea of how the game plays, where you have to go, and what you can skip. Now if you have played this game before on PC or you are just pro like that. Then skip step 1 and start on Delta instead.

Make sure you change your difficulty in the options at the main menu, and start new game and select Delta again, just in case. Now this difficulty is hard, but not as bad if you play smart. Also, don't expect to be able to cloak your way through this like in Crysis 2. There are no upgrades, which means no cloak enhance. You run out very quickly.

Step 3: Clean up
If your still missing anything, which is highly unlikely. Then just go back into mission select and choose replay mission. All your progress towards a specific achievement will carry over as long as you DON'T start a new game. Once you start a new game, everything will reset for that campaign. Why I insist you play on easiest settings first. Getting everything on Delta will be much more challenging.

x360a would like to thank 41inuyasha for the roadmap 

A Little Trouble Parking20
Discover the fate of the Lusca's Call    (2) 

*Story related cannot be missed*

At the Beginning of the Level "Luscas Call", There will be a cut-scene where there is a giant boat frozen in the middle of the forest. The achievement should pop near the beginning of the cut-scene.

Easy Darlin'20
Rescue the hostage    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Infiltrate the School and Locate the Hostage" mission.

You Knew, Didn't You?20
Regroup with Prophet upriver    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Proceed to Prophets Location" mission.

Very Strange Readings20
Infiltrate the excavation site    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Infiltrate the Dome" mission.

Livin' Up To Your Name20
Board the VTOL for extraction    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Secure the Extraction Zone so the VTOL can Land" mission.

Destroy all AA guns around the harbor    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Units" mission.

Enjoy The Fireworks20
Destroy the cruiser    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Sabotage the Jammer on the North Korean Cruiser" mission.

Empty Platform20
Secure the train station    (5) 


Complete "Secure the Train Station" mission.

P.S. This achievement is said to be glitchy. If you dont get this then go back to the level "Onslaught" on a DIFFERENT DIFFICULTY and do it again. This seems to help just about everyone. It's the area where you blow up the idol train, then you stay in that area and secure it by killing every enemy (some will be sniping on the hill). After they've all been killed the achievement is will pop.

You're On Your Own20
Proceed to the mining complex    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Right before you complete "Proceed to Mine" mission.

One Careful Owner20
Reach the end of 'Onslaught' in the tank you started with    (15) 


Just take it slowly and kill tanks/rocketmen/helicopters from far away. You can die to get a checkpoint which sometimes gives you more health. You can also get out of the tank. You just have to get to the front gate of the mining complex while driving the same tank. Once you get near the blockade the achievement will pop.

Going Underground20
Enter the mines    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Infiltrate the Mining Complex" mission.

It's On Like General Kyong20
Defeat General Kyong    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Eliminate General Kyong" mission.

I'm Coming Home20
Escape the mysterious structure under the mountain    (1) 

*Story related cannot be missed*

To unlock this achievement you must escape the cave in the Ceph Layer. It is a very confusing maze but don't feel bad if you get lost. Once you escape after defending yourself till the gate gets power and the achievement will unlock. 

Expedition Team20
Escort Prophet to safety    (1) 

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete *Escort Prophet Out of Sphere* mission.

I'm A Marine, Son!20
Help the marines evacuate    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Escape the VTOL" mission.

Strickland Would Be Proud20
Defeat the flight deck invader    (4) 

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Destroy The Alien Exosuit" mission.

Delta: Act I30
Complete 'Contact', 'Recovery' and 'Relic' on Delta difficulty    (27) 

See "Delta: Act lll" for more information.

Delta: Act II30
Complete 'Assault', 'Onslaught' and 'Awakening' on Delta difficulty    

See "Delta: Act lll" for more information.

Close Encounter20
Secure victory in the Battle of Lingshan    

*Story related cannot be missed*

Complete "Destroy The Alien Warship" Final mission.

Delta: Act III30
Complete 'Core', 'Paradise Lost', 'Exodus' and 'Reckoning' on Delta difficulty    (8) 

Alright people this is it, just run through on Delta and the 1000G is all yours. Follow my guide lines closely!

1. Make sure that before you start you go into the options and change the difficulty to Delta manually, then go to new game and select Delta difficulty AGAIN! So both in options and in new game. This will prevent a good percentage of you from being glitched out.

2. Always skip what you can, ignore secondary mission and run past enemies. A good 80% of this game can be avoided.

3. Use Cloak to sneak past enemies so you can get inside buildings to gather your intel. When caught or in a firefight, use armor as much as you can. Armor will be broken quickly, but it will save your life on occasion. Remember to watch your energy. It does not last very long so remember to find cover within eye range to recharge while sneaking.

4. SILENCER; ever played splinter cell? Well your going to have to go Tom Clancy style if you want things to be easier. Put on a silencer, go cloak and pop a head and hide. Re-cloak pop a head and hide. And also switch to single-shot, not fully auto. You will never run out of ammo this way. If you use a silencer then the enemies will not be alerted. Not saying you should do this the whole time, but when you need to gather intel from an objective point, use this tactic.

5. NANO SOLDIERS; there are a few parts with Nano Soldiers that can prove to be difficult. Just use the SHOTGUN. Make sure you use the long range shell by pressing left on the D-pad. Less scatter means they take more shrapnel at close range. Takes 2-3 shots and they will die.

6. VEHICLES; Make sure to use vehicles to travel far distance and skip loads of enemy. If you see another vehicle you can take the chance to pass him and live. But if you see two vehicles then take another route. They will tear you to pieces. Found them very helpful through my Delta Playthrough.

General Kyong easy strategy:
Part of Last level on Delta

Part 2

Crysis Controlled60
Complete the game on any difficulty    

See "Delta: Act lll" for more information.

Cool In A Crysis90
Complete the game on Hard or Delta difficulty     (41) 

See "Delta: Act lll" for more information.

Following Orders20
Complete 3 Secondary Objectives   (1) 

See "Perfect, Soldier!" for more information.

Without Question30
Complete 6 Secondary Objectives   

See "Perfect, Soldier!" for more information.

Perfect, Soldier!40
Complete all Secondary Objectives   (12) 

These will appear throughout the game in yellow dots on your map. Press the back button to view their names. There are a total of 10 Secondary Objectives and appear in order below.

Disable the GPS Jamming Device. 
Investigate North Korean Command Post.

Access The NK Tactical Network.

Disable North Korean GPS Jamming Station.

Gather Intel From KPA.

Destroy the Boxcar.
Paint the Munitions Dump for Airstrike.
Retrieve the Gauss Rifle.

Infiltrate Office and Retrieve Intelligence Data.

No Fly Zone25
Destroy 5 helicopters   (5) 

Helicopters appear randomly throughout the game. If they spot you, so will drop back or others may attack, so watch out for this. You can destroy the helicopters with almost anything, but using your gun will take up a lot of ammo. The missile launcher is your best means of getting rid of them fast and it will only take 2 rockets to down one

P.S. This one is a little glitchy, took me 9 kills before it popped.

Tank Buster15
Destroy 5 enemy tanks   

This can be obtained on the "Onslaught" mission. This level alone has over a dozen tanks. You can also use this method for the "No Fly Zone" achievement as there are a few helicopters that pop up. Plus you have a tank, so killing them isnt too hard.

P.S. This one is a little glitchy as well, I got it at 6 and others say around 8.

Special Forces20
Kill 200 enemies   (4) 

See "Team Raptor" For more Information.

Team Raptor30
Kill 400 enemies   (3) 

You should get this before the end of your first playthrough. It might take you half of another playthrough depending on your style (stealthy/firefight). The kills track over all playthroughs and missions so don't worry about going for it all in one playthrough. The Ceph and Koreans both count toward this, plus there are unlimited enemies. So you can back track to reset them if you want.

Long Distance Relationship20
Kill an enemy 200m away   (10) 

At the start of mission 4 "Assault", there will be a house on the left up the hill with a rifle and scope. You'll then jump down the hill when you first see the AAA guns. Follow the road to the right till you see a sniper tower on the left as your walking. Once you've spotted it head over and climb up it and aim in the ocean. There will be a speed boat with 2 targets in it. Use your sniper scope and zoom 10x to see them better. Use the distance meter at the bottom to make sure its at over 200m before you shoot.

Weapons Master30
Perform a kill with every firearm   (6) 

Below are all the firearms in the game:

  • Scar
  • FY71
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol
  • Missile Launcher
  • Precision Rifle
  • Sub Machine Gun
  • Explosive Charges
  • Mini Gun
  • Alien Moac
  • Gauss Rifle
Something For Every Occasion20
Use all weapon attachments   (11) 

Below are all the sidearms in the game:

  • Silencer
  • Tactical Attachment
  • Grenade Launcher Attachment
  • Flashlight
  • Laser Pointer
  • Iron Sight
  • Reflex Sight
  • Assault Scope
  • Sniper Scope

You do not need to obtain the special ammo's to obtain this.

Choke Hold30
Kill 20 enemies with grab   (2) 

Run up to an enemy and Press  to grab him and press  again to throw them. Remember it cost energy to do this. So if you are low you cannot grab anyone.

Marathon Man30
Speed sprint 3km   (4) 

This accumulates through all playthroughs, but you should get it by level 2 or 3. 3km is equivalent to 1.8 miles. And you have to be speed running, not just running. As long as it's using energy it will count toward this.

Nano Ninja20
Perform 5 consecutive kills without being spotted by an enemy   (21) 

You have to kill 5 people in a row without alerting anyone. If they fire at you or the warning sign in the bottom left hand side starts flashing then you failed. 
Use this method:

  • FY71
  • Single shot
  • Silencer
  • Headshots only

Stay in cover while cloaked. Pop an enemies head and duck. Recharge and Re-cloak. Rinse and repeat.

Knock-off Knockout15
Kill an enemy Nanosuit soldier with a Strength punch   (8) 

You will first see nano soldiers when you clear the extraction point for the VTOL. You probably don't have to do what I did, but its the safe way. Pull out your fists, then hold the  to use the Strength Punch. It may take 2 full punches to finally kill him, so be warned. This is also tad glitchy.

Pick up an animal   (24) 

At the very beginning after you parachute, you will land in the water and prophet will tell you to go toward the beach. Right when you reach the little beach there will be a turtle there. Just pick it up with X and achievement will pop immediately.

Alternative Method

Keen Observer30
Tag 30 enemies using the binoculars   (6) 

Press  and go into binoculars mode. Then just aim at the enemy until he flashes white, then wait until he finally turns red so that he will finally be tagged. Just make sure you're not too far away otherwise it won't work.

Catch This!15
Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them   (11) 

You can pick up just about anything, (boxes, cans, barrels etc) Just pick up anything with  and press the button again to throw it. Do NOT press :rt: to throw, they will not count. Make sure you throw it with . Also make sure you are in Power Mode (default), so do not go into Armor or Cloak.

P.S. This one has said to be buggy, If you cant get it then start a new game on a different difficulty and try it. It should work. - Thanks Balc0ra for this info.

This Is My Rifle20
Customize a weapon to use all 5 modification points   (12) 

In the level "Awakening" go to your first Secondary Objective called "Infiltrate Office and Retrieve Intelligence Data". In that building look around and you will find some INCENDIARY ammo. Make sure you have an FY71 rifle. It's the only one with all 5 mods. Achievement should pop as soon as you equip one of each of these.


  • FY71
  • Silencer
  • Flashlight/Laser-Pointer
  • Tactical Attachment/Grenade Launcher Attachment
  • Incendiary Ammo
  • Reflex Sight/Assault Scope/Sniper Scope

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Electronic Arts


US October 04, 2011

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