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Case 1 - "Burning for You"

Solve "Burning for You" with any ranking
First up let’s head off to the crime scene, bring up your PDA (using  or ) and select it from the locations list. Whenever you want to go somewhere you have to bring up your PDA, so in future I’ll just tell to go somewhere and just head to your PDA for the location.

First take a picture of the whole vehicle from the side, just click on the car and it will bring up your camera for you to take the shot. Then click on the windscreen and take another photo of the body.

Look on the ground at the right of the car and examine the shoe print, then click on the small bit of red plastic and use the tweezers to pick it up. Finally, zoom in on the footprint again and take a cast of it.

Now look to your left where there will be a dumpster – next to which is a can, pick that up with the Latex Gloves.

Next up, look at the fence to the right of the car (there’s a broken section) and use the gloves again to pick up the piece of blue cloth. Don’t just exit the evidence screen though – examine them first and use the tweezers to pick up the Flake that is attached.

On your right there will be a turpentine can next to the fence so pick that up too, then examine it to find a fingerprint (just under the lettering) which you need to use the fingerprint dust and powder on, then lift it with adhesive tape. This is pretty much standard procedure for any fingerprint you find.

Now let’s take our stuff back to the Mobile Lab. Use the Trace Analysis Computer and compare the following: Fingerprints from Turpentine Can > LVPD Result B (use the partial print on the upper right square then confirm). Footprint from the Scene > CSI sample D

Then use the chemical analysis machine on all of the things you’ve found (Gas Can, Blue Jean Cloth and the Turpentine Can).

Head to the Morgue and ask the Doc to recover the body for you. When it turns up, examine it and look at the tattoos. Then ask all available questions to the Doc. When you are done look at the side table to the right and use the gloves to pick up the shirt, examine it further to get the Burnt Paper. Finally ask the Doc about any other items and then head over to the lab.

Use the Trace Analysis Computer again: Victim's fingerprints > LVPD Record A. Then use the Comparison Microscope: Red Plastic > CSI Samples Result B Then use the Chemical Analysis machine on the driver’s shirt.

Now you can go to Brass' office and harass him a bit. Ask him every question you can and he will look into golf courses for you. Then you need to head off to ANY location and then come straight back – he will then give you a new location, so head off to the Miniature Golf Course.

Talk to the man and ask him everything (I’m sure you figured that out by now) and you will bring him in for further questioning. Once back at the interrogation room ask him everything AGAIN to get some new leads. Now we can go to the Tribal Leaders House but first go to Brass and ask for a warrant for the golf course.

Talk to Debra and ask everything, she will then let you take the flyer from the fridge. Then ask her anything you didn’t already before heading to the Fire Temple.

Look at the turpentine can on the right and then harass our new suspect, ask Liz everything as always and make sure you’ve covered all of the bases after Brass interrupts as well. When you are done quickly head back to Debra and ask her all of the new questions. Then it’s off to the Garage.

Look at the car doors on your right and use the Gloves to grab the Bank Receipt. Then go back to the side of the car and look in the drivers seat. Use the flashlight to find the Matchbook on the floor then examine it – use Ninhydrin to collect the fingerprint on it. Use the flashlight on the lighter on the other seat too and pick that up, using the fingerprint powder and tape to lift the print from it. Then look at the dashboard and pick up the Sat-nav with the gloves. Then exit the car and hop into the back seat, use the flashlight once again to grab the used match then use the Ninhydrin on it to get yet another print. Wasn’t that fun? Now its back to the lab.

Use the Trace Analysis Computer: Fingerprint from Matchbook > LVPD Result A.
Partial Print from Used Match > Ed's Fingerprints (bottom left square). Fingerprint from Lighter > FBI Result B (bottom right square).

Then use the Special Search to analyze the Bank Receipt and GPS Device. Now you can head back to Brass’ office and ask him everything to get a warrant for Debra’s house. But first interrogate Ed again. Ask him everything and you will get a Singed Hair. Go to the lab and use the DNA Database: Flake from Jeans > Hair from Ed.

Now it’s back to the Tribal Leaders House. Talk to her first and then you can investigate. Grab the Matchbook by the window and then turn around and head through the open door. Look at the shoes in the closet to your right and then go and ask Debra about them. Then head back to the Fire Temple.

Talk to Liz (yes – ask everything. I’ll stop saying that from now on). Then grab the turpentine can on the boxes to your right. Click on the stage, then again on the curtain at the back to go into the room behind. Examine the shoes on the left, and then look at the chest next to the bed. Click on the blue top to move it aside and allow you to grab the Condom (thank god we all have gloves on – WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU FORGOT THEM?). Use the UV tool firstly and then pick them up with tweezers.

Revolve the condom and use the Swab on the inside AND outside of the condom for two different samples. Then head outside and talk to Liz again to get her DNA. You also get a call about some security footage so head back to the lab.

Use the Trace Analysis Computer to watch the footage and then use the Frame + button 8 times (until you see a blue arm in the cab window) and then Enhance the image. While you are here you can compare the following too using the DNA Database: Swab from Inside of Condom > Singed Hair from Ed. Swab from Outside of Condom > Liz Sunderland's DNA.

Go back to the Fire Temple and grab the blue top you moved last time, examine it and use the Adhesive Mount to get some Singed Fibers from it. Then pop over to the Tribal Leaders house and question Debra to get her DNA. Do the same with Ed in the interrogation room and then head to Brass’ office to get a warrant to question Liz. Do so and then head back to the lab.

Use the Comparison Microscope on the Singed Fibers from Poncho to get a questioning warrant available for Debra. You have to go and ask Brass for the warrant of course then ask Debra all the questions you can. This make the search warrant for the Golf Course available so head to Brass and get it – then we can head to the course.

Enter the windmill when you arrive and push the mattress on the floor. Click on one of the golf balls to push it into the hole, then exit the windmill and go down the stairs on the right. Examine the pipe sticking out of the windmill and then go back upstairs and into the windmill. Click on the other golf ball to dislodge the roll of cash – head back downstairs and pick it up. Examine the cash and there will be a hair stuck in the elastic band that you can grab with the tweezers.

Now head off to the lab and use the DNA Database: Hair from Roll of Cash > Victim's DNA. Now go to Brass and get an arrest warrant for Ed. Grill him until he cracks like a pansy. CASE CLOSED
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User Comments
Comment #1 by Tessarent
Sunday, December 26, 2010 @ 12:45:43 AM

All of these where so easy!

Comment #2 by Blinty
Thursday, May 05, 2011 @ 04:22:01 PM

Great! Now go learn to spell :/

Comment #3 by MrMAC30
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 @ 12:42:45 AM

^^^^hahahaha yes they were quite easy..

Comment #4 by N1GHTSLAYER
Tuesday, May 24, 2011 @ 10:48:30 AM

I dont get it, I completed the case and got no achievement?

Comment #5 by TMoneyDot1
Friday, June 03, 2011 @ 03:47:09 AM

5 incredibly easy achievements but not a good game. I just slogged through just to get the achievements. I'm almost ashamed that it appears in my 100% list.

Comment #6 by the devil956
Friday, June 24, 2011 @ 04:55:40 AM

i would admit i did not buy this game i simply borrowed it for the 1K game
score, i think there should be more achievements with less for compleating a
mission, it takes the fun away from the game in my opinion

Happy Hunting :D x

Comment #7 by Taplowski
Wednesday, July 06, 2011 @ 09:23:44 PM

This game is on my list to do!

Comment #8 by Left Logic
Monday, October 24, 2011 @ 07:31:25 PM

This is by far the easiest case in the game.

Comment #9 by xXWoodYXx92
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 @ 06:01:04 PM

fairplay for sitting and writing this out! helps out a lot so thanks!

Comment #10 by facepunch07
Saturday, April 14, 2012 @ 09:29:28 AM

This is bullshit i looked on utube follwed everything and im stuck im trying to interigate that liz but dunno how to get her there :/

Comment #11 by Willem Beats
Monday, October 29, 2012 @ 02:23:09 PM

One of the easiest 1000g games.

Comment #12 by Scrappylive
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 10:16:52 AM

Also one of the boringest 1000g games.

Comment #13 by d3v11s adv0cat
Saturday, February 23, 2013 @ 08:00:17 PM

Yes really boring but easy and if you get stuck then just give up on gaming lol

Comment #14 by Young Tobias
Thursday, October 31, 2013 @ 12:21:00 PM

I quite liked this game. Yes it could get boring, yes the production sucked even back when it came out, and yes there was very little in the way of C&C. But still, just the fact that it was entirely centred around investigation and interrogation made me think that this was the sort of game LA Noire could and should have been. LA Noire was let down in my opinion with its over-reliance on out-of-place, OTT action sequences that interrupted the flow of the police work. If nothing else this game deserves credit for delivering what it says it will and not resorting to firefights every ten minutes.

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