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Case 2 - "Double Down"

Solve "Double Down" with any ranking   
Head over to the crime scene. Look at the door to your right and examine the blood drops, use the LCV on them and then the Swab to get a sample. Then look at the Bull’s head statue nearby and use the tweezers to collect the bullet from the hole in the wall. Examine the bullet and use the adhesive mount on the green material stuck to it.

Go into the bedroom and use the camera to photograph the crime scene. Check out the blanket and use the UV tool to highlight some fibres which you can nab with the Adhesive Tape. Then examine the pool of blood and grab some with the Swab as always. There is a mobile phone on the floor at the left of the bed so pick it up with the gloves and examine it, using the Swab again to take a sample of the blood. Finally look at the chest of drawers to the far right and use the flashlight to find the photo, which you can pick up with the gloves.

You will be contacted at some point with the location of the hospital but make sure you finish doing the above before heading there. Once there just examine Connie to learn more about her wounds then head off to the lab.

First go to the Comparison Microscope: Fibres from Bedsheet > CSI Samples B. Next up is the Trace Analysis Computer: use Special Search to analyze the Photo of the Couple and the Phone.

Swiftly off to the Casino High Rollers' Room to talk to Shane, but after a few questions he will rush to the hospital. You’ll follow him there so continue your questions. You will be interrupted by a phone call, after which you can finish questioning Shane to get his DNA. Go to the lab and use the DNA Database: Blood Drops from Apartment > Shane’s DNA.

Now go and ask Brass for a warrant to question Shane, and grill him on everything as normal. When you are finished you will get a call saying Connie (victim) is awake so go and see her. Ask everything and you will her DNA, a photo of her wounds and the chance to search the Luxury Apartment. Then examine her dress on the table by the bed and use the Adhesive Lifting Tape to get Fibres from it. Then examine the letter and pick it up with the gloves.

Head back to the crime scene to look for the gun, simply click on the left nightstand and you’ll realise it isn’t there. So back to the hospital to talk to Connie again and she will hand it over. Make sure to ask everything and then go and see Brass to get a warrant for Everett Brower. Now you can search the Luxury Suite.

Go there and quiz both of the people thoroughly. You will get Everett’s DNA. Then look at the bar near the piano and examine the knife, use the LCV on it and then the swab on the blood. Look at the piano stool and pick up the green cloth. Then head upstairs and into the bedroom to look at Nicole’s coat – use the Adhesive Tape to pick up some fibres from it. Then look at the case with the gun in it and use the gloves to pick it up. Ask Everett about the gun before you leave.

Go to the lab and head to the assembly table. Click on both gun’s to get a bullet from each and then use the microscope to compare them: Bullet from Wall > Everett’s (no match). Bullet from Wall > Bullet from Connie’s gun (revolve A once). Also use it to look at the fibres from Connies dress and the green material. Then compare: Bibres from Bed > Fibres from Nicole’s Coat.

Go to the Trace Analysis Computer: Analyze the photo of Connie’s wounds. Then go to the DNA Database: Blood from phone > Connie's DNA. Blood from bed > Connie's DNA. Now go to Brass and get a warrant for Nicole, ask her about everything. Then you will have to go to the hospital and speak to Connie to get the Baby DNA report, which you can compare with Everett’s in the lab for a match.

Plenty of talking now so let’s just get on with it. First go and speak to Connie at the hospital, then head off to see Everett and next talk to Shane in the Interrogation room, he will give you the ripped photo. Now talk to Brass again in order to interrogate Nicole again.

Back at the Lab you will be given some Security Photo’s. Then go to the assembly table and piece together the ripped photo. Now you can get a warrant for Everett’s computer so head to Brass and ask for one. Then go to the Luxury Suite and look at the table, use the gloves to grab the Pre-nup Agreement and Printed Email. Then look at the medication before examining the laptop – use the USB to get a file from it. Take this back to the lab and use the Trace Analysis Computer to look at the encrypted file. You can now interrogate Everett so get a warrant from Brass.

Time for plenty of talking again, so interrogate Everett and then Nicole then head to the hospital to talk to Connie next. You can now get the final clues from the Luxury Suite so go there and walk upstairs. Look at the table at the back of the room and pick up the USB Drive and Green Blouse. Examine the blouse and use the Adhesive Tape to get some fibres, then use Luminol on the stain and then the Swab to get a sample.

Back to the lab and use the Microscope: Material from Bullet > Fibers from Green Blouse. Then the Trace Analysis Computer to analyze the USB Memory Drive. Finally the Chemical Analyzer on the Luminol Reaction you got. Now you can wrap things up so get an arrest warrant for Nicole from Brass and then go to the interrogation room and BREAK HER SPIRIT. CASE CLOSED!
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User Comments
Comment #1 by Tessarent
Sunday, December 26, 2010 @ 12:47:16 AM

Wow easist achievement ever!

Comment #2 by the devil956
Friday, June 24, 2011 @ 04:53:33 AM

all you have to do is take ure time and look at all the evidence its the easiest
game to get 100% achievements in Happy hunting :D x

Comment #3 by Simulacrum1990
Sunday, February 05, 2012 @ 07:56:17 AM

@devil956: Easiest game for 100% is :)

Comment #4 by Young Tobias
Thursday, October 31, 2013 @ 12:22:12 PM

I quite liked this game. Yes it could get boring, yes the production sucked even back when it came out, and yes there was very little in the way of C&C. But still, just the fact that it was entirely centred around investigation and interrogation made me think that this was the sort of game LA Noire could and should have been. LA Noire was let down in my opinion with its over-reliance on out-of-place, OTT action sequences that interrupted the flow of the police work. If nothing else this game deserves credit for delivering what it says it will and not resorting to firefights every ten minutes.

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