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Case 3 - "Shock Rock"

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To the crime scene Batman……..Time for more talking, so hit Todd up for all the info you can get. Then move to the stage and take a photo of the band, next up take a look at each of the bodies to get some info. Then pick up the Echo Pedal and examine it, use the Fingerprint Brush and then the Adhesive Tape to get the fingerprint. Then turn the pedal over and use the tweezers to grab the loose screw. Pick up the Microphone that’s laid on the floor and examine it use the Fingerprint Brush & Powder again and then the Adhesive Lifting Tape to get the Fingerprint.

Look to you left and go into the back stage area between the two speakers. Look at the floor and use the Flashlight to find the tequila bottle (which can be a pain) and then pick it up and examine it. Use the Ninhydrin to get the fingerprint from the label, and then the Fingerprint Brush and Powder and Adhesive Tape to get the fingerprints on the bottle neck and cap. Look at the floor again with the flashlight to find the straw (near the edge of the shadow cast by the speaker) and pick it up. Examine it and use LCV to highlight the blood and take a Swab sample. Then click on the socket at the back of the room and pick it up with the gloves. You can now talk to Todd again to get some Video footage.

Go to the Luxury Suite and quiz Kathy, then head to the Morgue and speak to the Doc to get him to recover the bodies. Look at the marks on Andrea’s arm and then quiz the Doc to get her fingerprints. Then ask to see Ray Brown. Look at his feet and talk to the Doc again before asking to see Marty Party. Ask all questions about him and then look at the final victim, Steve, and examine the rings on his chest. Speak to the Doc one more time to quiz him.

To the lab. Go the Assembly Table and look at the Echo Pedal, click on it to remove the cover and then click on the red switch to pick it up. Examine the Polarity Switch and use the Swab to get a sample of the residue. Now go to the Trace Analysis Computer: Fingerprint from Bottle Label > Civil Result C. Fingerprint from Bottle Neck > Civil Result E. Fingerprint from Bottle Cap > Civil Result D (upper right square). Fingerprint on Microphone > Andrea's Fingerprints (upper left square).

Now analyze the Video Footage of the Band. Play it through once and then click
Frame + seven times, then enhance that image. Finally go to the Chemical Analyzer and analyze the Residue from the Polarity Switch.

Head off to the Luxury Suite and talk to Kathy before you scope out the table near the exit and pick up the Threatening Note there. Next go and look at the laptop near the stairs and use the USB Stick to get the email from it. Then you can go upstairs and enter the bedroom. Click on the waste basket to move it and then pick up the photos that are inside. Look over to your right and use the gloves to get the black clothing, which you should examine and use the Adhesive Mount on in order to collect some Residue. Go back downstairs and grill Kathy some more.

Now wander to the High Rollers' Room and talk to Jill, she will give you a copy of her autograph. Now go to the lab and use the Microscope to match this autograph > threatening note. You can also use the Trace Analysis Computer to analyze the Deleted Email and the Chemical Analyzer to look at the Residue from the black shirt.

Now go and get a warrant from Brass to question Todd and then grill him. Now head back to the High Rollers Room and talk to Jill, she will put down a cup so examine it and use the Swab on the lipstick to get her DNA. Then grill her again. Then go to the lab and use the DNA Database: Blood from Straw > Jill's DNA. Now you can question Jill officially so get a warrant from Brass to let you quiz her further. When talking to her you will be given Residue from her dress. At which point you should go back to the lab and run it through the Chemical Analyser, then return to the interrogation room and ask her everything.

Now you can go to the Recording Studio and harass Eddie, ask him everything you can. Turn to the right and examine the letter on the side, then ask Eddie about it and he will give you a CD. Examine it and use the Fingerprint Powder and then the Adhesive Tape to get his fingerprint. You can now go back to the lab and use the
Trace Analysis Computer: Print from Echo Pedal > Eddie's Fingerprint. Also, play the CD while you are here.

Go back to Brass' office for a warrant to search the studio and then head down there for more clues. At the studio, turn right and pick up the tape and then go into the room to the right of Eddie. Look at the drawer on your right and pick up the letter and then use the USB Stick on the laptop to get another file. Now go into the Recording Room and look in the right corner, there is a metal prong near to the bottle so use the tweezers to pocket it. Then go and ask Eddie about it.

At the lab use the Microscope to compare: Power Chord > Prong. Then use the Trace Analysis Computer to analyze the file from the laptop and play the tape you found.

You can now interrogate Eddie so ask Brass if you can do so and go through the usual motions of asking everything, which will allow you to search the jet. Go there now and grab the fire extinguisher from the table in front of you. Go forward to the next area and look to your left, open the first cupboard and pick up the video camera then examine it to get the video tape from it. Then look to the right and use the Adhesive Mount on the white substance on the bench to take a sample. Then look on the floor near the nightstand to see a small screw that you can pick up with the tweezers.

Time to get back to the lab. Go to the microscope first: Screw from Echo Pedal > Screw from Jet. Then move over to the Trace Analysis Computer to play the tape from the Camera. Once you’ve watched it press Frame + seven times then enhance the image. Finally go to the Chemical Analyzer and analyze the Fire Extinguisher and the Residue.

Go back and interrogate Todd as much as you can and then go back to the jet once you’re done with him. Look at the TV to the right and open the drawer underneath, use the gloves to get the tape that’s in there. Then go to the lab and play the tape before comparing it to the CD Eddie gave you earlier. You can now get a warrant from Brass so go to it. Then make her sing like a canary. CASE CLOSED.
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User Comments
Comment #1 by Tessarent
Sunday, December 26, 2010 @ 01:13:32 AM

Just as easy as the first 2!

Comment #2 by playboy711
Sunday, July 17, 2011 @ 10:20:47 PM

Good job at getting five easy post.

Comment #3 by Gagshyderf
Tuesday, August 09, 2011 @ 08:24:56 PM

Need to look at the video camera to the right of Todd before he'll give you the video tapes.

Comment #4 by xXWoodYXx92
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 @ 11:44:44 PM

as iv done the video tape really late in (because i couldnt figure out how to get it) im now stuck. and it wont let me unlock the private jet location.

Comment #5 by NeonAbyss
Tuesday, June 04, 2013 @ 04:35:19 AM

Thank you to comment #3 I finally got the footage :D

Comment #6 by Young Tobias
Thursday, October 31, 2013 @ 12:24:11 PM

I quite liked this game. Yes it could get boring, yes the production sucked even back when it came out, and yes there was very little in the way of C&C. But still, just the fact that it was entirely centred around investigation and interrogation made me think that this was the sort of game LA Noire could and should have been. LA Noire was let down in my opinion with its over-reliance on out-of-place, OTT action sequences that interrupted the flow of the police work. If nothing else this game deserves credit for delivering what it says it will and not resorting to firefights every ten minutes.

Comment #7 by SOULWOUND
Saturday, November 23, 2013 @ 06:17:33 AM

There's also a finger print on the pedal you need to remove before it will let you take it apart to get the polarity switch ;-)

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