Cyberball 2072

Cyberball 2072 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Shaaady Souljah
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Win a game without being scored against in Easy mode.   
The most important thing to remember for this, is that the clock runs until you select a play. So, march down the field to get the lead, and let the little play-clock timer almost run out before choosing your play every time. Once you score, hold them on Defense and the clock will run while you pick Defensive plays as well, so drain it again as much as possible. After you hold them once and get the ball back, repeat the same slow play calling until you get down by their endzone but do NOT score. You already have the lead and are going for the shut out, so more points do not really matter. Keep the ball close to the endzone, but don't score and when the ball becomes "Critical", throw it away or get tackled and they will get the ball back right there and have to go the length of the field to score on you. (It does not matter in easy mode if you lose a player from a critical ball explosion; they will be replaced on the next play.)
Catch of the Day10
Successfully throw 8 consecutive passes during an Xbox Live CO-OP game.   (1) 
The best way to do this is to keep selecting a pass play (obviously) and throwing short little shovel passes to your Running Back(s) out of the backfield. A few tries and you should have it.
Complete 2 pages in the Game Breakers mode.   
This game mode is under the Normal menu (the other option to the right of Regulation mode). The idea is simple: successfully score on the play(s) and get enough cash to move on to the next page. 3 strikes and you're out, but you get a few continues as well. Getting to page 2 should be pretty easy, as is successfully completing 2 pages.
In Regulation mode complete one sack, one kill and one interception.   
This, in my opinion, is one of the tougher achievements to get in the game. [*Unless you can do it against a partner, in which case it would be quite easy.*] Against the computer, it is tough to get a sack; I found the best thing to do is to drop back and cover all receivers, and then their Quarterback will hold the ball and get sacked by your lineman. Blitzing may also work, but they usually get rid of the ball quite quickly if you try and blitz them. Getting a kill is the easiest of the three, just tackle one of their players when the ball is 'CRITICAL'.
In Regulation mode have 3 of your teammates killed and still win the game.   
Now you have to switch from Easy mode to Regulation mode for the next couple achievements. The best thing to do to get this one, is to score as much as you can in the first 2 or 3 periods to cushion your lead. Because, once your players are killed and replaced, the reserve players are much slower. All you have to do to get a player 'killed', is make sure he is holding the ball at the end of a play where the ball was "CRITICAL". You should be able to get 3 killed easily within 3 periods or so.
Super Breaker25
Complete all 10 pages in Game Breakers.  
This game mode is under the Normal menu (the other option to the right of Regulation mode). The idea is simple: successfully score on the play(s) and get enough cash to move on to the next page. 3 strikes and you're out, but you get a few continues as well. This is hands down the toughest achievement to unlock in this game. You have to successfully execute 10 pages of plays with minimal errors. The best advice I could give is: practice, practice, practice. I can usually to get to page 3 or 4 with less than 3 strikes now.

Special Teams15
Run for a touchdown on a kick off play during an Xbox Live CO-OP game.   
This one can be pretty tricky. Again, practice and repetition will make it easier. You have to kind of read the kicking team's defense and see where the hole will be. It is often right up the middle.
Super Shutout20
Win an Xbox Live CO-OP game without being scored against in Regulation mode.   
This one is pretty easy. Use the same tips as the single player shutout, and as long as you and your buddy are on the same page, it should be really easy.
Win a match in Regulation Mode whilst playing an Xbox Live CO-OP game.   
You will get this while going for the Super Shutout. Get the lead and milk the clock, and you should be fine.
Hundred Grand20
Accumulate more than $100,000 in one Regulation mode game.   
This one is pretty easy too, as long as you keep scoring and/or keep gaining a lot of yards on offense. The best way to earn money in Regulation mode is by scoring on offense. Just like when going for 30 points in a game, score fast and pick plays quickly, and get the ball back as much as possible.
Score more than 30 points in one game.   
This should be pretty easy, once you have already scored 2 Touchdowns in the first period (There are 6 periods in this game, not 4.) This will leave you with anywhere from 12-16 points already. The best thing to do after scoring each Touchdown is to try and run the ball in for 2 points extra, instead of one or none. You can usually just run a sweep of some kind and convert every 2-pointer. And just like the previous achievement, either hold them and get the ball back or let them score if they get a big play. And select plays as quickly as possible.
Fast Scoring20
Score 2 touchdowns in one period.   
The best time to get this is at the beginning of a game in Easy mode. If you do not score on your first drive, restart the game and try again. And then, once you score the first time, either hold them on Defense OR if they get a break away run/pass, let them score. Then you will get the ball back with plenty of time to score again. And make sure you pick plays as fast as possible, because the clock will be running in between plays.

Game Info
Digital Eclipse


US September 05, 2007
Europe September 05, 2007

Resolution: HDTV 1080i
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
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