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Dance Dance Revolution Universe Achievement Guide

Guide By: Spot2009
There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 32 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Estimated Time for 1000: 10-13 hours [depending on skill]
- Minimum Playthroughs: 1
- Missable Achievements: None!
- Glitched Achievements: None!
- Cheats Disable Achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

LET'S DDR TO THE FULL 1000! First thing you should do is head to options and turn off BG Movies this will make dance battles super easy. Also turn the step color to NOTE this will come in handy later.

Step 1: Complete Quest Mode
You start in California. Beating each state will grant you a Competition in each region. Look for invites for the following locations;

  • Washington
  • New York
  • California
  • Missouri
  • Ontario
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Illinois

Other Songs will be unlocked in the Competition. Please note that "Paranoia" is mislabeled. You will unlock it by beating the last 6 Competition. After beating the game you unlock 6 competition's for you to beat. Tips on the Quest Mode mission: For Jump Combo Hold on on your song of choice and pick all Jump. For combo Choose all Jump it makes getting combos easier. For Freeze Combo pick all freeze. For Fanbase challenge play on expert for a fast way of getting the Fanbase score.

Step 2: Complete Every Song
The next step is simple. All you need to do is play each song and attain a minimum grade of 'D.' Do this, and you'll earn a whopping 300.

Step 3: Challenge Mode
Your last few achievements will be by beating challenges. Some of them are a tad ridiculous, but don't be disgruntled. This is when the Step Color NOTE comes in handy for certain challenges that require you to step on 8th notes in a song etc.

Only DDR Pro's will have the full 1000 but for the average dude it's some quick gamerscore.

[XBA would like to thank Teh Paralyzer for this Roadmap]

10 songs cleared.50
Get a grade of D or higher in 10 songs.   

You can only do this in Game Mode. You can complete this on any difficulty, including Beginner. It just won't record your stats on Beginner, but you can still get it.

20 songs cleared.50
Get a grade of D or higher in 20 songs.   

See "10 songs cleared".

30 songs cleared.50
Get a grade of D or higher in 30 songs.   

See "10 songs cleared".

40 songs cleared.50
Get a grade of D or higher in 40 songs.   

See "10 songs cleared".

50 songs cleared.50
Get a grade of D or higher in 50 songs.   

See "10 songs cleared".

60 songs cleared.50
Get a grade of D or higher in 60 songs.   

See "10 songs cleared".
You will have to unlock new songs in order to obtain this. To unlock songs, play Quest Mode (explained later).

All songs cleared.50
Get a grade of D or higher in all songs.   

See "10 songs cleared".
There are 73 songs total. You must unlock songs through Quest Mode.

SIMPLE cleared.20
Clear all 6 SIMPLE challenges in challenge mode.   

Should not be much of a challenge. The only one you may have a problem with is 6, since it's a really slow song. The next 2 sets are pretty simple, except maybe #6.

1. (B) Test Room - No BOO
2. (B) Less Yap Yap' - No Up/Down
3. (B) Close Your Eyes - Dance gauge no+%
4. (B) Rapper's Delight - Full combo
5. (B) Senses - <10 Combo
6. (B) Feels Just Like It Should - No Jump steps

MODERATE cleared.20
Clear all 6 MODERATE challenges in challenge mode.   (1) 

1. (B) Dancefloor Killer - Don't step on the same arrows 2x in a row
2. (B) Don't Play Nice - Jump steps only (Speed 1.5x)
3. (B) Race Against Time - Don't step on poison arrows (Few poison)
4. (B) September '99 - Dance gauge full
5. (B) Heart With a View - Full combo
6. (B) Bongo! - Full combo (Boost, Sudden)

ORDINARY cleared.20
Clear all 6 ORDINARY challenges in challenge mode.   

1. (D) Wraith - No Up/Down
2. (D) We Are Connected - <10 Combo
3. (B) Nightshade - No empty dance gauge (Reverse, low gauge)
4. (B) Guilt is a Useless Emotion - Dance gauge no+%, no poison (few poison)
5. (B) All Up In My Face - 80% Perfect (Reverse)
6. (D) Saturday Night - Don't step on 8th notes (Speed 1.5x)

SUPERIOR cleared.20
Clear all 6 SUPERIOR challenges in challenge mode.   

6 is a bitch here for some people not really good. Just keep at it and you'll get it, definitely.

1. (B) Less Yap Yap' - <50% Dance gauge (Hidden, low gauge)
2. (D) My Only Shining Star - Full combo (Speed 1.5x, Reverse)
3. (D) Love Is On Our Side - Don't step on the same arrow 2x in a row (Boost, Reverse)
4. (D) Summer Fantasy - Don't step on 4th notes (Flat)
5. (D) Ignition - Dance gauge full, no posion (Some poison, low dance gauge)
6. (D) Hot Limit - 85% perfect, full combo (Reverse)

MARVELOUS cleared.20
Clear all 6 MARVELOUS challenges in challenge mode.   

Ok, 6 here is a REAL killer. Tir na n'Og is the weirdest song ever. There are lots of 16th and 8th notes jumbled around, so you're gonna have to focus a lot here.

1. (D) Koibito - Dance gauge full (Speed 3x)
2. (E) Hydrasound - Full Combo (Reverse, Jump Step)
3. (E) Cosmic Hammer - No poison (Many poison)
4. (D) The Hop - Dance gauge full (Phantom, Reverse, Low dance gauge)
5. (D) Everytime We Touch - <25% Dance gauge (low dance gauge)
6. (D) Tir na n'Og - 90% perfect, full combo (Flat)

GENUINE cleared.20
Clear all 6 GENUINE challenges in challenge mode.   

Ok, now onto the real challenges. You'll definitely run into trouble on 3, so practice a lot.

1. (E) Horsemen of the Invisible - <25% Gauge (Speed 1.5x, Phantom, Dark, Reverse)
2. (E) Healing Vision - No Up/Down (Boost)
3. (D) Slow - 0 Points (Speed 2x)
4. (E) Twist - No jump steps (Reverse)
5. (E) Slam - <10 Combo
6. (E) B4U - No empty gauge (Speed 3x, Boost, near empty gauge)

PARAMOUNT cleared.20
Clear all 6 PARAMOUNT challenges in challenge mode.   

These next challenge sets are pretty bitchy here on out, so watch out.

1. (E) WWW .Blonde Girl - <25% gauge (Speed 2x, near empty gauge)
2. (E) September '99 - 85%+ Perfect (Boost, Hidden, Mirror, Reverse)
3. (E) Diamond Jealousy - No poison (Speed 2x, Some poison)
4. (D) Somebody to Love - Don't step on the same arrow 2x in a row (Speed 0.5x, Phantom, Dark)
5. (E) Close Your Eyes - Gauge No +%, Only 8th steps (All freeze, near empty gauge)
6. (E) Rapper's Delight - 85%, Full Combo (Speed 5x, Reverse)

EXORBITANT cleared20
Clear all 6 EXORBITANT challenges in challenge mode.   

1. (E) Run It! - 95% Perfect, Full combo (Speed 1.5x)
2. (E) Cachaca - 100% Great (Speed 1.5x)
3. (E) Love Me Do - 100% Perfect (Speed 3x, all freeze)
4. (E) Feels Just Like it Should - No 16th steps (Speed 1.5x, Flat)
5. (E) Stop Violence! - No poison (Speed 2x, Phantom, Some poison)
6. (E) Vanity Angel - No gauge +%, Don't step on the same arrow 2x in a row (Speed 3x, Boost, near empty gauge)

Clear all 6 CATASTROPHIC challenges in challenge mode.   

1. (E) Drivin' - 100% Perfect (Right, Music slowed)
2. (E) Cachaca - 70+ of Perfect/Great/Good (Sudden Arrows)
3. (E) GO! - No poison, 90% Perfect (Speed 1.5x, Some poison)
4. (E) Treble, Bass and Attitude - No 4th steps (Flat)
5. (E) Return of the Toe Jam - No poison (Speed 2x, Phantom, Reverse, Some poison)
6. (E) Tsugaru - Don't step on the same arrow 2x in a row, no poison (Speed 2x, Some poison)

APOCALYPTIC cleared.20
Clear all 6 APOCALYPTIC challenges in challenge mode.   

Hardest of 'em all, obviously. Seriously, good luck on 6. Practice A LOT, and you'll get lucky eventually.

1. (E) Sky High - Full Combo (Stealth, Dark)
2. (E) Xenon - No Gauge +%, no 16th steps (Flat)
3. (E) Insertion - 100% Perfect (Speed 8x, Reverse)
4. (E) Don't Play Nice - Full Combo, No jump steps (Speed 0.5x, Flat)
5. (E) Brightness Darkness - Full Combo (Shuffle, Dark, Reverse, Late 8th step)
6. (O) MAXIMIZER - 90% Perfect, Full Combo

Purchase the song "cachaca" in Quest mode.   

Not really purchased, but obtained. In Quest Mode, you will get a Special Invitation in Washington. You must have already cleared Washington to get the Invitation. Complete this Fanbase challenge and you'll get it.

See below for Quest explanations and such (like the icons).

Return of the Toe Jam.30
Purchase the song "Return of the Toe Jam" in Quest mode.    

Not really purchased, but obtained. In Quest Mode, you must clear all states in the Southern Region (red). After, you will unlock a Competition, which is a dance battle, but more difficult. After beating the competition, you'll get this.

Tir na n'Og.30
Purchased the song "Tir na n'Og" in Quest mode.    

See "Return of the Toe Jam". Northern Region (blue).

Clear all 6 PARAMOUNT challenges in challenge mode.   

I don't really understand this at all. This can be unlocked in Quest Mode.

After clearing all competitions, finish up your Special Invitations, and travel around (do some random challenges); you'll get 6 battles. If you win those, you'll get this. Each battle will be increasingly difficult; it's best to have 4-8 backup dancers in all battles! By the 3rd battle, the opponent will have almost all Music Clips and almost all Movie Clips.

The last battle: Your opponent has all Clips. I suggest you turn off the Background Movies (to make it easier), unless you have all Movie Clips.

NOTE: All 6 battles will appear at one random time after you get the silver trophy! They also appear at RANDOM areas. If you complete more challenges, you have a higher chance of getting the invitations.

Love Me Do (The Acolyte's mix).30
Purchased the song "Love Me Do (The Acolyte's Mix)" in Quest mode.   

See "cachaca". New York
(~1960 fanbase - Expert/Oni songs; I thought Xenon + Music Clip on Expert worked best)

Purchased the song "MAXIMIZER" in Quest mode.    

After completing the 5 regional competitions and complete the rest of your Special Invitations, you will receive the invitation to the North American Competition. If you win, you'll get this. The location is random, so you can do the little trick (see below).

Watch out! Your opponent has around 70 Music Clips and almost all Movie Clips!

Purchased the song "Bongo!" in Quest mode.    

See "Return of the Toe Jam". Western Region (green). Don't forget Alaska and Hawaii!

think ya better D.30
Purchased the song "think ya better D" in Quest mode.   

See "cachaca". California

Stop Violence!30
Purchase the song "Stop Violence! - B.L.T. Re Production" in Quest mode.   

See "cachaca". Missouri

Healing Vision (Gridlok Mix)30
Purchase the song "Healing Vision (Gridlok Mix)" in Quest mode.   

See "cachaca". Ontario

Purchase the song "Xenon" in Quest mode.    

See "Return of the Toe Jam". Canadian Region (orange)

My Only Shining Star30
Purchase the song "My Only Shining Star" in Quest mode.    

See "Return of the Toe Jam". Eastern Region (violet)

Purchase the song "Drivin'" in Quest mode.   

See "cachaca". Florida
(~1780 fanbase - Difficult (some)/Expert/Oni songs; I used 'Everytime we Touch' + Music Clip on Expert)

Purchase the song "Koibito" in Quest mode.   

See "cachaca". Texas

Treble, Bass and Attitude.30
Win first place of the chamionship in Quest mode.   (1) 

See 'cachaca'.
Um.. I don't really get this, either. You can get this in the Illinois invitation.


Quest Mode:
- A Special Invitation is an envelope icon in the map. There is a number next to it; this shows how many turns you have before it disappears! Each challenge in the Quest Mode is a turn.

- Special Invitations (trick): A cheap way to get a Special Invitation on an area you want (i.e for the achievement/song) is to exit out the map. After you complete a challenge, you'll be brought to the main map. If you press and then (thus, taking you to the char select screen and then back into the Quest Map), you have a random chance of an Invitation to show up. It is random where the Invitation lands on, so it may take a while for the Invitation to land on the place you want!

- To immediately end a challenge, hold Back or Start. You will clear it or fail it, depending on how you played. It doesn't automatically fail you.

- Icons: On the top left of the screen, the left icon (Speaker/disc circle thingy) represents how many Music Clips you have bought (explained later). The right icon (Movie clapper thing) shows how many Movie Clips you have.

- Music Clips: Every time you enter a new city, you have a random chance of a few things: A backup dancer or purchasing a movie/music clip. When you get a Music Clip, when you choose a song for your challenge, you'll notice a music note next to a song (ON THE LEFT). This shows that you have bought it. When you use it, you get a boosted amount of points (+2 per step). This is helpful in Fanbase or Dance Battle challenges. After the song is over, the next songs are random. These work in competitions/Special Invitations.

- Movie Clips: It's the same thing as a music clip, but you only get a boosted amount of points when the movie clip is playing. You'll know when it's playing when the FEVER icon during a song is lit up above your character. These clips won't play for music videos.

- Backup Dancers: These help in Dance Battles/Fanbase challenges and give you a bit of points. The more you have in an area, the better. These don't work in music videos. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 8 MAXIMUM IN ONE AREA.

- Dance Battles: In a dance battle, you choose the first song. You will most likely want to choose a song in which you have a music clip on. CAREFUL! If there is an upside down music note on the right side of the song, then that's your rival's! If you choose that song, they'll get a boosted point bonus against you! Those weird block patterns on the dance bar at the top of a dance battle shows a music clip bonus. If it's orange/red, you get the bonus. If it's white/blue, they'll get the bonuses. Both you and your rival's bonuses can be turned on at the same time. They can also use FEVER, but no backup dancers.

A good song to have near the beginning (if you don't have TOO much music clips) is to use "Love in On Our Side" (not sure if it's this). On difficult, it has a max combo of 270 steps.

- Fanbase Challenges: These challenges require you to get as many points as possible. you must get a minimum of a certain number of points, and it resets every song. So it's useful to choose a song that will get you the most points! Every step you take, you will get a certain number of points.

Perfect: 4
Great: 3
Good: 2
Almost: 1?
Boo: 0
OK: +0
NG: 0
Music Clip: +2
Movie Clip (FEVER): +2
Backup Dancers: +1 per dancer (random) UP TO 8

Remember: It helps if you have less areas unlocked if you want the Invitation to appear where you want.

Challenge Mode:
- Stay calm. These challenges get increasingly difficult, especially after Marvelous.

- The challenges won't take you one try for most of them. If you fail, just keep trying at it and you're bound to get it (few exceptions..). For a lot of the challenges, you'll need to memorize/study the arrows to get it.

- As challenges increase, the stipulations become difficult as well. Poison arrows, Speed up, Reverse, Dark, Phantom, Sudden arrows.

- Use the controller. If you're able to do this on the mat, you truly are a master (or just plain lucky). and the D-Pad are used to the corresponding arrows.

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Players: 1-2
ESRB: Everyone 10
No videos available
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