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Dance! It's your Stage Achievement Guide

Guide By: Cringer85
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 12 (200/200)
-Online: None
-Approximate amount of time to 200 : 7 hours, depending on skill + cool down breaks.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Career + 1 Training + 2 with two controllers
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: None.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheat codes.
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty options.
-Required equipment: Two controllers or dance mats (or one of each)

Dance! It's Your Stage is a dancing game, where you have to move the two directional sticks on your controller in the direction shown, to the rhythm of a catchy song. Difficulty of songs increases as you progress through the career and become a dancing star.

Step 1: Start your career
This will take the most of the approximate seven hours, but is also the most fun part. Just play through career mode and try to get gold in every song. This isn't too hard. Sometimes, a song may seem impossible at first. If you struggle, lay down the controller, do something else and come back later, this helps a lot! Soon you will get the rhythm of the song, and then it becomes very easy. Always remember: it is by way more important to hit a lot of perfects, than to hit every direction. It won't matter, if you don't hit a lot of directions, as long as you get perfects with your magic power (RT), you should be fine.
Customise your character when you unlock new costumes to get the Trendsetter achievement along the way.

In this playthrough, you will get Rhythm King, Dance Machine!, Basic Dancer, Professional Dancer, Perfectionist, The Coach's Darling!, Trendsetter and The New Star! achievements.

Step 2: Training mode
In your Career, choose training mode. Start every song once and let it play 'til the end. Lay down your controller and watch a film or do something else in the meantime.

This will net you the Dedicated Student! achievement.

Step 3: Co-op
Start a game with two controllers in multiplayer competition mode and win against yourself. This will net you I'll Show You!

Next, start a cooperative multiplayer game. The easiest song for this is 'Watching you Dance', as it is one of the shortest and only has a few dual-stick combos. If you don't have a friend at hand, you will need to play with both controllers at the same time (one left and one with right hand). This may sound insane, but is very doable. It may take you up to 30 times and get very frustrating due to some simple mistakes, but hard it is not.

Congratulations, now you have 200/200 and another completed arcade game that was even fun to play!

[x360a would like to thank Cringer85 for this Roadmap]

Dedicated Student!15
Practice every song in Career mode at least once! 

The quickest way is, to simply start every song once in Training mode (under Career) and let it play 'til the end, whilst doing something else.

Rhythm King10
Perform 50 moves in a row. 

You will get this eventually. You can very easily get this in the very first song by simply pressing the directions that show up without any mistake.

Dance Machine!15
Perform 100 moves in a row. 

You will get this eventually. You can very easily get this in the very first song by simply pressing the directions that show up without any mistake.

Change your outfit at least 10 times in Career mode! 

You can do this whenever you like. Just edit your character's clothes ten times in Career mode.

Basic Dancer10
In Career mode complete the first six songs. 

Unlocks eventually when you progress through Career mode.

Professional Dancer10
In Career mode complete songs 7-13! 

Unlocks eventually when you progress through Career mode. You don't need any Gold medals to complete the songs and unlock the next row of songs.

Complete a song without any mistakes. 

Very easy achievement, but easiest to do in the very first song or in 'Watching her Dance'.

The Coach's Darling!25
Complete Career mode. 

You need to complete every song for this achievement, with at least the minimum progress requirement (Bronze medals). There are a total of 23 songs. If you go for Gold medals, this won't be any problem for you.

The new Star!40
Finish Career mode with a gold medal for each song. 

Keep on practicing. When you struggle, take a break until you are cooled down. Remember to go for perfects! Those are more important point-wise, than hitting every move. Only use your magic power, when it is at least 4x multiplyer. A 4x multiplyer with magic power (Right Trigger), hitting only perfects nets you a lot of points!

I Like You!10
Achieve a high score for a performance in Co-op mode. 

You will get this, while trying to get Friends Forever!

I'll Show You!10
Achieve a high score for a performance in Competition mode! 

Use the same strategy mentioned under 'Friends Forever' but be sure to be in Competition mode.

Friends Forever!30
Two players have to complete a song in Co-op mode without any mistakes. 

Get a friend and play one of the first songs. 'Watching You Dance' is the shortest and easiest for this. Alternatively, play one controller with each hand, and keep doing it, 'til you get the achievement. It may take about 30 tries, do to simple mistakes, but it isn't hard.

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US September 08, 2010

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