Dance Paradise (EU)

Dance Paradise (EU) Achievements

There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Complete tutorial     
Finish 1 song10
Finish 1 song     
Finish 10 songs20
Finish 10 songs     
Finish 20 songs30
Finish 20 songs     
Finish 30 songs40
Finish 30 songs     
Finish all songs90
Finish all songs     
Fancy Free15
Play 5 different songs in Free mode   
Face to Face20
Play 1 song in Versus mode    
First Fight20
Play 1 song in Attack mode    
Play 1 song in Synchro mode    
Mr. DJ5
Create and play a playlist in Video Box mode    
Take it Easy30
End game in Easy mode    
Hard Dance90
End game in Hard mode     
Combo Maniac20
Make 30 combos on a song    
The 10,000 Points Dancer20
Earn 10,000 points in one song in Single Player mode    
Groove Brothers30
Earn 10,000 points in one song in Synchro mode    
First Dance Degree10
Qualify as Amateur on one song      
Bachelor's Dance Degree20
Qualify as Pro on one song     
Master's Dance Degree30
Qualify as Star on one song     
Duke of Groove30
Qualify as Amateur on all songs     
Prince of Groove60
Qualify as Pro on all songs     
King of Groove90
Qualify as Star on all songs     
Extreme Limit10
Finish a song with the vitality gauge in the red    
Full Throttle60
Finish a song with a full vitality gauge and a score multiplier of 4.    
Perfect Groove20
Finish a song with 100% "Perfect" or "Great" moves    
Dance Power Master25
Successfully complete all Dance Power moves    
Mirror Stars60
Qualify as Star in Synchro Mode    
Until the End!30
End the last song in Career mode with a Star Rank in Hard difficulty mode     
Dance Robot90
Finish a song without missing any dance moves in Hard difficulty mode     

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Universal Music


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