Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements Achievement Guide

Guide By: Mr Arrow, Low Beau
There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 32 (610)
-Online: 17 (390G)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000G Single Player: 10-15 Hours. Multiplayer: 10+ Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 11 (Adventurer , Archeologist , Crusade Knight ,Explorer, Cyclops Hunter, Dead Rescuer , PaoKaï9, Princess Rescuer, Code of Honor , Demoniac , Funny Moments
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitchy achievements: 1 (Funny Moments)

Welcome to DMMM: Elements one of the top titles of 2006 for the PC but unfortunately the 2008 Xbox 360 Port isn't even half as good.

Playtrough 1:
Start on difficult mode (Hard) right away and choose the Assassin Class. The Assassin can pick almost every lock in the game which makes getting collectibles a lot easier, also the Assassin is almost invisible in stealth which makes killing later enemies so much easier. Use the Collectible Guide and go for all achievements except Sniper and Warlock.

Mob up:
All the killing achievements in this game have to be done in a single playtrough if you didn't miss anything else you should only have the Sniper and the Warlock achievement left. Simply start a new game on easy as an Archer for the Sniper Achievement and as a Mage for the Warlock Achievement. You should get your Kills during Chapter 2. Also go for anything else you may have missed.

Use the Achievement Trading Tread. Blitzkrieg and Challenger require 10 Players and must be done in Blitz Mode. To Start a blitz game you need 10 players in a Lobby. All the other achievements can be done with 8 People.

Difficulty wise this Game shouldn't give you to much trouble . The only hard part are the many Collectibles and getting 8-10 People together to boost the muliplayer. For the single player I recommend multiple saves just in case. Congrats on your 1000!


[x360a would like to thank Rage66 for this road map]

Kill 50 enemies only with bow   (1) 


This is best done while playing as the archer and can be done with any bow found in the game. While any character can use the rope bow for kills it is a VERY slow way to get this achievement.


Kill 60 enemies only with sword   


This is best done while playing as the warrior and can be done with any sword found in the game. All non-warrior classes can get his with a sword they forge in the game.


Cyclops Hunter25
Kill 4 cyclops during your adventure    


You will come across enough cyclops in the story to get this, just make sure you kill them rather than sneak by them. Cyclops are normally found in areas that have traps you can activate to do extra damage to them. Its eye is also more vulnerable, so attack it if you can. The cyclops you meet at the beginning of the story does count toward this achievement.


Arena Master20
Defeat all enemies in Rubby's Arena    


This is part of the storyline, so you won't miss it. Just kill all the enemies.


Shadow Soldier25
Kill 20 enemies with Backstab strikes   (1) 


This can only be done as the asassin. Once you learn this skill, press and hold to sneak up behind an ememy. When you get close enough to them you will see your hand reach out, at this point pull to stab them in the back.


Kill 50 enemies with magic   


This is best done while playing as the Mage and can be done with any spell that does damage. Non-mage characters can use scrolls (that do damage) that are found throughout the game to work toward this achievement, just be sure that the enemies are dead and that you used only scrolls (magic) to kill them.


Kill 50 enemies amongst spiders, undeads or ghouls   (1) 


Simply kill a combined total of 50 spiders, undead or ghouls. If you kill everything you encounter you will get this well before you finish the game. Be sure that you actually kill the undead with the finishing move or they will not count toward this achievement. To perform the finishing move, hold until your weapon flashes, release to ‘finish’ the undead.


Recover 60% of relics     


See Crusade Knight.


Recover 30% of relics     


See Crusade Knight.


Crusade Knight40
Recover all relics     (1) 


A nice guide to all the relics (also secret areas and equipment) can be found here.
The relics must all be recovered in one play-through.


Code of Honor15
Defeat Aratrok loyally without magic    (1) 


Meeting Aratrok is story related, he is the Orc leader you encounter while searching for the Skull of Shadows. Before you fight he will talk to you about an honorable fight (no magic). Simply kill him without using any magic. Magical weapons are not a problem, just avoid using spells or scrolls.


Kill 10 enemies in the form of a demoniac    


As you progress through the game you will learn how to change into demoniac form. Once you have this ablity, kill 10 enemies while demoniac. These kills accumulate and can be done as you progress through to the end of the game.


Difficult Mode40
Complete the game in difficult mode     


Difficult mode is very do-able. Instead of the usual toe-to-toe fighting you'll need to move more, block more and use more health potions (be sure to place your health potions in the on-screen quick select menu). Save often to avoid lengthy do-over's.


Dead Rescuer20
Save Ishtvan in the Necropolis    


When you encounter Ishtvan, you will see the two chains supporting him. You'll need to back track, following the chains, to find the areas where you'll disconnect them.

For the first chain, go back to the room you came from, you'll see the chain coming out of the wall into a stone. Climb up onto the ledge and disconnect it (There is also a relic here).
For the second chain, face Ishtvan. Behind you and to your right is a broken staircase. Climb the chain that is hanging here, and continue up to the suspended area. The second chain is over the archway to your left. If you have trouble, just look down at Ishtvan and follow where the chain goes.


Princess Rescuer15
Save Leanna in the giant spider's den    


This is storyline related. While you are hunting down Arantir in chapter 8, you will have the option to rescue Leanna. Choose to save her and follow the signs to the Spiders Lair. On normal difficulty, one good adrenaline power strike will take care of the spider guarding her. Saving Leanna also gives the story option of redemption later on.


PaoKaï 910
Kill PaoKaï near the Necropolis    


This is story related. Go up into the tower to your right as you're coming up the hill, you will find a ballista mounted against a wall. Wait for the PaoKai to hover and give it a few shots. 2-6 shots should kill it, depending on your difficulty setting.


Complete the tutorial    


Complete the first section of the game to get this achievement.


The Skull of Shadows5
Recover the Skull of Shadows in the temple of the Spider Goddess    


This is story related. Kill the big spider by luring it in-between the pillars and thowing the switches to burn it. The switches take a little time to reset, so keep a distance from the spider until you can repeat the process. Once the spider is dead, go behind the wall in the main room to recover the Skull of Shadows.


Mission Accomplished20
Complete the game     


Complete the game on any difficulty level.


Free the boat5
Take over the boat in the hands of necromancers     


This is story related. Kill all the necromancers, take control of the boat and the achievement is yours. Be sure to go below deck and do a thorough sweep of all areas if you're having trouble.


Find the gems5
Find the gems in the temple of the Spider Goddess     


This is story related. Once you pick up the last gem in the temple you'll get the achievement.


Reach the Necropolis5
Reach the Necropolis    


This is story related. Once you reach the Necropolis you'll get the achievement.


PaoKaï 55
Kill PaoKaï at the temple of the Spider Goddess    


In the altar room you will see an open door with a raised gate above it, you'll need to lure the dragon into that doorway to kill it. The dragon is attaking Leanna, you'll need to draw it's attention to you. Walk in between Leanna and the dragon and hit it with your sword when it's low, with a spell or with an arrow, anything to make it focus it's attacks on you. When that's done move into the open doorway and wait for the dragon to put it's head in the opening. Pull the lever to close the gate on its head to kill it.


Slanted Step20
Make 5 enemies fall on a frozen ground with the 'Freeze' spell   (1) 


As the Mage cast freeze on the ground in front of approaching enemies and make them slip on the ice patch. This can be done with scrolls.


Kill 10 enemies under the effects of adrenaline   


As you kill enemies your adrenaline bar will fill. When it is full press  to activate adrenaline mode. Be sure to be close to an enemy as adrenaline runs out very quickly, use a power strike to kill them.


Discover at least 42 secret places     


If you play as the assassin you will be able to detect some of these areas as they will glow blue, but many secret areas are, well, secret and not easy to find. A list of secret places can be found here. You only need to find 42 of them.


Forge 3 different swords during your adventure   (2) 


During the course of the game you will encounter forges where you can make swords. Different metals can be found during the game, but most forges will have everything you need. A book in the forge tells you the process required to make a sword or you can use this video (taken form the PC version, so it looks slightly different)


Kill 2 enemies at once while under the effects of adrenaline   


Activate adrenaline when you are close to a group on enemies. If they are standing close enough you will have time to kill two with an area/spin attack.


Funny Moments20
Push 5 enemies into the void without be spotted by the victim   (2) 


The is best done as an assassin, since you have the sneak ablilty. Hold  to sneak up behind an enemy that is standing near an edge. When in range kick them by pulling both  and  at the same time. You must do this five times without being seem by them. If they reach to you just as you are kicking them, it will not count. I recommend saving when you see the opportunity to perform this move, making it easier to try again if you fail.


Physics is lethal30
Kill 50 enemies using these methods: fire, pick, void and physical object   


Kill a combined total of 50 enemies without using a weapon or magic. Activating traps, kicking them off edges, onto spikes or into fire (this is slow) will work. Throwing boxes and crates at them also works but you'll have to hit them 2 or 3 times to kill them this way.


Weapon Collector30
Weapon collection complete (Swords, Daggers, Staffs & Bows)    


A guide to all the collectable weapons can be found here.


Equipment Collector30
Equipment collection complete (Armors, Shields, Rings)     


A guide to all the collectable equipment can be found here.


Angel of Death30
[Ranked] Kill 15 enemies before being killed in a ranked match   (17) 


Self-explanatory. The hardest part here is finding people playing online. Organize a group of friends to help you with this. Must be ranked.


[Ranked] Complete a map in Blitz mode in a ranked match in less than 8 minutes.   (5) 


This can be tough without friends to help. Organize a group of friends to help with this, just watch your time. Must be ranked.


Capture 3 enemy flags in the same match. Requires at least 8 players.   (4) 


Self-explanatory. Finding seven other people to help will require some organization since very few people still play this game online.


Conqueror of the light30
Win 10 Crusades on the Human side. Requires at least 8 players.   (4) 


Crusades can be played in Player Matches. You'll need to organize atleast 7 other people to help with this. Crusades take longer than other games, because you have to fight each map for territory. That means you'll have to play through 3-4 maps before the game ends. Win 10 crusades as humans.


Conqueror of the shadow30
Win 10 Crusades on the Undead side. Requires at least 8 players.   (4) 


See Win 10 Crusades on the Human side.


[Ranked] Not getting killed a single time in a ranked match, and killing at least 7 victims   (4) 


Best done with a group of friends since no one plays this online. Just kill seven people without getting killed. Must be ranked.


[Ranked] Kill the player who has just killed you in a ranked match   (5) 


Self-explanatory. Must be ranked.


[Ranked] Score more than 1500 as an Archer in a ranked match   (5) 


See Priestess.


[Ranked] Score more than 1500 points as a Warrior in a ranked match   (4) 


See Priestess.


[Ranked] Score more than 1500 points as a Mage in a ranked match   (4) 


See Priestess.


[Ranked] Score more than 1500 points as a Priestess in a ranked match   (5) 


Get a group of friends together and start a Deathmatch. Play as the Priestess and keep killing your friends until you score 1500 points. You should be able to do this in one game. Must be ranked.


[Ranked] Score more than 3000 points in a ranked deathmatch   (4) 


Self-explanatory. Get some friends together, play as any character type and you'll get this quite quickly. Must be ranked.


Messiah of Darkness40
[Ranked] Kill more than 666 enemies in total for ranked matches  (8) 


See Deathmatch. Instead of points you'll need 666 actual kills. Get some friends together and trade kills. Maybe time consuming. Must be ranked.


[Ranked] Win a ranked match 20 times   (4) 


See Local Champion.


Local champion30
Win 20 matches hosted by yourself. Requires at least 8 players.   (9) 


You'll need to organize a group of firends for this. Host and win 20 matches, they do not have to be ranked.


Win a Crusade. Requires at least 8 players.   (6) 


See Conqueror of Light.


Win 10 team deathmatches. Requires at least 8 players.   (3) 


Self-explanatory. Organize a group of friends and win 10 Team Deathmatches.


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Arkane Studios


US February 12, 2008

ESRB: Mature
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