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Dark Void Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tailz
There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 47 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None (Levels are replayable)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: 2 (Fireworks & Grease Monkey, see introduction)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Dark Void is a fairly easy game to get the full 1000 in. A lot of the achievements are earned from beating the game, and the rest are either cumulative or can be easily earned by replaying levels. That said, there are still some glitchy achievements you will need to look out for.

Glitched Achievements
Fireworks - The exact requirements for this achievement are unknown, but there are two methods that can work. The methods can be found in detail here and here. For some people the first method worked better, and for some the second worked better, so alternate if you have trouble.
Grease Monkey - This achievement is glitched so badly that it can become unobtainable. The only method that has been proven to consistently work can be found in detail here. As long as you follow those instructions, you shouldn't have any problems.

Step 1: Hardcore Playthrough
To earn the full 1000, you have to beat the game on the Hardcore difficulty. It has some hard parts, but overall it's not too difficult, so it's best to start out on Hardcore. In order to minimize the amount of time you'll spend replaying levels, you'll also want to go for Mark of the Adept, Master of Arms, Blind Luck, Big Bang, Get Your Feet Wet, 99 Red Balloons, Cliffhanger Killer, Those Aren't Fortune Cookies, Dear Diary, and Bookworm on this playthrough using the guide below. Don't worry if you miss any of these achievements, though, because you can replay any level after you beat the game.

Step 2: Replaying Breaking Camp (Wrap-Up)
If you got all of the achievements mentioned in Step 1, every other achievement is obtainable by replaying the level "Breaking Camp" on casual difficulty, which I suggest you do for two reasons. One is that a lot of the achievements involve UFOs, AA Guns, Archons, and Survivor Planes, all of which are abundant on this stage. The second reason is because for Grease Monkey you need 141,600 Tech Points, and Breaking Camp is by far the quickest place to earn them at 7,000+ per run. Just use the guide below for any achievements you're having problems with and you should be done in no time. Also, note that all progress towards cumulative achievements carries over from career.

Congratulations, you now have 1000 on Dark Void! (assuming you didn't run into glitches)

[x360a would like to thank Neverender for this road map]

Complete Prologue    
This will be your very FIRST Mission in the game. You will have to fly around and destroy the UFO's. Get close to a UFO and simply press to fire, to Boost and to Brake
Crash Site15
Complete Crash Site    
Story Related and cannot be missed. This level is pretty straight Forward and easy. When you come in contact with the Watcher Drones, Stay In Cover or they will destroy you.
The Village15
Complete The Village    
Story Related. Follow Ava through the Level and she will lead you to the Villagers. Talk to them and the Mission is over in about a minute!
Spare Parts 15
Complete Spare Parts    
Story Related. You will need to locate and Find all 4 Airplane Parts (Follow the Yellow Marker on your HUD). Then you will need to scale to the top of the U.S.S. Cyclops.
Village Attack 15
Complete Village Attack     
Story Related Cannot Be Missed. Towards the end of this mission can be a Pain if you don't upgrade your Weapons. Make sure you're at Level 2 for whatever one you have. When you get to the end make sure you run up the ramp on either side and hide behind cover (Don't run around). Make use of the Ammo Box it gives you 4 Grenades, There is 1 Ammo Box on each side. Cook then Toss the Grenades at each Giant Solder, You'll have to defeat 2 of them.
Into the Void 30
Complete Into the Void     
To defeat this mission you will need to Disable each Shield then blow up each Generator in Both Tower's. Once you have done that you will trigger the scene with the Archon. To defeat the Archon you will want to first fly down to him but not too low. You will want to get near it, but a good distance above it. Press to Hover above it and shoot the RED braces that hold it's legs to it's body. Then it will be down for good. Fly to the ground and Press to initiate the Kill Sequence. Press to rip off it's tentacle and use the to move out of the way when it is about to use it's Laser to blast you. Go back and forth until you have killed It.
Prophesied One15
Complete Prophesied One    
You will have to follow Atem and keep him alive. Make sure you take out the Flying Enemies as they have Powerful Rifles that will kill Atem quickly. When you reach the end and have to destroy the Transports. Try and make sure you have a Rifle and get high up and behind cover and snipe the enemies as they are dropped off the Transport.
The Survivors15
Complete The Survivors    
On this mission follow the Yellow Markers to meet with the Survivors. Once you get to the Beacon area you will be attacked by UFO's. Hijack a UFO and kill them but save your Missile's for when the UFO's with shields arrive and use that to blast them. Once you defeat all the UFO's you will have to clear out the Temple. Nothing hard about that, Once you clear them out board the Transport.
Prison Escape15
Complete Prison Escape    
This mission is pretty straight forward. You will have to Destroy all the UFO's, Then enter the Tower and destroy all the Shields and Generators. If you get stuck look for the GOLD Columns you have to destroy all of those. After you get past that you will have to defeat 3 Knight Solders which shouldn't be very hard.
Breaking Camp30
Complete Breaking Camp    
In this mission you will have to destroy about 75 UFO's. Hop in the turret's (The Huge Guns) and kill them with ease. Once you defeat all of them and charge the Ark you will have to defeat 3 Archon's QUICKLY. If you are playing this on Hardcore it can be a pain. Make sure you are equipped with your Liberator and Opressor weapons. If you are like me and didn't have them when the Archon's show up. Look to the bottom of where you start and to the right. There is a foot locker near some tents, But make it quick the Archon's don't waste anytime. You will need to Fly near an Archon and Hover over them and shoot the 4 Red Braces then drop down in front of them and Hit to initiate the Kill Sequence. Kill all 3 before the Ark's health is depleted and this mission is a success.
Defending the Ark15
Complete Defending the Ark    
Hop on the Ark Turret and kill all incoming UFO's and the Floating Mines. Once you do that and the Mystery Ship arrives you will notice on the sides and middle, these disks coming in and out of the ships. There are 4 on each side and 4 in the middle you need to destroy them all with either with your rocket guns or a Fighter. Once you do that you will see a cut scene indicating you need to destroy the inner core. Go to the marker pull out the wires and shoot the inner core on both sides to defeat the ship.
The Collector15
Complete The Collector    
At the start close the Orange Glands that spit out goo on the sides. There are 5 of them in a circle and they only stay closed for roughly 30 seconds. Once you do that look below at the very bottom. There are Orange Bubbles surrounding the entire thing you need to destroy all of them. Some at the bottom are hidden so fly down there to locate and destroy them all. Mission Complete!
The Revolt15
Complete The Revolt    
This Mission is really Easy and straight forward. Head through the base and kill all the enemies and advance down the base using the elevators. Since you do not have your Jet Pack you cannot drop and hover down it sadly. Take your time and it shouldn't be hard at all.
Tower of Return30
Complete Tower of Return    
Final Boss Battle - This boss is really not that hard at all. You will have to shoot at the pink area on its chest. Best way to do this is using your Rocket Pack and holding to super slow down when your close to her. Once she moves the first time she will shoot lasers at you but that's easy just move left to right to avoid them. After it moves the 2nd time it will fly straight at you so just be cautious of where the boss is coming and get out of the way. Once you do enough damage she will stop. Run up to it and Press to initiate a Kill Sequence to kill her left eye. You will then need to repeat the same sequence to destroy her right eye. Then sit back and enjoy the Ending!
Dark Void 100
Complete Dark Void      
Beat the game and follow my tips for each level.
Ultimate Bad Ass60
Ultimate Bad Ass - Complete Dark Void on Hardcore     
The game really isn't that hard. Use the Opressor and Grenades if you get bombarded with enemies. Watch out for the Dark Red enemies they blow themselves up and leave a Gravity Grenade which will kill you very quickly. Follow all my instructions for each level listed above and you should have no problem beating this game on Hardcore.
Dear Diary15
Dear Diary - Find a journal    
In the very first level Prologue once you fight your first enemy and cross the Tree Bridge, Kill the Enemies and look to the left and your FIRST Journal is right there.
Bookworm 30
Bookworm - Find all journals     
Go HERE there is a Guide with pictures of every Journal you need. If you happen to beat the game and miss a few Journals, When you replay a level on your Mini-Map the Journals will be listed with an icon helping you locate them.
Tesla's Apprentice15
Tesla's Apprentice - Upgrade first weapon   
When you start a Level or reload a checkpoint the game will give you the option of Upgrading/Choosing your weapon. You can also find Weapon's Locker's throughout the game that will also allow you to Upgrade/Choose Weapons. Simply Press to choose a weapon then again to Upgrade it. The cheapest Upgrade is for your Assault Rifle for 3800 TECH Points. 
Grease Monkey30
Grease Monkey - Upgrade all weapons   
There are 6 Weapons that have 3 Levels each that need to be purchased. You will need roughly about 100,000 Tech Points to Upgrade everything. This will be the very last Achievement you will unlock in this game. The best place to get EASY Tech Points is on Chapter 2-4 Breaking Point - On Casual - When the mission starts look up and get into a turret and destroy all the UFO's. Once you do that and get a cut-scene, go to the 3 different yellow markers and kill all the enemies. Once you are told to go to the yellow marker to retrieve the weapon DO NOT! Instead go and find another turret and hop in and destroy all the UFO's. There are about 50-60 in all. Once they are all destroyed get out and you retrieve the weapon, Charge the 4 objects and then destroy the 4 gates. Once you do this you will get a checkpoint. You can now quit and replay the chapter and all your money WILL be saved! Each run will net you around 7000 TECH points.
Pack Rat30
Pack Rat - Acquire 30,000 Tech Points   
You should earn this by the middle of Chapter 2. This is cumulative and you should get this really easily. Look out for Red (100) and Purple (500) Orbs as those reward you higher TECH points then the standard Gold's (50).
Grand Theft...UFO?15
Grand Theft...UFO? - Hijack 20 UFOs   
To Hijack a UFO you must have unlocked your Rocket Jet Pack. To Hijack a UFO you will need to get close to a UFO by Pressing . Once you get close you will see a Orange Circle telling you to press . Then you will climb on top of the UFO and you will need to Press very fast. Eventually the UFO Gunner will find you and start shooting you. You will then need to press to move around the UFO and the Gunner will follow you. Simply go back to where you were and keep Pressing until the Cover is off. Then you will need to press left to right to disarm the Gunner and finally take over the UFO.
Demolition Derby30
Demolition Derby - Collide with another UFO 10 times  
This is best done by Hijacking a UFO. See Grand Theft UFO on information on how to hijack one. Once you have Hijacked a UFO simply just collide with 10. This is best done on Chapter 2-5 Breaking Camp as there are 50-60 UFO's.
Blind Luck15
Blind Luck - Kill one of each enemy footsoldier using blind fire   
You will need to get behind something such as a cement block or a wall by pressing without aiming with . There 8 different types of Foot Soldiers you will need to kill. Thanks to KillboXalpha for the info.

1) Blue Pawn - Crash Site
2) Red Pawn - Spare Parts
3) White Pawn - The Survivors
4) Silver Pawn - Propheseid One
5) Blue Sergeant - Crash Site
6) White Sergeant - Propheseid One
7) Red Sergeant - The Survivors
8) Gold Sergeant - The Revolt
Big Bang30
Big Bang - Destroy a Knight using a grenade   
Knight Soldier's are the Giant Purple things the float and shoot Blue Laser Balls at you. Equip a Grenade by pressing and toss it at him. Use your Assault Rifle to harm him a little bit then toss a few grenades near him. There is a Knight Soldier right at the beginning of Chapter 1 The Village.
Captain of the Ship15
Captain of the Ship - Destroy 10 enemy aircraft while yours is on fire   
Very easily done loading up Chapter 2-4 Breaking Camp on Casual Difficulty. Kill the UFO's then after the cut-scene kill all the foot soldiers at the 3 yellow markers. Once you are told to retrieve the weapon DO NOT. Instead Hijack a Survivor Fighter and let it get damaged and on fire and kill 10 UFO's.
Forgot My Tow Cable15
Forgot My Tow Cable - Fly through an Archon's legs   
This is best done on Chapter 2-4 Breaking Camp on Casual. At the end of this level 3 Archon's will arrive. Fly as low and far away from the Archon as you can and get in a straight line so you can make it underneath. You MUST use the Boost button by holding down to get this Achievement. So make sure when you are about to cross under him you are using Boost.
Fireworks - Kill 10 airborn enemies using grenades  
This Achievement seems to Glitched and very random. I personally achieved this by killing 10 Knight Soldiers in Chapter 1-3 The Village. Several of other people have not been able to get it this way. My best advice to you to get this would be to continually spam grenades near alot of flying enemies such as Chapter 3-3 The Revolt and just play through it and grenade kill any flying enemies you see. Outside of that, nobody seems to have a definitive way to attain this achievement.
Get Your Feet Wet15
Get Your Feet Wet - Buzz the water   
In Chapter 1-5 Into the Void you unlock the Rocket Pack. Simply dive into the water and die and Achievement Unlocked. 
99 Red Balloons15
99 Red Balloons - Kill 10 enemies while they are in an anti-gravity bubble   
Once you get the Magneter Gun in Chapter 2-3 Prison Break. Equip it and shoot it at an enemy and it will put an enemy into a Gravity Bubble" Quickly switch to your other weapon by pressing and shoot the enemy in the Gravity Bubble.
Cliffhanger Killer15
Cliffhanger Killer - Kill 50 enemies while in vertical cover   
There will be area's in the game where you will need to press to scale up mountains and other high area's. You will first encounter Vertical Cover in Crash Site shortly after killing all the enemies on the turret. Simply Press to enter Vertical Cover and kill any enemies you see. Press to aim out of Vertical Cover to shoot your enemies. Press to get back into Vertical Cover until you're healed.
Death from Above15
Death from Above - Kill 50 enemies while hovering   
You must kill 50 enemies while in Hovering with any weapon. To Hover you need to press and hover with your jet pack. You should get this easily by the end of the game.
Bird of Prey15
Bird of Prey - Kill 25 footsoldiers using your rocket pack guns   
You will need to be in a level with your Rocket Jet Pack Unlocked and you will need to Press and Hold to shoot while flying. The best spot to get kills for this is on 2-4 Breaking Camp. At the start of the level destroy all the UFO's via the Turret. Once you do that and get a cut-scene with the soldiers dropping from a transport. When you return to the game you will be flying right at 6-7 Foot Soldiers. Press & Hold to shoot your guns and kill as many as possible. Once they are dead go ahead and kill yourself and repeat the same process over as many times you need until you unlock this achievement.
Mark of the Adept15
Mark of the Adept - Destroy 5 UFOs in the Prologue   
This will be in your very FIRST Mission in the game. You will have to fly around and destroy 5 UFO's. Get close to a UFO and simply press to fire, to Boost and to Brake.
Rocket Clothesline15
Rocket Clothesline - Melee an enemy immediately after landing   
You will need to Hover and Drop right near an enemy and quickly Press to melee them. Best place for this is at the end of Chapter 1-5 Into The Void. Once you reach the Sealed Hanger, Fly up to the Rafters and kill the Knight Soldier with grenades and hover drop near an enemy and Melee them.
Terminal Velocity15
Terminal Velocity - Free fall for 10 seconds   
Best done in Chapter 2-4 Breaking Camp. Fly to the very top of the Ark (The Giant NASA Spaceship). Jump off an area with plenty of room and free fall all the way down, but do not die you must survive.
The Squishy Center20
The Squishy Center - Kill a Sarpa piloting an Archon   
To defeat the Archon you will want to first fly down to him but not too low. You will want to get near it, but a good distance above it. Press to Hover above it and shoot the RED braces that hold it's legs to it's body. Then it will be down for good. Fly to the ground but instead of going to the front of him, Go to his tail and Press to initiate the Kill Sequence. Press and hold to run up to his tail then clockwise to rotate the circular device on the Archon to get the Sarpa to jump out.
Cleanup on Aisle Three15
Cleanup on Aisle Three - Kill 100 enemies with headshots   
You get head-shots fairly easy in this game and you should get this by the end of the game. If you do not earn this by the end of the game, Equip the Reclaimer and play Chapter 1-2 Crash Site for easy head-shots.
Rochambeau, I Go First15
Rochambeau, I Go First - Kill 50 enemies with melee attacks   
To Melee an Enemy you will have to get close to an enemy and Press to Melee them. This should be pretty easy even on hardcore.
Blue Light Special15
Blue Light Special - Kill 3 enemies with one grenade   
On Crash Site once you scale down the mountain and cross the Long Rope Bridge you will come across a Weapons Locker and next to it are 4 Grenades. Turn around and throw a Grenade to blow up the wall. Press and cook a grenade and throw it at the feet of the enemies when they come through the now broken wall.
Killing Spree20
Killing Spree - Kill 10 enemies within 60 seconds   
This Achievement is SUPER EASY on Crash Site. Once you get on the Turret and destroy the Wall you will be flooded by Enemies crashing through that very Wall. Hold down and keep it aimed on that wall and you should be able to get 10 Kills very Quickly.
Those Aren't Fortune Cookies15
Those Aren't Fortune Cookies - Step on 10 slugs   
These Slugs are NOT the enemies that chase you around. Slugs are the Enemies that crawl out of bodies and are Purple and Black colored. The ONLY way to get them out is you have to Head-shot certain bigger enemies. Once you see them crawling around, Walk up to them and Press to Stomp on them.
Light Up the Sky30
Light Up the Sky - Destroy 25 targets with the Ark's AA guns   
Best done on Chapter 2 "Breaking Camp" on Casual. Once the UFO's start to arrive look for the HUGE Turret's. Fly close to it and press to enter the Ark's AA Gun. You should get this very easily as there are way more then 25 UFO's.
Master of Arms15
Master of Arms - Kill an enemy with every rifle weapon   
You will need to get a kill with every weapon. There are 6 different weapons, Those weapons are...
  • Liberator
  • Opressor
  • Magnetar
  • Disintegrator
  • Hypercoil
  • Reclaimer 
I'm a Rocketman, Baby15
I'm a Rocketman, Baby - Perform 100 special maneuvers with the rocket pack   
You will unlock the Special Maneuver ability when you start Chapter 1 Into The Void. To do a Special Maneuver you have to press then press & in any direction on both Thumbstick's to do a Special Maneuver.
The Devastator30
The Devastator - Destroy 25 UFOs while piloting a Survivor fighter   
Load up Chapter 2 Breaking Camp on Casual and gain control of a Survivor Fighter. These are the very old vintage look planes and kill 25 UFO's with these.
Float Like a Butterfly20
Float Like a Butterfly - Escape from 10 melee attacks   
To Escape a Enemy Melee Attack you will need to get close to an Enemy and let them go grab you. The game will then notify you to press left to right or vice-versa to get out of the Enemy grabbing you. This seems to be a random occurrence and there is no way to make the enemy grab you. This counts for Soldiers and the Slug type enemies.

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