Darkest of Days

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With Chest Hair

Complete all the levels in the game on the highest difficulty.    

From the games main menu go to Settings. Once you're in the settings menu, you will see Game Difficulty on the top left hand side. Highlight it and press . Press to choose "With Chest Hair". Once it's highlighted, press to confirm your choice. Go all the way down and highlight Accept and once again press to confirm. This will bring you back to the main menu. Highlight New Game and press . All you have to do from here in complete the game on this difficulty. Good luck!

Alternative Method
Play through the game on Easy and get the majority of the achievements in the game. You should have 3 achievements left by the time you come to the last level"The Vesuvian Man". Progress through this level like you normally would. After speaking to Dr. Koell, he will step into a blue orb and transport to the arena. On your way to the arena, you'll have to disable more enemy telesyncs. After killing a lot of enemies, you'll be given the objective "Secure Dr. Koell". Follow the marker. Once you're about 30 or so meters away, press and go to settings. Highlight game difficulty and set it to "With Chest Hair". Next, highlight accept and press to confirm. Once at the loading screen you get this achievement along with Complete Darkest of Days!
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8Monkey Labs
Phantom EFX


US September 08, 2009

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