Darksiders: Wrath of War

Darksiders: Wrath of War Achievement Guide

Guide By: Ramiel
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Prison Break20
Free Samael from his prison    
Vulgrim will send you to see Samael. Just make your way thought the library and when you get out the other side, you will be in the “Scalding Gallow” Keep running straight up into what is best described as a alter and kill the Demon that is there, then push the gargoyles into place to release Samael.
Death Dealer10
Meet Vulgrim    
 You will get this right after you finish the intro level. You will be instructed to meet Vulgrim at “The Crossroads”. Make your way there and you will get a cutscene were you meet him.
Like A Bat Outta Hell40
Defeat Tiamat    
When you work your way through the “Twilight Cathedral”, you will fight Tiamat. This is not a very hard fight. When you see a chance throw a bomb and then take out your crossblade, lock onto the fire that is all around, and move the fire onto the bomb on Tiamat. It will explode and she will fall to the ground. Run in and start attacking. When she gets up she will do a few strafing runs, so dodge out of the way until she stands still, then repeat the attack. When you hurt her enough, you will be able to fight her on the ground. All I did was rush in, attack a few times, and then rush out. When she jumps high in the air, run away because she is going to do a ground smash. She may also rush you and you will get a quick time event when she hits you. Press and if you win the quick time event, you stun her.
One Tough Cookie10
Meet Ulthane    
When you make it through “The Drowned Pass”, you will enter “The Anvil’s Forge” and get a cut scene where you will meet Ulthane.
Rocked Your Face Off40
Defeat The Griever    
You face Griever at the end of “The Hollows”. There will be lots of those blue crystals that you will need to smash. If they get hit with his laser, they will turn red and you will have to wait till they cool down and turn blue again. Once they are all destroyed, take that train car push it up and then charge your Tremor Gauntlet and smash it into his knee. He will fall down and you can rush in and smash his blue crystal. When he pushes you back, he will smash the wall to make rocks fall, so just run around and dodge. If you break off a little early, you can run down the opposite track as the car. If you run just in the tunnel, you can push it back before he starts to drop rocks, stunning him again.
Ashes to Ashes40
Defeat The Stygian    
This can be an annoying fight and you'll want to stay on horseback for it. Once she is free, you need to run parallel to her and attack with your sword to smash off her muzzle. Don’t get in front of her. Once it is off, she will call a few of the really small enemies. Just shoot them and watch out for them coming from the sides. Once they're dealt with, go back to the Stygian. Just like that little one before, keep shooting and she will go down. Use boost if it’s getting too close.
One Mean Mother40
Defeat Silitha    
This is not too hard, but she is fast. Use your Abyssal Chain here to pull yourself to her and just start attacking. If she teleports above you, get out of the way because she is going to try and crush you. It might help to have something to heal yourself with because you don’t really want to slow down on your attacks. When she jumps to the roof, grapple on the hooks she drops, and climb up to her. If you wait too long, they turn to bombs.
Payback's A B****50
Defeat Straga    
When the fight starts, use your Voidwalker on his mace and then on the ground. When he brings it around jump through and attack his soft spot. He will fling you off and fall down, so attack away. When he gets back up, he will summon smaller demons. As you fight them he will do a wide sweep attack. Don’t bother trying to put a portal on his mace because it will go away when he gets ready to do his attack. He may also do a smash attack, but you will see his hand raise, so you can dodge it. Just keep repeating this pattern and he will die.
The Final Challenger?70
Defeat The Destroyer    
This is not too hard. When it first starts out, it is a game of chicken. He will charge you, you will charge him on horseback and attack with your sword. If you hit, he will fall to the ground, so go in and attack. When he gets back up, he will fly high into the air. When you hear him yell, boost because he is about to land on you. If it hits, you will be thrown off and he will go back to charging, so just repeat. I didn’t notice the attack symbol above his head until I got knocked off Ruin, so I’m not sure how long it takes to get to that point.
For the next part, I just went all out and landed a few attacks. I rushed out and rushed in mostly using air combos, so some of his attacks would miss. You can also go to chaos form if needed.
Balance Restored100
COMPLETE the game on NORMAL difficulty      

See The True Horseman

The True Horseman100
COMPLETE the game on APOCALYPTIC difficulty      
These achievements do stack, so you can choose to play the game on Apocalyptic difficulty and earn all three achievements in a single playthrough. If you're having a hard time with this, you can play on Normal to get the feel for the bosses and collect the Abyssal Armor, which will let you take less damage. You can get it in Normal and start Apocalyptic with it. 
To Move A Mountain10
Collect the Earthcaller    
When you first meet Vulgrim, he will want souls. Collect them and you will get this in return. This item allows you to open up the giant rock golem doors.
Who's Counting?20
Defeat more angels than Ulthane    
After your battle with Ulthane, you two will be fighting groups of angels. All I did was steal his kills. When you get separated, one will drop a cannon. Just use that to kill the others and you should have no problem staying ahead of him. I had 25 to about 15 when I got it. 
Reach Out And Touch Somebody10
Collect the Abyssal Chain    
You get this in “Slitha's Loom”. Once again, you will use this for the puzzles here and the final boss.
Into the Void10
Collect the Voidwalker    

You get this in “The Black Throne”.

Elemental Thief10
Collect the Crossblade    
You will get this in the “Twilight Cathedral”. You will have to use this for most of the puzzles in this area and the final boss, Tiamat.
Sight Beyond Sight10
Collect the Mask of Shadows    
Azrel will give you this to go off and look for the broken pieces of the Armageddon Blade. 
Kill 10 enemies with one Blade Geyser wrath attack   
I got this in “The Choking Grounds”. When you first go there, the giant stone golem will ask for you to lift the curse, you have to go to four portals and do various tasks. At one of them you have to kill 40 enemies. You will know you are in the right one because a lot of zombies will be on the ground. First thing they do not mass huddle around you. If it’s not upgraded, you will only get five or six. What I did was run into a corner turned around and a lot had grouped up, so I dashed out and used the Blade Geyser when I hit the middle, getting 16 kills. You can make a save before this, but it will auto save just outside the portal.
Tremor Bringer10
Collect the Tremor Gauntlet    
You will get this in “The Hollows” and you will use it for most of the puzzles and the final boss.
An Old Friend10
Collect Mercy    

You get this from Ulthane for making it back from “The Hollows”.

Collect the Scythe   
There are two ways of going about this. The first is to buy it for 1000 souls from Vulgrim. Alternatively, you can go into your options menu and enter the code “The Hollow Lord”. You will get it when you next visit Vulgrim and it does not disable the achievement. The code is case sensitive.
Aerial Predator20
Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast    
When you unlock the creepy eye door in “The Broken Stairs” save your game. When you jump to the next building, there will be a cutscene and at the end you will be on the “Ancient One”. Now the trick here is to use . It has a lock on feature where you can lock onto multiple targets even if they have flown behind you. At the beginning, you are going to want to focus on the angels, but make sure you're locking onto the other enemies too. They don’t take too much to kill and you need to get kills as fast as you can. When you get into the caves, you will see small little bugs in groups lock on, fire, and repeat as fast as you can. 
Full Power20
Collect the maximum amount of lifestones   

See Wrath of War

Wrath of War20
Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores   

Here is a link to the guide for the Artifacts, Lifestones, and Wrath Cores.

Wrath Machine10
Collect all the Wrath Powers   
Go to Vulgrim and on the last page he has three other wrath powers to buy. When you gather enough souls, you can buy the other three. Two of them are locked, when they unlock I’m not too sure. Stoneskin is 2000 souls, Immolation is 2500 souls, and Affliction is also 2500 souls.
Obtain Ruin    
You get Ruin in the Ashlands in the arena. Fight off the demon that is riding him then kill him on the ground. You will get a cutscene and Ruin.
Don't Make Me Angry20
Collect the Chaos Form Ability    

You gain this from Samael for bringing him Tiamat's heart. 

Chasm Jumper10
Gain the Shadowflight Ability    
Once you have released Samael from prison, he will give you this ability. To activate it just double jump and hold
Legendary Form20
Collect the Abyssal Armor Set   

Here is a YouTube video for the pieces:

Time Lapse15
Gain the Chronomancer Ability    
This is another ability you get from Samael for returning a heart. It is used to stop or slow time - mainly for the Ashlands.
Battle Hardened20
Max out all weapons and unlock all combat moves   
This will take time and I would recommend doing this on the Apocalyptic difficulty as the enemies give more experience. Get enhancements that gather more souls and gain more weapon experience. The chaoseatter that you start with will later be replaced with a Level Four sword, so you only need to worry about the Scythe and Tremor Gauntlet. When you get all the upgrades from Vulgrim and level up your weapons this should pop.
High Flier20
Kill 5 duskbats without touching the ground   
I also go this one in “The Choking Grounds”. The challenge where you have to kill 30 enemies with finishing moves. The first four are the duskbats, it took me about four tries. The fourth one would always fly to far to get the fifth. Jump and do the move to do an instant kill as you are doing the move swing your camera to the next and push on the to jump towards it then hit again close to it. Keep doing that and more should spawn before your done with the first four and with some luck they will have moved close to you.
Improvised Kills10
Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment   
An easy way to get started is on the first level. There will be lots of people running around in the chaos and they count for kills, so just pick up something and try to kill them before the other enemies do. Later, try and kill the zombies, as they are quite weak. If you have a hard time finding them later in the game, just attack some of the demons around until they have that finish move above their head and then kill them. When you get it, throw on the “Ravager” Enhancement because it improves damage with environmental weapons.
You Call This Easy?10
COMPLETE the game on EASY difficulty      

See The True Horseman

Open Air Parking5
Destroy a helicopter during the apocalypse with a vehicle    
You can only get this in the opening level. The one I got was at the beginning when you turn the corner and see the giant rock golem. Walk down the street a bit with a car and a helicopter should come flying toward you on your left hand side.
Secret Achievements
Treasure Hunter20
Search 150 Caskets   

This one isn’t that hard. Whenever you see a chest, open it.

Kill 150 demons from horseback   
When you first get your horse there will be a lot of enemies that jump down and attack. The same thing happens when you go to kill the Stygian. You will still be short on kills. If you want to grind, there is always a few guys in the “Scalding Gallow” near the start of the game where you release Samael.
Kill 666 Demons   
This is another easy one to get. Just kill everything you see. You should get this by the second or third boss.
World Raider30
Collect all 27 Artifacts   

See Wrath of War

Rivers of Blood10
Shed 3000 Gallons of demon blood   
This is another one that you get without really paying attention. With each bloody kill you accumulate demon blood. You can check this with the back button and going to stats. In my first play through, I had spilled close to 5000 gallons.
Dark Rider10
Ride for 100 miles   (1) 
If you want an easy way to do this, when you kill the Stygian go out to the open put an elastic band on the and just run in circles.
Ultimate Blade20
Forge the Armageddon Blade    
You will start this just before the final battle. Go around the world collecting all the pieces and then take them back to Ulthane when you have them all and he will forge it for you. 
Unlocked EVERYTHING!       
This one will unlock when you have gotten all other achievements, just keep playing and this will pop with your last one. 

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