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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 12/12 (200/200)
- Online: 0/12 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 20010 - 12 hours (Dependent on skill).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1-2 (2 Recommended).
- Number of missable achievements: None (you can replay each level).
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes ("Medal Seeker" requires Hard mode).
- Glitchy achievements: None (Game may freeze when switching characters [Rarely]).
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Dead Block is a third person Hack'n'Slay game, designed by Candygun Games. The game puts the player and his/her allies into different buildings (from a small house, to a three-tiered apartment), which they must then barricade and fill with traps to prepare for an inevitable zombie onslaught. Each level tasks the player with surviving a night in a bigger building, testing their skills more as with each new level. Of the twelve achievements, most of them aren't overly difficult, with the toughest/most frustrating to deal with uncooperative zombies, being "Medal Seeker" and "Poo Dance."

Playthrough 1:
Your first playthrough will be to get a general understanding of the game, and to also knock out a few of the easier achievements. You will spend the entirety of this playthrough working toward "Game Complete," which requires you to simply complete the game on any difficulty. You will also need to do some level and character based achievements, such as "All Traps" which requires you to build ALL unique traps in a single level, meaning you will need to have access to all three playable characters in a single level. You can also try and get "Bomber, Work Force" and "Cactus Time" using Foxie, Jack and Mike respectively for their character-based achievements. Some levels will have jukeboxes, which you can use a coin on to get "Dead Can Dance" and also "Poo Dance" if you have access to the Poo Trap. There are also a couple of barricade-related achievements, such as "Jack the Builder" which requires you to block all doors and windows in a single level, and "Quintupel Super Awesome" for getting five perfect barricades in a row. Lastly, you'll want to try your hand at "Nightshift," which requires you to last 5 minutes in a level with no lights on (such as the Mansion mission), and "Multikill," which requires you to kill three enemies with one attack. The last three achievements may require some practice, and even altering the difficulty (such as lowering it for an easier multikill), or playing through a level again to get a better understanding of the layout. A bit of practice is all you'll need for "Quintupel Super Awesome" though.

Playthrough 2 (Hard):
Prior to starting playthrough 2, head to the settings in the main menu and change the difficulty to hard, which you will need to get all of the medals for "Medal Seeker." Having completed the game once, you should now have a better understanding of the game for the more difficult achievements, which you can also try cleaning up during this playthrough, however this may take away from your ability to effectively collect some of the medals. For Hard Mode, it is important to slowly clear a building room-by-room, blocking the path off behind you with Jack's impenetrable wall as you progress. 

By now you should have everything aside from maybe one or two achievements; in particular Poo Dance or the basic "Dead Can Dance," which are most easily done in the cafeteria area in the High School level.

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this Roadmap]

All Traps10
You built every trap and a wood blockade in one level.   (3) 

For this Achievement you need all three Characters and all traps of them (three traps each + blockade). If you have those collect as many nuts as possible then build each trap + blockade (I needed to build a blockade with each character).

You killed 20 zombies with a single bomb trap.   (4) 

You need to build the bomb trap with Foxie () and kill 20 Zombies with it. A simple method is to get as many zombies as possible to follow you, then build up the trap and cross your fingers, because it is pretty hard to count those zombies.

Work force10
You employed 20 construction zombies.   (4) 

Build up as many worker traps with Jack as possible () and wait for the achievement to unlock. You may need to build up new traps because your earlier ones are used up.

Jack the Builder10
You blocked all the doors and windows in one level.   (1) 

Best done in the first level because there arent too many doors and windows. Just build up a blockade on every wall and window you find.

Poo Dance30
Ten infected zombies danced at the same time.   (3) 

You need at least one coin for this achievement. You find coins by searching things layng around. 
Go to "Highschool" and make you way to the room where the guitar is located (let Jack and Foxy stay in an other room with a blockade). Run around and try to destroy the chairs to make space for you to escape while gathering zombies. (NOTE: the astronaut zombies do not count) Try to block some windows and make sure at least one zombies stays out. Run in circles around the zombies while opening some windows to let more zombies in or let them just break the blockades until you have enough. then go to the window which is still closed and make sure the zombies follow you. Replace the blockade with the poo trap and let the last zombie in, to infect the others, then run to the music box and insert coin.

You played five minutes in darkness.   (2) 

First level you can obtain this achievement is the villa. Just play trough the level until the light goes down and dont turn it on again until the achievement unlocks, dont be afraid "darkness" in this game isnt really "dark."

You killed three zombies with one melee attack.   

Pretty easy achievement if you know how to go about it. In some levels are some TV's go find the antenna for them and build it on the TV. Wait for some zombies to group up around the TV and smash them till you get three kills simultaneously (easier difficulty will make the achievement easier because you do much more damage then on normal or hard).

Game Complete30
You completed all single player levels.    

Go find the three parts for the guitar or kill the number of zombies you need to to complete the level. The game has 10 levels which arent to hard.

Medal Seeker50
You won all gold medals in all singleplayer levels.    (1) 

For this you have to complete the game on hard to obtain the gold medals. You can replay each level and obtain your missing medals for "Destroyed objects" "searched things" "Zombie Kills" and "Numberof Death." 
Go for Objects and Things first, if you manage it not to die its good, if not, dont worry you can review your teammates if they die. In my opinion Mike and Foxy are the best characters to play with. With mike build the poo trap or the box trap to make the zombies kill each other and with foxy of course the bomb trap and her weapon if available.
Also let the Bots do the work if your not alone and focus on buildung trap.

Dead can Dance10
You activated the Jukebox and make a zombie dance.   (1) 

Just insert a coin into a Jukebox with atleast one zombie in the room.

Cactus Time10
You searched four cacti in a row while playing Mike.   (3) 

Mike is the Pathfinder boy, just run trough the Level and look for cacti. there are around 6 in the 4th and last Level in the game. Dont search any other item in between or you need to repeat the level.

Quintupel Super Awesome10
You built five blockades with super awesome finish in a row.   (2) 

Jack (the Builder) is the only Character which can build up blockades to the highest level without upgrades. Go to windows or doors and build up blockades () a little bar will apear on which you need to hit the smaller greener bars 5 times in a row. Repeat this five times and the achievement is your's (easier difficulty will make the achievement easier because the green bar is much bigger then on normal or hard).

Game Info
Candygun Games


US July 06, 2011

HDD Space Required : 471.70 mb
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