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Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate Achievement Guide

Guide By: littlejay
There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 [Highly depending on skill - 2/10 without tutorials]
- Offline: 38 [720 ]
- Online: 10 [280 ] [Includes DOA5 Ultimate Master for 50 ]
- Approximate time: 15-20 Hours [Skill in tutorial can greatly change this]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
- Missable achievements: No [Level Select]
- Does difficulty affect Achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: 1 with update [See "A Fighter is Born"]
- Extra equipment needed?: No, but a 2nd controller helps

DOA5 Ultimate is a good game. The achievements are also a good deal easier than past games. There will be 2 things blocking you from completing this game though. The tutorial, and the combo challenges for one character. These 2 modes keep this game from being an easy 2/10 difficulty and make it a nerve wrecking 8/10. The combos take very specific timing and it's up to you to figure out what the timing is. If you get through these, it's a nice smooth ride downhill.

It's best to start the tutorials first, even if you give up along the way, it still teaches you about the basics of the game too and you can learn a lot from it. You will have to do the Tutorial, Command Training, and Combo Challenges. There is an achievement for playing 1 hour in the tutorial, but you might be near tears well after that pops.

The Tutorial is mostly easy and has 42 lessons. There will be several tricky spots, mostly against enemy AI in a normal fight requiring you to use your new moves against an opponent that blocks and fights back.

Command Training is pretty much the list of basic moves for each character. You only need to do all moves for 1 character and it's not too hard. A couple of characters have some tricky dodge moves like Christie, but most keep it simple but may take a few tries.

Combo Challenges may be the end of you if you are not familiar with DOA. Find a character that suits you best and stick with them until the brutal end. I had an easier time with Lisa, but many suggest Hitomi because of learning her fighting in the tutorial.

Multiplayer achievements! They are quite easy though. Play in 100 matches, 10 of them being accepted throwdown requests from a single player game, a ranked match, and register one of your opponents before or after a fight. You do not need to win anything. That's nice.

Single Player Modes:
You need to play Solo and Tag versions of Arcade, Time Attack, and Survival modes. Play on rookie and you only need to fight 8 opponents on solo, 5 on Tag, and 10 in both Survival modes. It's pretty easy going.

There are a lot of misc achievements in this game. Most will happen as you play the game but do not unlock in the tutorial. You will need to activate the Danger Zone in 3 of the maps, use power moves during a match, do a few tag moves, and mess around a bit in the spectator mode and save a picture and replay.

This is one of the easier DOA games to complete, but the tutorial missions will take some dedication to finish. (Especially if new to the game). Once that is done, you pretty much have smooth sailing ahead. Do some single player modes on rookie and play online for 100 matches win or lose.

[XBA would like to thank littlejay for this roadmap]

Fighting Entertainment10
Have your first fight outside of Training or Versus modes.   

Simply start any game mode that is not Training or Versus.

Register a fighter in your Fighter List.   

When in an online lobby or the end of an online match, there will be an option to register your opponent to your fighter list. Just select that option and the achievement pops right away.

Rival Rumble20
Fight online.   (1) 

See "DOA5 Ultimate Is My Life"

Rival Rampage30
Fight online 10 times.   

See "DOA5 Ultimate Is My Life"

DOA5 Ultimate Is My Life50
Fight online 100 times.   (10) 

Simple enough! Just play online 100 times. Be sure to play the whole match. You do not have to win for any of the online achievements. It may be faster to boost with a friend in a lobby match with custom settings. Most randoms like to have 3 round matches which take longer to complete.

My Fight, My Rules20
Create your own online lobby.   

Just start a lobby in the online menu. You do not need to wait on other players or even start the match. Just create the lobby and back out if you wish.

Get out there and Fight!20
Play a Lobby match.   (1) 

After you have created a lobby, you can stick around and play the match you hosted or search for a different lobby.

Fighting For Real20
Play a Ranked match.   

Just pick ranked match in the online menu and finish the fight.

Trigger the Special Danger Zone in The Show.   

Play a versus match on the map "The Show." (A second controller makes this easier.) When your health gets below 50%, do your character's power blow while facing the giant clown face. You should knock the other player into the clown's mouth and the achievement will pop right away. Each character's power blow is different. Be sure to check the character select screen to see how to do the move for your character.

Tango Kilo November30
Trigger the Special Danger Zone in Hot Zone.   

Play a versus match on the map "Hot Zone." (A second controller makes this easier.) When your health gets below 50%, do your character's power blow while facing the baracade blocking the street. You should knock the other player into the helicopter flying around and the achievement will pop right away. Each character's power blow is different. Be sure to check the character select screen to see how to do the move for your character.

Catch and Release30
Trigger the Special Danger Zone in Sky City Tokyo.   

Play a versus match on the map "Sky City Tokyo." (A second controller makes this easier.) This map is a little different. You must first knock the other player into the railing to summon the giant statue. When your health gets below 50%, do your character's power blow while facing the statue. You should knock the other player towards the statue and it will grab them. The achievement will pop right away. Each character's power blow is different. Be sure to check the character select screen to see how to do the move for your character.

You Asked for It!20
Set "Throwdowns" to "Accept" and have a Throwdown in Versus, Arcade, or Free Training mode.   

See "Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere"

Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere30
Set "Throwdowns" to "Accept" and have 10 Throwdowns in Versus, Arcade, or Free Training mode.   

When playing versus, arcade, or training mode, there is an option at the bottom of the screen for "Throwdowns." Make sure it says "accept" there and start the match. Pick Free Training so you do not run out of time waiting. While in the match, you will see a tiny invite icon show up on the bottom right of the screen. Hit the back button to accept the random invite. Start the match and finish it. You must accept 10 invites total and finish the matches. This will count towards your 100 games as well. You do not need to win.

Arcade (Solo) Cleared20
Clear 1 course in Arcade (solo) mode.   

Start a solo arcade mode on rookie and play through it. There will be 8 fights and it's pretty easy playing on rookie.

Arcade (Tag) Cleared20
Clear all courses in Arcade (tag) mode.   

Start a Tag Arcade match on rookie. There are 5 fights in Tag Arcade and it's just one round because there are two fighters. It's so easy you may not need to change characters at all.

Time Attack (Solo) Cleared20
Clear 1 course in Time Attack (solo) mode.   

Start Solo Time Attack on rookie. You are not timed more than normal, your time is just used in scoring. Play through 8 fights on solo for the achievement.

Time Attack (Tag) Cleared20
Clear all courses in Time Attack (tag) mode.   

Start Tag Time Attack on rookie. You are not timed more than normal, your time is just used in scoring. Play through 5 fights on solo for the achievement.

Survival (Solo) Cleared20
Clear 1 course in Survival (solo) mode.   

In Survival, pick rookie difficulty and you only have to fight 10 people to win unlike past games where you needed to get 100 wins straight.

Survival (Tag) Cleared20
Clear all courses in Survival (tag) mode.   (8) 

Choose Survival Tag and pick rookie like usual. You need to beat 10 people like in solo but you have two characters. This is even easier in tag because you can change characters and let the other one heal. The enemy AI will change out from time to time but they are still easy.

Fledgling Fighter10
Fight a Versus (solo) match.   

Simple. Just play a solo versus match. You may already have this from doing the Danger Zone moves earlier.

You're It10
Fight a Versus (tag) match.   

Just play a match of Tag Versus. You can use another controller if you want even less effort.

Training Hard30
Play Free Training mode for 1 hour.   

Training for 1 hour? It's not something that would happen in most games, but this is not most games. If you are not too familiar with DOA, the training can be pretty difficult. You will have way more than 1 hour put in before it's over.

Exercise Newbie30
Complete all moves for a character in Command Training.   (1) 

In Command training, you just go through a list of all the character moves and pull them all off. Most are pretty easy. There might be a couple of moves that will give some trouble depending on the character you pick. The character you use is gonna be a matter of personal preference. I stuck with Christie but her dodge moves are a pain to get right. Mila is a decent character to try. You have all the time in the world and can pick another move if you want to take a break from something that is giving you trouble. Command Training is the easier of the 3 training modes you will be playing, so I hope you don't have too much trouble.

Your Education Begins Now10
Play in Tutorial.   

See "A Fighter is Born"

A Fighter is Born30
Complete all lessons in Tutorial.  

Glitched!! See Below.

Ok. The game has been extremely simple up until this point. This tutorial will test your skill and patience unlike most tutorials in other games. You cannot choose a character in this mode. You have control of Hitomi for the majority of the tutorial but it will change it up from time to time. The hardest parts are the Missions at the end of each lesson. Most are simple, but the large combos and power moves will cause a lot of trouble. The lessons let you practice the moves on stationary AI but the Missions force you to pull off these moves in a normal fight. Some just require you to win, and others make you use the combo a few times on the AI before you can pass. What makes this harder is the lack of timing information on the moves. The game will tell you what buttons to press, but you might have to do the moves very quickly, or pause between certain points. It will take a couple of hours to complete the tutorial or more depending on skill.

Here is a video of the entire tutorial:
(Keep volume low when the video starts. The uploader has annoying intro music)

Glitch Warning!!
Lesson 26.1 is currently bugged and cannot be completed with the newest update. You will need to clear your cache, finish the lesson, and then you can reinstall the update.

A New Challenger Appears!10
Played in Combo Challenge.   

See "Unchallenged Champion"

Unchallenged Champion50
Complete all lessons for a character in Combo Challenge. *   (5) 

This tutorial is all about character specific combos and the hardest part of the game. Most moves will be pretty easy to pull off after doing the tutorial, but there are a few that will cause a ton of problems. After I found a character I had the easiest time with, I still spent a good bit over 5 hours on the last difficulty 5 combo. It might not be as bad for others, but this will be the thing that stands between you and 1000 . I tried the popular suggestions of Hitomi, Mila, Tina, and Leon. All of them cause problems for me about halfway through. Lisa/LA MARIPOSA was the character that finally clicked with me. At least until the last combo. Timing has to be perfect After hours of trying, I was missing the last grab move and could do the rest without the moves on screen. You just have to keep at it and learn the hard way how to time the moves. There are plenty of youtube videos showing all the combo challenges, but the timing will still take practice.

This playlist has a video for each character. Once again, prepare for loud sounds in the intros.

On the Edge of Your Seat10
Play Spectator mode.   

Spectator mode is found under extras. Just load a saved replay, or watch a cpu vs cpu match.

Fighter, Know Thyself10
View your results in Fight Record.   

Under extras in the main menu, select the fight record to look at your stats.

Ahhh, Memories10
View your photos in the Album.   

The Album is in extras. Just select an image you saved from spectator mode.

Say Cheese!10
Take a photo in Spectator mode.   

While in spectator mode, hit to take a photo.

How Do I Fight?10
Display the Move List.   

Go into game settings under help and options. Once there, click on fight screen and turn on Move list. You cannot have details and list on at the same time.

How Do I Fight Like a Pro?10
Display the Move Details.   

Go into game settings under help and options. Once there, click on fight screen and turn on Move Details. You cannot have details and list on at the same time.

A Fight to Remember10
Save a replay.   

Choose to save the replay at the end of a fight.

Turn it Up10
Change the background music settings.   

Select music in the main menu and change the current music to unlock this achievement.

Who's Got Popcorn?10
Watch a movie.   

Start a story mode and quit when the first fight starts. You can then look under extras and play one of the opening movies.

Safety First10
Turn Danger Zones off on the Stage Select screen.   

When choosing a level, highlight a level with a danger zone and you will have the option to press to turn off danger zones. The achievement unlocks right away.

Power in Numbers10
Have a Team Fight.   

Choose to start a team fight and pick 1 to 7 characters and start the fight. You do not need to fill all 7 spots to get the achievement.

First Tag Team10
Fight a tag match.   

This will unlock when going for the tag achievements for survival, arcade, and time attack.

The Power of Two30
Perform 10 kinds of character-specific tag throws.   (2) 

A tag throw is where you change characters in the middle of a throw move. You will not use the throw button. Start a tag versus match and play against another controller to make things easier. Press quickly to do a tag throw. It has to be with a different character each time to get all 10 but you can knock out 2 per match. Here are the characters it works with.


Blow 'Em Away20
Successfully land a Power Blow.   

You need to be below 50% health and not in the tutorial. Look at the character select screen or the move list in the pause menu to see how your character does a power blow. Once below 50% health, just hit the other player with the attack for the achievement. Use another controller if you want.

We Have Liftoff!20
Successfully deliver a Power Launcher.   

Similar to the power blow, you need to be below 50% health. Find your characters power launcher move in the move list and when you use it, the achievement unlocks.

Change of Power30
Press H+P+K during a Power Blow to tag in a partner and deliver a Tag Power Blow. *   

First you need to be in a tag match and both of your characters need to be below 50% health. Do a power blow against the other player and during the slow motion sequence, press to tag in the other player for the achievement. The timing can be tricky but it shouldn't take more than a few tries.

Down You Go20
Successfully attack during a Cliffhanger.   

Start a match on the map "Scramble". Knock the other player into the beams on the right twice to start a cliff hanger. You need to just punch or kick when the other player tries to hang on. I had trouble doing this with a 2nd controller. Play against AI and it might take a couple of tries for them to hold onto the edge but when they do, kick them back down.

Cliffhanger Comeback20
Successfully block an opponent's attack during a Cliffhanger. *   (1) 

Use a 2nd controller on the map "Scramble" and have it knock your character into the beams to start a cliff hanger. When your character falls, Just press to do a counter throw and get the achievement.

I Read Every Move30
Win without taking any damage.   

This is very easy and should happen with normal play. Just play against a 2nd controller if you don't want to wait.

Failure Teaches Success30
See 10 characters' losing poses.   (3) 

You need to play solo to see a loosing pose. Play a solo versus match and set the AI to the highest difficulty and let them beat you. Change characters after each match. After you have been defeated as 10 different characters, the achievement will unlock.

DOA5 Ultimate Master50
Unlock all achievements.  

These are always fun. 50 to motivate you to finish those tutorials. It's nice the rest of the game is so easy, but just as annoying there are 2 achievements that will make or break this achievement. Good luck!

Game Info
Team Ninja
Tecmo KOEI


US September 03, 2013

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