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Complete Item Collection

Collected all of the items available in the game.  

Every character must have every accessory, swimsuit, watercraft, volleyball, object from Zack of All Trades, and miscellaneous item in her collection. While the vast majority of objects are obtained through either buying them in a store or gifting them, there are a few others that Zack will send to your hotel room after you meet certain requirements.

A few of these are for playing a certain number of volleyball games. One more, the pole dancing ticket (yes, it’s what it sounds like), is obtained in the casino. Once you have about $30 million, go to the slot machines and select Christie’s machine. Hold down the button for a few hours. You’ll eventually hit the correct combo enough to receive the ticket. Remember that if you use the ticket you’ll need to get another one to keep in your collection.



Most of the achievements in DOAX2 are the same thing. As such, this guide will first explain the general information that you need, and then briefly explain the differences between each achievement.

There are three different methods to attaining achievements in this game. It is up to you to decide which one you feel comfortable with. The first, and hardest method is to do everything completely legitimately, working within the confines the developers intended. The second is to use an exploit in an unpatched version of the game to speed things along, saving you hundreds of hours of work. While technically cheating, this method does not remove any of the skill involved in playing the game, and will still require several hundreds of hours of effort. The third method is to buy everything in the game using Microsoft Points. The game could be completed in less than 20 hours this way, but you will spend tens of thousands of Microsoft Points to do so. Furthermore, you'll be encouraging developers to do this again in the future, so you'll ultimately be hurting yourself.

No matter the method you choose, you will require sizable amounts of Zack bucks (to be denoted as '$' in this guide). Each girl's collection will require up to $15 million per girl you wish to have that collection. ($7.5 million if you intend to buy everything with Microsoft Points)

The activities that will give you the most money are volleyball and riding water skis. While volleyball can net you more money if you play a perfect game, skill isn’t a major factor, as the AI will make impossible saves or miss easy tosses based on how well you’ve been doing during the current vacation. A patched version of the game will yield hundreds of thousands of Zack bucks more than an unpatched version per activity, so even if you intend on using the exploit method described below, you may want to grab the patch when first accumulating your initial funds.

If you intend on using the exploit, first accumulate at least $500,000 through any activities you wish. Then, if you have a patched version of the game, exit the game and go to the dashboard. Navigate to the system blade. Select memory, and then highlight “Hard Drive”. Press , , , , , , and then select yes. This will remove all patches from every game (You can always get them again over live). Now go back into the game and go to the casino.

Select the $100 Roulette table. Immediately begin placing chips on every square from 1 to 12. Once you have finished, press the guide button (you MUST do this before it says “No More Bets”), then press X and then up to highlight yes. DO NOT SIGN OUT. Wait until you can see the results. If you did not win, sign out and then sign back in. This will prevent the game from taking your money. Return to the casino and try again. If you did win, press the guide button to return to the game, leave the casino and return to your hotel. This will save your results. You may now go back to the casino again if you need more money. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can go to the $500 or $1000 table. Make sure that you have enough money though ($2,250,000 for the $500 table, $4,500,000 for the $1000 table), as if you run out of money the game will immediately bring up the “No More Bets” screen, and you will be unable to do the trick.

Here’s a video of the method in progress:


Obtaining each girl’s personal collection is a simple matter. If you intend on going beyond that and getting the Friends achievements, I strongly recommend you keep some sort of database to help you keep track.

To get the other swimsuits for a girl, you don’t actually play as her. Instead, you play as another girl, and give those swimsuits as gifts. This can be a difficult process, as quite often the girls will reject swimsuits.

There is a LOT of misinformation on the internet on how to give swimsuits. Part of this is because the first game had a different system, and part of it is people assuming something makes a difference without extensive testing. Some things might actually be true, such as certain girls being less receptive at certain times of the day. However, all of these factors are made completely irrelevant by one thing: random chance. One can only influence how likely a girl is to accept a swimsuit to a certain degree.

Both the legitimate and exploit methods work initially the same way. First, start a vacation as the girl that you want to receive the suits. Once you’re at the hotel, clean out her inventory, putting stuff into storage, and throwing away any excess items. Then at the end of the second day leave the island and start a new vacation as the girl who will be giving the suits. Make sure that your partner is not your target girl (if she requests to be your partner at the start, start a new vacation) For the next 3 days, at every possible opportunity, give your target girl a love item (See each girl’s achievements for her list) from Zack of All Trades. (Morning, Noon, Evening, and in the Hotel) The best visual indicator that a girl is fully receptive is that when you’re in a cutscene with her, when she’s talking there will be four red musical notes above her head. She will also open any gifts you give her in front of you instead of taking it with her. There are still additional friendship points above this for her to accumulate, but you will have no obvious visual indicator. 3 days is a good way to play it safe, as it should eliminate any other possible influences like time of day or wrapping paper color.

If you are going for the legitimate method, cross your fingers and give your suit to your target. If she accepts it, spend one or two more days giving love items, and move on to your next suit. If she rejects it, spend another 3 days giving love items. As you’ll find out, Zack of All Trades isn’t going to be able to provide you with such a large number of love items, so you may want to spend a vacation accumulating love items so you’ll have them when you need them. At the end of every vacation in which you give gifts, switch over to your target and clean up her inventory.

If you’re using the exploit method, you do the same thing that you do for roulette. First spend 3 days giving love items, and then give a suit. As soon as you select the suit, press the guide button. If she does anything but put the suit on in front of you sign out. The only time you can know 100% of the time that she will keep it and not throw it away is if she puts the suit on in front of you. You can immediately try the next suit in the next time slot. If she rejects the suit 4 or 5 times in a row, you do not have full friendship points. Either try another suit or give another love gift.

For every achievement, the required items must be in your collection, not your inventory. Once every required item is in your collection go to bed. You will get the achievement immediately in the morning. If purchasing everything with Microsoft Points, you must first gift wrap and then unwrap everything before placing it into your inventory, otherwise you will not receive credit.

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