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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Achievements

Ready to Ride

Rebuild the bike.

The bike parts are extremely easy to get when you know where they are. You will be able to get all parts straight after the pawnshop except for the handle bars, because a surivor has them (Jason Wong). After 3:00 PM you will be able to find him and the handle bars. Read each description for the locations and conditions for each part. They are listed in order as you should grab them. When you get on, you will have to return it to the safehouse and put it on the bike. You can press to attack with it, since it's two handed and you can't switch weapons. It cannot break. To see a list of bike parts, hit and select Bike Parts.

Note: You can finish all the bike parts and finish up everything else after building it. It will not end your playthrough if you fix it completely.

1. Wheel: After unlocking access to the pawnshop, by saving the owner, you may buy the wheel for $5,000. You won't have enough at first, so run across the street to the casino and collect the money there (bashing the slot machines for extra). You can now buy it.

2. Gasoline Canister: On your way to the safehouse from grabbing the wheel, stop by the gas station by the pumps. There's a red canister there. Pick it (dropping your Wheel) and then pick up the wheel again. The canister is a one handed item, so you can take both to the safehouse at once.

3. Engine: The engine is in the alley next to the movie theatre. Go through the movie theatre and out the exit into the alley (this unlocks a door for you). It's on the ground.

4. Bike Forks: This item is locked in a shed, located on the South East part of your map. It's the small building next to the grey circle (which respresents a giant tire sign). You must first get a key, which is located on the second floor of the hotel. To get there, go into the alley inbetween Bob's Fish 'n Hunt and Still Creek Casino. There's a green garbage can at the end. You can use this to jump to the fire escape (have to time it right). Now go up into the hotel. Go left and then right at the broken stairs. Inside the lone room there is a key to unlock the shed (gives you an unlocked door).

5. Handle Bars: These can only be obtained from the survivor Jason Wong. He will appear anytime after 3:00 PM behind Uncle Bill's Department Store (exit out the back). He will want a broadsword before he gives you the handle bars. You will want to get the sword before you meet him. To obtain it, jump up to the building Bob is on (yelling/shooting guy). Now face the direction of the other building and jump to it. Go to the other side of it and go left along the awning. Now you can jump up to the hunting store, and drop down through the hatch. The sword is inside, and you'll get an unlocked door out of it too.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by akamrmike
Tuesday, August 31, 2010 @ 06:37:58 PM

Wheel is in the pawn shop and cost 5000 to buy. Forks are in locked shed the
key is in 2nd story of building beside momma's diner. To get to 2nd story head
to alley behind momma's diner and jump from dumpster to broken stair and you
will find it in back room. Motor is in alley way to side of theater. Gas can
is at the gas pumps in front of safe house. Handle bars, you will have to have
a broad sword to trade for. You can get one from bob's hunting store or by
getting on rooftops and jumping from the awnings on the front of the stores to
the one above momma's diner. Once you have one trade it to jason behind uncle
bill's store. I had to wait until it was dark before jason and archie showed
up so you might want to make this one of you last things to do.

Comment #2 by KILLERIRI5H
Saturday, September 04, 2010 @ 03:21:25 AM

Bike part locations:

Gasoline Canister: Outside the gas station next to one of the gas pumps

Wheel: Buy at the Pawn Shop for $5,000

Bike Forks: First you need to get the SHED KEY which is in one of the rooms
inside the hotel. From the back alley jump onto the stairway and head inside the
hotel. Then head to the room farthest to your left. On the floor you'll find the key. Head to the shed (East of Big Buck Hardware) and you'll find the forks.

Comment #3 by KILLERIRI5H
Saturday, September 04, 2010 @ 03:22:50 AM

Engine: In the back alley behind Ed's Friendly Barber Shop & Still Creek Movie

Handle Bars: This is the only one that requires some timing/item hunting
(depending if you are going for the "Still Creek Savior" achievement). If you
are then make sure to have a BROADSWORD in your inventory before grabbing this
last piece. Around 6pm go behind Uncle Bill's Department Store to find two cops
killing zombies. One of them is using your Handle Bars! So either kill him or
give him the Broadsword to collect the Handle Bars. Now head back to your safe
house and build that bike!

Comment #4 by JohnLocke95035
Friday, January 07, 2011 @ 04:45:36 AM

Don't know why Chuck just doesn't take his truck when he finds it down the road instead of driving on a bike he duct taped together.

Comment #5 by EricEraser
Sunday, July 10, 2011 @ 03:44:16 PM

The bike forks took me forever to find

Comment #6 by TheGreyMan
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 09:47:05 AM

The Handle Bars had me frustrated too first time around. Then I went up on the roof and spoke to Bob again. He told me the guys were behind the department store and I went straight there. Problem solved :-)

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