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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Achievements

Alpha Vs. Omega

Have Denyce attack and damage Sgt Boykin.  

Denyce is the first survivor you encounter and you have to keep her with you for the campaign until Case 7-2 when you fight Sgt Boykin to unlock this achievement.

Try to be a high level when you do this and always carry lots of health. You should get the leadership magazine from Rag Mags on the second floor of the Royal Flush Plaza. Give Denyce the LMG - it is found in the Yucatan Casino in the elevated grassy area across from the tiger enclosure and next to the restaurant.

Leave her outside of the area when you fight psychopaths during the story (i.e.. the Twins in Case 5-2). When you have to go to the roof of the Fortune City Hotel to fight TK, leave her in the Royal Flush Plaza bathroom. To get the mission done quickly mix 2 Quicksteps beforehand (wine + wine or coffee + coffee creamer) and try to beat TK quickly. Use the Protoman Arm Cannon against the helicopter if you have it unlocked as it is very effective. Once TK is defeated you will be teleported to the safe house, head out to the Royal Flush and heal Denyce.

It will makes things easier if you don't fight many psychopaths during this playthrough. Try not to hit Denyce much either as she may defect. Save often too so if she does die or defect, you can reload the save. Good luck!

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Easter Bunny 00
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 07:18:13 AM

Thisll be interesting.
From the looks of it, this may be the hardest ach imo. First survivor must damage the second to last psychopath. First vs Last.
Ugh. tons of waiting and screaming will come from this, hopefully easily boosted though by a co-op partner loading up a save near the end with Denyce.
Heres hoping.

Comment #2 by Archvile78
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 09:07:35 AM

@1: Remember the story will be different, maybe denyce will be found around
the end, we can't tell for sure.

Comment #3 by Streamjumper
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 09:28:45 AM

@2 The title of this kinda supports the theory EB00 is floating though.

Comment #4 by R0Y4LEwitCHEESE
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 12:19:42 PM

This looks like a fantastic achievement aha.

Comment #5 by RIVE
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 03:02:18 PM

Oh wow, if you have to do what I think you have to..

Constantly drag her along while you fight psychos,
make her wait outside while to enter safe-room,
feed and arm her every step of the way..

Holy sh*t, this is going to be awesome!

Comment #6 by POTM
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 08:13:00 PM

Multiple saves will make this a lot easier

Comment #7 by IVIR BLOBBY
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 08:38:58 PM

Just do this straight away, lock her in a maintenance room & visit regularly too give health throughout the game (in my save when i locked survivors in a maintenance room tey slowly dwindled away health) be easy just go pick her up b4 this mission

Comment #8 by Enzo1103
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 @ 08:18:50 AM

The fucking gas zombies spawn right before this bloody fight.

This is going to be so fun. >:D

Comment #9 by ash356
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 @ 10:20:24 AM

It's a testament to how much the survivor AI's improved that people think this is gonna be fun xD
Dead Rising 1, this Achievement would P*** everyone off :l

Comment #10 by bastsxbox360
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 @ 03:10:01 PM

Just do the cases, save, save, save and you' ll be fine. I' m pretty sure
you can get the book that boosts the skills of the survivors again. Not a
hard achievement, but an interesting one for sure!

Comment #11 by Born On Fire
Thursday, August 18, 2011 @ 04:08:33 PM

sign me up for 1000G mo' fo's

Comment #12 by Rebecca Chang
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 @ 04:44:22 PM

Oh good #1, we should all boost achievements so we can make ourselves look good while people like MWAH actually put in effort to get them.
But yes, this achievement looks very interesting, whether or not shes closer to the end, it will be something to see.

Comment #13 by Akira_Katayama
Saturday, August 27, 2011 @ 08:31:10 AM

Get over yourself, #13, it's a pointless reward that is placed on your gamercard and does absolutely nothing but boost your E-Peen. Who cares how someone gets it, as long as they get it in a way they are happy with. Gads, some acheivers.

Comment #14 by pain redefined
Thursday, September 01, 2011 @ 04:04:06 PM

I really hate survivor related achievements

Comment #15 by Fug the Pug
Saturday, September 03, 2011 @ 11:07:18 AM

A bible verse found in Fallout 3 might help: "I am ALPHA and OMEGA, the BEGINNING and the END..." This achievement is going to make you take the FIRST survivor (the BEGINNING mission of the game also for your first zombrex) to one of the LAST psychopaths. Really shouldn't be hard. Especially in Co-op if you have one person babysit her. Don't forget to give her a gun!

Comment #16 by ZombieSlayer11
Saturday, September 03, 2011 @ 01:17:05 PM

i managed 2 do it in dr2 just forget about surivers and tell her to wait the other side of the room were the vent is and keep giving her orange juice

Comment #17 by ZombieSlayer11
Saturday, September 03, 2011 @ 01:22:24 PM

when u go in the safe room

Comment #18 by zarda1
Sunday, September 04, 2011 @ 08:24:53 PM

dead rising was a pain to escort survivors, dr2 however was much easier and they rarely got attacked plus there was a lot of places to hide them, not too bad, at least they didn't bring 7day survivor back.

Comment #19 by bastsxbox360
Friday, September 09, 2011 @ 07:09:57 AM

@ #15:

If you' ve read the comments, you would' ve noticed that it already has been
figured out. Don' t go bible here.

Comment #20 by halorvb13
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 @ 01:46:28 AM

How can you go in the safe room for the story?

Comment #21 by biglazerfish1675
Thursday, September 15, 2011 @ 09:05:10 PM

wow this will be fun but the arrival of gas zombies could make this problematic

Comment #22 by magiccactis1
Saturday, September 17, 2011 @ 12:31:52 AM

at leased you dont have to go to the safe room as often now that you can use zombrex wherever you are

Comment #23 by COMICNERD11
Saturday, October 01, 2011 @ 11:09:38 AM

just give her an LMG, make sure boykin attacks YOU and not HER, and ach.tagged and bagged.

Comment #24 by TakahashiDemon
Friday, October 07, 2011 @ 10:15:38 AM

Seen the first 15minutes of gameplay, Denyce appears in the exact same spot,
exact same time, this is gonna be tough!

@22 I'm sure they'll have some way to mess it up with the safe room, this is kind
of a different story so don't go thinking like that, you still had to go into the
room every so often anyways to get story to progress, which you need to do for this

Comment #25 by TakahashiDemon
Friday, October 07, 2011 @ 10:18:06 AM

Unless this is possible in Sandbox mode, this is gonna be a very hard one.

I'll be trying it, as the achievements in this game don't look that bad, no use
all weapon ones, I hated those as they were glitchy as hell, I might go for
the 72k kills in DR2 sometime this week.

Comment #26 by TakahashiDemon
Friday, October 07, 2011 @ 10:22:30 AM

Also, the babysit co-op won't work, yous both need to be in the same place, and
yous both need to go into the safe room each time to make sure you progress
through story, which leaves more room for that to mess up on you.

Comment #27 by Hooker88
Friday, October 07, 2011 @ 02:02:54 PM

They could have made this achievement so much better by adding on simple task.

"Have Denyce attack and damage Sgt Boykin...then make you a sandwich"

Comment #28 by chaoticknightzz
Friday, October 07, 2011 @ 02:18:09 PM

As long as there not close to u a survivor won't follow u into a new room

Comment #29 by KILLERCAUSER222
Saturday, October 08, 2011 @ 04:53:28 PM


Comment #30 by brentrlopez
Tuesday, October 11, 2011 @ 11:42:16 PM

Capcom's own "little rocket man" achievement.

Comment #31 by sammyboyxtmx
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 @ 01:50:36 PM

i don't get it after the fight with TK when he is in the helicopter you go straight back to the safe room and she teleports back there with you, how do you stop this?? im soo confused, anyone got any ideas??

Comment #32 by ZombieSlayer11
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 @ 07:20:11 PM

1)make a bunch of quick steps
2)go to elevator
3)before u us the elevater give her full heath
4)damage the heiley thill it only takes one hit left
5)go down the elevator and give her full heath again
6)go up and finish heilcoter
7)drick quick steps and have ass to her
good like

Comment #33 by ZombieSlayer11
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 @ 07:21:12 PM

just an idea dont have game yet

Comment #34 by djdrewzki420
Monday, October 17, 2011 @ 12:42:57 AM

GOT IT!? =]

Comment #35 by djdrewzki420
Monday, October 17, 2011 @ 12:45:44 AM

GOT IT! =]

Comment #36 by Penamat
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 @ 04:37:18 PM

I got it. I actually had a team of eight survivors. I didnt need to even touch a psycho. (Except one of the snipers.)

Comment #37 by Trevorkill
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 @ 08:54:53 PM

She goes up in the elevator with you if she is in the hotel. You have to leave her outside. However, when I go up by myself after leaving her outside, the game keeps freezing on the loading screen. I'm gonna try leaving her in the Uranus Zone.

Comment #38 by GoneGuru512
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 @ 11:14:37 PM

i have a save file with 8 survivors....just join my co-op game and make them all get into the clown ice cream truck....just send me a message on xbox live if you are interested in getting it gamertag is GoneGuru512

Comment #39 by GoneGuru512
Thursday, October 20, 2011 @ 06:06:17 PM

i am sorry guys ..i messed up i did not mean to post the last comment...that method is for the cramped quarters achievement

Comment #40 by mailmanchris
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 @ 10:22:27 PM

#37: did that work? The last time I left a woman unattended in Uranus Zone, she came back with a bad case of crabs...

Comment #41 by PFCpatrickC
Sunday, October 30, 2011 @ 09:07:06 PM

I saved before I got this Achievement, If any one wants it send me a message on xbox to PFCpatrickC.

Comment #42 by Syrius
Monday, November 14, 2011 @ 09:16:06 PM

that guru and patrick guy arent really helpfull simply ignored my messages and requests why say they will help and wont even send an excuse message is beyond me -_-

Comment #43 by MRxDIRTYxDEEDS
Wednesday, November 23, 2011 @ 04:10:25 AM

Got this and purwal on same save. Cheaters welcomed. GT MRxDIRTYxDEEDS

Comment #44 by zarda1
Saturday, December 10, 2011 @ 11:09:04 PM

that Denyce loses healwhen you get to the heli in case 6 just leave survivors in royal flush plaza take some quickstep and run to the hotel. have some extra health and when you get to winch just stand next to and get knock down while you spam the b button only retreating to heal. if you mess up restarting the check point will put you back to when you enter the hotel.

Comment #45 by Jenrai
Sunday, January 22, 2012 @ 06:26:37 AM

... Tell her to hide by the table and chairs on the roof of the hotel. If you're in the center by the winch they won't even glance at her, much less shoot her.

Comment #46 by KrisKros
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 @ 05:04:39 PM

Can anyone help me? All the guys on here that say they can help have either changed their GT or don't reply, let me know if you can help me. GT: AquaAmoeba

Comment #47 by JackePaper
Wednesday, February 01, 2012 @ 08:53:42 PM

+1 in the same boat. If anybody happens to have a save game tucked away I would really appreciate if you'd let me bum a ride with you or share the game save with me. ;) GT: JackePaper

Saving this one for last right now. Really hope somebody comes through for me while I'm knocking some of these others out and before I start a whole new run through for this chieve alone. GT: JackePaper

Comment #48 by JackePaper
Friday, February 03, 2012 @ 10:09:43 PM

I have this now if anyone else needs a bit of assistance just shoot me a message.

Comment #49 by Marios Pastagun
Saturday, February 04, 2012 @ 10:13:39 AM


Comment #50 by jamesb97
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 @ 12:15:17 PM

i have a save before you can get this achievement i am offering to help people with it but i need something in return 800microsoft points if you think this is stupid then go and do it yourself my gamertag is - F41L3D L1F3

Comment #51 by JackePaper
Saturday, February 25, 2012 @ 06:49:50 AM

I hit 100% and sent my game back to gamefly. Sorry for anybody I missed, I did help 20+ people get the achievements so I'd say it was a pretty good run.

Comment #52 by JackePaper
Saturday, February 25, 2012 @ 06:52:55 AM

@ Jamesb97 F41L3D L1F3 is an appropriate name for you because you do indeed fail at life.

To everyone else - I still have the save available and can provide it to you via email if you know what to do with it.

Comment #53 by VeronicaVirus x
Saturday, June 23, 2012 @ 10:09:58 PM


Comment #54 by TommyD758
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 @ 02:14:19 AM

Really easy actually, I think they should've made it more challenging with 2 survivors or something.

Comment #55 by Davgig OSOK
Saturday, August 04, 2012 @ 11:42:23 AM

Was a pain but fairly easy. Just carry a lot of food with you to give her. Don't give her any meat, diary, or alcohol if you're going for the Purewal achievement at the same time.

Comment #56 by DJMikey80
Friday, September 07, 2012 @ 03:32:44 AM

#55 What nutter would do this and Purewal achievement at the same time!! You need health or Denyce and you need it to badly to limit yourself to just OJ..

Before anyone asks OJ is the only healing item worth a damn, when you can't use Milk, Coffee Creamer, Meat or Alcohol!!

Comment #57 by mad m
Tuesday, October 02, 2012 @ 12:05:40 PM


Comment #58 by miaShotMe
Friday, January 11, 2013 @ 09:46:01 PM

I have a save just before the fight if anyone needs help. message me.

Comment #59 by ViralPhoenix
Saturday, January 19, 2013 @ 12:57:06 PM

I don't need to save anyone else right?

Comment #60 by SkyStriderFiM
Sunday, January 20, 2013 @ 09:29:26 PM

Where am i supposed to make Denyce wait when i'm going to stop TK's escape on top of the Fortune Hotel Roof, because after doing that Anyone on TOP of the roof, automatically is transported to the Safe Room. Including denyce. Would i make her wait outside the Elevator up to the roof? That seems like the most logical place.

Comment #61 by CASH2BURN
Thursday, March 14, 2013 @ 10:19:35 AM

i have a save file right before this happens... if you want to skip the hassle, add me. a single message ought to do the trick, may take a day or so for me to get back to you. (if you spam the inbox you WILL BE BLOCKED)

Comment #62 by Afropixel
Wednesday, June 05, 2013 @ 11:24:56 AM

If you need help with this add me GT: Afropixel

Comment #63 by Afropixel
Saturday, June 22, 2013 @ 02:34:05 AM

I can help with most achievements message me GT: Afropixel

Comment #64 by Dourden3366
Sunday, August 04, 2013 @ 11:50:29 AM

TK fight on hotel roof made EASY.
first make sure you got the protoman shield/cannon thing, have juice book, and quickstep, plus juice or whatever to heal denyce after.
bring denyce with you to the hotel, kill all the thugs at the elevator, now take denyce back to royal flush and lock her in the maintenance room right near the car, roys mart has OJ if you need some for you or her.
now take the quickstep and get to the roof t the TK fight, when the fight starts the copter is already set to be hit, use the 5shots at a time from the cannon, two hits of this can be done before the chopper even makes its first fly around. then once back at safe house run back out to royal flush and go heal and continue to end.
when i did this she lost maybe 1/8th lifebar, i was still under the effects of

Comment #65 by Dourden3366
Sunday, August 04, 2013 @ 11:52:07 AM

continued, i was still under the effects of the quickstep i took before the fight, when i got to her to heal her.

Comment #66 by CrikeyAussie
Saturday, September 14, 2013 @ 12:57:23 AM

Screw this! No way will I ever be able to keep her alive for the whole damn game! Might be possible for other players but I'm not that good a player to keep her alive that long! Ridiculous achievement and for only 20G?!

Comment #67 by Helios007
Tuesday, November 26, 2013 @ 07:25:22 AM

Ok, I'm going to make a deal with anyone who reads this.

I've just finished up 'Alpha vs Omega'. I have a save on the roof of the RF Plaza when the military shows up, with 5 survivors (including Denyce), all armed with Six Shooters. They can easily take out Boykin in ten seconds. I am happy to take anyone through this part if you still need this achievement.

BUT...I expect you to have the courtesy to help me out with something I need to get as well. My Gt is [B]Helios007[/B]. Send me a message on Live and we'll sort something out.

Comment #68 by Helios007
Tuesday, November 26, 2013 @ 07:29:12 AM

^ Sorry, GT is Helios007

Comment #69 by Lewie B I ReQ
Thursday, February 06, 2014 @ 11:51:35 PM

Lol at the guy charging ms points to help people

Comment #70 by TonedTyphoon
Friday, August 08, 2014 @ 02:26:31 AM

Can anyone help me with this achievement? GT: Toned Typhoon

Comment #71 by evil noob111
Monday, August 25, 2014 @ 02:45:09 PM

this is actually easy...did this alongside only drinking Oj, now for those sandbox achivos.....

Comment #72 by DARK2K10
Wednesday, September 03, 2014 @ 05:11:02 PM

I am willing to help anyone get this achievement (and any others on this game, need 1 more achievement myself) if you need/want any help message me on Xbox:

Comment #73 by MannedPython070
Sunday, December 07, 2014 @ 07:00:39 AM

Hey guys I have a save for this achievement and the "Cramped Quarters" achievement message me if you want to join my game. I'm online pretty much every day. GT is username

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