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Dead Space 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: FSparacino4, Jumnious
There are 58 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 for 900 (7/10 for 1000 )
- Offline: 50 (1000 )
- Online: 0 (0 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25-30 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2-3
- Number of missable achievements: 5 (Lightspeed de Milo, Collect Peng, Elevator Action, Looking Good & Brute Juke)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? : No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Glitched achievements: None
- unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Dead Space 2 is a survival horror game that continues the story of Isaac Clarke. The sequel takes place three years after the first game, in the year 2611. Isaac wakes up from a coma on the metropolis of Sprawl, finding himself alone in a massive alien infestation. He must battle the dementia bestowed upon him by the Marker, while simultaneously being hunted by the government and terrified by images of his dead girlfriend.

The sequel introduces a new multiplayer mode similar to the Left for Dead series. Players are placed on teams of 4, with one side playing as the humans attempting to complete various objects and the other team playing as the necromorphs trying to kill and dismember their bodies. However, there are no multiplayer specific achievements, as all of them can be completed in single-player.

Dead Space 2 has 50 achievements, 48 of which can be acquired by playing the game on any difficulty. After beating the game on any difficulty, you will unlock the Hardcore difficulty, which you must play through for "Hard To The Core". The difficulty achievements DO NOT stack so after beating the game on Hard Core, you will need to go through the game on Zealot difficulty for "Mission Impossible". Hardcore gamers can possibly get away with 2 playthroughs, Zealot and then Hardcore, but I recommend 3 to save yourself unneeded frustration because getting all of the combat achievements on hardcore will prove to be quite challenging. This game is very easy to get 900/1000, however beating the game on the hardest difficulty will prove to be much more challenging than Impossible from the original. You are allowed only 3 saves and there are no checkpoints, so if you haven’t saved in several chapters, you lose a lot of progress upon dying. In the guide to follow, I have organized the achievements into categories to make it easier to follow.

Step 1 - Playthrough #1: Casual
Depending on how much exploring you do in this playthrough, it will take you approximately 10-15 hours to complete. I recommend setting the difficulty to casual. Just playing through the game, without doing anything other than the story, will earn you 15 achievements and 330. In addition to the story based achievements, you will also be able to get achievements for combat, miscellaneous actions and the 5 that are missable. They are sorted into those 3 categories and outlined below.

There are a great number of weapon specific achievements in Dead Space 2, and as such I recommend focusing on one or two weapons at a time. As you are going through these combat achievements you should use to stomp all of the limbs (arms, legs & head) off each necromorph to get "Epic Dismemberment". After completing the weapon specific challenges you can store the weapon in your safe if you do not wish to use it anymore. Getting a single kill with every weapon will net you "The Sampler Platter". NOTE: Keep in mind that if you die, any kills achieved since the last checkpoint will not count toward these. Also, "Going For Distance" and "Skewered in Space" do not require the use of the Javelin Gun, but can be done with it. Listed below are the achievements you can do with each weapon:

  • Contact Beam: C-Section – Knock down a necromorph with alt-fire and kill it with primary fire before it can stand up.
  • Detonator Mines: It’s A Trap! – Kill 20 necromorphs.
  • Flamethrower: Necro Flambé – Kill 50 necromorphs.
  • Javelin Gun: Going For Distance, Skewered in Space, Shock Therapy - Impale an enemy 17 meters into a surface; Impale an enemy through a decompression window; Impale an enemy and use alt-fire to shock 3 others.
  • Seeker Rifle: Peek A Boo! – Kill a Stalker using the alt-fire zoom.
  • Line Gun: Clean Cut, My Boom Stick - Sever all 3 tentacles of a lurker with one primary fire shot;
    Kill 6 necromorphs with one alt-fire shot.
  • Ripper: Lawnmower Man – Kill 4 necromorphs with a single ripper blade.

There are also (4) combat achievements that require you to kill a particular type of necromorph in a particular way:

  • Slasher: Taste Of Your Own Medicine – Shoot off a Slasher’s arm and use kinesis to impale it to a surface.
  • Crawler: The Nanny – Kill 30 Crawlers without detonating them.
  • Cyst: Bouncing Betty – Kill a Cyst with its own bomb.
  • Brute: Brute Juke – Kill a Brute without taking any damage.

Finally, there are another (4) combat achievements that neither require you to kill a particular type of necromorph or use a specific weapon:

  • Frozen In Time – Kill 50 necromorphs in stasis.
  • Think Fast – Kill 30 necromorphs with items picked up with kinesis. If done on necromorphs in stasis, kills also count toward Frozen in Time.
  • …And Stay Down – Stomp 25 crawling necromorphs
  • Vacuum Cleaner – Decompress 20 necromorphs without killing yourself

In addition to the combat and story achievements, there are multiple achievements that you will undoubtedly get just playing through the game on your first playthrough. As you take damage you will need to use 10 med packs to quick heal yourself (First Aid). As you go through the game you will see green boxes with a glowing white light on each corner. Stomping these will give you Romper Stomper as well as additional supplies and credits. You will need to fully upgrade your Stasis and RIG as well as four weapons that you must be carrying at the same time. These upgrades will net you (3) achievements: Fully Outfitted, Picking Favorites and Fully Loaded. It isn’t a problem if you do not get these three during the first playthrough, as you can simply start a New Game + and gather more power nodes. The Librarian, The Electrician and The Engineer are the three collectible achievements and should not require a guide if you are fully exploring each level as each have glowing lights on them that allows them to stand out.

The 5 missable achievements to be on the lookout for are:

  • Lightspeed de Milo – The Lightspeed Boy Statue can be found in Chapter 3 in the 'The Concourse' shopping center and appears as a large statue of a boy in a blue suit. You must shoot off the statue’s arms and head for the achievement. If you miss it, you will have another chance to get it in Chapter 6.
  • Brute Juke – Brutes can be found in Chapters 6, 10 and 13. The two brutes in Chapter 10 are found one after the other. However, if you fail to kill them without taking damage and forget to reload the last checkpoint, you will need to start another playthrough.
  • Elevator Action – During the "Solar Array Elevator" sequence on Chapter 7, you will find yourself on a large 7-sided elevator looking out into space. The tripods will appear in the windows and you need to kill all of them before reaching the top.
  • Collect Peng – The Peng Treasure can be found on Chapter 7 in the ‘Main Frame’ room after climbing through the air duct and completing the fuse box puzzle. You will know that you are in the right place by all the fans glowing orange and blue.
  • Looking Good – The schematic for the Advanced Suit can be found in Chapter 11, after returning indoors from space. You will fight off some necromorphs and it will be in a room on your right.

Step 2 - Playthrough #2: Hardcore
At this point most people will have 46/50 achievements and should only be missing "Vacuum Cleaner" (not enough decompression windows in one run through), "Fully Loaded", "Mission Impossible" and "Hard to the Core". It is quite possible that you didn't get some of the combat achievements on the first playthrough, but save them for playthrough #3 (Zealot on New Game +). Be prepared for some stressful moments however, as you will only get 3 saves for your entire game and must utilize them perfectly as there are no checkpoints. You could possibly lose hours of gameplay on one death.

If you bought the CE or any of the DLC packs (I recommend the Martial Law Pack as it gives you 6 guns and a 15 slot suit for free) it will help you greatly in accomplishing this. For this run, I recommend only buying the force gun and using it alongside with your plasma cutter. Buying anything else will spread your ammo too thin as necromorphs drop ammo for any gun you have equipped or that is in your safe. Keep yourself well stocked up on health packs and stasis packs (4 health packs and 3 stasis stacks) and fill the rest of your inventory with ammo for your two guns. Beating the game on this difficulty will give you the Foam Finger Gun to use and will make Zealot that much easier.

Step 3 - Playthrough #3: Zealot on New Game +
Since the difficulty achievements DO NOT stack, you will have to play through another time to get "Mission Impossible". However, beating the game on Hardcore unlocks the Foam Finger Gun, which should make this playthrough much more bearable. Plus you will have your upgraded suit and all the other upgraded weapons to help you out along the way. You could theoretically play your first game on Zealot and then a second playthrough on Hardcore, but it is much easier to get achievements on casual and this is why I recommend doing it this way.

Dead Space 2 is an amazing sequel and successfully engages the player in the continuation of Isaac’s story. It will take 2 – 3 playthroughs for the full 1000 depending on your play style and preferences. It is extremely easy to achieve 900/1000, but it will take a lot of patience and skill to persevere the challenge that is Hardcore mode. If anything, you will be scared and challenged in going for this as being constantly low on ammo and med packs is quite nerve wracking. Good luck!

x360a would like to thank FSparacino4 for this Road Map.


Severed DLC Road Map

+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 for 200 (4/10 for 250)
+ Offline: 8 (250)
+ Online: 0 (0)
+ Approximate time: 1h
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+ Missable achievements: 5 ('Grind House,' 'King of the Hill,' 'Peng Me Again,' 'Ship Shape,' 'Remember the Alamo.')
+ Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes, 'The Veteran.'
+ Unobtainable/glitched achievements: 0


Dead Space 2: Severed, a new two-chapter add-on that puts players in the shoes of Dead Space: Extraction‘s Gabe Weller, as he and his wife, Lexine Murdoch, attempt to escape the necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl.

It’ll run you 560 Microsoft Points ($7). It features a new armor called the Patrol Suit (security armor with new helmet style), a Patrol Seeker Rifle (same skin, different bonuses), and brings back an old Dead Space Necro favorite, the Twitcher.

To start the game, the New Game+ is unavailable to use because you will not play as Isaac Clarke. You will have to go to New Game and then select the 'Severed' Story. You will start with a partially upgraded RIG, Stasis and Pulse Rifle along with 50,000 credits. You can sell the Pulse Rifle for another 50,000 credits giving you enough to buy some Power Nodes to upgrade a weapon of choice. Severed does not give a plethora of nodes at your disposal so I only recommend upgrading one gun primarily.

Only one playthrough is required of Severed to achieve all 250, 5 of the achievements are missable however and care should be taken to ensure that none are missed if you do not wish to play through twice. You will be provided with a upgraded Pulse Rifle, Flame Thrower, and Seeker Rifle and 50,000 credits. Difficulty does affect one of the achievements so go ahead and select Zealot difficulty when going through.

IMPORTANT! If you beat Dead Space 2 on Hardcore you will find the Foam Finger gun accessible to you to roll through Zealot with ease. Any DLC Packs that you purchased you will find these items in the first store you come across as well. For the Dead Space 1 veterans, you will also find the Refurbished Plasma Cutter in the store.

2 of the achievements in the downloadable content are related to the story and are un-missable.

Grind House - killing a Necro via Grinder machinery.
King of the Hill - defending objective sequence while not leaving a specific area.
Peng Me Again - collectible achievement for any wary Dead Space fan.
Ship Shape - must defeat boss sequence in required time.
Remember the Alamo - must kill a set amount of Necros before finishing Objective.

DS2: Severed is a nice little addition to the Dead Space 2 gameplay experience bringing us back to the Sprawl allowing some references to when Issac first started his venture. The ending does bring some more mystery to the overall story of Dead Space so be sure to have subtitles turned on to not miss any of the dialogue.


x360a would like to thank Jumnious for this Road Map.

Mission Impossible50
Complete the game on Zealot setting    (92) 

To unlock this achievement play the game on Casual first and then use the New Game + feature for your first playthrough on Zealot difficulty. All your items, weapons, nodes and money will carry over into your Zealot run. Also another option would be to play a new game on Hardcore before progressing through the Zealot New Game +. Unlocking the hand cannon after beating Hardcore will make your Zealot playthrough insanely easy. Hardcore gamers can get away with 2 playthroughs (Zealot and Hardcore), but I recommend 3 for most people:

  • Playthrough 1: Casual/Normal. After beating start a New Game+ on Zealot, save and exit out.

  • Playthrough 2: New Game on Hardcore

  • Playthrough 3: New Game + on Zealot

Romper Stomper25
Stomp 10 Containers   (18) 

The containers required for this achievement are easily identifiable. They are green boxes and have a glowing white light on every corner. You must stomp 10 of these using the and you will be awarded with credits and supplies in the process. If you are fully exploring you will get this in Chapter 2.

Vacuum Cleaner30
Decompress 20 Necromorphs without getting sucked out yourself     (41) 

Decompression windows appear throughout the game. They typically have white and yellow writing on the glass advising of future expansion and to take warning. Unfortunately there aren't enough decompression windows in the game to get this on your first playthrough, so you will have to finish it on a New Game +. The location of all the decompression windows are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Upon entering the 'Critical Needs Room' a gas tank explodes causing the window to break. This is the tutorial for decompression windows. Shoot the red triangle at the top of the window to close the emergency gate. You will get 1/20 here.
  • Chapter 3: After taking the elevator from the 'Concourse' where the Lightspeed Boy Statue is up to the Unitology Lobby, you will see this window at the end of the hallway. You will be attacked by four necromorphs (Exploder, Slasher and 2 Pack). You can use the Javelin Gun here to get "Skewered In Space" and raise your count to 5/20 or you can lure them away from the window and kill them. Run up to the glass and you will be attacked by 5 Pack kids. String them along until you can see all five and head back to the elevator before breaking the glass. Using this method will net you an extra body for 6/20.
  • Chapter 4: In the Unitologist Indoctrination room, after fixing the fuses to gain access to the room on the other side, you get will get attacked by three Necromorphs upon exiting the fuse room. Break the glass for a total of 9/20.
  • Chapter 7: Upon entering this large room, you will be attacked by a Legless Slasher. You will also see the 'Power Grid Room' at the opposite end. Remove the explosive canisters from near the window and head to the middle of the room and yellow detonator beams will activate on both sides of you. If you wait until all the Crawlers enter the room, you can get your count up to 15. If you don't move the barrels you will most likely only get credit for two. Your new count should be anywhere from 11-15/20.
  • Chapter 9: After exiting the 'Pressurization Control 2' room, you will encounter a Divider. Kill it and take the elevator upstairs. Upon exiting the elevator, run quickly to the power node box to the right. Two necromorphs will drop into the room. Shoot out the window and quickly hit the red triangle because there is not much space to work with in this room. Your count should be anywhere from 13-17/20.

(Credit for the locations of each window goes to soliunasm)

Made Us Whole10
Complete the game on any difficulty setting    (24) 

This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

Frozen in Time10
Kill 50 Necromorphs while they are in Stasis (single player only)   (8) 

Use to aim and to apply stasis to the necromorphs. Once they are slowed, kill them by shooting off limbs or use kinesis to launch an object at them. Killing them by launching an object with kinesis will count toward this and the "Think Fast" achievement.

First Aid10
Use Quick Heal ten times (single player only)   (6) 

There will be a tutorial for using quick heal after being cut free from your straight-jacket. You must perform 10 quick heals through the course of the game using . Going into your inventory and using a med pack DOES NOT count towards this achievement. If you are playing on casual, you will want to use one everytime you take damage because you won't be taking damage often. The vertical line running down the middle of your back is your health indicator and it will go from green (full health), yellow, orange and finally red (low health) as you take damage.

Epic Dismemberment50
Dismember 2,500 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)   (32) 

Aim for the necromorphs’ limbs and shoot off as many limbs as it takes to kill them. Once they are dead and the area is clear, use to stomp off any remaining limbs left on the corpses. The head, arms and legs all count towards this. Stomping the limbs off necromorph corpses you find throughout the game will count towards this achievement as well, but the human corpses do not. It is possible to get this on your first playthrough, but unless you are taking your time to stomp off every limb rather than just stomping them a few times and moving on, you will more than likely get this on your New Game + playthrough.

...And Stay Down10
Kill 25 crawling enemies with Stomp (single player only)   (7) 

You must stomp 25 crawling necromorphs during the course of playing the game. You can easily get this in your first playthrough but if not the total tally will track across multiple games. You stomp an enemy by getting close and pressing . Some enemies will be crawling at you the first time you see them but you can also shoot the legs off walking necromorphs and then kill them with the stomp move as well. Either way will count toward the achievement.

Think Fast15
Kill 30 Necromorphs with Kinesis objects   (11) 

Use and to pick up objects with kinesis and then use to launch the item at a necromorph. If you apply stasis to a necromorph before killing them in this manner it will count towards "Frozen in Time".

The Nanny10
Kill 30 Crawlers without detonating them   (44) 

You will first encounter these creepy, baby necromorphs upon entering the "school" portion of Chapter 6. You haven't encountered the force gun schematic yet, so you will have to be careful when approaching these as you will only encounter approximately 40-45 of these in one playthrough. Use stasis on the group of them and then just shoot at their head to kill them. Using the plasma cutter, you can aim toward the bottom of their head that is closest to the ground. It will sever them without exploding and makes it pretty hard to accidentally miss. If you happen to detonate one, most likely killing numerous Crawlers, I recommend that you restart your checkpoint. After Chapter 7, use the Force Gun on Crawlers as it doesn't cause them to explode.

This is also cumulative across multiple games.

Knock down an enemy with Contact Beam Alt-Fire then kill it with Primary Fire before it stands up   (12) 

The schematic can be found in Chapter 7, after collecting the Peng treasure in the 'Main Frame' room. You will need to shoot or smash the five circuits in order to proceed. After destroying these circuits, proceed down the hallway towards the Solar Array control pod and you will eventually come to a door that requires a power node. The schematic is inside. Buy it and equip it at the next store.

Use the contact beam’s secondary fire to shoot at a necromorph, causing them to get knocked down. Then use stasis to freeze them as they will stand up very quickly without it. This should give you plenty of time to use the contact beam’s primary fire mode to finish them off. I recommend you do it in a smaller room because the blast from secondary fire can send the necromorph quite a distance making it difficult to get to it before it gets back to its' feet.

Going for Distance20
Impale an enemy and make him fly through the air for 17 meters - it must stick to the surface   (36) 

At the start of Chapter 2, you will find yourself in a room with a store, save terminal and workbench. Purchase both the Javelin Gun and Line Gun before proceeding. This achievement can be picked up using the Javelin Gun or by using kinesis on spikes, rods, or other necromorph limbs. After exiting the room with the store, proceed to the end of this room with the moving walkway and go through the door on the left to the Titan Heights Apartments. As soon as you go through the door, there will be a small explosion and a single necromorph will attack another human down the hallway. Directly in front of you will be a rod. Use kinesis to quickly pick it up, while the necromorph is busy attacking its other target. Back all the way up to the door you just came through and let it approach you. When it gets close use kinesis launch to send it flying backward into the wall.

The video below shows how to do this in the same room but on the necromorph to the right. After killing the above necromorph that is running toward you, turn to the right and you will see a necromorph through the grate. Hit it with the spike and the achievement should pop.

Taste of your own Medicine20
TK Impale a live Slasher to a surface using a Slasher's arm - it must stick to the surface   (13) 

Slashers usually always attack in groups and are the most common enemy in Dead Space 2. They have two very noticeable arms extending off their upper back, both of which have sharp blades at at the end. When you first get Kinesis, you can pick up the metal rod of the operating table and launch it through the window. Kill the first Slasher that comes through the broken window with your melee attack. Use kinesis to take one of the Slasher's arms and wait for the second one to come through. Shoot this Slasher blade at the living Slasher and impale it into the wall. The video shows another location to do this, but it can be done practically anywhere.

It's a Trap!20
Kill 20 enemies with Detonator Mines in a deployed state   (15) 

At the end of Chapter 5, shortly after the big fight in the Main Hall of the Church that starts with a giant necromorph attacking you with a spike coming from its mouth in a scripted sequence and followed by a large group of the Pack, you will enter a room with a statue of the Marker inside. Isaac will have a hallucination and when it is over take the elevator. During the elevator ride, the lights will go out and a Slasher drops in from the ceiling. Follow the hallway around and to the right and head into the office to get the schematic. Buy the Detonator at the next store and begin using it's primary fire to deploy mines. If you hit a necromorph with the mine before it hits the floor, you will not get credit. The mine must be fully deployed, displaying a three beam barrier.

Necro Flambé10
Kill 50 enemies using the Flamethrower   (19) 

The Flame-Thrower Schematic can be found in Chapter 6, at the end of the "school' area, after the giant necromorph attack on the gymnasium stage. After being attacked by the Crawlers and Pack in the gym, exit through the door on the right (if you are facing the bleachers). Follow the hallway down and to the left. The room on the right, where the woman was hugging the Crawler, will contain the schematic. Purchase the flame-thrower at the next store and start racking up kills. This weapon burns through fuel quickly so I recommend using it during encounters with multiple necromorphs. Always keep extra fuel canisters on reserve.

Peek a Boo!20
Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while in Zoom Mode   (12) 

The schematic can be found at the start of Chapter 6. You will find yourself in the apartments. Simply follow your locater through the hallways until you come to a room with a walkway, overlooking a large room below. Look to your right and you will find the schematic. Purchase it at the next store.

The alt-fire for the Seeker Rifle allows you to zoom in, making it a deadly killing machine. Stalkers are the necromorphs that look like mini T-Rexes. They will hide behind pillars, crates and other objects and peek out from behind them. They will then make a screeching sound before coming out of hiding and charging at you. Hit them with stasis as they charge and use the alt-fire of the Seeker Rifle to zoom in and kill it.

Shortly after purchasing the Seeker Rifle, you will come to the Warehouse, a large room with storage containers where you will encounter multiple Stalkers and will be able to complete the achievement.

Brute Juke10
Kill a Brute without taking damage    (34) 

You will encounter your first Brute at the end of Chapter 6 in the "Transport Hub". This turns out to be extremely easy to complete on casual. Grab the stasis canister in the room and wait for Ellie and Stross to finish talking on the balcony above you. The Brute will jump down near the Transport Hub sign. Launch the stasis canister at the Brute and use your plasma cutter to dismember one of the Brute's arms. The arm should fall off before he even exits stasis. Once the arm is off, the Brute no longer charges, but will spit bombs out of its chest. Hit it with your own stasis and shoot off the other arm. Even easier, the Brute can be killed in one shot on lower difficulties with the Line Gun's alt-fire. Hit him with the stasis canister and then plant the mine at his feet. If he starts to come out of stasis, hit him with your own stasis and bam, one shot kill.

Shoot the Limbs!10
Dismember 25 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)   (4) 

See "Epic Dismemberment".

Bouncing Betty10
Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it back   (15) 

Cysts are stationary necromorphs attached to walls and ceilings. You will first encounter them in Chapter 6, after exiting the apartments into the Maintenance Area. When you get close to them, they will launch a explosive projectile at you that deals heavy damage. Approach them cautiously and use kinesis to pick up the projectile that they spit out. Simply launch it back and kill the Cyst.

Skewered in Space15
Impale an enemy into a Decompression Window to cause it to blow out   (7) 

Your first chance to do this occurs in Chapter 3, right after dismembering the Lightspeed Boy Statue above. Take the Elevator up to the Unitology front desk. After turning the corner, you will see the decompression window at the end of the hallway. There is a spike on the ground, pick it up and proceed down the corridor. Four necromorphs will attack you. Kinesis launch the spike into one of the necromorphs so that it crashes through the window. Doing this will cause the other necromorphs to get sucked out as well as you in the process. You need to shoot the red triangle at the top of the window to close the door and prevent your death.

Hard to the Core50
Complete the game on Hard Core setting    (366) 

Beating the game on any difficulty unlocks the Hard Core setting. The difficulties DO NOT stack in this game so beating it on Hard Core does not unlock Mission Impossible.

Hardcore Tips

  1. Weapons: I recommend buying only the force gun and using it in conjunction with the Plasma Cutter. Having more than these weapons in your inventory or safe will cause ammo to drop for weapons that you do not use and will spread your ammo very thin for the guns that you do use. The Bloody Force Gun that comes with the Martial Law DLC will allow you to get this gun at the first store for free as opposed to waiting until Chapter 7 for the schematic.

  2. Armor: This is much easier if you have bought the CE or Martial Law DLC Pack as you will get a 15 slot, 15% armor suit at the start of the game making inventory space and damage control more manageable. The Bloody Vintage Suit that comes with the Martial Law DLC gives you an additional 5% damage with the Force Gun. NOTE: You can equip any suit to get the extra inventory slots and armor, and then revert to another suit and still keep the # of slots and the armor bonus of the best suit.

  3. Inventory: Keep 4-5 medium med packs. The large med packs are extremely expensive at 10,000 credits. The medium med packs are half the price and do the trick, while allowing you to keep your credits for the more essential items you will need. Keep 3 stacks of stasis kits (9 kits) for getting yourself out of tricky situations. For ammo, I recommend 2-3 stacks of plasma cutter ammo as it is fairly expensive and you will only need it in precision situations (i.e. Hangar Boss in Ch. 1, Brutes, and final boss) where hitting a particular part of a necromorph really matters. 5 Stacks of Force Gun ammo should leave you with plenty of wiggle room until you get to the next store. Plus, force gun ammo is cheap! Use any spare money you may have after restocking to buy power nodes to keep your equipment upgraded.

  4. Saves: I recommend using your saves in the later chapters and utilize the disc switch glitch as your first save, but remember you can't shut your game off until you actually use a save. If you are having trouble getting to Chapter 7 without saving you can use it early, but I wouldn't recommend using it any sooner than chapter 4. If you make it to the disc switch without using a save, then I recommend saving on Chapters 10 before the hallway with the two Brutes, Chapter 11 (before entering the 'Exploration Mine' and the Drill Ride) and 13 after defeating the final Brute. For your Chapter 13 save, take the Elevator up to watch the cutscene of the Marker, then ride back down and save so if you die you don't have to rewatch it.

Here are some additional threads with tips from other members that may prove useful.

Hardcore Tips by SquaredSumo705

Hardcore Tips by Jumnious

Hardcore Tips by DreamDevice

Clean Cut10
Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun Primary Fire shot (single player only)   (18) 

You should still have your Line Gun equipped after buying it from the Chapter 2 store. You will encounter your first Lurker in Chapter 5. After the Zero-G sequence in the Coffin-Processing Plant, you will eventually enter an air duct and will fall through into a dark room below. Proceed through the hallway and you will be attacked by two Lurkers.

They are one of the smaller necromorphs with three tentacle-arms extending from their back. Wait until all of the tentacles are straight up in the air, perpendicular to the ground (their attack position), hit the Lurker with stasis and move to its side so the arms are lined up and take the shot using the Line Gun's primary fire.

Lawnmower Man10
Kill 4 enemies with the same Ripper blade   (22) 

The schematic for the Ripper can be found in Chapter 5 behind the rotating orb that you must use stasis on to pull down the arms in order to shut it off and intiate Zero-G. Proceed to the next store and buy and equip it. Make sure not to replace the Line Gun as one of your weapons as you will shortly encounter a Lurker for Clean Cut. Once you make it into the main hall of the Church, after encountering two Lurkers, you will be attacked by a giant necromorph that tries stabbing you with a spike extending from it's mouth. After it climbs away, you will get attacked by a group of the Pack. Use the primary fire on them and continue holding down aim until the achievement pops.

Fully Loaded50
Simultaneously have four completely upgraded weapons   (26) 

In order to upgrade your RIG, stasis and four weapons, you are going to need a total of 82 power nodes, which can be found in the game world (light purple glow), in blue and yellow containers on the wall, or as a reward in certain fights (such as Brutes and chapter bosses). Power nodes can also be purchased from the store for 10,000 credits each. To upgrade your items, you will need to find a work bench. Once at the work bench, you must fully upgrade your RIG and stasis for Fully Outfitted and four weapons, which then must be carried at the same time, for Fully Loaded. Each upgrade costs one power node and you must fill in every colored space with a power node in order for the achievements to unlock. For the Stasis and RIG that will mean every node and there are none you can skip. However, for the weapons you can usually skip 2 - 3 blank slots on each.

It will take a total of 30 power nodes to upgrade your Stasis and RIG for Fully Outfitted (12 nodes for Stasis and 18 nodes for RIG). Once you get this achievement you can respec each for 5,000 credits and get the 30 nodes back to use for your weapons. After respec-ing, you will need an additional 52 nodes. Depending on what weapons you are upgrading will determine the number of power nodes needed, but the cheapest 4 weapons require a total of 82 power nodes (Plasma Cutter 18, Detonator 20, Ripper 22 & Pulse Rifle 22). If you sell everything but these 4 guns you can get this on your first playthrough. You can just as easily use the power node glitch found HERE. Thanks to jpric18 for the video and for finding this glitch.

The Sampler Platter20
Kill a Necromorph with every Weapon in the game (single player only).   (30) 

This requires that you get a single kill with all 10 weapons available in the retail game. NOTE: If you get a kill with a particular weapon and then die before the next checkpoint, you will not get credit for that weapon. Special weapons that come with the DLCs or Collector's Edition COUNT towards this achievement. You will not have to buy the retail version of that weapon. If you dont have the CE or any of the DLCs, you should have all of the weapon schematics by the end of Chapter 7. This can also be finished on New Game+ if you happen to miss any schematics. A guide to the schematic locations can be found HERE. The guns you will need to get kills with are as follows:

  • Plasma Cutter: Chapter 1 through normal game progression

  • Javelin Gun: Chapter 2 Store (no schematic needed)

  • Line Gun: Chapter 2 Store (no schematic needed)

  • Pulse Rifle: Chapter 3 Schematic

  • Ripper: Chapter 5 Schematic

  • Detonator: Chapter 5 Schematic

  • Seeker Rifle: Chapter 6 Schematic

  • Flame-thrower: Chapter 6 Schematic

  • Force Gun: Chapter 7 Schematic

  • Contact Beam: Chapter 7 Schematic


Lightspeed de Milo10
Dismember the Lightspeed Boy Statue    (14) 

In Chapter 3, you will come to a “shopping mall” called The Concourse. Upon entering, look to your left and you will see a giant spinning statue of a “boy in a blue suit”. You must shoot off his head and arms for the achievement. If you happened to miss this on Chapter 3, you will find the statue again in Chapter 6, when you return to the area.

Looking good10
Purchase the Advanced Suit    (36) 

The schematic for the Advanced Suit can be found in Chapter 11. After disabling the giant red space lasers, you will enter a room with catwalks. After being attacked by Pukers, Lurkers and Elite Slashers, continute out through the door. You will be in a small hallway with a door on your left that is behind a barrier of detonator mines and a power node door on the right. You will find the schematic inside and after purchasing the suit at the store, the achievement unlocks.

Fully Outfitted30
Upgrade your RIG and Stasis completely   (4) 

See "Fully Loaded".

Picking favorites30
Upgrade 1 Weapon completely   (5) 

See "Fully Loaded".

The Engineer10
Collect 10 Schematics   (3) 

Schematics have a dark purple glow and are the blueprints required to buy new weapons and get certain upgrades for ones you already own. Many schematics are locked behind doors that require a power node to open, so I recommend always keeping at least one power node on you at all times so that you won’t miss getting any of these. You should have this achievement by Chapter 6 and the text guide for schematics can be found HERE.

My Boom Stick20
Kill 6 enemies at once with Line Gun's Alt-Fire (single player only)   (20) 

First you need to purchase the Line Gun from the store. The Line Gun's secondary fire shoots a timed mine. Target a large group of necromorphs and shoot it into them and watch limbs fly! Upon first entering the "mall" of Chapter 3, you will hear a "music box" begin to play and then be attacked by a large group of the Pack. Shot the timed mine and lure the group into it. NOTE: Keep your Line Gun in your inventory, as you will need it again for "Clean Cut" in Chapter 5.

Shock Therapy10
Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use its Alt-Fire to shock 3 others (single player only)  (15) 

You should have purchased the Javelin Gun at the first store you came to in Chapter 2. After the Zero-G Trash Compactor sequence in Chapter 3, you will insert a power core into an outlet to restore power to an elevator. Take the elevator up to the Cassini Tower Apartments. Follow the hallway until you see a Slasher corpse on the ground inside one of the apartments. As you approach it, hit the Slasher with the primary fire of the Javelin Gun and then use its secondary fire to shock the Swarm surrounding it. This can be done almost anywhere there are large groups of enemies. The video below shows two of the many locations it can be done.

Collect Peng20
Find the Peng treasure    (36) 

The Peng treasure can be found in Chapter 7, in the “Main Frame” room. You will know when you are here as the entrance to the air duct is surrounded by fans that are illuminated by blue and orange lights. Enter the air duct and crawl through into the room on the right side. Remove the fuse panels on the wall with TK and kill the Swarm behind the panel on the right. On the ground you will see a diagram of the fuse locations in red. You will need to remove the fuses from the the left and middle panel and place them in the panel on the right as they are shown in this diagram. Once complete, the diagram on the floor reveals a console that you must activate. Crawl back out through the event and you will be back at the start.

Activate the panel next to the air duct, so that you now gain access to the room on the left. Crawl back through the ducts and you will be in a room similar to the first. As you approach the left side of the room, a Super Slasher will come out of the vent by the air duct. After killing it, proceed with the fuse puzzle exactly as you did in the first room, following the diagram on the floor to move the fuses into the correct positions on the left panel. Once complete, activate the panel again to open the 'Main Frame'. Now remove the fuses you just placed and rearrange them until they all glow purple. Head to the vent and activate the panel that displays the fuses in purple and the air duct will rotate again. Climb through to find the Peng treasure and many other goodies.

The Librarian10
Collect 100 logs    (9) 

Collectible logs will appear with a bright white glow. As you progress through the game, you will recieve many of these logs automatically in the form of a blue audio bar or video appearing in front of Isaac. Other logs you will practically stumble over as you follow the main path. Very few logs are hidden from plain sight and as such you shouldn't need a guide for this. However, for all of you completionists out there, click HERE.

The Electrician10
Collect 10 Semiconductors   (5) 

Semiconductors have a whitish-blue glow to them and have no purpose in the game other than to provide extra credits. After defeating the Hangar Boss at the end of Chapter 1, you will have an idea of what to look for, as he will drop your first one. You will find semiconductors quite abundant as you journey through the Sprawl and should have no problem getting this early in the game.

Secret Achievements
The Fugitive50
Escape the Facility    (7) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

Cross your Heart, Hope to Die30
Survive the Eye Poke Machine    (25) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

The Final Sacrifice50
Destroy the Marker    (10) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

Clever Girls10
Survive your first encounter with Stalkers    (20) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

Torment Me No More20
Kill the Tormenter    (6) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

The Graduate20
Win the fight at the School    (6) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

Patient on the Loose15
Get your first Suit    (4) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

Survive the Train Sequence    (3) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

One Small Step10
Get through the first Zero-G area    (1) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

Hornet's Nest30
Destroy the Tripod Nest    (11) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

Snare the Shard with the Ishimura    (12) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

Knock Knock25
Complete the Drill Ride    (4) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

Elevator Action15
Knock off every Tripod during the Elevator Sequence    (84) 

In Chapter 7, after going into zero-G to activate the two thrusters on the bottom of the elevator, make sure you go back up to the store and buy the Detonator gun and plenty of ammo if you have not already done so. It is important that you save the game because if not you will be stuck at the checkpoint at the top of the elevator without the achievement if you happen to not get it. The Solar Array Elevator Sequence will place you on a large elevator with 7 windows looking out at Saturn. Activate the control and stand in the center and you will soon be attacked by Tripods in the windows. One shot from the detonator gun will knock them off. If they are hanging on by one arm, DO NOT worry about it because they will fall off on their own. After you knock one off, go and stand by where it was, making it less likely you will be hit as they will rarely appear in the same window consecutively. You can also do this same strategy easily with the Force Gun. If you get to the top and the achievement doesn't unlock, quit to the menu and reload your save.

Shut Down10
Defeat the AI    (6) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

Powered Up15
Complete the Solar Array Puzzle    (11) 

This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

DLC: Severed
Price: $6.99 USD Achievements: 8 Points: 250
Grind House20
Severed: In the grinder room, cause an enemy to die in the grinders.    (25) 

I missed this the first time through because I was playing on Zealot. If you want to get this on your Zealot playthrough you can attempt to use the Force Gun to simply push an enemy into the grinders.

However, with ease you can simply make a Necro walk into the grinders. When you step into the room with the grinders you can walk onto the little platform that puts you above the grinders. Avoid killing the two slashers and run right past them, get onto the little platform before them. The slashers should be sprinting after and will attempt to do their charge-slash attack sending them off the edge - Netting you an easy 20.

Another strategy that seems to be working better for people can be found in this video - Credit to FSparacino4.

King of the Hill20
Severed: Defend the quarry platform until the door unlocks.    (14) 

Anyone who has played Multiplayer will remember the map, Titan Mines; in which you must assemble and then defend the bomb on the raised platform. The platform in which you see a team member be transformed into a Twitcher will be the platform you will want to remain on.

Upon activating the time sequence in which the doors will start to be unlocked put yourself between two desks with your back against the railing. No enemy will climb up and over so don't worry about being ambushed. You will be attacked by Pack, Twitchers, and Leapers; keep a wary eye on each ramp and gun down any Necros that rush you.

There will be announcements throughout this sequence that will let you know how much time you have remaining and will countdown from 10 eventually. I received the achievement when the countdown reached 2 but just to careful I advise remaining on the platform till it dings.

Video Walkthrough - Credit to FSparacino4.

Peng Me Again20
Severed: Find the Peng treasure in Severed.     (15) 

An easy and simple find. Video Walkthrough - Credit to FSparacino4.


Remember the Alamo20
Severed: Kill 16 or more enemies in the final last stand combat sequence.    (14) 

During this sequence you must blow up the 4 locks/fuses on each corner of the large airlock door. While your attempting to do this you will be swarmed by numerous amounts of Necros. You must simply gun down 16 of the Necros while destroying the fuses simultaneously. After I destroyed the 3rd fuse I turned my focus entirely to the Necros. The achievement will pop as soon as the 16th Necro is killed; upon getting it destroy the last fuse.

If you fail, a simple 'Checkpoint Restart' for the win.

Video Walkthrough - Credit to FSparacino4.

The Veteran50
Severed: Complete on Zealot difficulty.    (23) 

Beat the game on Zealot; there is no guide just tips.

Tip #1 - Conserve ammo. Even if you sold your guns and only kept the Plasma Cutter you will be getting ammo for different weapons so it is not like DS 1/2.

Tip #2 - Watch your back! Anything can kill you if they hit you in the back and Severed features a lot of enemies that will crash through vents behind you.

Tip #3 - Foam Finger. If you earned it, feel free to use it because well... you earned it. While it will take away from the suspense and scares that Dead Space is about it pretty guarantees you an easy 50.

Tip #4 - Aim for the limbs! Anyone who plays Dead Space knows this... the same applies to this DLC.

Tip #5 - Use Stasis! A lot, Twitchers, Pack, and Leapers comprise the majority of the enemy encounters. Keep plenty of Stasis around to stop these fast-moving Necros...

Secret Achievements
The Betrayal50
Severed: Complete Chapter 1.    (2) 

Unmissable. Story-related.

The Sacrifice50
Severed: Complete Chapter 2.    (1) 

Unmissable. Story-related.

Ship Shape20
Severed: Take out the gunship within 30 seconds.    (21) 

Right before entering this area you will have a save point to the right making an obvious heads up that your approaching a 'boss sequence.' This is the starting area to Chapter 11 in DS2 after Issac used the Ishimura to pull back GovSec.

Using to run into the area get to the very forefront of the platform to where can position behind the crate. To the left of this crate is an explosive barrel; using TK pick this up and shoot it at the gunship. Immedietly after hitting the gunship look to the left on the wall and you will see a re-loadable explosive barrel dispenser. Grab one and throw it at the gunship. Wait a moment and repeat. It was 3 successful hits in Zealot mode to bring down the gunship.

You will get the achievement seconds after the 3rd barrel hits the gunship and a dialogue starts up. If you didn't, simply press start and restart checkpoint and attempt it again.

Video walkthrough - credit to FSparacino4.

Game Info
Visceral Games
Electronic Arts


US January 25, 2011
Europe January 28, 2011

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