Dead to Rights: Retribution

Dead to Rights: Retribution Achievement Guide

Guide By: Cla55y, Gerror
There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 59 (1245) (1000 offline in the retail release)
-Online: 1 (5) (Uploading a score in the DLC "Riot Control Mode")
-Approximate amount of time to 1250: 8-15 hours to 1000/5+ hours for the DLC
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1-2
-Number of missable achievements: 0 with mission select.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats known
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: 0
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to the Dead to Rights: Retribution achievement guide. I found this game to be thoroughly enjoyable and extremely easy 1000. I have given this game a 4 out of 10 because some people may struggle with some of the aspects of the game. Someone who grasps the concept quickly will find this to be a 1 or 2 out of 10.

This game shouldn't take you longer than 10 hours but if you don't get many golds in your initial playthrough then it will take longer.

Playthrough 1:
You are going to want to start straight in on Detective difficulty to make this game quicker on yourself. Once you have selected that get going on the prologue and unlock:

"Once Bitten

After you have completed this move onto Mission 1 where you will control Jack for the first time. Make sure you have a collectible guide handy from this mission onwards as well. There are 5 badges per level. This level is where you will unlock most of the oddball achievements such as “Get ready for a surprise!”. Also, on this level make sure you rescue ALL the hostages to get the “Protect the innocent” achievement. Also go for as many disarms in this level as possible too because the enemies become harder to disarm in the later levels and you will want to be using a weapon for most of the game after the first few missions. After that mission you should hopefully have unlocked the following:

"Crossing the line"
"Get ready for a surprise!"
"That's what you gets!"

If you have done a lot of disarms and takedowns you will also unlock:

"Bring a gun to a fist fight"
"Crime and punishment"

But if you haven't don't worry keep at them and you should unlock them within the next couple of missions.

Ok, Mission 2 is where you are going to want to farm all the combat related achievements you can. At the very beginning of the mission you will be in a boxing ring with Frank. After unlocking the “Shown the ropes” achievement DO NOT ring the bell. Keep fighting Frank and complete the following achievements:

"It’s all in the timing"

Of course you don't have to do them right now but this is where you will need to come back to if you decide to do them later. I'd advise doing them now as hand-to-hand generally seemed like a bad idea on Detective.

Also in this mission is where you will want to get the “Headbanger” achievement.

Carry on with the mission, making sure to pick up all the collectibles. By the end you should have unlocked:

"Man's best friend"

Depending on how well you have grasped the controls you will also unlock:

"Perfect balance"

But if you haven't, don't worry i'll be covering this in the Mop up section as well.

Mission 3 sees you finally being able to order Shadow around. So you can start working on Tag team kills now going for 20 in a level for the “Finish him Shadow!” achievement. You can do this in any level obviously so try and get it done early so you can concentrate on just getting through the harder levels without worrying about that. You can also go for headshots to get the “Boom” achievement but you will be pulling off incredible amounts of headshots in the later levels so be more concerned with the tag team kills.

By the end of this mission you should have:

"Dog tag"
"Commuter disruption"

and possibly:
"Finish him Shadow!"

If you don't have these then make sure you concentrate on headshots and tag team kills in every level from now on. Past mission 4 though it starts to get a little bit tougher.

Mission 4 sees you take control of Shadow again. By the time you finish his section at the beginning you should have the “Dog's dinner” achievement but this will come before the game is over anyway without you even trying so don't panic if you haven't unlocked it just yet.

I feel I should warn you about 1 section in this Mission that can be a HUGE pain. Towards the end of mission you will have to defuse 3 bombs within a time limit. This can be very frustrating on Detective difficulty. My advice would be shoot for the head and send Shadow after everything. After defusing the bombs on the sides watch out for overhead snipers.

After this mission you should have
"Dog’s dinner"
"Guard dog"
"Apparently I CAN kill you"

Mission 5 is where it begins to get tough. This is due to the fact you will now meet the GAC for the first time and they are more armored than the standard triad forces you have fought. If you don't have the disarms by this point it might be a bit tricky trying to do them now as you need to pummel the GAC a bit before you can take their weapon away from them. At the beginning of this mission when you are controlling Shadow make sure you get 10 silent kills to unlock the “Shhhhh” achievement This mission should net you these achievements:

"Got your GAC"
"The battle, not the war"

Assuming you have gathered all the badges up until now you will unlock

"The Price of Justice"

Mission 6! More than half way. However the hard stuff is still to come so don't get comfy just yet. Mission 6 sees your first encounter with the GAC tank. A fairly menacing a first glance but with his obvious weakness he isn't so bad. Shoot the canister on his back to unlock the “Smile, you son of a ...” achievement.

By now you should have unlocked most of the miscellaneous achievements. So after this mission just push for the end. This mission should get you:

"Smile, you son of a…"
"Canine fodder"
"Air traffic control"

Mission 7 has you carrying Faith to the medivac and taking out spotlights. Its a fairly straight forward and easy mission which will unlock:

"Just gimme the bottle"
"Keeping Faith"

Mission 8 only has a solitary story related achievement, but it is a very easy mission. So if you feel confident enough with the controls and have not yet unlocked it go for the “Got your back” achievement. Keep shadow close and abuse the infinite ammo inside Temple's body armour. Get hold of an LMG and spray everything that moves. Once you get down to the ground floor and take out the GAC tank down there its onto Mission 9 having unlocked:

"GAC hawk down"

and possibly

"Got your back"

Mission 9 is actually pretty tricky and I'd consider one of the hardest missions in the game. You start off outside the police station and must take Temple inside to get locked up. Mysteriously his body armor has disappeared so there is no more infinite ammo unfortunately. Push on through here and clear out the station. Once you have finished sniping the remaining forces from the rooftop its on to mission 10 (the final one).

You will have unlocked the following from Mission 9:

"Throw away the key"
"Run out of town"

Mission 10 is actually easier than mission 9. There is only 1 hard part and that is just after the sniping section in the command room. There is a box here with LMGs inside so I would grab one of those and try and stay near the box for ammo when you need it, this section is over when you get a cutscene with the police walking through the door and you get your companion back. Carry on through the mission to complete the game and unlock;

"Honor the dead"
"Dog of war"
"Doing it the ol' fashioned way"
"Just like Dad would have done"
"Best cop this city's ever had"

Mop Up:
By now you should have most of the achievements. Just go back through the missions you didn't get gold and improve to such a standard. Doing this should get you “Perfect Balance” and “First at the scene” if you haven't already unlocked them. If you still haven't got them load up a level you know well on Cadet difficulty and do it there (NOT the prologue as this doesn't count).

Also if you haven't completed a level without dying load up a mission between 3 and 10 (id recommend 8 with the infinite ammo on offer) and take it slow and carefully.

This should have by now netted you your 1000 in the game. If not refer to the guide for more details on individual achievements you are missing.

The GAC Pack adds 250 and ten achievements for 400 MSP. This brings the total possible score of 1250 and 60 total achievements. The guide for these achievements are detailed after the rest of the game's guide below. You will need to be connected to buy the DLC, so it should be no problem uploading a score to Xbox Live (happens automatically anyways when connected).


[x360a would like to thank Cla55y for this road map]

Just like Dad would have done15
Complete the game on any difficulty level 
See Retribution

Cadet is the easiest difficulty.
Best cop this city's ever had25
Complete the game on OFFICER difficulty 
See Retribution

This is the “Normal” difficulty.
Complete the game on DETECTIVE difficulty (2) 
Detective is the games “Hard” difficulty The achievements stack so to make it quicker just go straight in on Detective.
Crossing the line15
Defeat the Enforcer with a Takedown 
Mission 1 (Not the prologue) after the tutorial for fist fighting you will come to the towers foyer. Here you will meet a large topless man with tattoos. He is an Enforcer. Proceed to attack him and eventually you should get a prompt on your screen to press do so and you should get a cutscene where you do something brutal which results in his death. This is a Takedown.
Shown the ropes15
Complete the fight with Frank. 
At the beginning of Mission 2 you will be in a boxing ring with your dad (Frank). Here it will teach you about combos and other fist fighting techniques. Complete all these tasks and the achievement will pop up.

Note: Once you have done this you can stay in the ring and farm other achievements as long as you don't hit the bell. The achievements you can unlock here are as follows:

"It’s all in the timing"
Perform a silent kill with Shadow (2) 
See "Shhhhh", but you only need to do it once
Smile, you son of a…10
Take out a GAC Tank (1) 
You will first meet the GAC Tank in Mission 6. You will get a mini cutscene introducing you to him. He has a big yellow canister on his back. Shoot this enough and he will explode.

I found the sniper rifle most effective on him as it only takes one shot to the canister to take him down.
That's what you gets!10
Kill an enemy by knocking or throwing him off a ledge (1) 
In Mission 1 after taking down the Enforcer and traveling up the elevator you will will be taught about disarms. In this area you will need to clinch (+) and take an enemy hostage () and move over to the railing and hit +up on . You will then kick the enemy over the rail to his death.
Got your GAC10
Take a GAC hostage 
Mission 5 is where you first meet the GAC forces. You will need to take one of them hostage by clinching (+) and the hitting to take him hostage.
Get ready for a surprise!10
Leap over and kick an enemy from cover 
In the same area as described in That's what you gets!, take cover behind a block with an enemy taking cover on the other side, the hold up on the and hit to jump the cover and you will automatically kick the guy on the other side.
Complete any level (excluding the Prologue) without firing a shot (1) 
I did this on Mission 1. Its easy enough on Officer difficulty (Normal) but to do it even easier do it on Cadet (Easy). Just disarm everyone with a gun and proceed to beat them up and take them down. Also if there is a ledge nearby take the enemies hostage and kick the over the side as described in That's what you gets!”.

Another good mission for this is Mission 2.
Crime and punishment15
Perform 50 takedowns 
To perform a takedown you will need to beat up an enemy enough to the point where he is holding his face and no longer fighting back. At this point you will get a prompt to press and you will get a brutal cutscene where you execute the poor. It doesn't matter if its a shooting takedown or a hand-to-hand takedown.
Dog’s dinner15
Perform 50 Shadow kills 
You will get this before the end of the game. There is 2 ways to get these. The people you kill in the sections where you are controlling shadow count towards this as well as pressing to order Shadow to attack while you are controlling Jack.
Bring a gun to a fist fight15
Perform 50 disarms 
To perform a disarm press while fighting an enemy, however the GAC enemies you must punch a few times before you are able to do it. You will get a prompt to press when you are able to do so.

You should get this before the end of the level you are going for the Brawler achievement on.
It’s all in the timing15
Perform 50 counters (1) 
To perform a counter you must hit just as the enemy is throwing their punch. Do this 50 times and the achievement is yours.

You can also get this achievement at the beginning of Mission 2 when you are fighting Frank in the boxing ring. See Shown the Ropes for more details on what else you can achieve here.
Perform 200 3-hit combos 
A 3-hit combo is a combo consisting of 3 button presses E.G. ,,. Do this 200 times to unlock the achievement. Chances are you will unlock this in a playthrough just from button mashing your through the fist fighting.

This can also be unlocked in the Frank fight at the beginning of Mission 2 (See Shown the Ropes)
Perform 100 5-hit combos 
Just the same a “Featherweight” except this time you need to do a 5 hit combo. E.G. ,,,,+

If you aren't adept at combos you probably won't unlock this in a playthrough but it is another one that can be farmed at the beginning of mission 2 in the fight with Frank (See Shown the Ropes)
Dash evade 50 strikes 
To perform a dash evade you must hit and a direction as the enemy throws their punch. You will move aside and his punch will fly past you. Repeat 50 times for the achievement.

This is another one that can be farmed at the beginning of Mission 2 in the fight with Frank (See “Shown the Ropes”)
Dog tag10
Perform a tag team kill with Shadow 
See “Finish Him Shadow”, but you only need to do it once for this achievement.
Head banger10
Open 10 doors with a hostage head (4) 

When you grab an enemy and take them hostage (clinch with + then tie up with ) you can run around with them as a meat shield, when you come to a door and open it you will open the door with them. When I did it it he opened the door with them but it wasn't their head, it was their chest so the description is slightly off for this one but it doesn't make a huge difference.

To get this easily follow this method: (Thanks to ponypo2001):
There is a double door towards the end that goes into a warehouse with a single thug. If you grab him and bash his head into the door then move backwards, the door closes and you can do it again till achievement pops. This saves reloading your game.

Another place is in Chapter 2. After you get the key with Shadow and you are controlling Jack again carry on for a bit until you get to an outside section with a chain gate with a forklift next to it. Reload the checkpoint that is just here then turn around and run back inside the warehouse and grab the enemy that is inside. (Clinch with + then tie up with ), then run him over to the chain gate and open it up with him. Reload checkpoint again and repeat.

NOTE: the elevator buttons you will press with Temple in mission 8 DO NOT count towards this

The price of justice10
Collect 25 cop badges 
See "Honor the dead"
Honor the dead30
Collect 50 cop badges 

There is an outside website with a badge guide:


There are ten missions, with 5 badges per level.

Perform a Shadow groin takedown (1) 
This will most probably be your first achievement. In the prologue where you are controlling Shadow protecting Jack. Sprint around and hit next to an enemy to rip them apart. Eventually he will attack their groin and the achievement will unlock.
Medal of merit25
Bronze rating on every level 
See Medal of valor
Medal of bravery50
Silver rating on every level 
See Medal of valor
Medal of valor100
Gold rating on every level 
This is actually extremely easy. When you are playing on hard you will most probably get most of them, if not all. But to mop up the ones you missed you need to get as many bonuses as possible.

I did this on Officer difficulty and although you will get a bigger multiplier on Detective it could be a struggle getting Gold on them due to the extra time and deaths it will take to complete the level (Officer has a 1.25x and Detective has a 1.5x)

The bonuses are as follows:
Clear Time – Finish the Mission as fast as possible, this goes up to a score of 3000

Variation Bonus – Mix your kills up between Shadow, Shooting and Hand-to-hand. This goes up to a maximum of 1500

Survival – Don't Die (1000 possible)

You want to get as many of the following as possible all up to a maximum of 1000 points:
Takedowns -See Crime and punishment
Headshots – See Boom
Stealth Kills – The sections where you control shadow, don't get seen while you take out everyone. See "Shhhhh"
Tag Team – See Finish him Shadow!
Complete any level with 10 silent kills, on OFFICER or greater difficulty. (8) 
Mission 2, once you get control of Shadow hold to sneak around and pick the enemies off 1 by 1. The enemies are really dumb so you don't need to be incredibly stealthy to do this but be as careful as possible anyway.

Once you are next to an enemy you will get a prompt to hit . if underneath the picture you see the words “silent kill” this will count as one of the 10.

This will unlock at the mission results screen so keep count so you know if you will get it.
Perfect balance30
Achieve maximum VARIATION BONUS on any level (excluding the Prologue) 
See Medal of valor

I'd Recommend Mission 3 for this.
Get 30 headshots in any level, on OFFICER or greater difficulty. 
Line up your shots and shoot enemies in the head. You will know when you get a headshot as the game will go into slow motion for a few seconds. Repeat 29 more times for the achievement.

This will unlock at the mission results screen.
Got your back30
Complete a level without Jack or Shadow dying (levels 3-10) (5) 
Select Mission 8 on Cadet and take it slow. Don't send Shadow off to kill anyone to avoid him going down. If you have to revive him you will have to start over. The reason I say mission 8 is because once you have Temple hostage you will have unlimited ammo so try and get hold of an LMG and just spray everywhere. When you are low hold while you have Temple hostage and it will refill your ammo.
First at the scene30
Achieve maximum CLEAR TIME BONUS on any level (excluding the Prologue) 
See “Medal of valor”

I'd recommend Mission 1 for this.
Finish him Shadow!25
Combine Jack and Shadow to kill 20 enemies in any level, on OFFICER or greater difficulty. 
I'd recommend Mission 9 for this on Officer. Mainly because you will always have Shadow and it's a fairly lengthy mission. Just shoot an enemy and order Shadow to attack the same enemy. Your shot should make the enemy recoil so Shadow can rip him apart. Repeat this 19 more times and the achievement will pop up at the end of the mission.
Secret Achievements
Once Bitten15
Clear a path for Jack 
Story Related. This will unlock after completing the Prologue.
Protect the innocent15
Save the hostages (2) 
This is the only secret you won't get from just completing the storyline. In Mission 1 there are 3 sets of hostages to save. NONE OF THEM CAN DIE. The first set is where you are first taught about the focus mode (). There is one guy here holding a hostage.

Later on in the level you will come across the next set with two enemies patrolling them, again, use focus mode and take both out QUICK before the other shoots a hostage.

The third set is the same as the 2nd set except they will be at the bottom of a set of stairs, again use focus mode and quickly dispose of these two.

The achievement will unlock straight away if you have saved them all.
Help Jack and Frank into Milton 
Story Related. This will unlock just after you finish the Shadow section in Mission 2.
Man's best friend15
Acquire Shadow 
Story related. This will unlock after Mission 2.
Commuter disruption15
Cause the train crash 
Story Related. This will unlock after Mission 3.
Guard dog15
Drag Jack out of harm's way 
Story Related. This will unlock at the beginning of Mission 4 right after the Shadow section when you drag Jack out from under the train.
Apparently I CAN kill you15
Defeat Tseng 
Story Related. This will unlock at the end of Mission 4.
Find a way to get Jack through the gate 
Story Related. This will unlock after the Shadow section in Mission 5.
The battle, not the war15
Escape from the GAC 
Story related. This will unlock at the end of Mission 5.
Canine fodder15
Shut down the electric fences (1) 
Story related. This will unlock after Shadow is done urinating on the 2 generators to let Jack through.
Air traffic control15
Destroy the choppers 
Story related. This will unlock just before the Riggs fight in Mission 6.
Just gimme the bottle15
Get Jack to the bar in one piece 
Story related. This will unlock after the shadow section at the beginning of Mission 7.
Keeping Faith15
Rescue Faith (1) 
Story Related. This will unlock at the end of Mission 7.
GAC hawk down15
Take out the Gunship 
Story related. During Mission 8 after going down an elevator you will see this gunship and are ordered to take it out, shoot the spotlight first then the 4 blue sensors, then shoot the pilot.
Throw away the key15
Imprison Temple 
Story related. This will unlock during Mission 9 after you rescue the cops from the jail cells.
Run out of town15
Repel the GAC 
Story related. This will unlock at the end of Mission 9.
Dog of war15
Retrieve the security keycard for Jack 
Story related. This will unlock towards the end of Mission 10 right after the Shadow section.
Doing it the ol' fashioned way15
Defeat Redwater 
Story related. This will unlock after the Redwater fight at the end of the game Mission 10.
Cost: $4.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 250
You hear that? We’re official…10
Complete Assault on the 87th Precinct. 
This achievement is gained by simply finishing the new DLC level "Assualt on the 87th Precinct. To access the DLC go to the main menu and select "Downloadble Content" from their find the option "Case files" its under there.
Above and beyond30
Achieve Gold Rating in Assault on the 87th Precinct. 
A guide for Gold on this mission can be found on our x360a forums HERE.
GAC in time for dinner20
Achieve maximum CLEAR TIME BONUS in Assault on the 87th Precinct. 
Play on CADET difficulty and use the seperate DLC Mission Guide to speed through it. Try not to die as this wastes time, this may take a couple of attempts but the more times you play through the more likely you will get the hang of it.
Get 350,000 points in a single play session of Riot Control. 

Riot Control is the new mode that comes with the DLC. This mode is similar to all those “Horde modes” that have been going around recently. You play as Jack who is accompanied by Shadow, there is only one level you can play on which is the Alpha Site Helipad 2. The game consist of 6 rounds which get harder by having more enemies later on. Two bosses appear one on round 3 and another on round 6. Ok first thing you want to do is stay near the helipad area. Go down the stairs where you start and take a left, there should be a box with a pistol in there, don’t use it yet save it for when you are desperate. When you first start the enemies that come will use their fists so try using the ,, ,+,+ combo on them as this deals a lot of damage as well as gaining you “focus”. As you are doing this you may be prompted to do a takedown do this and you will be rewarded with 2000 points. Now when doing the takedown you still have full control of the camera. Try and aim it at another enemy and use the up direction to tell Shadow to attack the other guards. Doing this rewards you with a Shadow take down and a command kill. Scoring more points and a multiplier the quicker you pull these combos and kills off you should notice the bar in the top left fill up. Once this has filled up your fists will be on fire and you have now entered “Retribution mode” this means you get double points on all the takedowns, combos and kills you do. So keep using your fists as this will quickly rack up points as well as an end of round bonus. The more you string the combos together and kills the longer the bar will take to go down meaning you could if your good enough be able to make it last a whole round. Some general tips for this mode:

Don’t use the turret it’s too inaccurate and you open your self to being attacked from behind.

Stay near the helipad area only move if necessary.
Get the LMG whenever you can, this gun deals a lot of damage, especially in Focus mode.

If you are low on health RUN away! Wait to you heal yourself then get back into the fight.

The bosses appear on round 3+6 at the helipad you will know when they are coming as an alarm will sound and a helicopter will land.

Leave the bosses alone unless they attack you once you take enough damage off they will stun you and run away. Leave them there as they won’t attack you and you can kill the rest of the enemies.

Use Shadow as much as you can revive him when he is down he’s quite useful especially when you face tanks.

Don’t stay in the same place too long as you may get sandwich in, keep doing laps of the map so your less likely too die.

Dedication to the cause40
Get 5,000,000 points total over multiple play sessions of Riot Control. 
No matter how many points you get if you die or finish the six rounds it will continuly add up to 5mil. You may at first be only getting 100,000 per game but after a while you may get 500,000 - 650,000 a time so it wont take as long as you think. This achievement will pop the moment you hit 5mil.
Marking your territory5
Upload a Riot Control score to the leaderboard. 
After you have finished all six rounds or if you die, (no matter what score) at the end the game will automatically upload the score for you as long as you are connected to Xbox Live.
Hot head40
Score 500,000 points in Retribution Mode over multiple play sessions of Riot Control. 

See "Contender" for tips on scoring.


Retribution mode is when you have gainied so many points in a short period of time your fists will be on fire.

Retribution Master40
Score 250,000 points from Retribution Bonus over multiple play sessions of Riot Control. 

When the Retribuition Mode has ran out or the round ends you will get a "Retribution Bonus" it can go all the way upto 10,000 points. The longer and more varied you kept your combos the higher the bonus will be. You can have Retribution Mode run out and get a bonus then fill up the meter, multiple times in a single round but you get more points for keeping it there for longer.

See "Contender" if you need scoring tips.

Jack Slate of all trades15
Get 15 unique awards in one round in Riot Control. 
Using the guide provided you should have a few already at the start of the round but I will list the easier ones there are though 33 awards to get. But you only need 15, and it has to be in one round and has to be 15 Different awards. This is best done on any round but round 1 as there is less types of enemies and not enough weapons.

-Disarm Shoot an enemy's weapon to disarm him.
-Explosive Shoot one of the barrels when a enemy is near it to get this one, must kill them!
-Headshot Shoot an enemy in the head.
-Mobile Cover bonus Kill an enemy while holding another hostage
-Massive damage Kill an enemy with significantly more damage than it take to kill him, (use the LMG on a scout or weak soldier whilst in focus mode)
-Dead Eye Kill an enemy with a ranged weapon from long distance. In round 2 towards the end there should be snipers appearing in towers shoot one in the head from the helipad should suffice.
-Tag team Use Jack and Shadow to kill an enemy. While shadow is attacking someone shoot them in the head.
-Cheese! Score the same medal three times in a row(most likely takedown or shadow takedown)
-Overboard! First enemy you see grab them with + and through them over the helipad side.
-Guard break kill Using the ,,++ combo you should be able to get this quite easily. The enemy must be blocking to work though!
-Shadow Kill Use shadow to kill an enemy you can get this as well as:
-Command kill Press on an enemy for shadow to take him down.
-Takedown Hurt an enemy enough untill you are prompted to take down an enemy with the Button.
-Last man takedown Repeat the above but use it on the last enemy.
-Switch style Combine armed and unarmed tactics to kill an enemy.
Secret Achievements
Didn't I kill you already?25
Defeat Redwater in Riot Control. (4) 
May seem tricky at first but don't worry he isn't nearly as hard as he was on single player. He appears midway through round 6 by chopper he should get off the helipad with a few soldiers. Ignore him for now. Unless he comes and directly attacks you use the ,,, +,+ combo as this deals the most damage. After he takes so much damage he will use a flash grenade to stun you and teleport across the map. He will stay there unless you go near him so avoid him and take out the remaing officers first. As soon as you kill him the achievement will pop.

Game Info
Volatile Games
Namco Bandai


US April 27, 2010
Europe April 16, 2010

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