Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm Achievement Guide

Guide By: xRogue 5x
There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 19 (925)
-Online: 1 (75)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-25 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None (with the patch installed, see introduction)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats Available

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan storm is not a very difficult game. However, it is extremely monotonous and has its share of annoying bugs. The only somewhat challenging aspect is the harbor dash missions, but once you get used to the touchy controls these are fairly simple as well. Altogether the game should take around 20 hours to complete.

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan storm used to have a glitch that made attaining the "Strung Along" achievement impossible. This has since been patched and therefore earning all 1000 are now possible. All achievements can be unlocked while playing on the easiest difficulty setting (Very Easy).

Thirteen achievements are unlocked during career mode, five are unlocked by performing side missions, one is unlocked by simply viewing a series of video clips, and the final achievement is online. Eight people are required to complete the online achievement, luckily all that is required is completing an 8-player match. It is recommended to begin by completing the career mode achievements as these unlock missions in the mission mode. Similarly, several missions will have to be completed in order to unlock all of the video clips for the "Northwestern Scholar" achievement.

Step 1: Beginning Career Mode
Complete all of the tutorials. Set the difficulty to very easy and then select your ship. Each year of career mode consists of a king season and an opilio season.

Step 2: King Season
At the start of the king season you should hire 5 unique crewmembers. There are a total of 20 crewmembers in the game and you must complete an entire year (king season and opilio season) with each of them. You may sail to different ports during the 24 hour "Season Starts" portion of the season to look for different crewmembers. A list of all possible crewmembers can be found HERE. For your first season choose a crew with very little experience. By the end of this season (provided you catch a lot of crab) they should each have full morale (the yellow bar next to their picture) for the "Victor Delta" achievement. Next, you must outfit your vessel with gear. It is recommended to always max out your pots and your bait.

Once this is complete leave the dock and take a look at the overworld map and enable the crab survey. This will indicate the best areas to place your pots with deeper reds indicating larger populations of crabs. Once the season starts, sail out to several of these areas and place your pots. Choose around 2 to 3 populated areas to distribute your pots as this will enable your crew to rest in between setting/retrieving the pots. Now, once all your pots are placed let them soak for between 24 to 48 hours before retrieving them. If you have time you can rebait the pots and place them back in the water, otherwise you can store the pots (leave them in the water with no bait) or stack the pots (return them to your vessel). Make sure to have all pots stored or stacked prior to the end of the season otherwise you will be fined a hefty amount by the coast guard for fishing out of season. The length of a season is random but it seems as though the season ends 24 hours after approximately 80% of the crab quota has been collected (this data can be found on the overworld map in the lower left hand corner). Return to the closest dock and sell your catch.

Once the season is over you will have the option to maintain and/or upgrade your vessel. Do not perform any maintenance as this is a source of many bugs in the game. Instead, upgrade your vessel with whatever you can afford. The upgrade panal is on the lower left of the screen and consists of new rudders, engines, etc.. Keep approximately $30,0000 to $40,000 in reserve to outfit your vessel for the upcoming season.

Step 3: Opilio Season
At the start of the opilio season just leave the dock and sim ahead to the start of the season. Then return to the dock and choose the end the season early. This will save you a lot of time as the opilio season is generally less profitable and takes a longer time to complete.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 at least 5 times
You will have to complete 5 king seasons. By now you should have used all 20 crewmembers and, if you had profitable seasons, all ship upgrades. If not, just complete a few more seasons until you do.

Step 5: Remaining Career Mode Achievements
You will have to drop 250 pots in a season (the game treats each pot you drop as 5 so in reality you will have to drop 50). The only other career mode achievement you are probably missing is for spotting a shipwreck, the instructions for which can be found HERE.

Step 6: Beginning Mission Mode
Now that career mode is complete all of the missions should be unlocked and can be accessed via the title screen.

Step 7: Crowded Harbor Missions
There are 5 crowded harbor missions. During the first mission do not collide with anything (i.e. make sure the collision counter at the top left of the screen remains at 3). You only have to pass these missions, you do not need to get gold.

Step 8: Harbor Dash Missions
There are 5 harbor dash missions. You must get gold on all five.

Step 9: Remaining Missions
There are 8 remaining missions, all of which you only have to pass (i.e. you dont need gold). However, you will want to complete the High Seas Rush mission in under 2 minutes for the "Two if by Sea" achievement.

Step 10: The Video Clip Achievement and The Online Achievement
There is no real advice to be given here. Just watch all of the videos during the tour of the Northwestern from the main menu and just complete a match online with 7 other people and these two achievements will by yours.

Overall, this game is a very doable 1000 if you have a high tolerance for boredom and craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........b.

 [x360a would like to thank Domerchu for this road map]

Crab Boat Captain15
Unlock Season Mode   


To unlock career mode you have to play through the tutorial missions. After you finish them up career mode should open up and presto achievo.


Bering Sea Veteran15
Complete a King Season   


In career mode there are two types of seasons King and Opilio. As you play the game will alternate back and forth between the two. You can play through a season of king or you can go out to sea return to harbor and end the season early.


Experienced Crabber45
Complete 3 King Seasons in a single career   


You will get this after your third king season. Don't sweat this one as it will come as you work towards the others.


Man of the Sea75
Complete 5 King Seasons in a single career   (1) 


Again this will come in time as you are working towards the other achievements. If for some reason you finish up the other ones and you have not reached this one yet simply keep skipping seasons until you have finished up king season number 5.


Strung Along15
Drop 50 pots in a Season   


This achievement is not bugged, just a bit odd. Each actual pot you drop counts as five pots in the game, so to drop 50 actual pots you must drop 250 game pots. Put 200 pots onto your boat, drop them, stack 50 pots, then drop that 50 back into the water.


Money in a Cage15
Bring up a full pot of Crab   


I'm not exactly sure what constitutes as a full pot of crab. I believe if you have at least 80 king keepers or 500 opilio it will count. I got this during one of the tutorials but again you will be pulling up a mess of pots during your time in career and you are bound to get it unless you are the single most unlucky person ever.


Big Money75
Sell a Total of $1,000,000 in Crab   


This achievement is culmulative and can be done over the coarse of several seasons. You will probably get this after king season number 2 but atleast by the end of season 3. I was making around 400-500k per king season.


All Decked Out75
Fully Upgrade a Boat   


To get this you will need to purchase all the add-ons for your boat. At the end of each season you will come to the menu where you can make repairs or buy additional things for your boat. Don't worry about all the red bars in which you can put money into to fix them up, those don't matter. What you will need to finish your spending efforts on are the add-ons in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

I will try to list them but again I'm doing this from memory as I don't have the game anymore.

Large Rudder-150k
Live Well Pump-60k
Heated decks and rails-100k
Washing machines-4k
Survival suits-10k
Fire extinguisher-2k
Life Raft-20k
Engine 1-150k
Engine 2-300k
Engine 3-350k

Thats all I can remember but you get the drift. Purchase everything from that box. It will take several seasons; some items such as the later engines don't become available until you have purchased the lower versions.


Mr. Popular75
Earned by using each Fisherman   


When this achievement says fishermen they are referring to the crewmen and not the captains as I had originally thought. There are 20 fishermen in all and you can use five per season. At the end of your fifth season you should get it.

What I did was at the start of the first season I picked five of them and wrote down which ones I had selected. Next, play the season and skip the Opilio season. Then at the start of the next king season I would hire five new fishermen. Repeat this process until you have used them all.

Here is a list of the fishermen.....
1. Edgar
2. Norman
3. Stan
4. Tom
5. Tico
6. Mike
7. Kayl
8. Nick
9. Dan
10. Terri
11. Spike
12. Buster
13. Burt
14. Matt
15. Jake Harris
16. Josh
17. Roxanne
18. Kenny
19. Albert
20. Jake Anderson


Victor Delta45
Complete a Season with all Crew members having very High Morale   


This achievement was also a pain the rear. To get it in theory you have to end the season with all five of your crewmen having max morale (a completely filled yellow meter). I did this on several occasions and no achievement. For other people they had no problem getting it. What I did was make a save right at the end of a season, kept ending the season and if no achievement I would reload my save file. After about 6 or 7 tries of this maybe more the achievement finally unlocked.

Morale Tips: First start by filling your roster with low% fishermen such as Burt or Roxanne. The reason behind this is that the greenhorn's morale will fill up much faster than the more experienced people. Kenny for example takes forever to fill up. First and foremost to raising morale is catch lots of crab. If you are hauling in tons of crab their meter will fill pretty quick. Make sure to give your crew breaks if they ask for them and don't work them too hard for too long. If you notice their red meters getting low, put the little guys to sleep for a while. Play on easy mode because this lessens the rate at which morale drops. You can also add things to your boat that will help such as a tv. Make sure you have someone who can cook onboard because they will be pretty pissed if they don't get some chow.


Harsh Reminder75
Spot a Shipwreck    


First let me say big ups to IXILegionIXL for finding this and posting these pictures of kick assery

From Sea

Plotter Perspective

Plotter Pinpoint


Cetacean Location15
Spot a Whale    


You don't actually have to look at a whale to get this one. As long as a whale surfaces near your boat you will get it. I challenge anyone to not this achievement while going for the others, I don't think it can be done.


Piece of the Pie75
Complete a Multiplayer Game with the Maximum Number of Boats   (7) 


To get this you will need to finish a game of multiplayer with 8 people in it. This is harder than it sounds. The multiplayer setup is terrible, the servers are really bad, it took us 4 or 5 tries to finish it because people kept getting dropped from the game.

1. Set up a boosting party via x360a's awesome sauce site.
2. Create a private multiplayer room. Make sure to set the max players to 8 and turn down the time setting to whatever is shortest (5 minutes).
3. Invite everyone in and once they have readied up start the game.
4. Sit around (no need to fish) for 5 minutes and if everyone is still in the room when the season ends....achievement!


Speed Junkie55
Win a Gold Medal in all Harbor Dash Missions   


This is probably going to be the achievement that will give you the most fits. You start in a skiff and have to race from checkpoint buoy to checkpoint buoy; time is added as you pass each one. In order to get gold you'll have to beat the different missions with a certain amount of time remaining. What makes this so rough is that the skiff controls like a drunken bantha. Also try to avoid the ramps as they slow you down and there are several that cause a weird bug where your ship will nose dive into the water and become a slow submarine.


Two if by Sea75
Beat the High Seas Rush Mission in under 2 Minutes    


Once again you will find yourself into control of that stupid skiff. This time you have to race around the open ocean and you will have to pass through yellow beams of light (much like the ones from the tutorials). You have way more than enough time to hit them all. I got this on my first try after doing all of the races. At this point you should be pretty good at controlling the boat. You have to finish before the timer counts down to 120.


Helping Hand45
Rescue another Ship at Sea   


You will get this during the tutorial missions that you have to play to unlock season mode.


Perfect Positioning75
Finish a Crowded Harbor Mission without any Collisions    


Do this on on the first crowded mission because some of the later ones can be very tricky. Just take it slow and don't hit anything. There is a collision counter in the upper right hand corner of the screen. I believe it starts on 3 and you fail if it reaches 0. You must finish with it still showing 3.
For the complete all missions achievement you don't have to get gold on all of these you just have to finish them.


Semper Paratus45
Beat all Coast Guard Missions   


The next stop in your tour de mission are the coast guard ones. They aren't particularly difficult just follow the instructions given for each mission and you should hammer through them pretty quickly.


Jack of all Trades75
Beat all Missions   


To get this achievement you will need to complete every mission on the mission screen. Some of the later missions won't unlock until you have finished a few seasons in career mode.


Northwestern Scholar15
View all Videos in the Virtual Tour   


Once you have completed Mission 5 – Through the Ice, the entire Northwest Tour becomes available. Got to Extras > Northwest Tour from the main menu, to start this achievement. The following is a list of the videos.

Look for floating yellow question marks and walk up to them until the menu pops up. Press (to start the video), then (to skip). You do NOT have to watch each entire video, skipped videos still count as watched. Question marks only appear from close range so be sure to walk completely around each area, especially the deck.



·Captain Phil vs Captain Sig

·Coast Guard

·Sea Trials

·Docking – This one is outside the actual wheelhouse. From the captain’s chair, turn around and go outside. It’s right in front of you, before you go down stairs.



·Change a Light – This one is actually not on the deck. From the Docking location, head toward the bow and turn right before you go down the stairs. Look at the base of the light stanchion.

·The Coiler

·Scrub Away

·Re-Assembly Pt1

·Re-Assembly Pt2

·Propeller Repair

·Loading Pots

·Shot of Line

·High Energy – This one is just inside the lower cabin, when coming from the deck.



·Nick’s Corner

·Mail Delivery



State Room:

·Nick Reading


Engine Room: Unlocks after completing Mission 5.







·Fire Up

·Main Engine



·Engine Cost


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US June 10, 2008

No videos available
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