Deadlight Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tyger7
There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 29/30 (390)
- Online: 1/30 (10)
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 4 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (though scene select is available for missed collectibles)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Use a collectibles guide. One can be found HERE.

This is a very easy game, especially for the 400 achievement points it gives you. First off, there is no difficulty to pick. You can adjust screen brightness to make things easier to see if you want. You must find collectibles in this game, which is where your actual attention will likely be. You have to complete the level for it to count in your stats for 100%. Each scene can be completed pretty quickly and are all replayable through the scene selection. There are a few miscellaneous achievements to be obtained which are detailed in the guide. There is only 1 online achievement and that is for having a friend who has played the game, and looking at their name in the leaderboards. 

Storage Device Notification
Sometimes after completing a scene, you will get a warning saying something about your storage device not being found. I have seen many of these messages and I haven't really had any problems with lost information.

Step 1: Play through game grabbing all secrets, diary pages, and handhelds
Start the game and have a collectible guide or video handy. Follow it and grab everything. A lot of the achievements are story related or require you to gain the collectibles. You do need to remember to get a few miscellaneous ones done while you play, so check through the guide to find out which ones those are.You may play the handheld mini games as soon as you complete them to beat the easy scores, or play them later through the main menu. There is scene select, so if you missed any collectibles just replay the levels to obtain them.

Step 2: Play the handheld mini games
There are a total of 3 handheld mini games in the main menu. You must have collected them from each scene. Follow a collectible guide in order to gain them all. Play them and beat the high scores to get the associated achievements.

Step 3: Leaderboards/Spreading the Disease
Very easy. All you need is a friend who has the game. If you do not have one, go to the Achievement Trading Thread in the forum to find someone who also needs it, or is willing to help. Go into the leaderboards and as long as the friend is on it, you will gain the achievement.

If you missed anything, there is always scene selection. Just remember that for collectibles, the game is not perfect when saving information. Sometimes you get the saving icon after picking them up, other times you must move on until you see it (either from completing the checkpoint or the whole level). I just complete the whole level to be safe, because I have had to get a few collectibles multiple times. Others report no issues.

Fun Fact
The achievement titles are named after hit songs from the 70's & 80's. Enjoy this compiled song track list as an added bonus. Credittroy0891

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this roadmap]

I Ran (So Far Away)5
Escape from the warehouse    (6) 

Story related, can't be missed.

You will obtain this in Act 1 Scene 1 (Left Behind). After learning how to taunt enemies, you will press a switch to leave the warehouse area.

Pickin' Up Strangers20
Find all the IDs   (10) 

IDs are a form of the "hidden secrets" you can collect in the game. There are a total of 15 IDs to find. As long as you collect all of the secrets, you will get this achievement along the way. Follow the guide below for all secrets.

Go HERE for a collectibles guide.

Forget Me Nots25
Find all of Randall's memories    (3) 

This achievement requires all hidden secrets to be found. In scene select or by pressing  while in a scene, you will see a magnifying glass with a number by it. It shows how many secrets are in a level. This way you can keep track of them. These secrets include the stranger's IDs that you find throughout the game. There are a total of 60 hidden secrets. Follow the guide below to get them all.

Go HERE for a collectibles guide.

Flirtin with Disaster10
Tackle an enemy   (1) 

To tackle an enemy, press and hold  to sprint. At full sprint, you should automatically tackle an enemy. You will need enough running room to do this. A decent spot is in Act 1 Scene 2 (End of the Tunnel). Near the end of the tunnel is a door to exit. Before you exit, you can run back to the now approaching enemies and tackle one for the achievement.

Knockin' on Heaven's Door10
Tackle a door    (2) 

Story related, can't be missed.

Within the first level, you will see the tutorial on how to sprint against weakened doors. Follow these instructions by holding  and running towards the planks blocking the door. You have to break the door this way, which is why it is story related.

Wanted Dead or Alive15
Reload the revolver really fast   (9) 

In Act 1 Scene 6 (Checkpoint Charlie), you will come to a memory where you learn how to shoot a gun. Once you get told to shoot a can, don't. Hold the  to draw your gun and press  to shoot all 6 bullets. Now, press quickly to reload your gun. If you don't do it fast enough, you can keep refilling your bullets with the ammo boxes to your right.

Holding out for a Hero5
Reunite with Stella    (1) 

Story related, can't be missed.

You will get this while playing through Act 3 Scene 4 (Arcadia).

Never Gonna Give You Up5
Find Parker in the hockey arena    (5) 

Story related, can't be missed.

This is unlocked in Act 2 Scene 10 (Playoff) at the very end.

Land Down Under5
Follow the Ratman to his den    (3) 

Story related, can't be missed.

This is unlocked at Act 2 Scene 3 (The Den) at the start.

In the Army Now5
Get to the military control    (4) 

Story related, can't be missed.

You will get this in Act 1 Scene 6 (Checkpoint Charlie). You will obtain it just before picking up the handgun.

Spreading the disease10
Get infected by a friend on the leaderboards   (109) 

For this achievement, you must have someone on your friends list that has played this game. Go into the leaderboards from the main menu. As long as you see the name of the friend, you will be "infected". Now back out to gain your easy achievement. 

To find others looking for this achievement, go HERE and post your gamertag.

Invisible Touch20
Beat the high score in Madness Mansion   (9) 

During the Act 3 Scene 2 (Fallen) you will find yourself in a collapsing building for the second time in the level. Once you leap, you will be holding on to a ladder. Fall down to the open vent that has light shining out of it below. Crawl in and grab the handheld. Play it there by pressing  when you collect it, or in the main menu in Randall's Memories, you go to handhelds and it is the first one. You must beat the score of 30, which is a very low score.

How to Play:

Press  to start the game. Move your character around with . There are ghosts trying to light candles to summon a monster. Press or hold  to turn your flashlight on and destroy them. Once you get past 30 points, you may lose or exit and gain the achievement.

No Pain, No Gain20
Beat the high score in Sport Daisy   (7) 

During the Act 2 Scene 10 (Playoff) you will venture through a hockey arena mainly traveling through locker rooms. Once you are out of the locker room area, you will be outside again. You As you head left, you will jump onto an obstacle. Look back and you should see the stadium seating leading up from the hall you came out of. Jump up to it and there will be a shelf to move. Climb up it, and continue on the new path which has you climbing up. Shoot the lock when get to it and continue on. The handheld is at the end of the path (way above the man you must save). Play it there by pressing  when you collect it, or in the main menu in Randall's Memories, you go to handhelds and it is the first one. You must beat the score of 30, which is a very low score.

How to Play:

Press  to start the game. You will be copying the moves of the instructor. To make it a little easier, press  to show the controls. You will be using the shoulder buttons and triggers to copy when Daisy lifts her legs or her arms. The three kids behind her represent your lives/chances. Keep going until you notice your score above 30. Then let yourself lose and back out to gain the achievement.

Let there be rock!20
Beat the high score in Raven Thunder's Rock Legend   (7) 

During the Act 1 Scene 2 (The End of the Tunnel) you will be going down a ladder and should see a pipe tunnel to your left. This is when the game is telling you how to slide down ladders. Jump to this pipe opening and inside is a body. Examine it for the handheld game that you can play. Play it there by pressing  when you collect it, or in the main menu in Randall's Memories, you go to handhelds and it is the first one. You must beat the score of 30, which is a very low score.

How to Play: 

Press  to start the game. Move your character left and right, and when there is a note in front of you, press . You will get 2 points a note. Once you get to a score of 32, you can let yourself lose by not getting any more notes. Now back out of the handheld game to gain the achievement.

What You Need15
Find the first health expander   (3) 

There are a total of 3 of these in the game. They just give you another health block. You will only need to collect 1 of them. It does not have to be "the first one" in the game. Collecting any will get you the achievement.

Act: 1 Scene: 5 (A Chance Meeting)

As soon as the scene starts, go backwards (which is left). Knock down the boards with your axe then crawl under the opening. Run to the body and examine it for a health upgrade.

Goodbye stranger10
Push a zombie over a railing   (4) 

This can be done in a few places, but the one that makes most sense is on Act 2 Scene 8 (Lydia). You will obtain a fire axe on this scene. Once you do, break the lock and kill the first enemy you see. Continue past the other ignoring it. Break the other door down and get the enemy over near the railing. Get on the left side of it and push it until it falls over the railing. 

Don't Lose Your Head15
Kill an enemy with a single melee attack   (3) 

After getting the axe in Act 1 Scene 4 (Outskirts) you will be able to obtain this. As you are fighting enemies during the game, you will likely get this by chance. Hitting an enemy during a swing (pressing ) that makes contact with it's head will result in a decapitation. This will gain you the achievement. Usually this is best done with groups of enemies and swinging randomly at them.

Rust in peace15
Perform a headshot   (5) 

Once you obtain the pistol in Act 1 Scene 6 (Checkpoint Charlie) you will be able to shoot enemies as long as you have bullets. Aim by using  and angle it to their head/face. Now shoot with . You should get a lot of these since it is the most effective way to dispose of them.

Go back to hell10
Execute an enemy   (2) 

The first chance you can get this achievement is in Act 1 Scene 4 (Outskirts). You will obtain the axe. When you come to the first set of enemies in the area, the game will explain how to execute. Knock an enemy over by pressing  to swing your axe. Now get near it and hold  and you will swing your axe down and kill it.

Another one bites the dust10
Perform a combo on an enemy   (1) 

The first chance you will have is in Act 1 Scene 4 (Outskirts). After obtaining the axe, you will fight off enemies in this level at times. Press  twice in a row and you should perform a combo. Your character will swing the axe and then push the enemy with the handle.

Lay your hands on me10
Survive a close encounter   (3) 

This is one of those achievements where you would have obtained it without needing any help. When enemies start grabbing you, the game shows to press  repeatedly to escape. Do this once for the achievement. It can be obtained in the very first level with the enemies.

Roll to avoid lethal fall damage   (5) 

This achievement means to avoid damage, not death. That means if you are too high up, you will not fall into a roll and will die. The first spot to obtain this is listed below. As you are falling, you must hold  to roll once you hit the ground. It is very easy, you just need to find a spot to do it.

This can be obtained in the first level. There will be a point when you find yourself outside and have to climb up ladders. Once at the top, you will have to make your way down the other side. There is a ladder that leads down. Instead of going down the ladder, press  on the railing to hang on it. Press  to let yourself drop. Hold the to roll and gain the achievement.

You will later be taught how to do this, and likely get the achievement there if you had not gotten it yet.

I want it all30
Get 100% of Deadlight   (8) 

In order to get 100% in Deadlight, you must complete all Acts at 100%. There are only 3 of them. You must find all all 3 handhelds, all 10 diary pages, and all 60 secrets (which are also what the IDs count as). The achievement will unlock after beating the game if you got them all up to that point. If not, you can revisit scenes in chapter select.

Go HERE for a collectibles guide.

Come Sail Away5
Make it to the end    (5) 

Story related, can't be missed.

This is obtained after completing Act 3. It will unlock after the credits.

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon5
Face someone from Randall's past in the Park    (2) 

Story related, can't be missed.

This is obtained near the end of Act 2 Scene 8 (Lydia).

Welcome to the Jungle5
Reach the junkyard    (3) 

Story related, can't be missed.

You will obtain this in Act 1 Scene 4 (Outskirts). Once you jump the gap onto a car with an alarm, it will unlock.

Tainted love25
Finish Randall's flashback    (1) 

Story related, can't be missed.

This is obtained at the end of Act 3 Scene 5 (Revelation).

Under pressure15
Finish Randall's nightmare    (4) 

Story related, can't be missed.

You will get this after finishing Act 3 Scene 1 (Nightmare).

Is there anybody there?15
Finish Randall's dream    (1) 

Story related, can't be missed.

You will get this after finishing Act 2 Scene 1 (Dream).

What's on your mind25
Find a page of Randall's journal    (3) 

This can be completed in Act 1 Scene 1 (Left Behind). After getting to the second floor of the area you start in, you'll come to some lockers. Check them for the collectible. There are a total of 10. In the game they are known as "diary pages". 

Go HERE for a collectibles guide.

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