Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition Achievements

Episode 6 Cleared!

Completed episode 6.   
This is a story related achievement and will unlock with natural progression.

  • 25 Zach Morgan
Boss Fight:

Phase 1:
This fight will start after the length cut scene, Kaysen will be hanging from the ceiling of the theater. You need to keep shooting at him until you waste his health bar. Once you knock him down his will jump at you with a rush attack. Complete the quick-time event and he will hit the wall behind you. At this point he will be laying on the floor in front of the stage. Keep shooting him until he repeats the previous sequence.

Phase 2:
You will enter another cut scene where Kaysen will transform into yet another abomination. As you continue past the cut scene you will need to complete a very redundant and annoying set of quick-time events. This whole section is just quick-time based events so just keep at them until you compete the area.

Phase 3:
This last section of the fight can be quite confusing if you don't know where to shoot. Kaysen will be holding a small doll of himself, keep shooting it and dodging he various attacks. Using the and to avoid his slam attack. Trying to run away from this attack can be quite awkward, Just keep your distance when he's about to hit the ground.

Phase 4:
Kaysen will turn around and hide the doll in his pocket. He will start to hit the ground again, avoid his attack and the streams. Run toward his hand and climb on by pressing the . Run up his arm and shoot the dolls head.

Episode 7:

  • 26 Epilogue
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