Death Smiles (PAL)

Death Smiles (PAL) Achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Rosa's True Power30
Cleared the game using Rosa without continuing.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Second Daughter10
Cleared the game with Follett.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Follett's True Power30
Cleared the game using Follett without continuing.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
To Hell and Back50
Cleared the Gorge and Hades Castle having selected Lv3 for all stages.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Explosives Prohibited30
Cleared the game without using any bombs.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Eldest Daughter10
Cleared the game with Rosa.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Casper's True Power30
Cleared the game using Casper without continuing.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Four Daughters of Dior80
Cleared the game with all characters.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Family Reunion15
Returned Windia to the real world.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Third Daughter10
Cleared the game with Windia.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Windia's True Power30
Cleared the game using Windia without continuing.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Fourth Daughter10
Cleared the game with Casper.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Descent to Hell20
Selected Level 3 five times while playing.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Infernal Scythe15
Defeated Deathscythe, the Wandering Reaper!Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Buried Alive15
Defeated Jordan, the Buried Baron!Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Putting down Roots 15
Defeated Ulan, Conjurer of the Forest!Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Getting Familiar5
Moved your demon friend!Ver 1.1 
Opening Salvo5
Played any mode once.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Continued once while playing.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
The Twin Wyrms15
Defeated Devaria and Givaria, the Twin Wyrms!Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Defeated Jitterbug, He who Opens the Door!Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Emperor of Darkness40
Defeated Tyrannosatan, the Demonic Imperitor!Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Defeated Sakura, Witch of the Bog Wastes!Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Boss Milking15
Defeated Mary, the Giant Cow!Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Flame Dragon15
Defeated Bavaria, the God of Flames!Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Halfway there5
Powered up at 500.MBL (1) 
The Path I Choose15
Returned Sakura to the real world.MBL 
A New Family15
Chose to stay in Gilverado with Sakura.MBL 
Opening the Door to Hell5
Chose Level 999 once.MBL 
Forgotten Guardian15
Defeated Ozier.MBL 
A Challenge from CAVE10
Cleared all 6 chapters at level 999 (continue may be used).MBL 
I'm Home!15
Returned Follett to the real world.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Bath Time!15
Chose to stay in Gilverado with Follett.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Local Girl15
Returned Rosa to the real world.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
My Friends...15
Chose to stay in Gilverado with Windia.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Go Easy on 'Em, Kid15
Returned Casper to the real world.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Seconds Please15
Chose to stay in Gilverado with Casper.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Melancholy of the Eldest15
Chose to stay in Gilverado with Rosa.Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Deathsmiles Virtuoso80
Cleared Deathsmiles Version 1.1 with all maps at Lv3! (No Continues, Ex Map included´╝ë 
Distinguished Angel10
Cleared Deathsmiles Version 1.1! 
Secret Achievements
Hundred Millionaire10
Score has reached 100,000,000 points. (Secret Achievement)Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Double Hundred Millionaire20
Score has reached 200,000,000 points. (Secret Achievement)Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Triple Hundred Millionaire50
Score has reached 300,000,000 points. (Secret Achievement)Xbox 360 / Arcade 
MBL 1.1's Hidden Challenge50
Score has reached 10,000,000,000 points in Mega Black Label 1.1 mode. 
Chose to stay in Gilverado with Sakura.(Secret Achievement)MBL 
The True Tyrant25
Defeated Bloody Jitterbug.MBL 
Everything's Stopped!5
Pressed the pause button during a stage. (Secret Achievement)Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Just Barely!10
Cleared any stage with 0.5 lives and 0 bombs. (Secret Achievement)Xbox 360 / Arcade 
Sweet Tooth10
Picked up 4 life-recovery items in one playthrough. (Secret Achievement)Xbox 360 / Arcade 
I Can't Hurt a Friend!5
Waited for Sakura to explode while playing as Windia. (Secret Achievement)Xbox 360 / Arcade 

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