Deep Black: Episode 1

Deep Black: Episode 1 Achievement Guide

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficult: 4/10
-Offline: 8 (160)
-Online: 4 (40)
-Approximate amount of time to 200/200: 5-6 hours.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Replay of certain areas is necessary).
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No (Playing on easy will unlock all story achievements)
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Deep Black Episode 1 achievement guide & road map. Deep Black was best described to me as a mixture of Gears of War game play with a Dead Space feel stirred with a little bit of necessary 3rd person atmosphere. Its a fun little third person shooter with an extremely weak plot-line with some repetitive combat that generally makes up for the lack of any substantial attachment to the story. Overall the game itself is quick, and you will be happier knowing you have 200 rather than be chomping at the bit for the next episode this summer. Follow this simple guide and road map and you'll find yourself 200 richer and with another arcade under your belt.

Abbreviated Walkthrough
For the walkthrough we are going to simply tackle it in three parts which the first two can be done in any order leaving the third to follow. Just note that the story mode and the multiplayer achievements are fairly straight forward and will be relatively blank as far as juicy details in the guide portion. For the specific kills and data I will give tips and tricks that'll help you achieve these with ease.

Story Mode
We are looking at three achievements tied directly to the story mode itself equaling for a total of 60. There are three acts in the story mode, each containing a different amount of "chapters" per act. I'll give the long list of acts/chapters here, and then again in each achievement's guide with a little more detail:

Act 1:

  1. Descent to Antillia
  2. Lab Work
  3. Underwater Slaughter
  4. Stun Gun Fun
  5. Communication Breakdown
  6. Volcanic Panic
  7. Fire and Water
  8. Narrow Escape

Act 2:

  1. Cancer the Crab
  2. Sub Human
  3. Reactor Reaction
  4. Hangar 18
  5. Advent of Ichthys
  6. The Zealot

Act 3:

  1. Arrival at Channels
  2. In the Floodgate
  3. Opening the Gate
  4. Crab Claws
  5. Wreckage
  6. Death from Above
  7. Death from Below
  8. Blood Under the Bridge

Simply play through the acts/chapters and you will earn three achievements for 60.

Here in the multiplayer section we are looking at four achievements totaling up to 40. The multiplayer itself can be done in a private session in unranked rooms, and it's best to do that. There are a few people playing this game legitimately and could easily ruin your chance at getting the achievements.

Set your first match to 15 kill limit and allow one person to grab all fifteen kills netting three achievements and then going through the next four maps and simply winning the game with a one kill limit and switching off if necessary to help your fellow booster.

Please visit the Achievement Trading Thread to find yourself some fellow gamers to do these achievements with!

The final five achievements totaling 100 could be done after you blow through the story mode, and actually two could be unlocked simply by playing through the game without knowingly going for them. We'll tackle them in detail, and I will provide specific acts/chapters on where/how/when to do them.

After a few hours of playing this 3rd person shooter you should now be looking at another arcade game under your belt and another 200 added to your gamercard.

[x360a would like to thank THE DEADLY DOG for this Roadmap]

Complete the Act 1    

Act one will be the longest and most boring of the three acts containing eight chapters. They are listed as follows:

  1. Descent to Antillia
  2. Lab Work
  3. Underwater Slaughter
  4. Stun Gun Fun
  5. Communication Breakdown
  6. Volcanic Panic
  7. Fire and Water
  8. Narrow Escape

There isn't much to worry about in this act as you'll be getting the handle of the game and controls and ultimately be breezing through this stopping in certain spots if you want to grab the miscellaneous achievements while playing, or later by going back with chapter select. We will go over these spots when we hit the achievements themselves.

Complete the Act 2    

Act two is the shortest of the three acts as two of the chapters are boss battles.

  1. Cancer the Crab
  2. Sub Human
  3. Reactor Reaction
  4. Hangar 18
  5. Advent of Ichthys
  6. The Zealot
Complete the Act 3    

Act 3 will probably be the middle of the three acts when it comes to time spent playing.

  1. Arrival at Channels
  2. In the Floodgate
  3. Opening the Gate
  4. Crab Claws
  5. Wreckage
  6. Death from Above
  7. Death from Below
  8. Blood Under the Bridge

You will have two major boss battles during this act in Opening the Gate chapter and Crab Claws. Some people report a tad bit of trouble with these two bosses so here are some quick tips to help alievate any trouble:

Opening the Gate Crab Boss:
When you are lowered down into the battle area to your right hand side will be an open container. This should be your main station of battle against the crab. The crab uses a machine gun, grenade launcher, and has power shields that reflect all damage. When the shields are down is the only time you can inflict damage. Your best bet is to pop in and out of the container and put some shots/grenades into the crab and then back into the container when the grenades begin to fly. Just as a side note before you entered the crate from the elevator there was a container of ammo, rocket launcher, and a packet of grenades. Refer to these if you need to, otherwise use the infinite ammo on your pistol.

Crab Claws Boss:
The crab claw boss will be a little more dancing around. When you emerge from the tunnel to your right hand side will some big pillars holding up a broken bridge. This is your main point of battle. From the closest of the two pillars you should peak around and deal damage into the crab while keeping in mind that being under the bridge eliminates his grenade attack. An alternate strategy could be to use the building directly in front of you when you exit the tunnel and make sure to remain under roof parts of the building while siphoning ammo.

Hammer of Vulcan10
Kill 5 AD-4 Vulcan Engineers   

I'll post two ways to quickly do this if you've played through the entirity of the game and use the chapter replay technique.

1. Act 1 Chapter 3 Underwater Slaughter

About half way through this chapter you will come up to a part in which you must shoot a pipe to proceed. Shooting the pipe makes a engineer spawn. The engineer will go over to fix the pipe at which point you should dispatch it. Once it's dead, hit start and reload checkpoint. It will put you right before you shot the pipe. Rinse and repeat.

2. Act 2 Chapter 1 Cancer the Crab

As soon as you exit the cutscene of entering the sub you will see the engineer right in front of you. Kill it and reload. Simple.

Nice Ghoul Like You20
Reprogram 10 UD-3 Ghoul Scouts   

You won't encounter any ghoul scouts until late Act 1. In most situations ghoul scouts will be in pairs or groups of more than two. In order to "reprogram" 10 ghoul scouts you need to and then to begin to take control. Reprogramming takes about five seconds. Once you take one over, quickly move to the next and try to take that over. Rinse and repeat or continue on. You will meet about fifteen scouts throughout a playthrough on easy so you don't even need to keep switching between two scouts you encounter. This represents one of those achievements that could come naturally.

You could always load a checkpoint after you try to reprogram two scouts.

Shotgun Wetting20
Get 50 shotgun kills   

This should be one of the first you get whilst playing the storymode. You grab the shotgun early on, there is plenty of ammo throughout the game, and kills count even if you die or reload a checkpoint.

Intel Analyst20
Recover 10 data discs    (3) 

*There are not 10 different data discs in the game! This must be checkpoint loaded*

Best spot to get this would be in Act 1 Chapter 2 Lab Work.
The game actually makes collecting this data disc an objective. Once you grab this disc run into the next room and allow the soldier there to kill you. It will reload you right in front of the door to get the data disc. Rinse and repeat until the achievement pops for you.

Electromagnetic Pulp30
Kill 20 enemies with the EMP attachment grenade   

If you are keen on killing groups of enemies with grenades this should be no problem. If you want to get it done with the usual checkpoint loading method follow the following little tip:

About half way through Act 1 you will be making your way to a pier. That will be your actual objective, and you will come upon a narrow path way down to the pier area upon which you will fight your first twin blade soldier. The reason I suggest this spot to boost the kills is because there is a grenade box right before you begin down the narrow path way, and the checkpoint load is actually right before you begin to go down it.

Win a multiplayer match on each of the 5 maps   (5) 

There are only five maps to choose from. Simply create a kill limit of one game and allow you and your partner to win the map and then move onto the next. Can be done in a custom room.

Win a match without dying   

This is fairly simple and you could do it legit, although with your boosting partner it will be much easier. Can be done in a custom room.

Get 5 kills in a row without dying   

See Megalodon. Can be done in a custom room.

Get 15 kills in a row without dying   

Set the frag limit to 15, pick one of the maps you need to do, and simply kill your partner fifteen times. Can be done in a custom room.

Game Info
Biart Studio
505 Games


US April 25, 2012
Europe April 25, 2012

ESRB: Teen
HDD Space Required : 1.93 gb
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