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Deer Hunter 3D Achievement Guide

Guide By: tylerh1701
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 (excluding the glitched achievement)
- Offline: 20/20 (200)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: N/A 5-7 hours to 175 (Glitched Achievement)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Several
- Number of missable achievements: None (all levels can be replayed)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: All Year Round 25
- Unobtainable achievements: All Year Round 25
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows Phone 7

Deer Hunter 3D is a fun, fairly simple Windows Phone 7 game with 200 . Most the achievements unlock during the course of play, so please see the guide for more info on acquiring each one. Credit goes to everyone on these forums for tips and info they've provided about the glitched achievement and hunting turkeys.

Special Thanks
tylerh1701 would like to give special thanks to fivemesomelager & TNTJudbud

[x360a would like to thank tylerh1701 for this roadmap]

The first Headshot!   

You should be able to get this fairly quickly. But if you are having trouble, complete a hunting trip in America on Rookie and you will unlock a scope. Once you have that, use the Bolt Rifle and when hunting, click on the Scope icon on the left to zoom. Zoom in on an animal's head, tap "Steady", then fire. Should only take a few tries to nail one in the head. 

If you are still having trouble, just keep playing. After a few hunting trips, select "Profile" in the main menu, then select "Skills" and start upgrading your Accuracy. This will reduce the drift on the reticle.
Perfect Headshot!15
All trophies from the day are headshots.   

Like the previous achievement, but you must get all headshots in one hunting trip. I would recommend playing through the game first, and steadily upgrading your accuracy skill. Once I was on level 4 of accuracy this was not very difficult. Use the Bolt Action or Single Shot Rifle in America, use the Zoom and Steady feature, and focus on shooting them right in the head.

Also, aim for the top portion of their head when you can, so if you miss it doesn't hit them at all. Let them scatter and then try again. And if you're not comfortable with a shot, do the same thing. Let them scatter, than find them again on the map and see if your next opportunity is better. I'd also recommend not going for more than 1 animal per hunting screen. 

Clean Kills5
No injured animals for the whole day.   

If you shoot an animal, but don't kill it, it becomes injured. He will run away, and when you return to the map, their paw prints will be red. Track them down and finish them off. I'd recommend getting into this habit, as you also lose points on your final score if you leave animals injured.

Limit includes 1 Deer, 1 Moose and 1 Bear.   

Moose & Bears start showing up in the 3rd difficulty level of North America.

For this achievement, just make sure to kill one of each on one trip. You can see what types of animals you have killed on the right side of your hunting map.
Only The Best5
Bagging the 3 largest animals in the area.   

I got this one by random, you probably will too. If you haven't, I would recommend going to America on Rookie and start "Tagging" animals. (Getting them in your sights so their info pops up, but don't kill them.) Walk around the map and make sure you've Tagged most or all of them, then proceed with killing them, from biggest to smallest. I think there are only about 7-10 animals on the America maps. 

Back By Lunch5
Getting a limit by 10:00am.   

Kill as quickly as possible. As soon as you see an animal pop up, run to it and kill it and as many others on the screen as possible. Any map should be fine to do this on, but if you're on America you can also go after the doe. They are easy to kill and count towards the 5 animal limit that you need to get to.

Identifying every animal in the area.   

I also got this one by random. To get it, go to America and Rookie, and you just need to identify or "tag" every animal in the area. When you're on the map, walk up to paw prints, and when you're on the hunt screen, move your reticle over an animal and their info will pop up. Do this with every animal on the screen, then go back to the map (either through the menu or by shooting and scaring the animals away) and do this with the other paw prints on the map.

All skills acquired.   

This one will be a grind, and in all honesty I don't have it yet. When you go on hunting trips, you acquire skill points. Then in the main menu, if you select "Profile" then "Skills", you can upgrade 4 different types of skills. By my count, you will need 124 total skill points to upgrade everything fully. I only had about 36 points when I completed each of the 4 maps on 4 different difficulties, so it will still take a while once you complete all the levels. I would think playing Northern Mexico on Master would be the quickest way to earn skill points, but I can't confirm that. I had the best luck completing levels with the Black Powder rifle, so that would be my gun recommendation when grinding.

American Midwest completed.    

Complete the American Midwest on all 4 difficulties. If you're having trouble, focus on the biggest animals, use the scope to try and put them down with a headshot, and upgrade Accuracy in the skills menu.

Northern Europe completed.    

Complete Northern Europe on all 4 difficulties. Always go for the biggest animals first, use the Single Shot Rifle if you have it unlocked (because of the bonus), try to kill animals in one shot, and keep upgrading your skills, particularly accuracy.

Comrade Shooter10
Western Russia completed.   

Complete Western Russia on all 4 difficulties. Once you have the Black Powder unlocked, I'd recommend using it. I never had any problems clearing levels with it. Go for the bears first, then moose and large deer, and keep upgrading your skills.

Northern Mexico completed.   

Complete Northern Mexico on all 4 difficulties. I would still recommend the Black Powder rifle. Continue to go for bears first, than moose and large deer, and keep upgrading your skills when you can.

Month Long Hunt15
Play 30 hunting days.    

This achievement requires you to COMPLETE 30 hunting days, which means kill 5 animals and get a final total on a hunt 30 times. Using the High Score counter, it will tell you how many total kills you have. You should be able to divide this number by 5, and that should be how many days you've been hunting, as I don't believe it counts kills from Quick Play or hunts that you don't complete.

HOWEVER, on my personal play through, I didn't get this achievements until I had 165 days, which translates into 33 hunting days. So I don't know if it's partially glitched, or programmed wrong, or the counter on the High Scores screen isn't 100% accurate. But you should get this achievement soon after your 30th hunt. 

All Year Round25
Play 365 hunting days.   (4) 


This achievement should unlock after completing 365 hunting days, which would mean you would have 1825 Total Kills on your High Score screen. I haven't gotten anywhere close to this, but it has been reported in the forums here that this achievement is glitched and nobody has been able to attain it. Keep an eye on the forums to see if any new information is found on this achievement, but for now I wouldn't recommend going for it unless you absolutely LOVE playing this game.

Three In A Row10
Bag 3 animals in one scene.   

See Multi Kill achievement description.

Double Kill5
Bag 2 animals in one scene.   

See Multi Kill achievement description.

Multi Kill15
Bag 4 or more animals in one scene.   

The multiple kill achievements may be a little difficult, especially 3 and 4. I would recommend playing through the game fully, so the animals are more plentiful, so the Compound Bow is unlocked, so you have improved accuracy, and have the sniper training equipment so that the animals don't run. Once you've done that, I would recommend going to America or Europe on Master with either the Compound Bow or Blowgun (I personally used the bow). Once you find a screen with 4 or more animals on it, focus on killing them with 1 or 2 quick shots. The other animals standing around shouldn't run away, so once you kill the first animal, move on to the next one and go again.

This will also work on lesser difficulties all the way to Rookie, but sometimes it's harder to get 4 animals in one scene on Rookie.
Two in the Hand10
Shoot 2 birds in one scene.   

Go to America on Rookie with the Bolt Action. If there is water on your map, walk towards it and find an animal there or wait for one to get there. Once you get into the hunting screen on the water, there should be 2 ducks in a pond. Zoom and kill both of them and the achievement is yours. 

Kill 100 turkeys.   

Another grinding achievement. For me, turkeys didn't start appearing until I got to Mexico, and then after that they would randomly appear elsewhere as well. Unfortunately they are pretty rare, so getting 100 will take a while. 

One strategy is to hunt on a Sunday morning in Russia on Rookie using the Compound Bow or Bolt Action. I ran into 3 turkeys almost every hunt, which means it will take a little more than 33 hunts to reach 100. Also, when hunting turkeys, make sure to bring a bow or blowgun so that if there is more than one on screen, they don't run away. If you are good, you can use the Bolt Action and take down all 3 before they flee. The achievement popped up right as I killed my 100th turkey, I did not need to complete my hunt.
20 consecutive hits. (spanning multiple hunts).   

After beating the game and having improved accuracy, go back to America on Rookie with the Bolt Action. Use zoom and steady to focus on just one shot per hunt screen. Also, focus on the hind quarters of the animal when possible, not only because it's easy to hit, but because it probably won't kill them. That way you can get anywhere from 5-10 hits before you fill your limit, and you only have to redo this method once or twice. For me, the trophy popped up right as I got my 20th straight hit.

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