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Workin’ at the Car Wash

Solo Hard or Ranked: Clean up your opponent with the Car Wash Brush   

For these achievements, you must win a versus match against a computer set to Hard via the options menu. All of these achievements require you to defeat your opponent using the various arena hazards in the game. The hazards must be what finishes your opponent off, but the hard part will be weakening him to the point where it can finish him off. If you're having trouble, adopt the method described to get through Build a Label on Hard for help on dealing with Hard AI opponents.

For this achievement, go to the Gas Station arena. You must finish your opponent off using the car wash brush that pops out from the right side of the area. The brush, unlike most hazards, does not go strictly based on the bass hits. As such, just throw your opponent into the car wash area when given the chance, and they won't have enough time to get away from the brush.

Also, for a good amount of the hazards, you must first damage them before they can deal out damage. In order to damage them, either hit them with a regular attack, or have someone thrown into them. Once they've been damaged, they will visually change, and the next bass hit, will react violently. Use DJ scratches as soon as your opponent is near the hazard, so that you don't have to wait for the song to send him flying.

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