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There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Workin’ at the Car Wash10
Solo Hard or Ranked: Clean up your opponent with the Car Wash Brush 
The Big Burn15
Solo Hard or Ranked: Torch your opponent in the Flaming Gas Pump 
Too Loud, Too Old10
Solo Hard or Ranked: Defeat your opponent by using the speaker blast at The Club 
Hit The Lights15
Solo Hard or Ranked: Use the Light Wall at The Club until it's lights out 
It’s the Amps10
Solo Hard or Ranked: Blow your opponent away with the electrified car at the Block 
Joy Riding15
Solo Hard or Ranked: End the fight with the lowriding impact at the Block 
Heads Up10
Solo Hard or Ranked: Knock your opponent out with the Swinging Light Rig 
Feel the Power15
Solo Hard or Ranked: End a fight at the studio with an electrifying experience for your opponent 
Solo Hard or Ranked: Use the fireplace in the Penthouse to finish off your opponent 
Window of Opportunity15
Solo Hard or Ranked: Throw your opponent out of the window at the Penthouse 
Killer Sound System10
Solo Hard or Ranked: Bring your opponent's health to zero with volume at 11 at the Office 
Going Down15
Solo Hard or Ranked: Throw your opponent into the Elevator Shaft in Troy's Office 
Caution: Wet Floor10
Solo Hard or Ranked: Shock your opponent to victory at the Rooftop 
Smacked Down15
Solo Hard or Ranked: Use the helicopter tail whip as your finishing move 
Look But Don't Touch25
Solo Hard or Ranked: Let one of the dancers defeat your opponent 
Play your "Def Jam Icon" Saved Playlist in My Soundtrack (1) 
Have a record go gold in Build a Label 
Bling Bling10
Have a record go platinum in Build a Label 
KaChing Bling15
Have a record go multiplatinum in Build a Label (1) 
Complete Build A Label Mode on Hardest Difficulty Level (2) 
Producing Mogul10
Release 6 songs in Build a Label 
Top of the Charts10
Have an album reach number 1 on the Charts 
Fashion Icon25
Reach 500,000 Style Points in Build a Label (1) 
Ladies Man35
Have 4 satisfied girlfriends simultaneously in Build A Label Mode 
Represent Yourself5
Change your Signature (3) 
Getting Hot15
Ranked: Win 5 online fights in a row 
Critical Beat Down50
Ranked: Win 15 online fights in a row 
Get Your Mode On20
Ranked: Achieve 50 online wins 
Ranked: Achieve 100 online wins 
Ornery Bastard100
Ranked: Achieve 200 online wins 
Ranked: Have your Taunt Tag appear on your dominated opponent's screen 
Straight Clownin'50
Win a ranked match with 100 total taunts 
Reversals Only50
Beatings with Bass: Solo: Hard: No Strikes, Directionals, Get Up Attacks, or Grab attempts. (1) 
Directional Attacks Only50
Beatings with Bass: Solo: Hard: No Strikes, Get Up Attacks, Blocks, Reversals, Taunts, or Grabs. (2) 
Secret Achievements
Troy's Trophies50
Be Troy Dollar and protect your trophies while fighting a solo match (1) 
Brother's Store50
Be Dr. Chang and protect your brother's convenient store during a solo match 
Protect Your Crib50
Complete a Fight without the glass wall breaking in your crib in Build a Label 

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EA Chicago
Electronic Arts


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