Defiance Achievements


Get a gold rating in the Emine Arena

This arena throws fire into the mix with some annoying raiders and uncanny afflicted. You will need to get to 9,999 points in order to snag the gold, and remember, free 2,000 if you survive. You have two main options: Distance or Invader carnage. Personally I went with the invader as the bugs will devistate at a distance, and will help even the odds against those riot shielders. If you went with the distance method I would suggest a strong assault rifle and a shotgun for upclose battles.

I go with the Invader yet again with a blast shotgun as my backup. The key to remember this time around is that each progressive round will add fire obstacles to the arena, which can be either a great boost, or a hurtful element depending on how you play it. I decided to stick with the Invader because taking enemies from a distance and then working on the ones I could keep my chain going with helped me kill 2 birds. If you do even 1 damage to an enemy that then runs into and dies because of fire you will get full points for the kill. Your bugs will also go out and wound enemies that will in turn run into the flames and die. I once again went with overcharge as my active ability because of its power to not only take down enemies quickly, but with the auto-reload and the increased damage for bugs, it made for a devastating tool in the later rounds on the bigger enemies.

The rounds here should not be too taxing with each one adding a few differences. From the first round you will see the majority of the enemies you will face throughout the entirety of the arena which consists primarily of raiders and later afflicted. By round 3 you will begin to run into afflicted as well as an arena that is covering about half of the escape routes and close quarters with lines of fire making escapes a little more hairy. The important thing to remember is sticking to the outside ring of the arena, but focusing your blasts at the enemies in and round fire. There will be plenty of opportunity to take out the stragglers that will harass you on the outskirts, but a majority of the enemies go toward the middle first and then out. The Raider Tanker is the one enemy I advise you do not waste your time on. Hitting him in the back and making sure he goes down takes too much effort and will drain your Invader clip quickly. If your bugs take one down, power to them, but do not waste your time.

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Trion Worlds
Trion Worlds


US April 02, 2013
Europe April 02, 2013

ESRB: M for Mature
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