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The Snake's Bite

Complete "The Snake's Bite II" pursuit

"The Snake's Bite II" pursuit requires you to kill many enemies that only spawn when at Threat Level 9 or 10. If you're low-level EGO, you probably won't encounter these on your own, so go to more populated events, like Arkfalls, Incursions, or Sieges. Thankfully, you do not need to get the kill-shot on these enemies for them to count; they simply need to be killed after you've already shot them.

Here's a list of the enemies, and where to locate them:

  • 25 "Apex" level Hellbug Monarchs - The Sausalito incursion ends at Diablo, where Monarchs spawn quite frequently.
  • 15 "Apex" level Scrapper Omnivolts - The smaller Arkfalls within large Scrapper Arkfalls are good for these, as well as the Scrapworks Salvage co-op map on Expert.
  • 25 "Apex" level Infected Hulkers - These can be found at the end siege of the Madera incursion, which is at Kenn Farm, or at the regular Kenn Farm Siege. Hulkers appear every few waves. When they do, focus fire on them to kill them before the wave ends.
  • 25 "Formidable" level Mutant Minigunners or Grenadiers - Place ark spikes at a Major Impact Site to call down a Major Arkbreak, and hope you get mutants. Tons of both these enemies will spawn in time.
  • 15 "Formidable" level Raider Tankers - You can find these inside Soleptor Excavation co-op map on Expert.
  • 15 "Formidable" level Dark Matter Bulwarks - The smaller Arkfalls within large Dark Matter Arkfalls are good places to find Bulwarks. They also appear in the Scrapworks Salvage and Commander Cronkite co-op maps on Expert.
  • 25 "Ark" level Volge Viscera - These can be found seemingly everywhere: the end siege of the Marin incursion; inside Major and Minor Arkbreaks, and at Volge sieges at the quarry and bath house.
  • 15 "Ark" level 99er Goldrushers - These can be found on The Motherlode co-op map on Expert.

Most of these enemies can be found other places, but these are some of the areas where you'll find them in more concentrated numbers.

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Trion Worlds


US April 02, 2013
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