Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon

Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon Achievement Guide

Guide By: TrinixDMorrison
There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Estimated time for 1000: 15/20 hours.
-Minimum playthroughs: 1
-Missable achievements: The 9 DAHM achievements
-Glitched achievements: None
-Offline: 42
-Online: 0
-Cheats disable achievements: No
-Difficulty affects achievements: No

This is an easy game to complete but it's a pain in the ass to complete because of the amount of bugs and the out-date graphics. The achievements are only single player so you won't need a friend to play with you.

Setting up:
First you need the Maps to check all the items you find because it is really hard to find that only one after completion (believe me). You'll find also the DAHM places on these maps. If you somehow still manage to miss some collectibles, try destroying houses because there might be one between them.

When you are playing the story, try to find as many collectables in a map. You can travel back to places you've been before but it is faster. Also complete the odd jobs, challenges and activate all the landing zones. When you kill a human you will get DNA. You will get your first of 3 DNA achievements in Paradiso which is Biologist by getting a total of 10,000 DNA. The 2nd one in Shen Long Biochemist, and the last one around game completion Brain Surgeon. There are 4 hand weapon achievements and 2 saucer achievements. Just shock (Zap-o-Matic), probe (Anal Probe), bounce (Superballer) and feed (Venus Human Trap) 100 humans for: Shock Trooper, Proctologist, Horticulturist and Furoball Dribbler. For the saucer you must liquify 100 buildings with the Death Ray and take 100 airborne enemies with the seeker drones for: Furon in the Sky and Flyswatter. By activating all the landing zones you get Sacred Son of Arkvoodle. If you have completed half of all the odd jobs you'll get Pox's Apprentice and by completing them all you get The Emperor's Agent.

Los paradiso:
After a couple minutes of gameplay you'll get your first achievement when you've killed 15 mobsters: Sleeps with the Fishes. When you complete all the story quests in Las Paradiso you will get High Roller. When all collectibles are collected you will have earned Paradiso Pursuer. There is one more thing to do in Paradiso: Shoot the propane tank to destroy a building Pro-Pain.

Practically the same as in Los Paradiso. Kill 15 Lunarian Thugs and you'll earn: THQ 1138. For the DAHM achievements: Destroy SUNNY in the Sunnywood sign for The 'Wood. Destroy several humans within 3 seconds with the globe to unlock Globeclotter. And throw an civilian through the donut hole to get Donut Holed. After completion of the story quest you get A-Lister. When all collectibles are collected you will have earned: Sunnywood Seeker.

Shen Long:
Also the same as above besides the DAHM ones. Throw a lot of crates from the shipyard in to the air to get Definitely Not in Kansas for. Use the bowling ball to bowl over at least 3 monks. Use Temporal Fist to aim. Then you'll have Monkish Bowling. You'll have Fist of Furon, Zen Master and Shen Long Scout by completion.

Again by destroying 15 francodyne Guards you'll get The Francodyne Connection. By completing this level you will get Big Fromage and find all Furon nails for Belleville Beneficiary. For the DAHM achievements in this level you will have to throw a human over the arc for Arc de Umph and destroy 3 or more barges in the water by shooting them for Barge Boomer. Which means that you will also get DAHM Master.

4th Ring of Furon:
The last level it is no different from the others. Kill 25 RED Nexosporidium for Red Scare. Complete all the story missions in this level for Furon Commander and find all the Lava lamps to get Furon Factfinder.

By the game's completion you might already have earned the Crypto Sutra achievement by completing all paths of enlightenment. You can earn by Fist Master using Temporal fist 75 times and Masive damage by destroying 500 vehicles. Also when you complete all story missions, odd jobs, challenges and unlock all landing zones you'll earn the last achievement Apocalypse Right Now.


Path of Furon is very identical to the other additions in the Destroy all Humans series. Although now the game is rather out-of-date and seems rather buggy, the game itself is a lot of fun and is a rather straight-forward 1000.


[x360a would like to thank Bartpetat for this road map]

High Roller20
Complete all story missions in Las Paradiso.    (1) 

Story related, cannot miss.

Destroy All Humans!20
Destroy 1,979 Humans.   (2) 

Will most likely come through regular playthrough, but you can use the Deathray on any building in Los Paradiso and then the Abducto Ray on the fleeing mass of people to make things quicker.

Complete all story missions in Sunnywood.    (1) 

Story related, cannot miss.

Zen Master25
Complete all story missions in Shen Long.    (1) 

Story related, cannot miss.

Big Fromage30
Complete all story missions in Belleville.    (1) 

Story related, cannot miss.

Furon Commander35
Complete all story missions on the 4th Ring of Furon.    (3) 

Story related, cannot miss.

Pox's Apprentice20
Complete half of the Odd Jobs in the game.   

See "The Emperor's Agent"

The Emperor's Agent40
Complete all odd jobs in the game.   

Throughout the map there are Yellow Diamonds. These are odd jobs. Simply go to them and finish the mission. Some aren't available until you progress in the game, so check back as soon as you go to a new world.

Note : The third odd job in Los Paradiso won't appear until you obtain the Tornadotron in Shen Long.

Sacred Son of Arkvoodle30
Activate all of the landing zones in every invasion site.   (1) 

Throughout the map there are Blue Diamonds. These are Arkvoodle statues. Activate them, fulfill their requests and you'll have a landing zone for your saucer. Simply go around and activate all the statues in the game and this achievement is yours.

Apocalypse Right Now90
Complete all Missions, Odd Jobs, Challenges, and unlock all Landing Zones.   

If you got both Odd Job achievements, the Arkvoodle achievement and the story progression achievement, all you have to do are the challenges. Challenges are given by Pox. He will have a red triangle over his head. Talk to him and he will give you some challenge with a time limit. Most of these are usually races, so upgrading your jetpack would make things easier.

Note that challenges aren't marked on the map.


Detailed locations can be found in one of two collectibles guides:
Complete Collection Guide
Collectible/Achievement/Challenges Maps

Collect 10000 Furon DNA.   

See "Brain Surgeon"

Collect 1000000 Furon DNA.   

See "Brain Surgeon"

Brain Surgeon30
Collect 5000000 Furon DNA.   

As long as you do all the missions, odd jobs and challenges, you'll easily get these DNA achievements. The final boss gives A LOT of DNA. Just for reference, you should have Biologist by the end of Sunnywood, Biochemist by the end of Belleville, and Brain Surgeon upon game completion.
If for some reason you still don’t have enough, try killing red Nexo guards in the Fourth Ring of Furon.

Sleeps with the Fishes20
Destroy 15 Mobsters in Las Paradiso.   (1) 

In the first mission in Los Paradiso, you defend your casino from mobsters. There will be 15 of them, so simply complete the mission and this achievement is yours.

THQ 113820
Destroy 15 Lunarian Thugs in Sunnywood.    (2) 

Just like in Los Paradiso, your first mission in Sunnywood will pit you against an army of Lunarian Thugs as you protect a news van. Simply kill 15 of them.

Fist of Furon20
Destroy 15 Triads in Shen Long.   

Like the previous achievements, you'll have to protect a business man from the Triad gang in the first mission in Shen Long. Kill 15 of them and this achievement is yours.

The Francodyne Connection25
Destroy 15 Francodyne Guards.   

In one mission where you infiltrate Francodyne Manor in Belleville, you will have to fight his guards. Kill 15 of them and this achievement is yours.

Red Scare35
Destroy 25 Red Nexosporidium Warriors on the 4th Ring of Furon.   

On the 4th ring of Furon, try to cause some mayhem so your alert level will go up. You'll soon see green and blue Nexo guards. The red Nexo guards will show up at an even higher alert level. Kill 25 of them and this achievement is yours.

Massive Damage20
Trash 500 vehicles.   

Destroy 500 cars. Will most likely come through regular play through of the game, but you can also use the Tornadotron to speed up the process.

Paradiso Pursuer20
Find all the Furon Crash Test Dummies in Las Paradiso.    

See “Furon Factfinder”

Sunnywood Seeker20
Find all the Furon Emperor Statues in Sunnywood    

See “Furon Factfinder”

Shen Long Scout20
Find all of Pox's Record Collection in Shen Long.    

See “Furon Factfinder”

Belleville Beneficiary20
Find all the Furon Nails in Belleville.    

See “Furon Factfinder”

Furon Factfinder20
Find all the Lava Lamps on the 4th Ring of Furon.    (5) 

Scattered across each map are 30 collectible items. These aren’t marked on your map, but are rather easy to find. Some helpful tips:
-Many collectibles can be found on rooftops
-Use your jetpack. Collectibles can be found much easier when searching from the skies.
-Level the town. When you can’t find any more collectibles floating around on rooftops, it’s time to destroy the buildings. Some collectibles are hidden in alleys between buildings or even small spaces in the building you wouldn’t usually explore.

Detailed locations can be found in one of two collectibles guides:
Complete Collection Guide
Collectible/Achievement/Challenges Maps

Fist Master20
Use the Temporal Fist 75 times.   

Use the Temporal Fist on a bunch of people (doing this will also help in your Path of Enlightenment – The Path of Time)
You unlock this power in Shen Long. Stop time with , then PK-grab someone and throw them. When time resumes they will be sent flying.

Beat the Furon Librarian's high score in all of the Humania Games.   (3) 

On the 4th Ring of Furon, there’s a Furon named Librarian who runs an arcade with six games. You will have to beat two of his high scores for a mission, so beat the other four games and this achievement is yours.

Shock Trooper20
Shock 100 humans with the Zap-O-Matic.   

Kill 100 people with the Zap-o-Matic. Should easily come through regular playthrough, but you can upgrade your gun to chain on to multiple targets to speed things up.

Probe 100 humans with the Anal Probe.   (3) 

Kill 100 people with the Anal Probe. Note that using it on them isn’t enough, they have to die from the probes. Upgrade the gun to speed things up.

Feed 100 humans to the Venus Human Trap.   

Have the Venus Human Trap eat 100 people. You don’t have to PK and hold someone up to it, it will grab and eat on its own. Good place to do this would be a busy city street like downtown Shen Long or Bellville. Upgrade the size and health to speed things up.

Furoball Dribbler20
Bounce 100 humans with the Superballer.   

Use the Superballer on 100 people. Apparently using it IS enough, as they don’t have to die. Upgrade the ammo capacity to speed things up.

Furon in the Sky20
Liquify 100 buildings with the Death Ray.   

Destroy 100 buildings with the Death Ray. Upgrade the damage to maximum and then hit the casinos in Los Paradiso. They go down really quick compared to the buildings in later levels.

Take down 100 airborne enemies with the Seeker Drones.   

Cause enough mayhem with your saucer so the army choppers and Nexo saucers will come at you. Shoot down 100 of these with Seeker Drones and this achievement is yours. Upgrade the weapon to speed things up.

DAHM Master25
Find all 8 DAHMs.   (4) 

Achieved when collecting each of the eight DAHM's. There are 8 separate achievement for them this one for collecting them all is the 9th.

Las Paradiso - Shoot a Propane tank cluster to blow up a building.   

Go to the Las Paradiso Police Department near the south of the map. South of that is a landing pad. South of that is a gas station. There is a large red propane tank on the side of the gas station. Shoot it, watch the building collapse, and you got your first DAHM.

The 'Wood10
Sunnywood - Destroy "SUNNY" on the Sunnywood sign .   

Not too hard. Go to the Sunnywood sign and use your Deathray and zap away the word Sunny.

Sunnywood - Destroy several humans within 3 seconds with the globe.   (1) 

There’s a giant golden globe in the streets of Sunnywood. PK it and throw it at a group of people and this DAHM is yours.

Donut Holed10
Sunnywood - Throw a civilian through the donut hole.   

If you did “The Wood” DAHM, you may have spotted a giant donut shop nearby. PK a human and throw them through the giant donut for this DAHM.

Definitely Not in Kansas10
Shen Long - Unleash the Tornadotron to throw tons of shipyard crates in the air.   

When Pox gives you the Tornadotron, you’ll already be in the shipyard with the necessary crates. Simply activate the Tornadotron and this DAHM is yours (Pox even says "We're definitely not in Kansas anymore!").

Monkish Bowling10
Shen Long - Use the bowling ball to bowl over at least 3 monks with a single throw.   

As you exit the Monastery, go down the stairs until you come to a square court yard with a group of monks practicing their forms. Don’t go down the stairs to your saucer. Instead, make a quick right. You should see a small rock formation. One of them is rounded and can be PK-ed. This is your bowling ball. Now throw it at the group of monks and hit 3 of them for this DAHM.

Note : It’s easier to hit them if you throw the bowling ball from the air instead of from ground level because the ball often bounces away when it hits one guy. If you throw it downwards, it’s harder for it to bounce away.

Barge Boomer10
Belleville - Destroy the barges.   

When you get to Belleville, there are large boats in the rivers. Destroy a few of these with the Deathray and this DAHM is yours. (I got it after destroying three of them)

Arc de Umph10
Belleville - Throw a human above the Arc.   

In the North-Eastern corner of the map there is a giant Arc, the Arc de Triumph. PK a human and throw them over the arc and this DAHM is yours. Try to throw them from the rooftops to make it easier on yourself.

Crypto Sutra90
Complete all Paths of Enlightenment.   

As you use your psychic abilities, you will gain experience for them and will be able to upgrade them through meditating (accessed by pressing at the landing zone).
Simply complete and upgrade the four Paths of Enlightenment:

Path of Body – Body snatch a lot of people.
Path of Mind – Cortex scan a lot of people.
Path of Space – PK a lot of people, cars, boxes, etc. (just PK-throw a lot of objects)
Path of Time – Not available til you have the Temporal Fist ability. Once you have that, use Temporal Fist on a lot of people.

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US November 03, 2008
Europe February 13, 2009

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