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Clear all missions in Human Mode with an S ranking.   
Whenever you finish a mission, you are graded upon how much time it took you to finish the level, how many style points you received, and how many red orbs you collected, with S being the highest rank you can get. Human mode is a pain to S rank, because the enemies die too quickly to get any good combos off on them. Your main focus should be on time and orbs. Best tip I can say in general about S ranking missions is learn the the game. Level layout, enemy positions, and red orb locations, don't stress yourself out over it, you'll learn with time. For details on level requirements for S ranks, Click here.

Also, see "King of the Palace".
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Comment #1 by VictrixFrost
Sunday, October 30, 2011 @ 11:41:54 AM

Could really use some help S ranking with nero. erm, broke the controller. could be doing mission 2 with my eyes closed and still can't quite get there - am I missing something, maybe hidden orbs or does the secret mission raise style points - does it cost time? idk, plz help

Comment #2 by mudwick
Friday, June 08, 2012 @ 05:10:57 AM

You've probably done this by now. I believe I haven't done this either but I read something stating that if you uncheck some of nero's more powerful moves it will allow you to kill things with longer combo strings.

Also the full charge pistol shot raises your style a whole letter grade, and dont forget to taunt and use Nero's shield.

Comment #3 by mudwick
Monday, June 11, 2012 @ 01:20:10 PM

Just did this, Secret mission does nothing, I'm not even sure if it adds time but I kept doing it and couldn't get it, so skip it.

If you take no damage it will boost your score. Also in the fight where you cross the bridge you can come back and play this part twice, so just go through the door and re-enter cross the bridge and they'll respawn.

To get an S in style you need 6,500 points, in orbs you need 95% ( not entirely sure how this works cause I have finished the lvl with more orbs at 94% but got an A.

In the first area collect all orbs from the trashcans and benchs, in the 2nd area get all the barrels, 2 on first floor and all the ones upstairs, also break the boxes and shelves, in the room where you get the devil bringer grab the orb straight ahead of u in the air and the

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