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Devil May Cry 4 Achievement Guide

Guide By: GameFreak47
There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10
-Offline: 46 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 75-150 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 6
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Devil May Cry 4 is the first game of the series on the 360, and is one of the best action games on it. Veterans of the series will know however, this is a very difficult game to beat, let alone max out. If you are planning on trying to max this game out, be prepared to get your butt kicked, a lot.

So, you want to max out Devil May Cry 4 eh? Well, it'll take more then wanting it for it to happen, as this is not an easy 1000. In the Devil May Cry series, insane combos and obscene fighting is the name of the game.

The Devil May Cry series handles fights differently than most games. Instead of just fighting, you are graded by a combo meter mid-fight, going from D to SSS. At the end of each level, you are graded in three categories, Time, Style, and Orbs. The reason why this game is so hard to max out is because of four achievements, which require you to S-rank every mission on each of the four main difficulties. If that wasn't bad enough, the difficulty achievements require a playthrough on every difficulty, as the achievements do not stack.

There are no missable achievements at all in this game, which is a relief. However, the different achievements in this game are just as hard to complete, ranging from grinding, to pain in the ass collection achievements.

On top of the grinding and collections, you also have three more game modes. One of the game modes, Heaven or Hell, is a unique mode in which everyone, including you, die in one hit, with another mode called Hell or Hell which is similar, except you are the only one that dies in one hit. The last game mode is called the Bloody Palace, which requires you to fight several hundred enemies and nearly all the bosses in the game non-stop.

Step #1: Learn the Game
You're going to be playing this game quite a few times, so take the time to learn the in's and out's and to learn the level layouts. Your first playthrough of the game should be focused on improving your character by maxing out your health and devil trigger bars. On top of this, you should also start stocking up on items scattered throughout each level. So start out playing on Human mode while using the following guides.

Every Item in Each Level
Secret Mission Guide

Step #2: The Long Haul
So, you've maxed out your health and devil trigger, and know a thing or two about the game? Now it's time for the nightmare, S-ranking every level on every difficulty.

S-Rank Requirements

Your best bet would be to start on another Human run and working your way up until you get to the big one, Dante Must Die. By the time you unlock Dante Must Die, you should have a very good idea of what you need to do. Make sure, you go in prepared, having as many items on hand as you can, as you will go through them very quickly. If possible, try to get the Item Collector achievement before starting DMD.

Step #3: Loose Ends
If you were able to finish DMD, you have my respect. Once you've finished it, all you have left is the Heaven or Hell, Hell or Hell, grinding, and the Bloody Palace. Start by going through Heaven or Hell, and then Hell or Hell. Thanks to the super characters you've unlocked from DMD, it won't take to long to finish both modes. Make sure you don't use the super characters to S-rank any levels you haven't already, as using a super characters makes it impossible to do so.

After that's done, it's time for one final challenge, the Bloody Palace. It's not nearly as hard as DMD, but don't relax just yet. Take the time to prepare for it before hand, and remember, take your time, you don't want to have to restart if you make a mistake. Also, don't use a super character here either, as it will also void your chance of S-ranking it.

Bloody Palace Guide

Upon finishing the BP, you may or may not be done with game. If you aren't, then it's time to start grinding. More than likely, you only need a few more kills and proud souls. If you still need both, another run of the Bloody Palace is your best bet.

If you're still having trouble with anything, you might want to try looking at Youtube, as there are quite a few S-rank run videos there. Even if you're not as good as the people there, imitating their strategies help out a lot. For anyone even trying to max this game out, I wish you the best of luck, as there will be much blood, sweat, and tears.
[x360a would like to thank GameFreak47 for this Road Map]

A Comfortable Pace10
Clear mission 11 in Human Mode.   
See "Easier Said Than Done"
Easy Does It10
Clear all missions in Human Mode.    
Human Mode is the easiest difficulty in the game. Enemies do very little damage with attacks, and are not aggressive. When starting a new game, it is recommended to start on Human mode as the difficulty achievements do not stack, and your Health, Devil Trigger, and Skills carry over from difficulties.
Half Way There10
Clear mission 11 in Devil Hunter Mode.    
See "Easier Said Than Done"
Done and Done20
Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode.    (1) 
Devil Hunter is a step up from Human Mode. The enemies themselves take a few more hits, and do slightly more damage with each attack. All in all, not a big step up from Human mode, but enough to keep you on your toes.
Rock and a Hard Place10
Clear Mission 11 in Son of Sparda Mode     (1) 
Son of Sparda is unlocked after completing Devil Hunter Mode. You'll have to fight a few bosses, ALWAYS keep moving and Snatch up in the air with a nice combo to take their health down quick. Mission 11 is the mid-point in the story, right before you finally get control of Dante.
Hardly A Simple Task30
Clear All Missions in Son of Sparda Mode     (3) 
Son of Sparda is unlocked after completing Devil Hunter Mode. There are 20 Missions which take about 20-45min each. Upgrade your moves frequently and collect blue crystal pieces. If you get 4, your health bar will increase. Search for glowing stars (revive health) and complete Secret Missions (blue crystal pieces) also. Good luck. You'll need it. Follow this guide if you are having trouble.
Easier Said Than Done10
Clear Mission 11 in Dante Must Die Mode     
Dante Must Die is unlocked after completing Son of Sparda. You'll have to fight a few bosses, ALWAYS keep moving and Snatch up in the air with a nice combo to take their health down quick. Mission 11 is the mid-point in the story, right before you finally get control of Dante.
All Bow Before You40
Clear All Missions in Dante Must Die Mode     
This mode is unlocked upon beating the game on Son of Sparda. The enemy placement is the same as Son of Sparda,the enemies begin to do substantial amounts of damage, and take quite a few combos to kill. Starting on Dante Must Die, all enemies are able after a certain amount of time, to go into their own Devil Trigger which furthers their their abilities. The amount of time it takes for an enemy to go into Devil Trigger depends on which demon. The weaker demons will take around twenty seconds, while the stronger demons take longer to transform. Bosses will always go into Devil Trigger when on the last two bars of health. Just do your best, and use items like a madman and you should be able to get through.
Step into the Light10
Clear All Missions in Heaven or Hell Mode     
This mode is unlocked after beating the game on Son of Sparda. In Heaven or Hell, everyone can only take one hit before dying, including you. This mode is incredibly easy though, because you only have to shoot an enemy once before they die, including bosses.
Tonight, We Dine in Hell10
Clear All Missions in Hell or Hell Mode     (7) 
This mode is unlocked after beating the game on Dante Must Die. All enemies have Son of Sparda health and placement, while you can only take one hit before you die. You can however, use Super Nero/Dante for this mode to make it much easier, and upon finishing the game get this and the "Speak of the Devil" achievement.
The Best of the Rest20
Clear all missions in Human Mode with an S ranking.    (3) 
Whenever you finish a mission, you are graded upon how much time it took you to finish the level, how many style points you received, and how many red orbs you collected, with S being the highest rank you can get. Human mode is a pain to S rank, because the enemies die too quickly to get any good combos off on them. Your main focus should be on time and orbs. Best tip I can say in general about S ranking missions is learn the the game. Level layout, enemy positions, and red orb locations, don't stress yourself out over it, you'll learn with time. For details on level requirements for S ranks, Click here.

Also, see "King of the Palace".
A Cut Above30
Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode with an S ranking.    
See "The Best of the Rest" for more details. Devil Hunter and Son of Sparda modes are much easier than the other two difficulties due to the fact that enemies can take enough hits to get a good style off of, and the enemies don't do too much damage. You are also given more time to finish the level the higher the difficulty.

Also, see "King of the Palace".
A Stunning Feat40
Clear all Missions in Son of Sparda Mode with an S Ranking     (3) 
See "The Best of the Rest" and "A Cut Above"
Never Say Die50
Clear all Missions in Dante Must Die Mode with an S Ranking     (2) 
See "The Best of the Rest" for more details. The hardest achievement in the game by far. Dante Must Die isn't that hard to S rank, it's just the fact that the game becomes extremely difficult. Don't be afraid to use items to get you through, and be careful is all I can really say. Good Luck!
A Throne of Glory50
Clear all Game Modes     
For this achievement, you must complete the game on every difficulty, and finish the Bloody Palace. Your rank does not matter, and neither does the order you do the modes in. A very time consuming achievement, but it's not too hard to get.
Nothing Left Unsaid10
Clear all Secret Missions   (4) 
For more info and strategies, Click here.
The First Circle10
Complete Stage 10 of the Bloody Palace   
See "Covered in Blood"
The Second Circle10
Clear stage 20 of Bloody Palace Mode   
See "Covered in Blood"
The Third Circle10
Clear stage 30 of Bloody Palace Mode   
See "Covered in Blood"
The Fourth Circle10
Clear stage 40 of Bloody Palace Mode   
See "Covered in Blood"
The Fifth Circle10
Clear stage 50 of Bloody Palace Mode   
See "Covered in Blood"
The Sixth Circle10
Clear stage 60 of Bloody Palace Mode   
See "Covered in Blood"
The Seventh Circle10
Clear stage 70 of Bloody Palace Mode   
See "Covered in Blood"
The Eight Circle10
Clear stage 80 of Bloody Palace Mode   
See "Covered in Blood"
The Ninth Circle10
Clear stage 90 of Bloody Palace Mode   
See "Covered in Blood"
Covered in Blood40
Clear All Bloody Palace Mode stages   
Bloody Palace is unlocked after beating the Game on Devil Hunter, but it is highly recommended to beat the game on Dante Must Die before doing it. Make sure when you do the Bloody Palace, you have at least 2-3 hours of free time, because you have to go through 101 floors of nothing but fighting, with a boss every 20 floors. For more info and in-depth strategies, Click here.
King of the Palace50
Clear All Bloody Palace stages with an S Ranking   (21) 
See "Covered in Blood"

Note: Make sure you do not use Super Nero/Dante if you are going for this achievement. Using Super Nero/Dante will reduce your score by a fifth, making it impossible to S Rank. This goes for all the S Ranking achievements.
Speak of the Devil20
Clear the game with Super Nero (Dante)    
Upon completing the game on Dante Must Die, you will unlock the Super costumes for Nero and Dante. While using these costumes, you have infinite Devil Trigger, making the game ridiculously easy. Simply beat the game on any difficulty for the achievement to unlock.
Complete a Stylish Rank S (Smokin'!) combo.   (1) 
See "Smokin' Sick Style!!!"
Smokin' Style!!10
Complete a Stylish Rank SS (Smokin' Style!!) combo.   
See "Smokin' Sick Style!!!"
Smokin' Sick Style!!!10
Complete a Stylish Rank SSS (Smokin' Sick Style!!!) combo.   (1) 
If you're having trouble getting a combo this high, the easiest way is to go to Mission 11. At the very beginning of the level, you start on the first floor of a tower, and the floor is shaped in somewhat of a circle. Go all the way around until you are across from where you started, and you will see a Combat Adjucator, it requires a Smokin' Sick Style!!! combo to break. Keep switching up your combos and use your Devil Bringer, and it will eventually break. If your still having trouble, make sure you are in automatic mode, and don't forget if you use Devil Trigger, it will also help build up your meter as each attack counts as two hits. If you haven't gotten "Smokin'!" and "Smokin' Style!!", you will get them as you go for this achievement.
Simply Spectacular10
Complete a mission with an S ranking.   
See "The Best of the Rest" for details on S Ranking missions. Simply complete a mission with an S Rank for this achievement.
Modus Vivendi10
Extend the Vitality Gauge to maximum capacity    (1) 
For this achievement, you must collect all of the Blue Orb fragments from each mission and secret mission, and buy the max amount from the store. The achievement will unlock once you beat a level with the your health bar maxed, health doesn't matter. It will take 113,000 Red Orbs to buy all six of the Blue Orbs from the shop. For more info, Click Here, and here.
Bat Out of Hell10
Extend the Devil Trigger Gauge to maximum capacity   
For this achievement, you must buy all of the Purple Orbs from the shop, and once maxed out, complete any level. There are seven Purple Orbs you can buy from the shop, costing altogether 128,000 Red Orbs for all of them.
River of Red10
Acquire 10,000 Red Orbs.   
See "Red Orb Millionaire"
Your Cup Runeth Over20
Acquire 100,000 Red Orbs.   
See "Red Orb Millionaire"
Red Orb Millionaire40
Acquire 1,000,000 Red Orbs.   
For this achievement, you must collect 1,000,000 across all the time you played, so you don't have to worry about saving up Red Orbs for any of these achievements. For a quick way to get some Red Orbs, start up Mission 7. When you start, go down the path until it forks. Take the left path through the log, destroying everything in there for orbs. Once out of the log, go back until you see a Red Orb crystal. Destroy it, and then restart the level. This method should only take about a minute and you should get a few thousand orbs for each go through.
Filled with Pride10
Acquire 10,000 Proud Souls.   
See "Proud Millionaire"
Brimming with Pride20
Acquire 100,000 Proud Souls.   
See "Proud Millionaire"
Proud Millionaire40
Acquire 1,000,000 Proud Souls.   (5) 
This achievement will be one of the last two achievements to get in the game. Even after playing through the game 6 times, S Ranking every mission for 4 of the playthroughs, I still only had only about 630,000. The best thing I can say for getting large amounts of Proud Souls, is to go through and finish the Bloody Palace. Each playthrough can usually get you 120,000 proud souls or more.
Rookie Devil Hunter10
Defeat a total of 100 enemies.   
See "Legendary Devil Hunter"
Skilled Devil Hunter30
Defeat a total of 1,000 enemies.   
See "Legendary Devil Hunter"
Legendary Devil Hunter50
Defeat a total of 10,000 enemies.   (5) 
This and "Proud Millionaire" will be the last achievements you get in the game. There is no way to keep track of how many kills you get in game, so all you really can do is kill, kill, and kill. If your trying to get "Proud Millionaire" as well as this, your best bet would be the Bloody Palace, as each playthrough will get you anywhere from 650-750 kills. Another good place is to go to Mission 6 on Human mode. During the fight with Agnus, infinite Gladiuses appear until you destroy the glass. Instead of throwing the Gladiuses, snatch them, and quickly kill them. Repeat this to your heart's content, and then finish the level.
Item Collector50
Acquire a maximum number of all items    (11) 
Get the max amount of items in the game. So that would mean thirty of every Vital Star size, ten of every Devil Star size, all three Golden Orbs, all six Blue Orbs, and all seven Purple Orbs. Holy Waters do not count towards the achievement, so don't bother buying them. During the game, you can find items in certain locations in each playthrough. For locations, Click here.
Skill Collector - Nero50
Acquire all of Nero's skills   
See "Skill Collector - Dante"
Skill Collector - Dante50
Acquire all of Dante's skills   
For these achievements, you must buy every single skill possible for each of the two characters. This one will take awhile, as you will need around 320,000 Proud Souls to get all the skills.

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