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The Secret's Out

DMC1:Complete all Secret Missions  

You will need to complete all of the Secret Missions for this achievement. I advise doing all these on your first playthrough for 2 reasons:

  • You will get Blue Orb fragments for completing a mission
  • On harder difficulties some of the Secret Missions will be almost impossible.

Some of the missions are exceptionally hard and some will require you to do the mission on your first try otherwise the mission will disappear. When this happens, you will need to press and select 'Reset' then reload your last save.

The locations of the Secret Missions are at follows:

  • Secret Mission #1: Critical Hit - Mission 3: Right after you beat Phantom you need to run back to the bridge that breaks and jump in the water.
  • Secret Mission #2: Phantom Baby - Mission 4: At the very start of the mission, run back through the door to where you fought Phantom.
  • Secret Mission #3: Phantom Baby II - Mission 4: When Phantom chases you through the corridor, it's through the door at the very end.
  • Secret Mission # 4: 3 Beasts - Mission 4: After you have beaten Shadow run back to the room with the hit-switch and elevator and go down.
  • Secret Mission # 5: One-Eyed Evil - Mission 7: Run to the room where you found the Old Key during Mission 6.
  • Secret Mission # 6: Wandering Ghosts - Mission 11: Go back through the door you ended mission 10 at.
  • Secret Mission # 7: Water Cell - After Mission 13 and Before Mission 14: Go back to the captain's cabin on the ghost ship and examine the captain's skeleton.
  • Secret Mission # 8: Treasure Of The Reaper - Mission 15: Go back to the elevator by the waterfall you encountered in mission 14 and examine the portrait of the skeleton.
  • Secret Mission # 9: Stairway Of Tranquility - Mission 16: Exit and re-enter the Colosseum.
  • Secret Mission # 10: Shadow of Darkness - Mission 16: After beating Nightmare run back to the Airplane Room with the hit-switch and elevator.
  • Secret Mission # 11: Blue Gem In The Sky - Mission 17: At the start of the mission turn around and jump through the broken bridge portrait.
  • Secret Mission # 12: Hidden Bangle - Mission 21: Examine the wall directly opposite to the God of Time statue. There is no clear marker to where the mission activates, so just keep mashing

Refer to this guide for assistance with the actual missions.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Hooze2099
Thursday, April 19, 2012 @ 01:17:59 PM

Any guides to finding them all?

Comment #2 by xXWolfRageXx
Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 02:40:12 PM There you go people and there is blue orbs as a bonus ;)

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