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DMC1:Collect 50,000 Red Orbs

This accumulates throughout your other playthroughs, but if you are trying to max everything and buy everything in your first playthrough, you will get it then.

Some good missions to farm orbs are:

  • Mission 4:

After you kill Shadow, while in the courtyard, run up and around the balcony into the room where you knock back the statue to reveal a hatch. Drop down the hatch into the room where the shotgun and judgement key/staff were, then into the long corridor and back into the courtyard where you started. Keep running this route and you should get 250+ orbs per run killing puppets and witches. This is a good early grinding route.

  • Mission 9:

After you kill Griffon, and use Ifrit to light the torches enter the next area. Proceed until the door shields, kill the puppets, and enter the next area. Keep passing through these two areas for a mixture of lizards and puppets.

  • Mission 16:

In the room with the Airplane, if you just keep entering and exiting where you came in you can fight the blue doppelgangers. If you time it right, you can fight a constant stream of these guys in a never ending battle.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by therealagent81
Tuesday, April 10, 2012 @ 05:39:44 PM

For anyone looking for an easy way to grind for orbs early, this is the best way to do it: Chapter 4. At the begining of the level, you are chased down by Phantom to the end of the hall way. Normally, you would into a door, come back out, and he would be gone. However, if you chose to stay and fight him instead and manage to defeat him, he will reward you with 500-700 Orbs depending on your style ranking when you beat him. After you have aquired the cash, hit the Back Button and save the game, then chose the reset opition in that same menu. Reload your save and you will start the level from the begining with your newly aquired blood orbs. It took me about a minute to beat him each time and came out with about 15,000 orbs after doing this for about 20 minutes.

Comment #2 by Prelude2disastr
Friday, April 27, 2012 @ 02:27:56 PM

Also, this is cumulative so don't be scared to buy upgrades for your skills!

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