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DMC2:Achieve an S Rank on any Mission with Dante  

At the end of every mission you're awarded a rank. S is the highest rank achievable. The game takes 5 keys things into consideration when deciding you your rank. These are:

  • Time - How long it took to beat the mission
  • Style - How big your style combo was
  • Damage - How much damage you took
  • Orbs - How many orbs you collected
  • Items - How many items you used

You will need to earn at least three S ranks and two A ranks or four S ranks and either one A or B rank out of the list above to earn an Overall S rank.

Below are the time and orb requirements for Dante's missions to earn an S rank. They are the same regardless of difficulty:

  • Mission 1: 8:30, 300
  • Mission 2: 6:30, 3000
  • Mission 3: 8:30, 4500
  • Mission 4: 9:30, 4500
  • Mission 5: 11:30, 6000
  • Mission 6: 8:00, 1000
  • Mission 7: 8:00, 4000
  • Mission 8: 3:00, 1600
  • Mission 9: 6:00, 2000
  • Mission 10: 5:00, 3500
  • Mission 11: 8:30, 4500
  • Mission 12: 6:30, 3500
  • Mission 13: 2:30, 2500
  • Mission 14: 7:30, 6500
  • Mission 15: 2:30, 3000
  • Mission 16: 9:00, 7000
  • Mission 17: 4:00, 2000
  • Mission 18: 5:00, 2000

Just choose a mission you think you can get an S rank on and practice it. Remember to not use any item or get hit. You'll also need to get a decent combo rating for the S rank in that category.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by therealagent81
Saturday, April 07, 2012 @ 02:30:00 AM

This is rather anyoying achievement, but really easy if you know the right levels to do. I did this on Chapter 15 since it's short and rather easy to S rank as you just need to not get hit and kill all the enemies in the time limit, however, I got an S rank on hard and normal on Chapter 7, so whichever one you pick, it's pretty easy.

Comment #2 by EmmSeeOne
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 @ 04:42:05 PM

Mission 1 on hard mode also works well. I used Rebellion Max with level 1 sub-machine guns. Get an S rank on the first group of enemies on the bridge. Then run until you are trapped and need to kill all the enemies in the area to proceed.
Stay on the bottom area and learn where the enemies spawn which have circular saws as weapons. They are your priority to kill. Get an S Rank here and move on to the room where you get trapped again and there is a lot of the monkey type enemies. Also note store all the devil trigger you have until this room.
I used stinger a lot here to keep my style meter going up and also rolling of course and ranging. Once you hit S devil trigger and lay waste to the enemies using your guns. Then its back to maintaining that combo.
Once out of that room simply run t

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