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Guide By: lucus1987
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 (though finding 3 others to boost with is probably a 10/10).
- Offline: 7/12 (120/200)
- Online: 5/12 (80/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-15 hours (dependant on boosting and skill). 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Level select).
- Number of missable achievements: None (level select; though “Now we're cookin'!" must be done in one sitting). 
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (You need to obtain expert scores).
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: A second controller and account.

Note: This game is no longer listed in the Marketplace.

Diner Dash is a console version of the beloved PC game. Like the PC game, it is point-and-click for actions, but with the switch to an Xbox controller comes shortcuts not found in PC versions.  selects the line, to allow for quick seating.  sends Flo to the drop off line,  sends Flo to the food bar, and  sends Flo to the dishwasher. This makes things a lot easier for Diner Dash vets that are used to the instant mouse clicks as opposed to moving the cursor around to click with the analog sticks.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Diner Dash can really be taken in three steps, though two of the steps will require a few hours investment. Simply purchasing the game will unlock "That's what I call an upgrade!"

For this, just start up Flo's story. Play through the four restaurants (40 levels) for "I ate the whole thing!" If you did not do this in one sitting, you may have to go back and play until you get two Food Critics in one sitting (one comes to each restaurant). Once you're finished with this, if you missed any expert scores along the way, now's the time to go back for them to get "I really ate the whole thing!" Once this achievement pops, you will have unlocked the secret 5th restaurant, Vishnu's Garden Café. Play through these additional 10 levels for "Secret Diner Award;" all you need is to hit goal. Expert isn't necessary.

Endless Mode:
This mode is the shortest of the three, and will only take a little over 10 minutes. Last 10 minutes to earn "Endless, Schmendless," and once that pops, just stop playing. Let all of your hearts run out for "There's always tomorrow Flo.

This will probably take the longest of all the steps. Jump over to the boosting thread to grab some partners. Load up Team Dash (requires 3 players; 2 can be extra controllers), win 10 games, and snag "That's what I call team work!"

With a partner, load up a 1v1 Head to Head match, select Time Wars, and win 10 times. This will earn you "Will Flo please stand up?!" and "There's no time like the present." Rinse and repeat with tip wars to earn "Here's a tip for you...."

Finally, the most challenging achievement of the game, "Workin' nine to five..." You need 3-7 other players (depending on if they have second controllers). You need to win 20 team dash games with at least 3 other teams to net this bad boy.

Well, that's it. Now you've got your full Diner Dash 200, a restored appreciation for the PC version, and a new hatred for boosting. You're welcome!

[x360a would like to thank ScottieElisabeth for this Roadmap]

“I ate the whole thing!”25
Complete all four restaurants in Flo's career     
For this, you just have to complete all 40 levels of the game. If you don't want to get the "I really at the whole thing" achievement, you don't need to worry about score as much. Just try and serve people and get them out of your restaurant as quick as possible.
"I really ate the whole thing!”55
Complete all four restaurants in Flo's career with all expert scores     
Here's the tough one. Every level has a goal score and then an expert score. You must reach the expert score on all the first 40 levels to get this. Here is my process on how I did every level:

NOTE: This is only if there is a podium. If there isn't one, just try and seat the and do everything in combo's.

1. Stand by the podium until the line is out the door or if you're positive you have enough people to fill the seats. Then click to automatically highlight whoever is next in line. Try and seat them according to their size and always try and match as many colors as you can.

2. After you seat them, if anyone in line has less than 4/5 hearts, go stand at the podium again until it activates once. Then go take everyone's orders and then immediately serve them all their food.

3. Once the last order is given, stand at the podium again until it activates. Then go and give everyone their bill, and then take their plates.

4. Stand at the podium again after all the plates are picked up. Sometimes it helps if you stand at the podium until it activates twice. Then repeat the above process.

Some Additional Tips:
  • COMBO COMBO COMBO!!!! Make sure if you're taking one customer's order, you take everyone's order. Same goes for picking up bills and picking up plates. Never take 3 peoples bills, pick up one plate, and then take another 3 bills. The snacks and beverages also break the streak so never give them anything in between your combos.
  • will take you straight to the drop off line once you pick up the order from a customer. will take you straight to the food bar so you can pick up the food. will take you to the dishwasher after you've picked up a set of plates.
  • As for the snacks the customers request in later levels...just try and fit them in between your combo's. They will request snacks while trying to figure out what they're going to order. They will also request snacks while they are eating. It is not necessary to give them snacks either, even though it is worth 100 points. Sometimes its just smarter to stand at the podium to keep 3 people from leaving, or its smarter to keep your combo going of whatever you're doing at the time
  • If you inches from losing a customer at the tables, go grab a quick beverage and drop it off at the table. It will give them a few stars to ensure they won't leave right away.
Endless, Schmendless10
Last 10 minutes in single player Endless Mode on any difficulty   
Easiest way as follows:

1. Seat the first four groups.
2. Take all their orders back to back.
3. Give them their food.
4. Pick up the bills from all of them.
5. Lastly take their plates to the dishwasher.

After that you should have an upgrade available if you kept the combo going through all the steps. Press and select the Podium upgrade. (If you don't have it available, you need to reach another upgrade score which is at the top of your screen.) After you placed the podium down, just simply stand in front of it, and stand there until the achievement pops. Make sure you're standing in front of it so the heart on the podium is filling up every other minute or so.
There’s always tomorrow Flo3
Lose all your stars in Endless Mode on any difficulty   
Simply start Endless Mode and put your controller down. You will lose customers causing you to lose all your stars.
Now we’re cookin’!7
Earn Five Stars over the course of Flo’s career   
When playing each restaurant, you need to keep a eye out for the food inspector. You can check Help & Options if you want to see what she looks like. While you're playing the game normally and you see her in line, quit out of the game and restart that level. You know she will be there again so leave a table open for her, and as soon as she steps in line, place her at the open table. Do all the things she needs quickly, and as soon as you take her bill, she will leave and you will earn an extra star. Do this on 2 levels and you will have your 5 stars.

NOTE: You don't have to get the expert score, you could always come back and get the score at a later time.
That’s what I call an upgrade! 5
Unlock the full version of Diner Dash®  
Once you buy the game, go into the game and the achievement will pop. If you only bought the demo, just click 'Unlock Full Game' and it will unlock once you buy it.
That’s what I call team work!15
Win 10 online Team Dash games!   
See "Workin’ nine to five…"
There’s no time like the present15
Win 10 online Time Wars games!   (1) 
See "Workin’ nine to five…"
Here’s a tip for you…15
Win 10 online Tip Wars games!   
See "Workin’ nine to five…"
Will Flo please stand up?!15
Win 10 1v1 Head to Head Games!    
You need 2 people for this. You have a choice of either doing a tips game or a timed game. Tips are quicker if you can score 5,000 points faster than 5 minutes. If you can't then do timed games. After you win 10 whatever way you want, it will unlock. This can be done in private matches too.
Workin’ nine to five…20
Win 20 Team Dash Games with at least three other teams    (4) 
You're looking at about 6 hours for this achievement. (total for you and all 3 friends.) You need 4 people for this, each person needs a second controller. Sign in guests to each of the extra controllers. Once you have all the teams in the lobby (each person and their guests) you can start. For the first 10, select Timed Games. Set the match to last for 5 minutes, then have each person win 10 times in that mode. You will get "That’s what I call team work!" and "There’s no time like the present."

After all 4 people have won 10 Time Games, exit out and create a match of Tip Wars. Invite everyone and their guests in again, and repeat that same process for this mode. In this mode, you have to score 5,000 points for it to end. Everyone needs to win 10 of these games. You will earn "Here’s a tip for you…" Once you've won a total of 20 team dash games with friends, this achievement will unlock.

  • If 1 or 2 people quit out, you can still continue with the game. As long as at least one person is in the game, you will get credit for winning a game against 3 other teams.
  • If you did your 1v1 first, you might already have 10 Timed Games or 10 Tip Wars. In that case, just win in whatever mode you choose to. You simply have to win 20 games in whichever you choose.
Secret Achievements
Secret Diner Award15
Complete Vishnu's Garden Café      
You can't earn this achievement until you have the expert score on every level. Once you've beaten all 4 restaurants with an expert score, you will be able to select the center restaurant. You don't have to get expert scores on any of the levels, you just need to complete all the levels and reach the goal score. Repeat the same process as you did for the expert scores on all the other levels. At this restaurant you have 4 arms, allowing you to take twice as much as before.

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US November 18, 2009

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