Discs of Tron

Discs of Tron Achievement Guide

Guide By: donkeljohn
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Deflect 7 discs or chasers. 
First make your way to the third match against Sark and there should be four platforms. The AI will be more aggressive and throw more discs your way. Hold down and deflect everything he throws at you. Once you successfully deflect seven, the achievement will unlock.
High Score5
Get first place on in-game score board using default settings. 
Practice, practice, practice and focus on staying alive. Make sure to shoot down any incoming attacks for extra points. Earn more than 32,900 points (in other words 33,000) and the achievement is yours.
Derezz Sark 4 times without using your deflector. 
Simply make it through the first four matches without pulling . It is not difficult as long as you pay attention. Try to anticipate Sark's jumps and throw out three discs at a time to cover a wider spray.
Rock Steady10
Derezz Sark once without moving. 
In the very first match do not even touch the and just shoot Sark down. Not difficult.
One Shot10
Derezz Sark 3 times by only throwing one disc at a time. 
In the first three matches (which are the easiest), be careful to only throw one disc at a time. Dodge any incoming fire and try to anticipate his moves to make it easier.
Sharp Shooter10
Destroy 5 enemy discs in the air in a row. 


In the first match stand in one place. Whenever Sark throws a disc shoot it down and if you are accurate enough you can do it with the first five discs thrown in a game. He usually throws a disc every four seconds.


On the Run10
Stay alive for one minute without getting hit or throwing a disc. 


For this achievement use the first match again. Move to the right side of the platform and Sark will throw a disc. As soon as he does, move to the left side of the platform. Rinse and repeat for sixty seconds and you will unlock the achievement. If things get bad, you can block, just don't throw a disc or get grazed.


Chaser Shooter15
Destroy 5 Chasers or Super Chasers. 


Chasers are the pulsating orbs that follow you. Shoot down those and the orange ones with the spinning discs around them. Each green one requires two hits. Orange ones require three hits. Focus on this during a playthrough and you should not have any problems.


Speed Master20
Win 5 Speed Versus games over Xbox Live. 


First of all, find somebody who owns the game. Plan to meet up and then take turns winning Speed Versus matches. Get five a piece and you are both winners!


Achieve a score of 50,000 or more playing an Xbox Live Co-op game. 


First find somebody who has made it to the top of the online or offline leaderboard. Get together in a lag-filled (that is all of them), Co-op online match and rack up 50,000 points together. Achievement unlocked.


Rack up 50,000 points using default settings. 


Make sure your settings are set to default (athough you can use the newer graphics). Stay alive, focus on incoming fire, and practice a lot to learn the levels. This is challenging but doable.


Rack up 60,000 points without dying. 


The hardest achievement in this (or arguably any arcade) game. Not only do you have to beat that 50,000 mark, but you need to do it again without dying and then score an additional 10,000. Good luck.

Thanks to Ank 1 for some additional strategies:

  • Do it online, the lag makes it easier.
  • Do it on level three, you get more points, and you have three platforms to move around on.
  • Don't just keep randomly firing, you will kill Sark by accident and advance to the next level if you kill him twice.
  • Normal discs should not be a problem to avoid, you should only shoot if you are certain that you are going to hit it, otherwise just dodge them.
  • The green objects he throws are worth 600 points each and he throws two at a time. This is where you can get the majority of your points.
  • When he throws one of the super spinners (the ones that home in) stand at the back of the platform, if you ca not kill it before it gets near you run to the front of the platform then jump to the other platforms, then kill it.


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US February 13, 2008

HDD Space Required : 49.09 mb
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