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Divinity 2: Ego Draconis (NA) Achievement Guide

Guide By: olcsi2
There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Overview :
- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline 41 (1000 )
- Online 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 40+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Are there any achievements that can be missed? Yes
- Glitched achievements? No
- Does difficulty effect achievements? No (you can play on easy and still unlock all)

This is a roadmap, not a full walkthrough. The main and side quests will not be listed here, only some useful tips to make it easier to get to 1000:

- Play on easy, difficulty does not affect achievements and you will not get any extra XP by playing on a harder setting.

- Use your save slots, currently no bugs are known in the XBOX version that would result in achievements not unlocking, but these type of games have regularly such issues and having to go back to a save you made 20 hrs ago is annoying.

- Talk to all NPCs, solve all possible quests. Sooner or later your character will simply be too weak to progress in the main story if you do not level up in the side quests.

- Do the side mission for the Necromancer early in the game. He is located above the burned down chapel in a cave not far from the village, on the right side of the river. You have to kill a few of his creatures in another cave at the foot of the big tower, just next to one of the teleports. When finished, you will be able to create and summon your customized creature. He is great help in all of the battles.

- <spoiler> Before you go to the fourth floor of the Battle Tower to advance the story, you have to finish the following achievements: Lovis Lore-Master, Chicken Out, Cave In, Bunny Bagger, She Never Saw It Coming. If you have any of these missing, make a save before progressing in the main quest. Do not progress at all before having killed the five criminals in the Broken Valley (they are: Hjalmar, Hallorn, Yup'ik, Jagon and Viper) and read the minds of George and Catharine Gremory.

- <spoiler> Similarly, make a save or finish up all the non-story related achievements before you enter the Hall of Echoes. Once you do so, there is no way back as you are about to finish the game. It is also a good time to spend all your money on skills at your skill trainer.

- There is a secret achievement in the game that can be unlocked by killing rabbits until a huge killer rabbit appears to challenge you. He will appear after you have killed exactly 30 rabbits. If you summon him early in the game, you will hardly be able to deal damage to him as the killer bunny is level 22. This can be done also after you gain control of the Battle Tower, so there is no need to hurry with the achievement. In the Orobas Fjords there are significantly less rabbits on the field though, so it makes sense to get close to the required number before leaving the Broken Valley.

- There is an ultimate equipment set of four pieces (Ulthrings leggings, helm, gloves, armor). You can get these items by killing all generals of the flying fortresses: Kali, Raze, Stone, Xalosch. Make sure that when you talk to them, you read their minds, otherwise they will not drop the items. Saving before the respective fights does not hurt neither, in case they do not drop it for some reason, you can always retry.

- Finding the fortune teller's white bunny might be a challenge for some, here is a useful link from the game's homepage. Look for the blue 15, that's where the bunny will appear. This map was made by the user community and though is based on the PC version, I did not find a single difference to the XBOX version, so use it if you do not find a person or a location by yourself.

- Thanks for t1ncup for finding a good English walkthrough.

Dragon Knight99
Finish the game.    (1) 
This is story-based and cannot be missed. It is definitely the most difficult fight in the game. There is also no winning strategy as it all depends on the character you have built during the game. What you can do before entering the teleport after finishing Ba'al a second time is to make a save that you can always go back to. Don't forget to optimize your character one last time. Make sure you pick the best equipment that matches your style, to charm the items that have free charm slots to boost your stats one last time and that your remaining skill points are all distributed on skills that improve the strengths your character already has. When all is done summon your creature and enter the teleport.

Once there, after a cutscene a horde of enemies and two bosses will jump on you. I found it useful in the beginning to run/jump behind the column on the left, because then you will only get attacked by one or two fiends at once. In the beginning try to go for the healer and the ones summoning the soldiers, otherwise you stand no chance. After each kill run to a - relatively - safe position and save. Well, there is not much left to say, once everyone is killed, watch the ending.

Oh yes, once done, watch this level 35 guy and compare your results with his:

Chicken Out25
Kill Casper.    

On your way to the Maxos Temple you will meet a guy called Casper. He is surrounded by chickens and he is standing right before the tight passage before the temple on the left side. He will tell you that his soul was swapped with a chicken’s. You should walk down to the circular area nearby and look for a white chicken. Kill him and Casper will also die instantly.

She Never Saw It Coming25
Scare away the fortune teller.    
The fortune teller is located at the mid-western edge of the Broken Valley map. You will have to fulfill her three prophecies. To fulfill the first you have to go northeast from the fortune teller, past the two deers, up the hill, there is a single grave you should look for. If you run around the grave a bit you get a cut scene when you are at the correct position and all you have to do then is to follow the white rabbit that appears to a chest. Open the chest and go back to the fortune teller.

Her next prophecy is about some guy waiting for you at a bridge. You should walk towards the mine and on the second bridge Serk will be waiting to challenge you. Read his mind and then decide to fight him or leave him alone. Go back to the fortune teller afterward.

Her third prophecy will see you flying. Go towards the Maxos Temple and watch the cutscene. Once on the ground again go back to the fortune teller and ask about your future one more time.
Bounty Hunter100
Bring to justice all of Rivellon's most wanted criminals.     
There are ten criminals that you have to kill for this achievement - five in the Broken Valley and five in the Orobas Fjords. You get the respective quests in the barracks – to the right from the village entrance gate – and in the harbor in Orobas Fjords by entering the side door and going straight and up the wooden stairs. You have to read the posts to collect the quests, take the required memorabilia from the dead criminals and talk to Roland (Broken Valley) and Sajanus (Orobas Fjords) to finish them. The following criminals have to be eliminated:

Broken Valley:
Hjalmar - He is in a goblin camp around the burned out chapel
Hallorn - He is in the tunnel system under the Broken Valley. It has three entrances, easiest to find is probably the one next to the teleport in a goblin camp on the mid-east side of the map.
Yup'ik - He is right to the mine entrance that gets blown up in a cut scene.
Jagon - He is in the Temple of the Dead
Viper - Just next to the southernmost teleport, his camp is well guarded, so save before you approach.

Barnabus - He is in a cave not far from the enormous knight statue.
Alrik - Southeast from the harbor on a cliff is an imp camp
Moor - Once you got Alrik, just fly to the other side of the river and a bit south, Moor will be waiting on a cliff with a teleport.
Alutiiq - He can be found in the mine surrounded by imps, just follow the coast southwards from the waterfall and you will easily find it. The imps around here will anyway be the most important enemies to level you up in the first hours of the Orobas Fjords.
Ragon - He is in a cave located just left from the fortress, it is the same cave where you find the book for Barbatos. In the cave there is a simple puzzle, its solution is to jump on the - counted from your position facing the plates- 3rd, 1st, 4th and lastly 2nd plate.
Turn a Blind Eye10
Cure blindness.    
Go to the Hall of Champions, on the top of the building where the entrance to the zeppelin is there is a teleporter. Enter and you will find yourself on a cliff not far from the huge knight statue. There is a guy Simeon, sitting on a rock who will ask you to get him two pieces of Malachit. The easiest way to get them is to go to Hohenzell and finish the quest for Beatrice, who asks you to take care of the dried well. She will give you the two Malachit pieces as a reward for her quest. Take the items and go back to Simeon.
Pillar of Strength100
Upgrade all your Battle Tower platforms to their maximal potential.    
When you escape Maxos temple and get to the Sentinel Island you will have to pick your staff from two possible candidates for each job (skill trainer, alchemist, necromancer and enchanter). Each candidate has different strengths and who you choose is irrelevant. Once you gain control of the Battle Tower the staff relocates from the island and move to the tower. At this point you can visit them by traveling to their floors using the Dragon Stone.

When you talk to them, you will have the chance to ask them how you can support them and enable them to provide better services for you. In return they will ask you to do favors (killing people, collecting stuff, etc). Finish these quests and then go to your living quarters and talk to Sassan. You will then have the option to ask her to upgrade the respective platform of the tower. Once you finished all quests for all of your staff and talked to Sassan afterwards, the achievement unlocks.
On the Run5
Send one of your runners on a mission.    
One you gain control of the Battle Tower Sassan introduces you to three servants who can collect you plants and other raw materials for potions, enchants, etc. They will stand near the entrance in the main room, awaiting your orders. Send one of them to fetch you something and the achievement unlocks.
Peeping Tom5
Read someone's mind.    
You can get this very early in the game, just press during any of the conversations once you got the mind reading skill (part of the story, on the training level). 
Off the Leash5
Summon your creature.   
Walk to the burned chapel in the Broken Valley and go up the hill on its right side. There is a cave with a teleporter that you have to look for. Inside is a necromancer who will give you a quest. Once you finish this quest and destroy three monsters in a cave at the foot of the tower, return to him and he will be able to build a creature for you. Also you will get the Crystal Skull quest item in your inventory that you can use to summon your new friend. Use it and the achievement will unlock.
Gaining Power5
Level up once.    
You get this in the first – training – location for your first level gain, can’t be missed if you plan to play the game for more than 10 minutes.
Reach an epic level.   
You will get this when your character reaches level 30. No need to worry, there is no chance you can reach the end of the game without getting so far, so you will get this during your normal progress.
Prince Charming5
Charm an item.   
During your travels you will find items that could boost your stats if added to pieces of equipment that have open charm slots. All you have to do is go to your inventory, pick the item, press and select Charm from the menu. You can then choose what stats you want to boost and the achievement is yours. 
Enchant an item.   
Enchanters, such as the one in your Battle Tower or Dreavan in Broken Valley can improve your equipment that has an empty enchantment slot.
Master Brewer5
Create a Potion.   
During your travels you will find recipes for potions and can collect all kinds of ingredients (plants, etc.) as well. Alchemists - such as the one in your Battle Tower are then able to brew the potions you have a recipe and all required ingredients for.
Mater Studiorum5
Make use of your skills trainer.    
 Go to the training grounds using the dragon stone and learn any of the skills from your chosen trainer.
Shop Till You Drop5
Trade with someone.   
You will get this the first time you trade with a shopkeeper. This can be done as early as the training level.
Shape of the Dragon5
Morph into a Dragon.    
Once you gain control of the Battle Tower, you will also have the Morph Stone in your inventory. Look for a place with some room, pick the Morph Stone from the inventory (it is among the quest items) and use it. Your character will turn into a dragon and the achievement unlocks.
Mirror, Mirror5
Make use of an illusionist's services.   
Illusionists can customize the look of your character. There is one on the training level, but in case you missed it there, you can always wait until you move into the Battle Tower where you can ask the illusionist sitting at the huge dining table in the hall.
A Dragon Stone's Throw Away5
Use the Dragon Stone.   
Once you gain control of the Battle Tower, you will also have the Dragon Stone in your inventory. Using the Dragon Stone will teleport you back to the tower. Scroll in your inventory among the quest items to the stone, choose to use it, pick a location in the tower and press
Secret Achievements
All Aboard!25
You finished Farglow. Happy hunting!    

Story-based, so it cannot be missed. Finish the first – training – location 

The Dragon Roars25
You have destroyed Damian's armada and successfully protected your Battle Tower.    
Story-based, so it cannot be missed. This is the first real action sequence using your dragon form. You have to destroy the towers on the flying citadels. Use to lock onto target and to fire. Once enough destruction was made you will be brought back to the Battle Tower automatically.
The Maxos Baedeker20
You have found the book that will lead you to the Hall of Echoes.    
Story-based, so it cannot be missed. Once you fly to Aleroth, Zandalor will test you in two consecutive rounds of timed fights. Goal is to survive the given time without any of the fiends attacking Zandalor. If he gets attacked, the timer resets. The first one is a walk in the park, for the second one I recommend memorizing the pattern of the enemies, since they always spawn from the same position.
You have found the spell that will reveal the Hall of Echoes.    
Story-based, so it cannot be missed. Once you gain control of the dragon tower, go to your bedroom behind the throne and find the scroll by the bed. Pick up and the achievement is yours.
The Damned One10
You met Damian.    

Story-based, so it cannot be missed.

Lovis Lore-Master25
You correctly answered all of the questions about Lord Lovis.    
Once you climbed the big tower in the middle of Broken Valley guarded by skeletons, you will meet the ghost of Lovis. He will ask you five questions that you have to answer correctly. Pick the following answers:

1) Anastas
2) Ouroboros
3) Battle of the 10,000...
4) Ba'al
5) Valley of the Shrines

Path of the Pious25
You have gained entry to the Maxos Temple.    

Story-based, so it cannot be missed.

The Feral Fjords10
You have discovered the Orobas Fjords.    
Story-based, so it cannot be missed. In your dragon tower there will be a teleport that you can use to go to the Orobas Fjords. Use it and the achievement will unlock. Be careful though as the location you will teleport to is full with goblins who will attack at once. Best thing to survive is jump off the cliff into the water.
Hold the Key15
You have obtained the key to the Maxos Temple.    

Story-based, so it cannot be missed.

The Great Escape20
You have made it out of the Maxos Temple.    

Story-based, so it cannot be missed.

Cave In25
You have found Adah and Mahalath's secret cave.    
Once you get to Sentinel Island, to your left you will see a grave with three candles. The main story will require you to stop the wind, so that you can light the candles, but for this achievement all you need to do is jump down at the end of the cliff and enter the cave that is under the grave.
Dragon Ho!25
You have found a true Dragon: the Patriarch.    
Story-based, so it cannot be missed. You meet the dragon in the cave behind the waterfall, after you gave the three seeds to the statues blocking the path. I strongly recommend you make a save before you enter the area behind the statues. The three enemies who appear after meeting the Patriarch can prove to be very difficult for lower level characters. It might turn out that you have to level up before progressing the story. 
Dim Lights, Dark City25
You have discovered Aleroth.    
Story-based, so it cannot be missed. Once you find the nine missing parts of the zeppelin and finish the corresponding quest (given to you on top of the harbor building), you can travel with the zeppelin to Aleroth. 
You have obtained the shield that will protect you in the Hall of Echoes.    

Story-based, so it cannot be missed. 

Bunny Bagger30
You have killed the Killer Bunny.    
This can be done any time in the game before entering the Hall of Echoes. The Killer Bunny appears after you killed a certain number of rabbits in the field, its appearance is not triggered by a specific location or an event. When the number is reached, there is a short cut scene and the Killer Bunny appears. As this bunny is level 22, make sure that you do not go on a bunny killing spree early in the game. The way I did it is that I killed a lot of rabbits in the Broken Valley as there are a lot more of them running around there, but left the last ones for the Orobas Fjords. If you save after every 2-3 bunnies you can plan its appearance and avoid summoning it too early. There is no way to know how many you have to kill or how many you already killed. There are significantly less bunnies on the field in Orobas Fjords so make sure that you are close to the required amount before you finish Maxos Temple.
Castle Crasher80
You have destroyed all of Damian's Flying Fortresses.     
The flying fortresses can be accessed via portals from the Orobas Fjords. The only exception is Kali, whose fortress can be reached by leaving the Orobas Fjords map in the south. The pattern to destroy them is the same for all. Use your dragon form to clean up the towers and barriers so that you can access the command centre. Destroying the fortresses for the achievement actually means to kill the commander of each of them: Kali, Raze, Stone, Keara. In addition, the Broken Valley also houses two commanders waiting to be eliminated: Geshniz and Rayhun. When you kill the last one, regardless in what order, the achievement is yours.
The Sigil, the Seal25
You have found the seal that will open the gate to the Hall of Echoes.    
Story-based, can not be missed. You get it after killing the demon Ba'al in the Mine. Read Ba'al's mind during the conversation with him for a present. When the fight starts run around the arena to kill his minions, especially the healer. When done, you can go for Ba'al.
You have found Michael's raft.    
You can meet Michael on the Sentinel Island but he will just let you know that he is building a raft. Later in the game, you have to go back to the island in your dragon form to search for his raft and land on it as a human. To find it, look on the top right side of the map and fly to the south. It is actually off the map, where there is no poison cloud anymore. Once you locate the raft and land on it, pick up Michael's diary and the achievement unlocks.
You're Going to Die, Charlie1
You have killed Charlie the goblin.    
In one of your first missions in the Orobas Fjords the statues in the cave behind the waterfall will ask for three seeds from three different trees. The first tree, Yggdrasil is located close to the teleport on a small island. Go and talk to the tree, he will ask you to get rid of the goblin Charlie. He is level 23 and has pretty tough hits. Let your creature attack him, jump on one of the nearby rocks where he cannot reach you and use your bow.
Family Fortune30
You have read the mind of the three Gremory siblings.     
All you have to do is read the minds of all Gremory siblings.

  • You meet George in Broken Valley, close to the southmost teleport.
  • Catherine is in the Sentinel Island, at the huge whale corpse.
  • The last of the siblings is in the imp cave in Orobas Fjords (fly with your dragon south from the entrance to Stone's fortress. There is a wooden hatch opposite the middle of the island). He is held as a prisoner.

Once you have read the minds of all three, you can loot their family treasure, but more importantly, unlock the achievement.
Saint or Satan20
You have shown you are either utterly good or evil in Bellegar's cave.    
Bellegar’s cave is located in the northern part of the Fjords on a cliff. Bellegar gives you three moral challenges and your goal to get the achievement is to be consistent and pick either the good or the evil moral choice in all three. The good ones are:

  • Siding with the girl (first choice),
  • Sacrificing some of your health points to help the man survive some more days (second choice)
  • Sacrificing a skill point to raise the man’s chances to survive in the war (second choice)

The evil ones are of course the opposite answers. What you pick is irrelevant as long as you remain consistent.
Past the Gates25
You have reached the Hall of Echoes.    
Story-based, can not be missed. Once you have all four items needed to enter the Hall of Echoes, go to the big door in the Orobas Fjords surrounded by dragon skeletons, south from the Hall of Champions in the huge area that you have cleared as a dragon earlier. Use the spell among your quest items, the one that you found in your room in the Battle Tower and enter the Hall. There is no turning back from here so if you are under level 32, do not enter. Just go back and level up. If you are 32-33, but hate being frustrated and trying the same impossible fight a million times before accidentally succeeding, do not enter, go back and level up. Around 35 you can enter with a realistic chance of beating the game, but even then I recommend setting the difficulty to easy if you have not already done so.
Hint: in the Hall of Echoes you will meet old friends. While you are talking to them you can read their minds to receive a skill point for your sacrificed XP.

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