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In any Battle get an A for Scratching, a B for Taps, a B for Crossfading and an A for Freestyling.

There is no sure fire, concrete way to obtain this achievement. Different songs require you to miss a different amount of notes to get B's for Taps and Crossfades. I managed this on the Timbaland mix for "Way I Are." What I did was miss around 30-40 Taps and was intentionally late on almost every crossfade. I did this during a checkpoint battle online.

If you have the other player simply lay down in defeat, you can get this within the first 7 checkpoints and it takes around a minute and a half. It's not the most difficult in terms of skill, but it definitely will allude many a player.

If you need further help with this achievement, refer to the  video below. Credit to AndyFreak457.


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User Comments
Comment #1 by DJMarinus
Wednesday, February 02, 2011 @ 07:53:51 AM

Does annyone have tips for getting this one??
How mutch do you have to do wrong to get a B?

Comment #2 by tsigo
Wednesday, April 06, 2011 @ 08:08:43 PM

Pain in the ass.

I did this on Heartless/Lovegame expert. I don't have a surefire way, but my general strategy was to skip every tap and crossfade, trying to hit everything else, until the first freestyle crossfade. After that, try to hit absolutely everything. I would randomly skip groups of fades/taps until I felt confident with the rating. Took about 4 tries to get right, you need to get a feel for what gets you a B on taps and crossfades.

Comment #3 by FaSCoRP
Monday, April 11, 2011 @ 07:47:25 PM

I hate this achievement. I tried to do it so many times but I always miss to have an A in freestyling

Comment #4 by FaSCoRP
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 @ 07:53:18 PM

I followed what one guy posted on youtube at here:

"hey guys there is an easiest way to get this trophy!look,i have 2 dj hero turnatables and i found an easy way to get this trophy.connect ur turntables on ur ps3,360 or wii and then go to battle and choose checkpoint battle. choose the mix snow 'informer' vs jackson 5 'ABC'. for the first 2 checkpoints DO NOT DO ABSOLUTELY EXCEPT THE SOUND EFFECTS! after the 2 checkpoints do EVERYTHING right and DO A GOOD FREESTYLE. tht will unlock? the trophy! THUMBS UP UP SO PEOPLE CAN SEE IT ;D
SmashJohn 3 weeks ago "

I tried it with that mix on a checkpoint battle following what we wrote and I got it on my first try, so believe him!

Comment #5 by D.A.N.
Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ 11:54:06 AM

I got this on Mo' Money Mo' Problems on Medium. The song is heavy on scratching and low on crossfading and taps. Do nothing but scratching for the first three checkpoints and from there on make sure you hit all of the taps. Hit all of the crossfade but completely skip the crossfading in the chorus. The tricky part to this is the freestyling crossfades. I kept it on the left but hit the right for the drum hits and alternated, if that makes any sense.

It's the most guaranteed way I could find getting ABB, the last A is the only one that gave me a little trouble. I got B for freestyling five or six times before figuring it out.

Comment #6 by Lily Mu RB
Monday, May 09, 2011 @ 09:03:54 AM

I know it's not implied, but this CAN be done in Empire Mode with the DJ Battles in it...right?

Comment #7 by Hawkeye1691
Saturday, May 21, 2011 @ 10:45:58 AM

Does anyone know if this can be done in quickplay, or does it have to be online against another opponent?

Comment #8 by iNf3Rn0 Zamar
Wednesday, July 27, 2011 @ 10:55:15 AM

I just got this on my first try going for it. haha.

I did it on The MessageJungle Boogie on expert in an offline checkpoint battle against a second turntable. If you have one, do it in Checkpoint, so the song is over in 7 checkpoints, that way it will go faster, and basically, just nail every Freestyle and craches, and purposely miss alot of taps and almost always go late on crossfades.

Good Luck fellow Dj's / Achievement hunters.

Comment #9 by LSM Monkey
Friday, October 21, 2011 @ 05:59:49 PM

lol i got this and wasn't even trying..... was playing two player hahaha

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