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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 (Depends Heavily on Skill)
-Offline: 37/50 for 880
-Online: 13/50 for 120
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25-100 hours (Depends Heavily on Skill and Online)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2-3 Recommended for New Players)
-Number of missable achievements: None, you can replay songs.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? Yes
-Does difficulty affect achievements? For specific Achievements. See below.
-Glitchy achievements: People are reporting problems with You're The Best!
-Extra equipment needed? 2 Turntables and 1 Mic as well as Live Gold for online.
-Avatar Awards: No

Welcome to DJ Hero 2, Activision and Freestyle Game's second entry into their DJ Hero series. The sequel improves on a lot of the problems the first game had, while also introducing a brand new multiplayer mode. It also introduces 83 brand new mixes that are sure to have you rocking in your seat.

Step 1: Calibration
While you could jump right into Empire Mode, for some reason we have a calibration achievement. If you have an SDTV, just run through the calibration and nail out your first achievement, En Sink?. If you have an HDTV, you'll be happy to know the calibration actually works well.

Step 2: Tutorial
Again, we have a tutorial achievement. This time, though, you only need to go through the brand new features in DJ Hero 2. If you're new to the series, though, you might as well do them all. It will help a lot in the long run. Once you finish out 6 of the 7 new feature tutorials, you will get Higher Education achievement.

Step 3: Empire Mode

Now we can finally start the game. From the main menu, select "Empire" and begin your journey through DJ Hero 2's career mode. There are no difficulty based achievements in Empire Mode, save for one concerning DJ Shadow's setlist, so feel free to pick whichever mode you want. Throughout career mode, there will be several chances to earn some achievements. So, play as your Avatar for Not All Avatar's are Blue; Beat DJ Qbert in all his battle mixes for The Grandmixer; Earn 3 stars in Every song in Tiesto's Megamix for World Number One; Crossfade to the Left in every Freestyle section for To the Left; Complete every DJ Battle for Big Bad Boss and The Emperor; and attempt to freestyle well for Freestyle Superstar. When you get to DJ Shadow's setlist, pick whichever difficulty you feel comfortable with. The achievements correspond to Medium, Hard and Expert, with difficulties stacking. Many people believe you must beat the challenge for the setlist which requires you to 4 star each song (or get 3, 4 and 5 stars). After completing all DJ Battles and bonus setlists, you should have unlocked every Power Deck for the I Have the Power Decks! achievements and bonus song (Bonus), as well as Thirty Three Without the Third achievement and possibly failing to 5 Star Galvanize on Expert for the At Least you Tried achievement.

Note: For some reason, DJ Hero 2 will not tell you which difficulty you have 5 starred songs on, it just universally displays that you 5 starred "X" song. If you play most of the songs on Medium, Hard, etc., but are able to 5 star a few on Expert, make sure to keep a note of which ones you have completed. Any song finished in Empire mode (excluding Megamixes) will count for 5 starring.

Step 4: 5 Starring Songs on Expert
If you played through Empire Mode on Expert you should have 51 of the 65 mixes done. If you didn't 5 Star them, it will be easy to keep track of which ones you need to finish. If you didn't start off on Expert and didn't even attempt to, then your task will be easy, as well. You'll just have to replay all 65 songs until you can 5 star them. If you did 5 star a few on Expert during your Empire career, then you will not be required to replay them. People are reporting some issues with unlocking the 5 star achievement, though. I can confirm that Power Decks will not hurt your chances at getting the achievement, but no one is positive why it's not unlocking for a few people. If you 5 starred songs on the lower difficulties, though, DJ Hero 2 will not tell you which ones to 5 star on Expert. This can be frustrating, but if you just keep a list of mixes and check off what you've accomplished, you should be able to bang this out in due time. If you're having a hard time with the game, Power Decks will be your best friend. If the song is tap heavy, pick the "Tap Master" deck and etc. "Rewind", "Euphoria" and "Multiplier" will do wonders in some of the harder songs, especially if you can 100% a section, but mess up later.

Step 5: Vocals
Activision has included vocals in DJ Hero 2 and have linked 4 achievements to it. For the first, grab a friend and play a song with 2 turntables and a mic for The Magic Number. After that, you need to proceed to play all 58 mixes that have vocals on them. What you must do is sign into a controller (not a turntable) to get the rest of the achievements. Once you do that, proceed to make a setlist (the maximum number of songs you can put in one list is 20 songs) and then let it run (or sing, by all means). It will take around 6 hours, but you'll definitely get each song done. After that, you will be tasked with getting a 200 Note Streak and 100%ing a song on vocals. Play "Firestarter" as it is the easiest song and has more than 200 notes. If you have trouble getting 100%, just constantly tap the mic instead of humming into it.

Step 6: Multiplayer
This I'm putting as a universal step since there are two things you can do. There are various achievements for playing the different multiplayer modes and achieving a certain feat, but they can be completed offline or online. For example, Accumulate! requires you to win 10 mixes in "Accumulator" by a 50 note streak margin. You can simply play offline with another turntable and win by 50 notes. Check below for the different multiplayer modes and what they require. As for Online, there are various things for winning games and ranking up. It's fairly straight forward and simply requires time. There is a thread here that will detail how to get more points in a shorter amount of time. Also, check here for the trading thread. When you finally win a battle online, you will unlock some Medals and Tags. Chose something other than the default and you will unlock Got ID?. Also, if you have friends playing the game, make sure they issue you challenges. Challenges will be found in the main menu under "Rep" and then "Hero Feed." From there, proceed to play their challenge. You need to complete 5 for Hero Feed Heroism. Also, if you beat a friend's score on any song, you will unlock 1UP.

Step 7: Misc.
There are various song based achievements in this game that you can attempt during Empire mode or during any of the multiplayer matches. One requires you to rewind 6 times on a song and gain a 400 Note Streak on another. It's not terribly difficult and I will detail them in a special section below.

DJ Hero 2 is a much easier list to 1000 then the first, thanks in part to Power Decks allowing you to 5 star every song easier and a multiplayer mode that doesn't require ranked matches. Aside from some misc achievements that may give you problems, nothing is really hard about this list. It's not a quick 1000, but it definitely will be one of the most fun. If you have previous experience with the series, it will be even easier.


[x360a would like to thank KingSigy for this Road Map]

Keep Rising10
Reach grade 10 in Xbox LIVE Battles.    (3) 

Grades are the leveling system for DJ Hero 2's online component. You level up by playing battles online. This Thread has some details on how to get more DJ Points for leveling up quicker. There are no ranked match options, so this can easily be boosted.

You cannot invite friends to matches, though. Friends only matches will not give you points. Simply tweak the search parameters in your favor. It takes 12,700 points to level up to 50, which equates to something like 130 matches if you boost for 6 hours straight. Otherwise, it will still take you less than 200 wins.

The Quickathlon30
Set up and play a 10 mix setlist in Quickplay, earning at least 4 stars for each mix.    

This is very similar to DJ Hero 1's achievement. All you need to do is make a setlist of 10 songs and then get 4 stars on each of them. Once you beat Empire Mode, you will have 15 or so songs you need to re-play, so why not just pick them? Granted, Galvanize is in that list, but you can always pick any mix of songs you like.

You Want Some?10
Complete 30 Xbox LIVE Battles.    

This achievement tasks you with finishing 30 Live Battles, win or lose. Simply pick whatever mode you'd like and then finish the round. Quitting out (or the other player quitting) will not boost up your play count.

Battle Star Spectacular35
Win 50 Xbox LIVE Battles.    (14) 

For this, you need to get online and win 50 Battles. Picking a song you are familiar with will go a long way in helping you win, but you can easily boost this. If you plan on hitting level 50, though, you have to get this.

Scratching The Itch20
Successfully perform 25,000 scratches.     

This one will come with time. If you play on Expert, then it will take about a full Empire Mode playthrough and a half. Since you'll need to play a crap ton of online to get the full 1000, then this will be unmissable.

Fades Of Fury15
Successfully perform 20,000 crossfades.     (1) 

This will come with time. If you play on Expert, then you can actually achieve this in one complete Empire Mode playthrough. Otherwise, since you'll need to play a crap ton of online to get the full 1000, this will be unmissable.

Battle Ready10
Play all of the DJ Battle mixes.    (5) 

For this achievement, you need to select "DJ Battle" from the Battle mode menu and then play all 14 mixes. While certain ones will be played throughout Empire Mode, I haven't actually made a list of which ones they are. You can simply let the game run while you do nothing, so it's not too hard to just pick all 14 and then walk away.

1 Up10
Beat a friend's score on any of the leaderboards.     (3) 

Again, while this is technically singleplayer, you need to be connected to Live and have friends who play the game. What you do is have them set a score on a song and then proceed to beat that score. If you play on Expert while they're on Hard, you'll easy destroy their score. You can even use a Power Deck when they aren't. This can also be obtained in any of the multiplayer modes.

The Emperor25
Win all the DJ Battle setlists in Empire mode.    

This achievement corresponds to all the actual, factual DJ Battles in Empire Mode. What I mean by that is Deadmau5, Tiesto, David Guetta, etc. You can drop the difficulty to beat them and still receive achievements for 5 starring Expert and anything else pertaining to difficulty.

Freestyle Superstar10
Get an A for Freestyling in any mix.     (3) 

This is fairly straight forward, but it's hard to explain how to achieve. All you need to do is get an A rank for the freestyle sections of a song, but I'm not quite sure how they are ranked. If you go through the tutorials, listening to what they say should help you figure something out. I randomly got this, as did my friend, so you will get it at some point.

Opening Act20
Play your opening night in Empire mode.    

You will receive this achievement after you beat the first setlist in Empire Mode.

Reach grade 50 in Xbox LIVE Battles.    (14) 

See "Keep Rising."

En Sink?3
Calibrate your DJ Hero Turntable controller.    

For some reason, you need to calibrate your controller for an achievement. This is rather pointless, but it's fairly simple. Just pick Calibration from the options menu and follow the on screen prompts.

The Magic Number3
Play a mix in Quickplay with another DJ and a Vocalist.    (7) 

This achievement will require 2 Turntables and 1 Mic. All you need to do is select a song in Quickplay that allows vocals, then have the 2 turntables turned on. It's essentially playing Rock Band with DJ's.

Perfect Pitch25
Hit 100% of the vocal notes in a mix.    (7) 

There are a few songs that are all talking parts. These include both mixes with Busta Rhymes and "Firestarter" by The Prodigy. I personally did this on "Firestarter." I simply tapped rapidly and it hit every single section, even the sustained one. "Firestarter" also has more than 200 notes, so you will bang out Microphonical Magic! at the same time.

Mixtape Creation10
Set up and save 3 setlists in Quickplay.    

This is fairly simple. All you need to do is press Back in the Quickplay menu to get taken to a screen which will allow you to select options for displaying the songs and etc. When you have at least 1 song selected for your playlist, press Back and go save the setlist. You can save the exact same song 3 times, just change the name of the setlist.

Got ID?5
Set your own Xbox LIVE Tag and Medal.    

To set your Live Tag and Medal, you will first need to play a Battle round online. Tags and Medals are unlocked by meeting stipulations (such as 500 successful taps or first online win). Once you unlock something other than the default Tag and Medal, just change them and you'll unlock this.

Master Of The Empire50
Complete DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Medium difficulty or above.      (1) 

It has been determined that you need to achieve 12 stars in DJ Shadow's setlist to acquire this achievement. 12 stars means you have to get 4 on each song, or get 3, 4 and 5. The difficulties do stack, so completing this on Expert will unlock the rest.

Grand Master Of The Empire75
Complete DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Hard difficulty or above.     (1) 

See "Master of the Empire."

Supreme Master Of The Empire100
Complete DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Expert difficulty.     (11) 

See "Master of the Empire."

Rewind 4 The Win20
Perform 4 720° rewinds in a single mix, on any difficulty level without dropping your multiplier.     (1) 

What the achievement essentially wants from you is to 100% the song during 4 rewinds. What I mean is, if you're playing on Expert, you'll need to score at least 240 notes and never miss anything. Since the achievement doesn't require a difficulty, if you can't get this on your preferred difficulty, just drop down. Beginner only requires 20 notes to get a rewind, so that would make life incredibly easy.

To further clarify, a 720 rewind is when the turntable spins twice around before stopping. You need to make a hard and fast spin to achieve this.

Go Crazy Broadway Style!30
Perform vocals in every mix that supports them.    (6) 

There are 58 songs that support vocals in DJ Hero 2. If you think it will be hard to find them, don't worry. When you pick Quickplay with the controller and mic, the game will automatically filter the list to show the Vocal songs. You can set up playlists of 20 songs and just pick each one until you get the achievement.

This must be done with just a controller and not a turntable. You may get progress for having songs finished, but the achievement will not unlock if you do this with a turntable.

Professional Face Removal20
Win 5 Star Battles.    

This is similar to the rest of the multiplayer achievements. All you need to do is win 5 Star Battles from the Battle mode. The only difference is that you cannot simply win 5 songs, it needs to be 5 full rounds. So, if you make a 3 song setlist, winning will only count as 1 win, not 3. This can be accomplished online or off.

Mama Said...10
Win a Checkpoint Battle by knocking out the other player.     

While this is technically a multiplayer achievement, you can (and probably will) achieve this during Empire Mode. As long as you win any of the DJ Battle's by knocking out the CPU, you will unlock the achievement.

The Bigger They Are...15
Win 10 Xbox LIVE Battles against players of a higher grade.     

The online options allow for you to search for higher grade opponents, so simply filter your results to do that and proceed to beat them. This can easily be boosted if your friend is a higher grade than you.

Play Accumulator and win 10 mixes (or single mix Battles) with a streak of over 50.    

What you need to do is select "Accumulator" mode in Battle and then win 10 songs with a streak over 50. Accumulator works by building up note streaks and then banking them with the Euphoria button. Successive streaks will build onto each. This can be accomplished online or off.

Like Bacon?20
Play Streak and win 6 mixes (or single mix Battles) by a 20 streak margin.    

This achievement is similar to "Chiggedy Check It Out," but just requires that you play Streak in Battle mode. This can be accomplished online or off, you just simply need to win by a streak of 20. Streak mode is played by racking up a note streak and pressing the Euphoria button to bank it. Once banked, your streak resets and your posted streak will remain until you bank a higher one. You can pick a 6 song setlist and nail this out in one shot.

Chiggedy Check It Out15
Win 10 Checkpoint mixes (or single mix Battles) by a margin of 3 checkpoints or more.    

What you must do is select Checkpoint mode (in either online or offline Battle) and then proceed to beat the other player by at least 3 checkpoints (or sections of a song). You can pick a setlist of 10 songs and nail this out in 1 go.

Funny thing with this achievement, all of the DJ Battles from Empire Mode will count as Checkpoint Battles, so after completing Empire Mode, you should only need 2 more wins.

Big Bad Boss20
Beat all the employee DJs in Checkpoint Battles in Empire mode.    

The description is misleading, but this is essentially beating all the DJ Battles in Empire Mode that aren't actual DJs. People like Jugglernort and Kitty Smash. Again, you can drop the difficulty on these and you should get them with no struggle.

Hero Feed Heroism5
Play 5 mixes directly from Hero Feed Challenges.    (11) 

While this is technically done by yourself, you need to have a friend issue you a challenge over Live, so I consider this multiplayer. After playing a song while connected to Live, you will be given the option to issue a challenge to any of your friends. Have them issue you 5 different challenges (or the same challenge 5 times). Once they do that, go to "Rep" on the main menu and then pick "Hero Feed." From there, proceed to play 5 challenges, win or lose.

Unlock all the Empire bonus mixes.    

There are 6 cities in Empire Mode that contain the setlists for your career progression. After you unlock a certain number of stars per city, you will be given a single song setlist to complete. Beat all of these to unlock them for quickplay. You also need to unlock all of the extra Battle Mix songs by beating the DJ's, bringing the total to 12 songs

Higher Education10
Complete 6 of the 'New To DJ Hero® 2' Tutorial lessons.    

There are 7 tutorials for all the new features in DJ Hero 2. Simply complete 6 of them and you will have this achievement.

Me Like You Long Time10
Apply 'Like' tags to 10 mixes and play these mixes in any game mode.     

You can do this in conjunction with The Quickathalon, but the achievement doesn't require you to play the songs in Quickplay. To like a song, all you do is press the Euphoria button over it's name in the Quickplay menu. Then just play it and another 9 and you'll get this.

Rise To The Challenge15
In Empire mode complete 3 Setlist Challenges.    

Before each setlist in Empire Mode, there should be a stipulation that reads; "Unlock X amount of Stars for the Following:". All you need to beat is beat 3 of these and you will unlock the achievement.

Tappity Tap Tap Tappy10
Successfully perform 50,000 taps.     

Taps are much more frequent in DJ Hero 2, but this still will take about 2 complete playthroughs of Empire Mode to achieve. Unless you're a god at DJ Hero and can 5 star everything on Expert in 1 go, I doubt you will miss this when all is said and done.

To The Left15
Only crossfade to the left in all Freestyle sections in any mix.     

During any of the Freestyle Crossfade sections of a song, just make sure to crossfade to only the Left (or Green) side. This is incredibly easy and I'm pretty sure you don't even need to immediately select the Left.

Six Spins To Win15
Activate 6 rewinds in Show Me Love (Stonebridge Radio Edit) / I'm Not Alone.    

Simply select the mix "Show Me Love (Stonebridge Radio Edit)/ I'm Not Alone" and then activate 6 rewinds on it. No difficulty is required, so if you can't achieve this on Expert, drop down.

Super Streak25
Get a 400 streak in I Will Be Here/ Speed Rail on Expert.       (1) 

One of the hardest achievements in the game, you need to get a 400 Note Streak on "I Will Be Here/Speed Rail" on Expert. There are numerous sustained scratches and crossfading sections to deal with. If you aren't great at fading, you should take the Euphoria Deck with you to get double the Euphoria. The song has 1,200 notes, so you can achieve this even after missing the first 800.

Microphonical Magic!20
Get a 200 vocal streak in any vocal mix.    (6) 

There are a large number of songs that this will be obtainable on, but since you need to 100% a song for another achievement, there is no point in trying to list which songs work best for this. Any of the songs you can easily 100% have more than 200 notes.

World Number One25
Earn at least 3 stars in each of the mixes in the Tiësto Megamix.    

For this achievement, you need to achieve at least 3 stars on each song in the Tiësto Megamix. I forget which city this is in, but the load screen will proudly display Tiësto, so you'll know when it's coming. I can tell you that this mix is definitely quite challenging, so you might have to re-do the setlist if you aren't too skilled.

The Grandmixer20
In Empire Mode beat DJ Qbert in each of his Battle Mixes.    

DJ Qbert is one of the DJ's you will need to beat for The Emperor, so there is no possible way to miss this if you are going for the full 1000.

I Have The Power Decks!20
Unlock all the Power Decks.    

After beating each of the real life DJ's in Empire mode, you will be awarded with a Power Deck. Power Deck's change certain functions of the scoring to help you get better scores. If you beat every DJ for The Emperor, then there is no way you will miss this.

Credit Is Due5
View the game credits.    (3) 

After beating the DJ Shadow setlist, the game credits will start to roll. Simply let them play and you will receive the achievement. If you skip them for any reason, you can always select credits from the options menu.

Not All Avatars Are Blue6
Play a mix with an Avatar as your DJ.     (2) 

Fairly straight forward. When selecting your DJ before any mix, pick the "Avatar" option. You should get it as soon as the song is over.

Secret Achievements
You're The Best16
Earn 5 stars for every mix at Expert difficulty.      (6) 

This is probably the hardest achievement in the game, save for You're Golden. This tasks you with 5 starring every single song on Expert difficulty. While that is simple, it's easier said than done. The songs that gave me problems were "Human After All" and "Firestarter." With a combination of Power Decks, you can eventually pull off any kind of score on the songs, so Practice, Practice, Practice!

The Completist25
Earn 5 stars for any mix at all difficulty levels.      

This achievement is rather easy, especially after you 5 Star a song on Expert. What you need to do is simply play a song 5 times, picking each difficulty from Beginner up to Expert, and 5 star it. Like I said, if you can 5 Star it on Expert, then this will be no problem.

Thirty Three Without The Third3
Earn 33 stars.     (1) 

Unless you happen to only play 9 songs and 3 star them, you will get this during your Empire Mode playthrough. Essentially, just play and it should unlock on your 3rd or 4th setlist.

At Least You Tried1
Fail to 5 star Galvanize on Expert difficulty.      (5) 

Unless you're a god at DJ Hero, you're not going to 5 Star "Galvanize" the first time you play it. If you happen to 5 star the song, though, you will need to replay it and get less than 5 stars to unlock it.

You're Golden 18
5 star Galvanize on Expert difficulty.      (4) 

"Galvanize" is what Freestyle Games would consider the "Through the Fire and the Flames" of DJ Hero 2. It is quite the challenging song, but considering you need to 5 star it for You're The Best, you will eventually need to do this.

Your best chance if you lack the skill, is to take either the Multiplier Deck or the Euphoria Deck. There is a rather large Crossfading section that you can rack up some easy points on if you use these. Rewind could also be a big help.

Hot Swedish Action20
In any Battle get an A for Scratching, a B for Taps, a B for Crossfading and an A for Freestyling.     (9) 

There is no sure fire, concrete way to obtain this achievement. Different songs require you to miss a different amount of notes to get B's for Taps and Crossfades. I managed this on the Timbaland mix for "Way I Are." What I did was miss around 30-40 Taps and was intentionally late on almost every crossfade. I did this during a checkpoint battle online.

If you have the other player simply lay down in defeat, you can get this within the first 7 checkpoints and it takes around a minute and a half. It's not the most difficult in terms of skill, but it definitely will allude many a player.

If you need further help with this achievement, refer to the  video below. Credit to AndyFreak457.


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Europe October 22, 2010

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