Don King Presents: Prizefighter

Don King Presents: Prizefighter Achievements

The King of Queensbury

You've rewritten the history book, kid! Completed all Classic Fights.
As you play through your career, you will be taken down memory lane by your trainer. In turn you have to fight in one round classic matches each with their own objective. There are eight in total and when you pass each one you unlock an item, venue etc to use in the game. If you are unsuccessful, you can go to the dashboard so the game doesn’t save. You can also access them via 'Extras' on the main menu.

To unlock all classic fights you must fight all 41 boxers, this does not have to be in a single play through.

Can be completed on any difficulty

Braddock vs Baer, 1935
"Finish the Fight"
You play as Braddock, whose stamina is very low. You just have to land more punches than Baer. A good tactic is to throw short combos of jabs and straights, as it doesn’t waste so much stamina.

Baer vs Louis, 1935
"Survive the Round"
You only have to make it through the round. The key to this is moving around the ring a lot. Use the dash function, throw small combos, use your dodge and block effectively. If you KO Louis it is not a problem.

Braddock vs Louis, 1937
"Bring Him Down"
Unfortunately your boxer has severely damaged his left hand, therefore he cannot throw any left hand punches. Move around the ring a lot and throw lots of straights, it doesn't take too long to wear Louis' health down.

Louis vs Marciano, 1951
"Survive the Round"
See 'Baer vs Louis, 1935'

Moore vs Marciano, 1955
"A Boxer's Heart"
You play as Moore, who has tasted the canvas a few times already. All you have to do is make it through the round, however it is not difficult nor is it a problem to KO Marciano

Patterson vs Moore, 1956
"Stick and Move"
Your opponent is ahead on points, therefore you need to KO him within the three minute road. Take your time throwing jabs and straights working in a few combos.

Norton vs Holmes, 1978
"Make it count"
This is similar to the previous classic bout. Your opponent is ahead on points and you need to get at KO. Use the same tactic as above and you shouldn't have any trouble.

Eubank vs Benn, 1993
"It's Now or Never"
You play as Eubank and you need to KO Nigel Benn with a final round flurry. Take your time as you have three minutes, using the same tactic as the previous bouts if it helps you.
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US June 10, 2008

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