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Doom II Achievement Guide

Guide By: Nevander
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
+ Offline: 11 (180)
+ Online: 1 (20)
+ Approximate time: 15-20 hours for 200: (about 20 for the average player, less with increasing skill)
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+ Number of missable achievements: 4
+ Unobtainable achievements: 0
+ Extra equipment needed?: None
+ Glitched achievements: None
+ Cheats: No Cheats

This game is definitely a classic. For many of us, we already know this game forwards and backwards. But sadly, for some of us, this may be our first time ever playing the great Doom II. Even if you are fresh to this game, never fear, as I have constructed this guide to help you with these achievements and to walk you through step by step.

Welcome to the Achievement Guide and Road Map for Doom II on the XBLA. The achievements in this revitalization of the classic Doom II are both easy and fun. There are only two achievements which are even the slightest bit hard or time-consuming, and those would be the “Destroyer” and “Superior Firepower” achievements. The following guide(s) will explain the best possible way to obtain 200G.

Step 1 - First Playthrough
First things first, start up “Hell on Earth” on I’m too young to die. On this first level, get the achievements for finding a secret area, finishing the level, and finishing the level with 100% in kills, items, and secrets. After you have done this, load up the beginning of the episode again, this time on Nightmare. Run through the level and finish it to obtain that achievement. Now start over once more on I’m too young to die (or Ultra-violence if you can obtain all of these in one go). When you get to the second level, get the achievement for twenty chainsaw kills. After that, continue on throughout the game until you reach level eight. At level eight, follow the guide for obtaining the BFG. Now at level nine, you can get the achievement for twenty kills with the berserk powerup (you can also do this on level one of the new episode). Now at level ten (if you are on Ultra-violence) follow the guide for the CyberDemon. If you are on I’m too young to die, follow the guide for it for level fifteen. Now you should have eight achievements. Finish the episode and you’ll net another. Play through the brand new episode to net one more. Now you should have ten achievements. The only achievements that should be remaining are the ones for Xbox LIVE kills, and completing the game on Ultra-violence. If you already did the episodes on Ultra-violence, now only Xbox LIVE kills remain.

Step 2 - Second Playthrough
Unless you did all of the achievements on Ultra-violence the first playthrough, now is the time to do this. If you’ve already done this, skip to step three. Start up the original episode on Ultra-violence and complete it, as well as the second new episode.

Step 3 - Mop Up
In case you didn’t get something, or you happened to miss something now’s the time. Go back and get whatever you didn’t get the first two times. You may have to play through part of an episode in order to get back to where the achievement(s) can be obtained.

Step 4 - That one online achievement
Now it’s time to get that pesky little online achievement, let’s just be glad that there’s only one. Get a friend or find one to help you get this out of the way. Follow the guide for this one and you should have your 200. Congrats!

[x360a would like to thank Nevander for this road map]


Just Getting Started10
Complete any level in Single player    (4) 

Complete the very first level of “Hell on Earth.” You can get this at the same time as you get “Burning Out of Control” and “An Important Looking Door.”

Rip and Tear20
Complete any level on 'Nightmare' in Single player    (5) 

Load up the very first level of “Hell on Earth” and run through it like the wind. At the start, turn around and get the chainsaw, it’ll help for running through enemies. Keep it revving throughout the entire level. Jump down and enter the hallway, take a right, keep going past the door on the left then take another right, then you’ll be in a brown room, take a left here, then keep going along that left wall and take one more left and there’s the finish room. Be careful, there will be an Imp in there waiting there.

Superior Firepower25
Complete all levels on 'Ultra-Violence' or higher in Single player    (29) 

For this one, you have to finish every single level on “Ultra-Violence.” The best way to go about doing this is to take each level slow and steady. Save very often, since you are allowed to save anywhere, so make good use of that. Be careful not to save while moving, you may load and be falling into a pit with no escape. Conserve all the ammo you can, chainsaw pink demons instead of use ammo. Doom II is about the same as the first one. There are a lot less hard levels in this game though.

NOTE: Secret levels are NOT required.

An Important Looking Door10
Find a secret area of a level in Single player    

Follow the list of items in the guide for the “Burning Out of Control” achievement and you will get this as well.

From Earth To Hell25
Complete all levels in 'DOOM II: Hell on Earth' in Single player    (2) 

Complete all the levels in this original episode to gain this achievement.

And Back Again25
Complete all levels in 'DOOM II: No Rest for the Living' in Single player    

Complete all of the levels in this new episode to gain this achievement.

Burning Out of Control15
Complete any level with 100% kills, items, and secrets in Single player    (2) 

This is easiest to do on the first level of “Hell on Earth” on I’m too young to die difficulty. You don’t have to pick up the items for them to count; you just have to walk over them. Here is a list of all the things you’ll encounter in order:
- Turn around at the start to find a chainsaw around the corner, at the start.
- Two zombies in front of you in the first room.
- Pistol clip, in the left corner, first room.
- Armor bonus, in the right corner, first room.
- Health pickup, behind right support, first room.
- Enter room on the left in the green hallway, has blue floor.
- Four zombies on raised platforms, blue floored room.
- Press right button first, then left button, on the raised platforms, same room.
- Secret room opens in back right corner, two health pickups and a green armor.
- Continue down hallway, eight blue health vials at the end.
- One zombie in hallway to the right, before the vials.
- Zombie on the lift to the right, in the last room, has brown walls and floor.
- Health pickup on lift where that zombie was.
- Imp in a cage in back left corner.
- Go up lift, press use on wall behind lift, door opens at the top, press switch.
- Run off the lift and land on the top of the square light below you.
- Go back to the health vials, secret area opens with a rocket launcher.
- Go back to the last room; go to the back right corner, to the right of the Imp, a door leading outside should be open.
- Shotgun and shotgun shells in the back right corner as soon as you go outside.
- Press on the wall to the right of the Imp, secret compartment should open which contains one health pickup.
- Inside EXIT room, three big health kits and one pistol clip.

Get 100 frags in Deathmatch on Xbox LIVE   (135) 

Set up a private game with a friend or with a boosting partner, on Level 1: Entryway. Make it for two players and a private game. Set it for unlimited score and twenty minutes. Go to where the rocket launcher spawns and sit here. Just keep telling your friend to go in that green hallway and hit him with rockets. It takes around ten minutes to get one hundred kills, then switch.

The Great Communicator10
Get 20 kills using the Chainsaw in a single level in Single player   (1) 

This is easiest done on the second level in “Hell on Earth.” Make sure that you get the chainsaw in the first level behind you at the start. Just run around with the chainsaw and you will have no trouble getting twenty kills. Increased difficulty spawns more enemies, but it is easy enough on I’m too young to die.

A Man and a Half10
Get 20 kills using the Berserk Powerup in a single level in Single player   (7) 

There are plenty of places in Doom II where you can obtain this without any trouble. The best and quickest place would definitely have to be the very first level of the new episode, "No Rest for the Living." Simply start up this episode on Hurt me Plenty. The best way to go about obtaining this is to grab the powerup and then kill everything in sight with it. Keep killing enemies with your fists until you get the achievement.

You Have Huge Guts20
Kill a CyberDemon using your fists in Single player   (11) 

There are several levels that have a CyberDemon in both “Hell on Earth” and “No Rest for the Living.” The earliest place that it can be done is on level eight, “Tricks and Traps.” It is a lot safer and easier to attempt it on the second secret level, however, level thirty-two “Grosse.” You do not have to kill it entirely with fists; you can hurt it with other weapons, and then finish it off.

Here are the steps on how to do it on level ten (on Ultra-violence):

  • The first thing to do is obvious, clear out most of the level, take your time, you’re in no rush.
  • The CyberDemon is in a little alcove above the exit hallway, this is in a dark room with two lights in the middle of the floor.
  • Head up to this room and save.
  • Hit it four direct times with the BFG.
  • Hit it three to four times with rockets.
  • Now pick up the invulnerability powerup to the left as you enter this room, and start punching it.
  • Around two to three punches should take it down.

Here are the steps on how to do it on level thirty-two (secret level video at end of guide):

  • At the start, avoid taking the Berserk Powerup, and instead head through the door and you’ll be in a huge room.
  • There will be two blue torches and three green torches on each side.
  • There will also be five grey stone blocks on both sides.
  • Behind the second green torch on the right side, is a stone block. Behind this stone block is a wall, and on the wall behind the block is a golden adornment of some kind with a swastika behind in the middle of it. Press on this and an invulnerability powerup will be revealed.
  • Head to the door at the back of the big room you entered, this will trigger the CyberDemon to spawn.
  • Hit it twice with the BFG, which you should have from level eight.
  • Now run to the Berserk Powerup and grab it.
  • Now go to the invulnerability powerup and grab it.
  • Now start punching the CyberDemon until it dies.
A Really Big Gun10
Find a BFG in Single player   

The earliest BFG that can be found is in level eight, “Tricks and Traps.” Follow these steps:

  • At the start of the level, go into the door to the left of the one you spawn facing.
  • Go to the back of this room, it is a beige colored room with about six cacodemons that come out (big red-pink floating blobs).
  • Hit the switch at the back of this room, and then go into the room that you spawned facing, it’s the room with green and white walls with a rocket launcher and pink demons to the right as you enter on an elevated platform.
  • Go and pick up the rocket launcher and kill all the pinkies.
  • There are two switches at the top, hit the one on the right. A door should open where the rocket launcher was.
  • Go into this room and then to the back to find a blue mega-health power up. Pick this up and then turn around.
  • About eight more pink demons will spawn, kill all of them.
  • Look around this room to find a green pentagram textured wall with a small candle underneath it. This looks identical to the achievement picture for “From Hell to Earth.”
  • Shoot the candle, and the wall will open, revealing the BFG stuffed neatly behind it.

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Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
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