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Find all items in level   

Can be done on easiest setting but here’s a walkthrough for getting 4 achievements in one run through level 1-1. Set the difficulty to Hurt Me Plenty and start the game on Knee Deep in the Dead (Episode one aka level 1-1). Starting off look to the right for a blue health bonus, then turn around and grab the next one to the left of where you started. There’s also 2 armor bonus items on the opposite wall. Now go into the room with the stairs to the left of where you start. There’s 4 health bonuses and 4 armor bonuses along with a 100% armor bonus. Now leave and continue through the level. Kill the 2 enemies in here and pick up their clips along with the 6 armor bonuses in the room. Continue on and kill the next enemy in the hall. Grab his clip and the 2 blue health bonuses and move on. Kill the monster in the top corner and the soldier at the end.

Grab his clip and the 2 shotgun ammo clips. Go through the secret panel before the next door (See SCOUT achievement for details) and pick up the box of bullets, health box, and box of shotgun bullets. NOTE: If you can’t pick up a health box at any point during this level just jump in the green poison water until your health is below 100%. Now keep going through the hall to the open area and grab the 200% armor bonus in the middle of the poison pool then back track to the secret door and out. Turn right and go through the next door and kill the monster. In this next room there is 1 armor bonus, 2 clips, 4 health bonuses and 1 health box. Now go into the exit room and grab the 4 armor bonuses and mini health pack but DO NOT EXIT!! You’ve killed every enemy but there are 2 more secret areas to find. Back track to the zig zag walk way room and where you shot the monster in the corner, the wall has been lowered. Go in to find a shotgun, box of shotgun bullets, and a health box. Now for the last secret area. This one is a little tricky so pay attention. In the secret room you were just in, turn around and look out the door.

You’ll be looking at the zig zag room. Now you see the doorway on the other side? Hold in the left trigger and sprint to it (don’t bother zigging and zagging). Right when you get to the FIRST stair, turn completely around and SPRINT back into the secret room where you came from. On the back wall in the left corner, a small piece of wall has lowered. You need to run fast and get onto it before it goes back up. There are 8 armor bonuses and 1 box of shotgun shells. If you have max bullets just shoot one off to pick up the box of shells. Now jump down, run to the next room and to the exit. 4 achievements in one run and it only takes 5 minutes!!

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Comment #1 by pickel668
Saturday, July 14, 2012 @ 03:15:42 PM

Got this one on HELL'S KEEP E3M1 with out even trying.
Great Game

Comment #2 by ed311
Saturday, December 22, 2012 @ 04:01:23 AM

Got it thanks to the site's guide. thanks whoever wrote it!

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