Doritos Crash Course 2

Doritos Crash Course 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Kairi and StayonTarget
There are 28 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Offline: 25/28 [360]
Online: 3/28 [40]
Approximate time: 10 Hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 Per Course
Missable achievements: None
Does difficulty affect Achievements: N/A
Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: Achievements obtained through purchases when server disconnects.
Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Doritos Crash Course 2! This game is a successor to the original Doritos Crash Course; the gameplay is the same with a few new added features like wall jumping and ledge grabbing. There are also bonus objectives added to each level as well as collectible stars; you will need to unlock courses and split paths in this game by collecting these stars. There are four different areas in this game (Amazon Jungle, Antarctic, Egypt, and Pirate Island) that have 5 levels each.
This game has 28 achievements, and none are extremely hard. Most can be obtained by playing all of the tracks, collecting stars, and completing bonus objectives. You do need to collect all of the stars for one of the achievements. Some of these can be rather annoying to obtain, but can be done with some practice. There are also some miscellaneous achievements for doing various tasks like slide jumps and wall jumps. The few online achievements in this game are very simple to get and should not be an issue.

Step 1: Complete Each Course
The first thing you should do in this game is play through all of the courses at least once. As you play the game, you will need to unlock the levels by spending stars; you will need a total of 560 stars to unlock all 20 levels. While completing the courses, you shall aim to get a silver or gold medal, and also try to complete each one without dying. If you are having difficulty with doing both of these in the same run, you should first complete each level without dying by progress slowly and try getting the silver medal after you are more familiar with the course. The following achievements shall unlock while accomplishing this step:

  • Jungle Fever
  • Let It Snow
  • Walk Like an Egyptian
  • Shiver Me Timbers
  • On Course
  • In Due Course
  • The Main Course
  • One for the Road
  • Welcome to CC2

Step 2: Collecting Stars
Now, it is time to collect all of the stars in the game. Each level has 16 stars to obtain, and there are a total of 320 in the whole game. If you have not already unlocked all of the split paths, now would be the time to do so. It will cost you approximately 111 stars to unlock them. Some of the stars are tricky to reach, but most of them are simple. There is a video guide HERE that will show you where all of the stars are. Once you get all of the stars, you shall earn the "Silver Star Medal" achievement as long as you have a silver or gold in each course in Step 1. These achievements will unlock as you collect all of the stars:

  • Stellar
  • Galactic
  • Cosmic
  • Universal
  • Hit the Road
  • The High Road
  • Road Less Traveled
  • Silver Star Medal

Step 3: Bonus Objectives
The next step is obtaining the Bonus Objectives achievements, which are very easy to earn with a bit of grinding. There are 60 Bonus Objectives in the game, each course has 3, and you can play them over and over again. For this achievement, you can repeat Bonus Objectives. The fastest and easiest way to get this achievement is to replay Amazon 3: Heavy Hammer Hop until you get all of the following achievements:

  • Mission Control
  • Mission Possible
  • Mission Improbable
  • Mission Impossible

Step 4: Online Achievements
There are a few online achievements that are present in this game, but they are very simple. You need to play in a tournament game and collect the most stars out of all of the players. Then, you need to an avatar costume through Avatar Famestar, which can be found on the main menu. If you do not have enough points, play challenges until you receive a costume. Wear this costume in an online match and jinx one of your opponents. If you need a boosting partner for any of the online achievements, please visit the Achievement Trading Thread, which can be found HERE. The following achievement can be unlocked online:

  • Officially Licensed
  • Star Power
  • CC2 Community

Step 5: Mop Up
Now is the time to finish unlocking any achievement that you may have missed. The miscellaneous achievements are related to gameplay mechanics and can be very easily achieved. If you are having problems unlocking any of these achievements, the guide will tell you which levels you should get the achievements in. The following achievements may be unlocked in this mop up step if they have not been unlocked already:

  • Smooth Operator
  • One Step Ahead
  • Shocking!
  • Crash Course 1 Style

Avatar Awards
There are four avatar awards in the game, two male and two female. They are a Liverpool Jacket and Robot Suit. The Liverpool Jacket requires you to collect 570 stars while the Robot Suit requires 936. By the time you get all of the achievements you will only need 50-60 stars to unlock the Robot Suit. Keep doing bonus objectives on Amazon 3 until you get enough stars.

Here's what they look like. LINK.

Overall, Doritos Crash Course 2 is an easy game with simple achievements. It is not time consuming nor difficult, but some skill will be needed in order to reach some of the stars needed for the "Silver Star Medal" achievement. If you are experiencing any difficulty in the game, just keep trying and do not give up! Everything in the game can be done with no problems as long as you have a little bit of patience.

[x360a would like to thank StayonTarget and Kairi for this Roadmap]

Smooth Operator5
Slide jump 10 times in one row.  (4) 

To perform a slide jump, you need to push down and forward while pressing the A button. This achievement can be easily unlocked in Amazon 1: Jungle Gym Antics. When the level starts, go to all the way to the left instead of going right. Then, with your back facing the wall, run a little bit and slide jump. When you hit the ground, do it again quickly. Keep doing a chain of slide jumps until you earn the achievement. You must do these in succession or you will not obtain the achievement.

One Step Ahead15
Wall jump off 15 different walls in one checkpoint without dying.  (4) 

Wall jumps are a new feature in Doritos Crash Course 2 that let you run up walls and jump off of them. To wall jump, get near a wall and jump on to it. You can now run up the wall if you wish, or you can jump off of it by pressing .  
The best place to attempt this achievement is in Antarctic 5: Iceberg Alley once you have the split path unlocked. There is a point in the level where there several small walls that are floating in the air; when you get to this part, try to jump on all of the walls and on both sides of the walls. If you can not hit all of them, it is okay since there are more than enough walls before the next checkpoint to do this. You will earn the achievement as soon as you wall jump off of the required amount of walls; you do not need to go to the checkpoint to obtain it. Another location can be found in the second video linked below.

Get shocked 5 times in a row.  (5) 

First location this can be gotten is Antarctic 3. A couple seconds into the course you will see electric pads on the ground. Walk on these and your character will get shocked and jump up. Do this 5 times and the achievement will unlock.

Officially Licensed15
Jinx an opponent while you're wearing a CC2 FameStar costume.  (20) 

This is a multistep achievement. First you need to get 500 points through the Avatar Famestar. The challenge list and progress can be found on the main menu. This will unlock a UFO Costume for your avatar. While still in the Famestar area go to Famestar Rewards and equip the costume with . Next go to the shop and equip a Jinx. Lastly, go into a public game and wait until the other players are ahead of you. Hit to Jinx and the achievement will unlock.

Mission Control15
Finish a Bonus Objective.  

See "Mission Impossible."

Mission Possible15
Finish 30 Bonus Objectives.  

See "Mission Impossible."

Mission Improbable15
Finish 50 Bonus Objectives.  (3) 

See "Mission Impossible."

Mission Impossible15
Finish 75 Bonus Objectives.  (12) 

Leave this achievement for last. Once you have all of the others you will have surely completed several Bonus Objectives. Then play Amazon Level 3 over and over again. Each race takes a minute and as long as you come in first you will get an optional objective completed. When you completed 3 of 3 it rolls over to 1 of 3 and you can keep completing them.

This is the criteria for each of the three Bonus Objectives.

  • 1) Never let the bronze opponent beat you to a checkpoint.
  • 2) Never let the silver opponent beat you to a checkpoint.
  • 3) Get a silver medal without dying.
Find and collect 25 unique stars by completing courses.  

Earliest this can be unlocked is Amazon Jungle Course 2. See "Universal" for more details.

Find and collect 100 unique stars by completing courses.  

Earliest this can be unlocked is Antarctic Course 2. See "Universal" for more details.

Jungle Fever25
Unlock every course marked with the trophy icon in the Amazon Jungle.  (2) 

This will unlock upon buying Level 5 of the Amazon Jungle set of courses. You will need a total of 60 stars.

Let It Snow25
Unlock every course marked with the trophy icon in the Antarctic.  

This will unlock upon buying Level 5 of the Antarctic set of courses. You will need a total of 125 stars.

Walk Like an Egyptian25
Unlock every course marked with the trophy icon in Egypt.  (1) 

This will unlock upon buying Level 5 of the Egypt set of courses. You will need a total of 175 stars.

Shiver Me Timbers25
Unlock every course marked with the trophy icon in the Pirate Island.  (2) 

This will unlock upon buying Level 5 of the Pirate set of courses. You will need a total of 200 stars.

Find and collect 200 unique stars by completing courses.  

Earliest this can be unlocked is Egypt Course 3. See "Universal" for more details.

Find and collect 300 unique stars by completing courses.  (4) 

There are a total of 320 unique course stars in the game. You only need 300 of them. Each course will have 16 stars in it and while selecting the levels you can see how many you have out of the 16. You can play through the level as many times as you need to and once you get a star you have it forever. Some stars are more hidden than others but if you jump to all of the high and low points of the map you should be able to find them and figure out how to get them without too much difficulty.

On Course10
Finish a course marked with a trophy icon without dying.  (1) 

See "The Main Course."

In Due Course15
Finish 15 courses marked with a trophy icon without dying.  

See "The Main Course."

The Main Course15
Finish every course marked with a trophy icon without dying.  (15) 

There are a total of 20 levels throughout the game. This achievement will require a lot of trial and error but because you don't need to worry about earning a medal it should make it easier. Because there is no way to track what you've done without dying it is recommended to do a fresh run through the game in order. Only move to the next level when you've completed the current without dying.

One for the Road10
Unlock a split path.  

See "Road Less Traveled."

Hit the Road10
Unlock 5 split paths.  

See "Road Less Traveled."

The High Road10
Unlock 15 split paths.  

See "Road Less Traveled."

Road Less Traveled10
Unlock split path for all courses marked with the trophy icon.  (5) 

Upon purchasing the level you will be able to buy an alternate path with coins or stars you have earned. This can be done through the level select area or the after game menu recommendation. Buy this for all 20 levels and the achievement will unlock.

Star Power15
In a tournament, grab the most stars.  (69) 

When playing Multiplayer there will still be the 16 stars throughout the level. This can be done easily with a friend in a private match or normally online. In private matches it will unlock if you got the most stars at the end of the 5th course.

CC2 Community10
Finish an online game.  (3) 

From the main menu go to Multiplayer. Select quick match and then play the first game that loads. Upon all players completing the level the achievement will unlock.

Welcome to CC25
Unlock your first course.  (2) 

Upon completing Level 1 you will be able to buy Level 2 with the stars or coins that you earned from completing it. Press at the end level screen and select your payment method.

Crash Course 1 Style10
Finish a level without ledge grabbing.  (8) 

Easiest to unlock on Amazon Level 4. Most of it is just trampolines and so long as you don't try for every out of the way star you should get this naturally. There is only one ledge you can accidentally land on if you use all trampolines to make jumps.

Silver Star Medal10
Get all the track stars and at least silver on all courses marked with the trophy icon.  (21) 

For this achievement, you need to get a silver or gold medal on every course, plus getting all of the stars on those tracks. Most of the stars are not difficult to collect, but there are quite a few that are rather annoying and can be frustrating.

Here are all of the times that you need to have in order to get a silver medal. Each course name is linked to a corresponding video showing you how to get all 16 Stars.

Amazon 1 - 1:19
Amazon 2 - 1:15
Amazon 3 - 1:18
Amazon 4 - 1:15
Amazon 5 - 1:25

Antarctic 1 - 1:18
Antarctic 2 - 1:15
Antarctic 3 - 1:13
Antarctic 4 - 1:20
Antarctic 5 - 1:41

Egypt 1 - 1:19
Egypt 2 - 1:25
Egypt 3 - 1:07
Egypt 4 - 1:32
Egypt 5 - 1:29

Pirate 1 - 1:27
Pirate 2 - 1:18
Pirate 3 - 1:36
Pirate 4 - 1:38
Pirate 5 - 1:45

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US May 08, 2013

HDD Space Required : 333 mb
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